Title: Forbidden Control – Aurelie’s Birthday Fic!!!! ^___^
Author: Syn (mistress_syn@hotmail.com)
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Category: AU, Angst, sap, Yaoi, LEMON!!!! *grins evilly*
Rating: NC-17!!! LEMON ALERT!!!!!!
Pairings: 1x2, 3+4, others later
Warnings: AU, angst?, sap, yaoi, LEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more? ^___~
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Notes: This started out as a PWP birthday fic for Aurelie, but turned into a MAMMOTH fic that is still dedicated to Aurelie for her B-DAY!!! Happy Birthday and Happy New Years to ya Aurelie!!! ^_____^
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- Diane, Akuma, Stormy (also for giving this fic its title!! ^__^), Darkflame, and Jana for their time in reading this and giving their ideas and help. Especially Diane for being such a WONDERFUL beta reader!!! *glomps* I really appreciate it! ^_^
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Segment 3

Duo was woken by the sound of someone shuffling into his bedroom. He kept his breathing steady as the intruder continued to approach the bed. A hand gently grasped his shoulder. Sitting up, he grabbed it and glared at the old man standing there.

"Who are you?" Duo demanded.

The older man looked at him, terrified at the strength and pressure that Duo was using on his wrist.

"I asked you a question." Duo exerted a little more pressure on his wrist until the old man whimpered.

"Let him go. He only came to wake you."

Duo looked up and met the gaze of the man whose pictures didn't do true justice to his good looks. Duo let go and shifted to take in the sight before him

Duo skimmed his gaze over the beautiful young man in front of him. Heero was wearing a pair of tight black leather pants that left little to the imagination and Duo could hardly wait to see him free of such constraints. He wore a pair of knee high black suede boots. For a top, he wore a loose, white silk shirt, allowing much of his naturally tanned, chiseled chest to be viewed. Duo also noted that each article of clothing was held up by laces. //Much easier to get out of//, he thought to himself.

Duo was all but openly drooling as he finally met the deep Prussian blues. He flicked his gaze to the full, semi-pouty lips that looked ready for his kiss before he returned to look at the piercing eyes.

Duo had been so wrapped up in the view of the heavenly creature before him that he didn't realize that the old man had left, leaving them completely alone.

"So who are you?" Duo asked sarcastically, eyeing the pillow with his code name on it. “Scratch that. What I should ask you is how did you know? And now that my cover is blown, what am I still doing here?” Duo ran his hand through his unruly bangs and sighed. He didn’t think that this was going to continue since they knew his true identity, and furthermore, probably knew why he was there.

Heero merely glanced over the agent’s exposed chest and wished that the sheets still covering his lower body were gone. He wanted to see every inch of that unbelievable body in person. He knew that soon he would have to give in to ‘those that be’, but it would be worth it to have this beauty for his own. A perfect slave for him. One who could not only serve him well in bed, but would also be one hell of a bodyguard.

Heero allowed a very slight smirk to appear as he thought of how much fun it was going to be to get him to that level.

“Well?” Duo exasperatedly asked, shifting again so even more skin was exposed but leaving the sheet to still cover his now half-hard arousal. He hated himself for being unable to control his hormones at such a time. He needed to know what was going on and hopefully soon.

"Go take a bath and dress in the clothes laid out for you." With that Heero turned and left the bedroom, and took a seat in the sitting room.

Duo sat there for a moment, slightly fuming at getting no answer to his questions. He stood up, not taking his nudity into consideration, and stormed over to where Heero was sitting.

“Now listen here,” Duo growled at Heero who was busy admiring Duo’s body, ignoring what he had to say. “Why am I still here if you know who I am? And I would really like to know how you know. And now that I come to think of it, why am I here with you?” Duo gave Heero his best death glare, only to be ignored once again. Getting furious with the Asian man, Duo grabbed Heero by the shoulders and lifted him to his feet.

“What is going on?” Duo made sure to have Heero’s attention as he spoke and watched as the dark blue eyes turned feral in appearance. Duo actually flinched at being on the receiving end of Heero’s Glare of Death.

