Title: Forbidden Control – Aurelie’s Birthday Fic!!!! ^___^
Author: Syn (mistress_syn@hotmail.com)
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Segment 2

Wufei arrived a half hour early and was already checked in and on the plane when Duo finally arrived, 10 minutes late. He was dressed in a pair of shorts and a tight tee shirt that left very little to the imagination.

“Name.” The attendant was less than thrilled with Duo at his tardiness, but she had orders not to leave anyone that had been scheduled for pick up behind.

“Maxwell. Duo Maxwell.” Duo gave her his best cheeky grin.

“Fine. Now get on board. We are leaving.” The attendant quickly boarded the extremely nice private jet and Duo hurried in behind her.

Duo noticed Wufei, but continued towards the back of the plane and took a seat. The jet was the size of a DC-9, but only had enough seats for 15, all in the style of recliners that one would have in their home. Duo snuggled into his seat and promptly fell asleep.

He was woken an hour before they were going to land. He looked at his watch and noticed that he had been asleep for a good 4 hours and felt well rested. He got up and used the restroom, then returned to his seat where he saw an envelope waiting.

He looked around at the others, of which there were only eight including the attendant, and noticed than none of them seemed to be in possession of any sort of envelope or letter.

His curiosity piqued, he quietly examined the envelope. It was an old style four corner fold sealed with wax. The insignia in the seal was the same that he had seen in the file. It was Heero Yuy’s personal seal. His mind was going a mile a minute as to why he would be getting a letter so soon, not having yet stepped foot on the island; but he pushed those thoughts aside and broke the seal, wanting nothing more than to see what was contained inside.

‘When you land, show this letter to the steward waiting and he will escort you to your quarters. Rest for the afternoon. I will meet you for dinner.’

There was no signature or acknowledgement that the person who wrote it was Heero Yuy. For all he knew it could have been written by someone else who had gotten their hands on his personal seal.

Duo was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t realize that the attendant was eyeing him cautiously and writing her observations down in a book she held.

He was snapped back to reality when the plane hit the ground for the landing. He glanced out the window and admired the scenery. The landing strip was surrounded by lush forests and he could tell that it was extremely warm out.

He smiled at his brilliance in choosing the attire he donned as he wouldn’t be bothered too much by the heat. He just hoped that his quarters were nicely air-conditioned. He slept better in the cold.

Soon they were all ushered off the plane towards a small van. A young man about his age approached Duo who automatically held out the letter figuring this was the steward the letter referred to. The young man merely nodded and grabbed the duffel from Duo, leading him to a waiting car.

Wufei watched the proceedings along with the others in slight amusement. He couldn’t wait to run into Duo later and find out what was going on. He got in the van and they took off for the resort.

The steward held open the door to the car as Duo slid into the back seat. The young man them put the duffel in the trunk before climbing into the driver’s seat and taking off.

Duo noted that they were taking a different route from the van and hoped that it wasn’t a sign that he wouldn’t be able to meet up with Wufei later. He just knew that his partner would love to get the scoop as to why he was taking a car instead of the van. But that was something to think about later. He was still trying to figure out why he was getting preferential treatment.


"Mr. Barton just picked him up at the landing strip, Master. He should be at the house shortly." The blond haired boy kept his eyes downcast as he continued to update Master Yuy on the current situation. "The other one believed to be his partner is being taken to the resort."

Master Yuy was listening to the blue eyed boy, but had most of his focus on the video screen in front of him, watching the long-haired man riding in the car. He was fascinated by the young man's eyes. He had never met anyone before who possessed such an exquisite eye color. Violet blue was not a common color and he was awaiting the moment to look into them in person.

“Is there anything else, Master?” The blond stood quietly. One would never know that he was actually the second richest man behind Heero Yuy. He was the head of the Winner Corporation, a large conglomerate mainly focused on construction and the main investor in the new construction of the first space station.

"Not at this moment. You may leave and take the rest of the day off. Tell Mr. Barton that he may do the same." Master Yuy's eyes never left the video screen as he spoke.

"Thank you, Master." Quatre nodded, understanding the unspoken order. He and his lover Trowa Barton had been working hard the last few days preparing for the braided man’s arrival, and they would now get some time to themselves. He left and headed for their private home on the resort grounds. He wanted to make sure that they both had a nice day off.

Finally left alone, Heero Yuy dropped the stern outer mask and relaxed as he watched the video feed change from the inside of the car to the outer cameras of his personal home on the island. It was kept separate from the main resort grounds for more than merely security reasons. No one could hear any sounds emanating from it. It had helped in his work more times than not, as many being broken for the first time created some of the most frightening sounds.

He knew that he would have a fun time breaking this one. Duo Maxwell, considered one of the top agents in the CIA, occasionally working for the NSA, was a strong one. Those were always the most enjoyable to train.

