Title: Blood
Author: Syn (mistress_syn@hotmail.com)
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Notes: This idea came partly from a GW dj I own by the same name. This doesn’t follow the story from the dj though.
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He ran through the forest as fast as he could, wanting to get as far away from his home as possible. He couldn’t stand another day of torture from his crazy stepfather, the man who he now knew killed his father and later his mother for their money, and tonight would have seen to his own death if he hadn’t gotten away. He didn’t know whom the mysterious man was that had shown up on their doorstep. But thanks to him he escaped, but not before seeing the man attack his stepfather and kill him. He didn’t stick around to express his thanks. He was too shocked at the scene to do anything but run.

So here he was running through the woods not caring where he ended up. He finally came to the edge of the forest. Running out into the open he ran up the hill in front of him and stopped. Pausing to take in his surroundings, he noted that no one was following him, so he decided to take a break and rest. He walked over to a large tree nearby and laid down under it. Exhausted from the run, he succumbed to sleep with a smile on his face feeling he was finally free.

His sleep was not restful. Once his eyes closed, the vision of the man who had gained his freedom surged to the forefront. The deep penetrating Prussian blue eyes, the dark messy mop of hair, the soft lips pulled back into a snarl--no, it was more like a smirk--exposing…fangs?! The boy abruptly woke and took in his surroundings. It was still dark. /Who was he? He couldn’t have been more than a few years older than me, maybe early 20s, but his eyes made him seem so much older. And those teeth! What is he?/ He sat there for a moment contemplating this, so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t notice the figure watching him. He was totally unaware that his ‘freedom’ would be short lived.

The man strolled slowly up to the youth, not making a sound. “Are you lost?” His deep slightly husky voice snapped the longhaired boy out of his reverie. The look of sheer terror spread across his face as he recognized the man to be the one from his house.

“Y..you?!” His violet eyes grew wide in fear. “Who are you? What do you want?” He said, trying to regain his composure under the piercing gaze from the other boy.

Wanting to calm the boy that he had been watching for many years, and was now so close to having for himself, he sat a few feet away, allowing the fey beauty his space. “I am here because of you. I have watched you for some time now, Duo.” He said with a small smirk.

“How do you know my name? I never told you it back at the house. You just barged in and killed him!” Duo all but yelled at the mysterious boy.

“I told you. I have been watching you. I killed him because he was going to harm you.” He reached out to caress Duo’s cheek. “I won’t let anyone harm you.” Duo turned away from the boy, but didn’t move away, allowing the other to touch him. Unconsciously he leaned into the caress. Feeling his touch sent unrecognizable sensations through his body. It felt good and right. Before he knew what he was feeling the hand was gone. Duo opened his eyes, which he hadn’t realized he had closed, and looked at the boy.

“So who are you?” He no longer felt afraid of him, and this surprised him.

Standing up, the mysterious boy looked back down at him. “That will be revealed in good time.” Looking up at the sky, he noticed it was getting close to dawn. “Right now you should rest. When you wake, there is a small church not far from here. They will take you in.” He leaned down and cupped the violet eyed boy’s face in his hands. “I must go, but we will meet again.” He lightly brushed his lips to the younger boy’s. “You are mine.” He whispered and then was gone.

Chapter 1

Duo slowly woke the next morning, stretching his form as he sat up to take in his surroundings. He looked around trying to figure out where to go. /’Go to the church, they will take you in.’/ He was startled as the memories of the night before hit him. They surprised him, but yet they didn’t frighten him. He slowly raised his fingers to his lips as he remembered the shadow of the kiss he received. /’You are mine.’/ “Who was he?” He asked out loud. He stood up and started walking. He didn’t know exactly which way to go, but his feet seemed to know the way. After a half hour walk he came upon a church, just as the man told him.

It was a small stone church with a bell tower. It looked as though it had been through a lot as some parts of the outer walls were cracked and crumbling. He wandered up to the large doors and used the doors large knocker to gain the attention of anyone inside. /I hope they have something to eat./ He thought to himself as he heard his stomach growl. He didn’t have to wait long until the door was opened for him. There stood a youth about his age wearing clothes of a priest. His short blond hair contrasted greatly against the black of his clothes. What captured his attention were his eyes. They were the most crystal clear blue. /He looks like an angel./ He thought to himself as the boy motioned him to enter.