Heero grasped Duo’s wrists, effectively forcing him to release his hold on Heero’s shoulders, and shoved Duo to the floor.

“You want answers. Well, all you need to know is that you are now mine. You will remain here until I say otherwise.” Heero leaned down and lifted Duo’s chin so that their eyes met. Duo glared at Heero’s calm and collected piercing blue orbs. “You will soon be begging me to keep you by my side.” Heero’s lips curved up in a sadistically sure-of-himself smile, then let go of Duo and sat back down in his chair.

Heero’s eyes grazed over the beautiful creature still sitting on the floor before him. He could finally see how truly well-endowed his new plaything was.

“Sit up on your knees,” Heero ordered. Duo merely glared at him, stood and stormed back into his room. He had no intention of being Heero’s little toy if he ‘had’ to for reasons beyond the assignment. He looked around the room and finally realized that there was no phone or even a phone jack or any type of jack in the room.

“Shit,” Duo swore under his breath. He needed to contact Zechs and find out what the hell was going on. If he wasn’t the one who set him up, Duo swore that he would hunt down the bastard who put him in this position. He wasn’t about to let anyone ‘own’ him without his previous consent. And no matter how attractive Heero was, he wouldn’t give in easily. “How could this have all gone to hell so quickly?” he silently asked himself, so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t notice that Heero had walked in the room and now stood a mere foot behind him.

Duo jumped slightly as Heero placed his hands on the violet eyed boy’s shoulders. Duo spun around to face the Asian boy and met his gaze.

“I am not yours,” Duo accentuated the last by poking Heero in the chest. “And if you don’t mind, I will be gathering my things and leaving.” Duo headed for the armoire that he remembered the steward putting his clothes into. His jaw dropped when he opened it to find that not only were his clothes missing, but they had been replaced with numerous leather, latex, silk and velvet clothes of all types.

“What the hell did you do with my clothes!” Duo demanded turning his attention back at Heero, who was currently lounging on the edge of the bed with a smirk on his face.

“You won’t need those now that you are here. Those,” Heero said gesturing at the armoire, “will be what you will wear.” Heero stood and crossed the room to stand directly before Duo. “But you will do in nothing at all for the night,” Heero said as he gazed over every exposed inch of flesh, hesitating only slightly to notice that Duo was at least slightly aroused at Heero’s presence.

Heero leaned in closer, their lips nearly touching and their gazes meeting. “You will stay and you will like it,” Heero purred, reaching out and cupping his hand around Duo’s cheek.

Duo’s hormones, once again, betrayed him. He instantly was hard from Heero’s proximity and his touch. Heero ran his hand down along Duo’s jaw, brushing his thumb across Duo’s slightly parted lips. Duo subconsciously flicked his tongue out to taste it and moaned slightly as Heero’s free hand slid down his side, coming to rest on his hip.

Heero closed the gap between them, eliciting another small gasp from Duo as he brushed against his erection. Heero moved his hand from its rest on Duo’s hip to trail his finger along the lower side of Duo’s erection. Duo arched into the touch, throwing his head back slightly. Heero smiled and leaned in, purring in Duo’s ear. “See, I knew you would like it.”

Duo snapped out of his lust-induced trance as his mind registered the words spoken. His eyes grew wide and he stepped back out of reach from Heero. Heero took a step back and smirked. He was having too much fun playing with the man who, in other surroundings, would be considered his equal. He was more than happy with the current settings though. He definitely enjoyed having the upper hand.

Duo’s mind was at war with itself and his body. He had been so busy with his work that it had been quite a while since he had last had any intimate contact with another. His work schedule and its high risk prevented him from ever having a long term lover. He hated that at the moment even more than he had ever in the past. If he had only been able to have a regular outlet for his hormones, he wouldn’t be so easily enticed by the man before him.

Duo took in Heero’s still fully dressed form and for a moment hoped that Heero would remain so. He feared that if the dark haired beauty exposed any more flesh for him, he would not be able to control his urges. That thought steered his mind to realizing that this was the first time that he had started another assignment without any break from the previous one. He groaned as he realized that whoever set up this knew him too well. He always found a way to get things under control, so to speak, during those breaks. It had to be someone in the department.