He finally broke his gaze from the screen and looked over the information that he had originally been sent as to who Maxwell was. Then he skimmed over the large file that his own agents acquired on his true identity and that of one Chang Wufei who would be working as part of the cleaning staff in the resort. He would make sure that they wouldn't get a chance to meet before he had Maxwell completely broken.

Heero set aside the papers and called in his bodyguards. It wasn't as if he couldn't defend himself, but it was part of the protocol for walking the grounds of the resort. Once they reached the underground passage back to his home, he would go it alone.

Two large burly, yet toned, men entered the office, dressed in basic black suits as it was too hot for the leather ensembles they would usually wear on other days. He walked towards them and out the door as they naturally fell into flanking positions a slight step behind him. They luckily avoided running into any of the guests as they made their way to Heero's private rooms at the resort.

He walked into his small library there and pulled at a book on the shelf. It was his favorite while growing up under the tutelage of the sadistic Dr. J, the Marquis De Sade's ‘Justine, Philosophy in the Bedroom, and Other Writings’. As he pulled at the book, the bookcase slid back and to the side, exposing the entrance to the underground pathway.

He curtly nodded at the guards, dismissing them as he entered the pathway, the bookcase slipping silently closed behind him.


Duo stood in mild shock and amazement in the entrance of the home that he had been driven to. It was an enormous mansion that had to be close to 30 thousand square feet over all three floors.

The entrance way was open to all three floors with a large center grand staircase that started as a single then split off going to the right and left to the second floor. From the second floor it wrapped around back towards the center where they met at the third floor.

Hanging on the wall where the stairs first split to ascend to the second floor was a large oil painting of what could only be described as a torture scene of sorts. The steward directed him to follow and they began to ascend the staircase. Duo took a moment to get a closer look at the painting and noticed that the person that he had originally thought was being tortured had a look of serenity mingled with pain. There was a brass label at the base on the frame that told him that it was to be depicting a scene from one of the Marquise DeSade's tales of his exploits.

Duo's attention was drawn back to the here and now as the steward cleared his throat and gestured for him to follow. They continued up to the third floor and headed down the left hallway.

They stopped at a large heavy set of doors in a deep mahogany wood. The steward knocked once and the doors opened, revealing a large sitting room with a few doors leading off to the sides and another set of double doors directly across from where they stood. As they walked through the lavish room, the second set of doors began to slowly open.

Duo was stopped dead in his tracks as he stood in the doorway to the most opulent bedroom he had ever set eyes on.

He scanned the room taking in every inch of it, starting to his right where along the wall of the main door was another door to a room yet explored. Then his eyes shifted to the wall on the right.

In the center of the wall was a large stone fireplace and above it hung another painting depicting what he believed to be a scene similar to the one in the front entry, but not nearly as dismal looking.

To both sides of the painting were two gothic stone sconces that held three candles each. Currently they held black candles, but they bled red wax. That would be another thing for him to inspect closer later.

Flanking the fireplace along the wall were two large armoires. The steward carried his duffel to one of them and pulled over a small folding table that he set up and laid the duffel on as he opened the armoire and began to put away the clothes. Duo stopped him before he got to the bottom as he had been ordered to bring his government ID in case it was necessary. It was hidden in a small side panel, but he wasn’t certain that the steward wouldn’t find it or at least notice a small lump in the side of the bag.

The steward nodded at him and then left the room, leaving Duo to continue to check out the room.

Along the wall opposite the doorway was a set of glass doors that led out to a large patio set with a small table and chairs. There were also a few tall plants and some smaller ones scattered around. The rest of the wall was covered with heavy brocaded curtains. He strode over to them, getting a better look as to what the design on them was and got a small shock at the fact that they were covered in the Kanji for Life – ‘Inochi’, Death – ‘Shi’, and Pleasure/Pain – ‘Kuraku’. They were randomly stitched in red in the black silk.

He was glad that he had decided to take all those foreign language classes. He knew enough of just about every major world language to survive if necessary. That was one of the reasons he had been considered one of the best since his graduation from the academy.

He finally turned to face the main, and largest piece of furniture in the room, an enormous oversized king canopy bed. It could easily sleep 6 people comfortably side by side.

The sheets were drawn back, revealing the deep royal purple silk sheets beneath the lightweight black silk comforter and the large crimson silk decorative pillows. Many of the pillows were covered in Kanji and as he scanned them, he nearly had a heart attack as his gaze settled on the large one in the center of the pile.

"How?" he breathed, reading the kanji. "I am so screwed." Duo closed his eyes and shook his head, wanting nothing more than to believe that this was all a bad dream.

He opened his eyes again and gazed at the pillow. On it in black was the kanji for his code name. Shinigami. He looked around the room again and realized that they probably had cameras focused on him right then.

Duo suddenly got a glint in his eye that would have warned anyone that he was up to another one of his schemes. He slowly swayed over to the side of the bed closest to the door, making sure that his braid flipped back and forth just right.

