Title: Forbidden Control – Aurelie’s Birthday Fic!!!! ^___^
Author: Syn (mistress_syn@hotmail.com)
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Warnings: AU, angst?, sap, yaoi, LEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more? ^___~
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Notes: This started out as a PWP birthday fic for Aurelie, but turned into a MAMMOTH fic that is still dedicated to Aurelie for her B-DAY!!! Happy Birthday and Happy New Years to ya Aurelie!!! ^_____^
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"Here is your new assignment." The long haired brunette's head drooped noticeably as the large manila folder smacked down on his desk.

"What now? Please say I don't have to go in drag for this one too." The young man set his violet gaze on his boss with determination to forcibly get out of it if it was as bad as the last one. He never wanted to dress up as a showgirl ever again. He still couldn't figure out how they could walk in those heels with the headdresses. He had already wasted too much of his paycheck on a chiropractor and was still recovering.

Duo still believed that his boss, the now desk-bound former number one field agent, was getting revenge for the same jobs he had been given when he had been active. They both had hair long enough to pass for women, or at least as extremely good drag queens. Millardo Peacecraft, however, had been the unlucky one to have had the late Dermail as his superior officer. Duo still heard nightmarish tales from some of the other agents during his time in command. Remembering them helped him in dealing with the tortures that Millardo put him through.

"No, it isn't that bad," his boss said, shifting slightly under the steady violet glare. Millardo was Duo’s superior, but Duo was still the best agent that had ever been assigned in his division, though he was also pretty unstable at times. The blond hated having to watch his step around him. "You do, however, need to do some research and may have to go purchase some new clothes." Millardo quickly vacated the area as Duo began fuming at the numerous reasons as to why he would have to purchase a new wardrobe.

Duo pulled the folder closer and began flipping through it. He would confront Zechs, Millardo’s old code name, later once he had a better idea as to whom he was going to have to deal with. It just made the debriefing go more smoothly if he had the info in advance.

He stopped flipping as he came to a photo of the person he would be investigating. The young man looked to be his age, but the deep blue eyes seemed to hold the knowledge of one much, much older.

He was transfixed by the face presented before him. The piercing blue eyes, the messy mop of deep dark brown hair, the sweet slightly pouty lips; he barely caught himself before he openly drooled over the picture and quickly recomposed himself as Zechs, accompanied by some other man, entered his office.

"Maxwell, this is Agent Chang." Maxwell shifted his gaze to the Newcomer and met the Asian man's gaze.

"Nice to meet you," Maxwell said as he stood and offered his hand, "and you can call me Duo. I do hate all the formalities around here."

Millardo glared at him slightly at the comment, but quickly settled back to his normal look as Chang shook his number one agent's hand. He hoped that they would learn to work together.

"You may call me Wufei then," Chang offered as he retrieved his hand and took a seat in one of the chairs in front of the desk while Zechs took the other one.

"So, now that you have had a chance to look over the file," Zechs said as he eyed the folder still in front of Duo and opened to the picture of the dark haired young man, “I will fill you in on the details of your assignments."

"Maxwell, you will be infiltrating Yuy's estate and resort as a new slave in training." Zechs tensed as he awaited the outburst he was sure to get from the young agent, but none came.

"What do you mean by 'slave in training'?" Duo calmly asked, then shifted his eyes back to the folder before him. He figured he had spent too much time admiring the photo that he had failed to note some important information about what this assignment might entail

"Didn't you read what was in that folder? Mr. Yuy is the proprietor of an infamous resort that caters to only the richest and most powerful people in the world. You will need to go in under the guise of an employee to find out what you can about him and what exactly goes on there."

Zechs sighed as he realized that for the first time Duo hadn't thoroughly read the information. He hoped that Duo wouldn't end up screwing this one up. "What we know of so far is that one aspect to the resort is that it seems to be BDSM themed."

Duo's eyes widened as he realized just what he was going to be in for and began to mentally prepare for his role as a 'slave in training'.

"Chang will be your back up should anything happen. The resort is shut off from civilization. It is on its own island. He will also go in as an employee, but he will be part of the background staff. There should be no trouble for you meeting every once in a while to exchange info. You will both be stationed there until we know that Yuy is no threat."

//What kind of threat could he be?// Duo thought as he began to scan through the file again. A list of suspected clients of the resort caught his eye. Every name on it was in the top 1% of the richest people in the world. //This is going to be one hell of an experience.// Duo sighed and nodded to his superior. "I guess I should go get ready to go." Duo stood and headed out of the office. He made sure to grab the file as he left; he needed to dig deeper and get all the background he could if he was going to finish this one in one piece.