Heero watched as Duo’s thoughts threw numerous expressions across his face at an unbelievable pace. He guessed that Duo was figuring out that his being there was an inside job, and trying to discern who it was.

Heero chuckled inwardly as he finally realized that throughout their entire battle of sorts, Duo had never made one move to cover his exposed form. He also noted that Duo was still quite aroused and planned to utilize that fact to his advantage.

Duo, realizing that until he could gain access to a phone or to Wufei and that he would have to deal with this, decided to take control of the situation. If only for a release, as his current erection was becoming a bit painful.

Duo looked up and caught Heero’s gaze. He felt his arousal jump slightly at the thought of what was to, hopefully, come. Duo strode purposefully towards Heero until their bodies touched.

“What is it that you want?” Duo purred as he ran his hands along Heero’s sides. He inwardly chuckled as he felt Heero shiver slightly at the touch. He ran one hand across the front of Heero’s pants. Feeling that he was more than happy to see him, he squeezed it slightly and smiled widely as Heero allowed a groan to pass his lips as his eyelids slid closed. Duo reveled in his brief moment of control before Heero once again fixed him with a glare.

Heero grasped Duo’s wrists, stilling their travels, before speaking. “Nice try.” Heero had planned on not taking his new slave at their first meeting, but plans were always designed for rewrites. He changed his grasp so that he held both of Duo’s wrists in one hand. He led Duo to the bed and sat, keeping Duo still standing before him.

“I see that your body and part of your mind wants me,” Heero purred as he grazed his free hand along Duo’s shaft, enjoying the muffled whimper it elicited. “If you wish to gain any release tonight,” Heero paused, making sure to have Duo’s full attention, or as much as he could gain through Duo’s lustful haze, “you must undress me without the use of your hands.” Heero accentuated the last order by holding up his hand that still held Duo’s wrists.

Duo bit his lip as he took in the offer. He rationalized the situation and decided that even if he did comply to Heero’s rules he wouldn’t be giving himself fully to him. He still didn’t want to be considered Heero’s slave.

Heero watched with slight amusement as Duo came to an agreement with himself. Duo met his gaze and nodded slightly that he agreed to the rules. Heero released his grip on Duo’s wrists and watched as the lithe form knelt down before him.

Duo braced himself on his hands and knees before leaning towards the laces on Heero’s boots. He grasped the tie and pulled ever so slowly, releasing it. He continued to pull at the laces until they were loose enough to easily slip the boots from their wearer then repeated the process with the other one.

Once having that done, Duo sat back on his knees and met Heero’s gaze questionably. He was hoping that Heero would at least allow the use of his hands to completely remove them from his being. Heero understood what was being asked.

“You may use your hands,” Heero said as he raised one of his feet allowing Duo to remove it with a single gentle tug and then raised the other as Duo repeated the process finally freeing his feet that were still covered by socks.

Duo grasped at the toe of the sock with his teeth and gently pulled, dragging the fabric off to fully expose Heero’s foot. He repeated the process on the other foot before shifting forward to work on the leather pants next.

As Duo slid closer to grasp the ties, he slid his hands along Heero’s thighs causing the dark haired man to bite his lip. Heero tried in vain to not make a sound, but a muffled groan slipped out and Duo visibly shivered from it. Duo looked up and met Heero’s slightly glazed gaze as he moved his mouth closer before looking away and taking the ties in his mouth. Heero swiftly pulled him back by his shoulders.

Duo looked at him, confused at the action.

“Shirt next, pants last,” Heero tried to say neutrally, but it came out more as a purring groan. It had been so long since anyone had invoked such an emotional response in him, even at their mere presence. He was also experiencing a strange new feeling that none of his past training had ever created in him. He tried to block it out of his system as he returned his focus to the unbelievably sensual and sexual creature before him.

Since Heero was still sitting at the edge of the bed, Duo made sure to continue keeping Heero’s full attention. As graceful as a wild cat stalking its prey, Duo crawled up Heero until their faces were inches apart. Duo grinned as the movement brushed his erection against Heero’s still confined one, drawing a gasp from the dark haired young man.