He stopped about a foot away from the bed and reached around behind him. He grasped the tie on his braid and pulled it off; between his hands and the shaking of his head, he freed the long strands from their confines until they cascaded around him.

Figuring that at least one camera was by the main doors to the room, he grasped the hem of his shirt and, turning slightly, began the tantalizingly slow ascent as he pulled it off, allowing full view of his chest and abs.

Flicking the shirt to the side, he reached down and began to unbutton his shorts, turning to face the bed as he did. When they were finally unbuttoned, he wiggled his ass to allow him to shimmy out of them without the use of his hands. He then kicked them away with his foot and just stood there for a moment to allow Heero, whom he guessed would be watching him, a moment to take in his body before pushing all the pillows off the bed and onto the large crimson and black area rug.

He smirked slightly as he crawled seductively into the bed and pulled the sheets up, deciding on taking a brief rest before facing Heero mano a mano.

Resigning himself to the knowledge that he would be having to dig himself out of a deep pit, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.


Heero walked to his office where he could continue to watch the fey young man that he had decided to take as his personal slave. He had been hesitant at doing so when he had heard that the CIA was starting to get antsy with him, but as soon as he had gotten the picture of the man called Duo Maxwell, all concerns were thrown out the window.

Well, maybe not all, as Duo’s past record proved he was more than an equal match for Heero if it came down to physical blows. But the agent was far better in the stealth department, so Heero had made sure to install more cameras including many night vision ones. He didn’t want his prize wandering off without his knowledge.

Heero settled into his leather high-back chair and grabbed the remote on the armrest, clicking a button. The wall before him split and the two parts slid to the sides, revealing a wall of smaller monitors surrounding a larger 27 inch one in the center. Clicking another button on the remote, he switched the video feed to the cameras in Duo’s rooms.

Heero sat and watched Duo enter his bedroom and take in the decorations. He admired every inch of Duo’s body that the video cameras picked up. He felt himself get hard as Duo’s nicely toned ass came into view.

The agent’s hair was currently held back in his trademark braid, which swayed, gently caressing his lower back and behind as he moved. Oh how Heero wished that it was his hands caressing those sweet globes. “And soon they will,” he said to no one as his hand moved to shift his erection in its tight confines.

He subconsciously began to rub himself as he watched the beautiful boy pull the tie holding his braid and slowly free the silken threads. He could imagine how wonderful those strands would feel caressing their bodies as he took him. His eyes were glued to the screen as Duo pulled off his tight shirt fully exposing the taught stomach muscles, then the toned expanse of his chest.

Heero almost came as Duo finally undid his shorts and wiggled his hips seductively, successfully causing them to fall to the ground. Heero was slightly annoyed that his only view was of the young man’s tight behind, but quickly began to picture himself positioned right behind it and then swiftly entering it.

Heero moaned loudly as his imagination took control. He could feel himself thrusting into that tight heat. He almost truly came, but his thoughts were disturbed by the beeping of his private line.

Heero growled as he quickly turned off the monitors before picking up the phone. He was only slightly surprised at the voice on the other end.

“So how do you like your gift?” the older and more authoritative voice said in an all too pleased manner. “So do we have a deal?”

“He only just arrived.” Heero’s slightly nasal voice answered with a hint of aggravation. He hadn’t had a chance yet to try out his present and until he knew that Duo would be his always, he would never agree to their demands. “You will know when I agree. In the meantime, you can wait.” With that, Heero hung up the phone and turned the monitors back on.

“You will be mine.” Heero smiled at the thought before scowling. He didn’t want to agree to the man’s deal, but knew that if the long haired man did end up staying with him, he would have to go through with his side of it. He was a man of his word and wouldn’t ever go back on it, but he thought that maybe he could find a way to stop the crazy old man and still not tarnish his reputation.

He would have to think more on that, but in the meantime, he needed to prepare for meeting his new ‘slave’ at dinner.


The van arrived at the back entrance to the resort, where they and their luggage were sent through scanners to make sure the weren't carrying anything illegal, such as weapons. Wufei wondered why they did that again since they all had to go through the scanners back at the airport where they caught the jet here. But then he remembered seeing the guest list, and figured that this was just natural for the safety of the high paying guests.

Thankfully, due to his previous experience and helpful hits from other agents, he had gotten the supply department to put together a duffel that would allow him to hide his ID and a small handgun without any trace of it. The scanners wouldn’t even pick it up.

Wufei smirked slightly as he watched their guide, the woman from the plane, scrunch her face slightly as his duffel made it through their search ‘clean’. He collected it from the guards and followed the others to their new quarters for their stay.

‘I just hope things are going well on your end, Maxwell,’ Wufei thought to himself as he was shown to his meager room that he had to share with one of the other new guys.



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