"So do you think he will be able to handle this assignment?" Wufei asked Zechs as they walked down the hall. "Does he really understand just what will be asked of him?"

The blond shook his head. "I hope he really reads through that file. That was why I gave him more time than usual to read it before going to talk to him. I think he should be okay with it."

"So is there anything more you can tell me before I go get ready to leave? Our flight leaves at 5am right?"

“Shit. I forgot to make sure Maxwell knew that.” Zechs said turning back to Wufei. “There isn’t anything else that I can tell you that will help you on this assignment. Just make sure that you are on that plane and Maxwell is as well. I don’t want this messed up, or my ass will be chewed out and that isn’t a pleasant thought. Now go and I will wait to hear from you.”

Wufei nodded and looked at his watch, realizing that they would be on their way in little over 12 hours. Just enough time to pack and get a good night’s sleep. He had a feeling he wouldn't be getting much sleep where they were headed. He was very thankful that he had read through the whole file. Not much would surprise him, or at least he hoped not.


Duo realized as he walked into his apartment that he didn't know when he was supposed to catch his flight. He walked over to his phone and saw that there was a message on the machine.

Hitting play he heard Zechs’ voice. "Maxwell, you and Chang will be catching the 5 am flight to the island. You are to arrive separately. Make sure you don't blow your cover. Your new background is in the back of the file you were given. Know it inside and out. I don’t want to see you fuck this up." *click*

Duo chuckled at the last statement -- he knew that Zechs only said that for his own enjoyment and was aware that Duo was more than competent to complete it successfully.

He kicked off his shoes and stopped to grab a beer out of the fridge before he settled on the couch to read the 5 inch thick file.

He propped his feet up on the coffee table and slowly skimmed through the file. It seemed that Heero Yuy had a very interesting background. He lost his parents in the last war and was raised by an ex-CIA agent turned rogue assassin until the age of 6 when Odin Lowe was finally captured and executed for his crimes. Heero was then shuffled around to different foster homes until he was 10 when he was finally adopted by an extremely wealthy but deranged scientist.

Dr. J, as the scientist was called, was found dead in his lab one day and there were rumors that Heero had been the one who had killed him. There were also rumors that would have gotten him off on a self-defense plea if he had been found responsible. It was rumored that the scientist had been heavily into the BDSM scene and was possibly abusing Heero in ways one didn't want to imagine.

Duo also didn't want to think about it after he saw a picture of Dr. J. The man looked like a mutant cyborg. Not something you would want touching you, especially in a sexual manner.

Duo took a long swig from his beer and shook his head trying to clear his mind of the squicky scene the information he read was producing.

Feeling that he had finally shook away the last remnants of the image, he turned back to reading Heero's history.

After Dr. J's death, Heero was left all his assets, including the island retreat that Duo was going to see first hand in the morning. The boy was only 15 when he came into part of the money, but never wasted a penny of it. He made sound investments, and was considered the wealthiest person in the world. But no one knew how much he was truly worth. There were those that believed that he had hidden assets all over the world under aliases in order to still remain seemingly harmless.

He had a stand-in guardian until he was 18 and could legally control all the assets. The guardian disappeared shortly after Heero’s 18th birthday, which didn’t help clean up his already tarnished image.

He was now 26 and ran the best and most sought after retreat. Heero was also considered the Master of Masters in the BDSM underground and many would give their life savings for one night in his control.

He, however, was extremely picky, and rarely took a guest as a slave, not to mention that he even rarely took anyone as a slave. It seemed that he had slid into a voyeuristic role in the proceedings. He has taught others the trade, but usually from a distance.

One last tidbit of information that was given had Duo hooked. Heero was known to prefer males.

“A man after my own heart,” Duo chuckled to himself as he flipped back to the section of pictures of Heero Yuy. “Maybe this time you will decide on taking a ‘slave’.”

Duo quickly flipped to the back of the file, making sure to see that he truly understood his new persona. He wanted to get his hands on Zechs as he began to read the one page of information.

“I’m a female impersonator at a local gay club? Great. Why did he have to bring up one of my past assignments as my new persona.” Duo was none too happy about that, but at least it was something that he had to do for about six months before they caught the serial killer. It wouldn’t be very hard to pull off that identity, and he was able to keep his real name. He always hated the ones that Zechs had created for him. Zechs had too much fun getting revenge on his old superior at Duo’s expense.

Duo checked the clock and realized that he needed to hurry and pack, and try to get at least a few hours of sleep. It wouldn’t be good to show up looking like shit if he was going to capture Heero’s attention.

Duo smirked as he finally crawled into bed. He figured that with the knowledge he had learned, he would have no problem finishing this assignment with little effort. How wrong he was.


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