Heero grasped a handful of hair at the nape of Duo’s neck, pulling Duo’s head back slightly.

“Enough with the teasing,” Heero growled before moving Duo’s head towards the ties on his shirt.

Duo chuckled inwardly at the fact that Heero had yet to just take over and tie him up and fuck him senseless. From what he could remember from the file, he knew that Heero had little patience for such actions as his. He felt that there was at least a bit of a chance that if anything, he might be able to get under Heero’s skin to gain some freedoms. He hoped one of those would be the ability to access a phone.

All coherent thought left Duo as Heero ran his hands down through Duo’s silky loose hair. That type of action had always gotten him purring. There was just something so sensual and personal about having another person play with his hair. Duo faltered slightly in his actions, purring as Heero’s hands strayed beyond to his sides.

“You must learn to stay focused on your task,” Heero purred with an edge of amusement in his voice. Duo refocused on untying and removing Heero’s shirt.

“You may use your hands to remove it the rest of the way,” Heero moaned as he watched and felt Duo attempt to remove it with only his mouth. In Duo’s previous attempt, he had grazed Heero’s pert nipples with his lips and daringly darted his tongue out to tease one even more.

Duo shifted back so that he could easily remove the shirt, yet remained so that he was able to once again rub against Heero’s straining arousal.

Heero growled at the contact, getting fed up with the pace that Duo was taking things. He was, for the first time, losing his edge in controlling his hormones. He needed release and soon.

Once the shirt was removed, Duo took a moment to admire the form and build of Heero’s chest and abs. He was a rock. Duo whimpered as the sight caused him to harden more than he had ever thought possible.

Heero took the moment to run a finger down Duo’s chest as his other hand slapped Duo’s ass, then rubbed the area. Duo responded by moaning loudly and pressing back into the hand that continued to massage him.

Duo had to brace his hands on Heero’s thighs as he bent down to finally remove the last obstacle in his path for release. Heero made it extremely hard for Duo to keep his focus, even long enough to grasp the tie with his teeth. He had to try numerous times as Heero’s hand moved to brush against his entrance.

“Oh, gods,” Duo breathed as Heero exerted more pressure against the sensitive area. Heero helped Duo slightly by holding the lithe young man by the back of his head and holding him steady as he successfully pulled out the tie. Duo quickly loosened the rest of the ties and was soon inches from Heero’s weeping arousal. Unable to control his urges, being so close to the final act of their play, he lapped up the dew at the tip.

Heero drew in a breath as Duo lapped once, twice and then began to lathe the exposed engorged flesh with his tongue. Heero’s hold in Duo’s hair tightened as Duo took him into his mouth. Heero was amazed at how talented Duo was, but that only flitted through his mind as raw lust began to take over. Heero allowed him to continue until he felt himself close to the edge before pulling Duo’s head back and off him.

Duo grinned mischievously as he licked his lips, enjoying the taste of his new dark haired lover on his tongue. He met Heero’s lust-filled gaze while running his hands up Heero’s thighs to remove the leather pants.

Heero didn’t care any more. He pulled Duo up to his feet with his grasp still firmly held in the hair at the nape of Duo’s neck. Heero stood as he did this and turned so that Duo was now facing the bed. Heero shoved him down onto it, causing his new toy to eep slightly.

Heero reached over to the nightstand and pulled out a jar. Duo, lying on his stomach on the bed, turned to watch as Heero opened the jar and dipped his fingers into it.

“On your hands and knees,” Heero lustfully growled as Duo gracefully shifted his weight and backed up towards Heero who was still standing at the edge of the bed. Duo flicked his gaze back to the fact that Heero still had his pants on and swiftly turned around to face the blue eyed boy.

“Pants,” Duo breathed as he grasped the edges of the pants, “off, now.” Duo pulled and quickly divested Heero of them, exposing every naturally tanned inch of his body. Duo sat back, propped up on his elbows, taking the delicious sight before him. “That is much better,” Duo purred and looked up at Heero through his lashes.

Heero growled and stepped out of the pants that had collected at his ankles. “Turn over,” Heero demanded through gritted teeth. Duo shook his head and grinned at Heero.