“Hello. My name is Quatre.” The youth said with a smile on his face as he held out his hand to him. Taking it and returning the handshake, Duo took his eyes off him for a moment to look around. In contrast to the outside of the building, the interior was immaculate. The walls were covered with murals of God and the angels, the windows were all stained glass images of the saints, and there were a couple large statues at the front of the sanctuary of Jesus and Mary. He was broken out of his thoughts when the boy spoke again. “Are you okay?” The young priest asked. Duo turned his attention back to the fair haired youth and noticed that he was still holding his hand.

“Oh sorry.” Duo quickly spoke and pulled his hand back. “I’m Duo. I was told that you would take me in.” He looked at the other boy questioning his info. He really didn’t want to go back home right now, knowing that his stepfathers body would probably still be there. At that thought an involuntary shudder went through his body.

“Are you okay?” Quatre asked of him again as he helped the longhaired boy to a pew and had him sit. “What brings you here? We do take in people, but that is usually when they are homeless.” He said looking over the nice clothes Duo was wearing. “Who told you to come here?”

“I am okay, I guess.” Duo said and dropped his head thinking of what he has gone through in less than 24 hours. “I am homeless. At least now I am.” He continued before he lost the strength to tell the blond youth what he had experienced. “Last night I was sitting down to dinner with my stepfather, when he started to tell me about how he had killed my father to marry my mother. He then continued to tell me that my mother had found this fact out so he killed her too.” Duo’s body began to shake from unshed tears as full understanding of the situation took hold of him.

Quatre sat next to him and pulled him into a hug to console him. Duo allowed the tears to fall and for a moment they sat there with only the sounds of Duo’s tears mingled with softly spoken words from Quatre. “I am so sorry that this has happened to you.”

Duo, feeling the strength to continue, pulled out of the embrace and wiped his eyes. “He was going to kill me as well last night until….” His voice dropped off as he thought of the man that had saved him and later found him resting under the tree. He felt himself begin to blush as the image of his savior appeared in his mind.

“Duo? Until what?” Quatre looked at the boy with concern and sympathy clearly written across his face.

“Until he showed up.” Duo’s thoughts drifted to the beautifully handsome young man that had saved his life. He thought back to the night before and unconsciously rubbed his and along his cheek. ‘You are mine.’ The words drifted through his mind. /I wonder what he meant by that?/

“Who showed up?” Quatre asked snapping Duo out of his thoughts. He was worried for the violet-eyed boy. He has gone through so much in such a small amount of time. Duo turned to meet his gaze as he spoke.

“A young man, maybe in his early 20s, short messy dark hair, and the most piercing blue eyes. He just showed up at the front door and attacked and killed my stepfather. I don’t know how he knew, but he told me he knew that I was in trouble and came to save me.” He noticed the priest had a look of surprise on his face, but continued. “When he attacked my stepfather I stood there stunned. He turned to face me and then I ran thinking he was going to attack me next. I ran not knowing where I was going, just running as far away as possible. I came to the edge of the forest and decided to rest under a tree.” He paused to catch his breath. Repeating it all seemed to bring all the emotions he had felt to the surface, making him feel as though he was reliving it all over.

“So how did you end up here? You said something about how you were told to come here.” He had an idea who had told him and wasn’t too happy about it. He wasn’t supposed to be back in the area. Quatre put his worries on the back burner as he focused his attention back to the boy next to him.

“That mysterious man found me by the tree. He told me that he has been watching me for sometime now. That is why he killed my stepfather. He wouldn’t tell me his name, but ….” Duo felt his face flush with embarrassment of how he felt when the older boy touched and kissed him. He had averted his gaze but turned back to see a look of slight impatience in the blonds face. “He kissed me and said that I was his.”

Quatre sucked in his breath at the last words spoken. /So he has returned for this one. Why? He had agreed to leave these lands after the last internal battle amongst the Blood, which escalated into a large battle between the Blood and the hunters. He knew what was at stake when he told this boy to come to this church. Why did he trust me not to hide him? This is most disturbing./

“Um.. excuse me? But do you have something I can eat?” Duo asked as politely as possible, but his stomach growling urged it.

“Oh yes.” Quatre said collecting himself. “Follow me and we’ll fix you something to eat.” He escorted the longhaired boy to the kitchen as he thought of how to contact the others of His return.

Quatre fed the youth and then led him to the sleeping quarters of the building, allowing him to bathe and change. He didn’t have any extra clothes on him so the blond youth lent him one of his priestly habits, which fit him nicely and showed him where he could rest. Once the fey boy had fallen asleep, he went to contact the others. He had a feeling that things were going to get nasty, and so far his gut instincts had yet to be wrong.