“I want to watch you fuck me.” Heero’s erection visibly throbbed at the demand, and he realized from the look in Duo’s eyes that he would fight him until Heero complied.

Angry at the thought of being dominated, yet tantalized at the thought of watching the violet depths as he claimed the young man, caused him to give in for the first time. Duo’s grin grew even wider as he watched Heero crawl up onto the bed and over him.

Duo reached over and grabbed the jar and held it out for Heero, who dipped his fingers back into it. Duo spread his legs and bent his knees, allowing Heero optimal access to his entrance. Duo wanted to feel Heero inside him. He wanted Heero to fuck him crazy. After all the time they spent up to this point he was barely able to control himself, and now he wanted to just let go and fly.

Heero reached down and ran his slick fingers over the tight ring. Duo wiggled under him and attempted to impale himself on Heero’s digits. Heero halted his movements with a hand on Duo’s hip. Heero slowly pressed one finger in and soon after a second as Duo adjusted quickly to the intrusion.

“Ahh, please,” Duo breathed as Heero pressed in a third digit and moved them around, soon hitting Duo’s prostate. “Yess,” Duo purred and bucked against the intrusion, trying to continue to receive such pleasure. Duo met Heero’s gaze and, for a moment, it felt as if time had stood still. That was only a fleeting moment as Heero brushed against Duo’s prostate once again.

Duo, wanting Heero buried deep inside him, dipped his fingers into the jar. Duo coated Heero’s arousal as he shifted under him, begging the Asian man to remove his fingers and just fuck him. Heero, however, continued to tease him with his fingers bringing Duo to a near-frenzied level of lust and desire.

“Gods,” Duo breathed, “Fuck me damnit!” Duo growled as he glared at Heero. He didn’t know how much longer he would be able to hold out and he didn’t want to come until Heero was sheathed inside him.

Heero thrust his fingers harder and deeper into Duo. “I will enter you when I feel like it. You are mine,” Heero growled as he fiercely kissed Duo’s currently pouty lips. He ran his tongue along Duo’s lips, forcing his entrance to plunder the recesses, and tasted the lingering remains of himself there.

Duo wrapped his arms around Heero, pulling him deeper into the kiss. Feeling that Duo was distracted enough, he removed his fingers and entered into the tight heat in one swift thrust.

“Heero!” Duo cried and dug his nails into Heero’s back at the intrusion. Heero stopped mid-motion and glared at Duo.

“I am your Master. You will address me as such. Is that clear?” Heero made sure that Duo understood.

“Yes, Master,” Duo purred as he thrust his hips in hopes that Heero would continue. Duo was in heaven with Heero inside him. He could tell that Heero had some European heritage in his blood and the blue of his eyes wasn’t the only tip-off on that.

Heero thrust back into the tight warm cavern harder and faster. He watched Duo’s face closely as he fucked him. Duo’s face was open, showing Heero every feeling that he was experiencing, and Heero burned those expressions into his mind.

Duo soon was reaching his climax and he urged Heero on. “Please, Master. Make me come.” Heero reached between them and stroked Duo’s neglected erection bringing him over the edge.

“Yesss!!” Duo cried out as he came, spilling his seed over Heero’s hand and their stomachs. As Duo’s insides clamped down from his climax, Heero thrust once more into him, claiming Duo with his essence.

Once he regained his senses from his orgasm, Heero pulled out from Duo and slipped off the bed. Duo shifted to his side to watch him.

“So you’re not gonna stay.” It was more of a statement than a question. Heero ignored the sense of something close to disappointment in Duo’s voice and dressed himself. Heero turned to face Duo once more before leaving.

“You are to remain here.” Heero said then turned and left.

“Damnit!” Duo growled as he too crawled out of bed. He leaned back against it and absently ran his hand through his hair, grimacing slightly as it caught on a rats nest.

“Well I might as well take a bath.” Duo turned back and looked at the bed, which was in need of a changing of the sheets. “I hope I can find another set somewhere, but first the bath.” He wandered into the bathroom and took a hot shower, trying in vain to wash all of Heero’s presence off him.