A young man of Chinese decent arrived at the Maxwell residence to find the body of Professor G, as he preferred to be called, on the floor in the dinning room, completely drained of blood. “He has returned.” He left in search of the others, knowing full well what would happen if the other Lord found out of *His* return. He also knew he had to find the boy, and soon. Time was running out.

Chapter 2

Duo woke to voices he didn't recognize. He stretched as he sat up and looked out the window. He noticed that the sun was setting, the sky awash in hues of blues, purples, and pinks. It was very beautiful. That was one thing that his mother found enjoyable. Just sitting out on the patio, watching the sunset. Thinking about her brought tears to his eyes. She had only been gone for a little over a year now, but it seemed like she had been gone much longer. The voices from the other room broke him from his memories as they rose in pitch. He decided to see what all the commotion was about.

Out in the sanctuary Quatre was arguing with an Asian man. Duo didn't want to intrude so he waited in the hallway and listened to them converse as it seemed to be about him.

"Why would He tell him to come here? We... no I am not supposed to be involved in this anymore. I was not expecting to have to go through this again." Quatre told the other young man.

"You have to keep him here and not allow Him to claim him. We do not need to start another battle. The last one was bloody enough."

"Yes, I agree, but he can't stay here forever. Sooner or later the True Lord will have him and reclaim his rightful position."

"This boy is but a pawn in their game of power. It is an injustice to him to be treated in this manner." The asian boy growled out. "We should call in the others. They can help us figure out what to do next. Right now we must keep him inside and have one of us watching him at all times." Suddenly they went quiet. Duo's curiosity got the better of him and he peeked around the corner to face two sets of eyes focused intensely on him.

"Ahh... Hi... I was hungry." And to help emphasize the truth in his comment his stomach growled. He nervously laughed as the two boys continued to stare at him. "Umm.. I am sorry to have interrupted you." He added sheepishly. The Asian boy was sizing him up with his eyes and started to approach and Duo took in the boy's appearance as he did. At closer look, he seemed of Chinese ancestry. His straight ebony hair was loose and reached to his shoulders. He wore form fitting black leather pants, knee high lace up black leather boots, a crimson silk top with sleeves that slightly billowed but were cinched at the wrists by black leather cuffs. The top was open slightly at the neck revealing a leather choker with a small silver cross hanging from it. He wondered why he would be wearing a cross, but put that thought aside as the Chinese boy spoke.

"So you are the Maxwell boy." He said while circling the boy and checking him over. "I can see why they would fight for you." He added staring him straight in the eyes. "But I need to make sure you are the one. Do you have any birthmarks?"

Duo looked at him questionly. He still didn't understand what this was all about, but could tell that he wouldn't get any answers until he answered theirs. "Yes I do." He offered.

"Then show me." The young Chinese man kept his gaze locked on the boy.

"Ahh.." The fey boy was hesitant to show it. He remembered his mother telling him to promise her to never allow it to be seen in the open, so he had always had to wear shirts that covered it, or kept his hair hanging over it. The Asian could sense his hesitancy and turned towards the blond priest for help.

"It is okay to show him, Duo. He will keep the secret. You will not dishonor your mother's wishes by doing so." The blond said with a smile.

"H..how did you know?" Duo asked in shock. /How could he have known of the promise?/

"Quatre has a special ability. He can feel others' emotions and on occasion when they are especially strong, he can see their thoughts. He didn't mean to frighten you." All faces turned to see who the new voice was.

Another young man about his age stood in the doorway. His light brown hair hung over his face hiding one of his eyes in the process. The one visible was the color of a brilliant emerald. He stood slightly taller than the rest, dressed similar to the Chinese boy, but wearing emerald green silk shirt instead of crimson. He too had a sword attached to the belt around his hips. Duo also noticed the choker he wore also had a simple silver cross. /They must somehow be connected./ Duo thought to himself, looking between the new arrival and the Chinese boy.

"Trowa!" The blond priest all but threw himself at the newest visitor and hugged him. "I am so glad you came! I was hoping that the message reached you." He hugged the taller man again and it was returned as well.

"Yes it did, little one." Trowa said to the blond who noticeably blushed at the endearment. He then turned his attention towards Duo and the dark haired boy. "It is good to see you again Chang, Wufei." He said with a curtly nod. "Is this the boy that was spoken of?" Trowa asked but kept his gaze on Duo, who was beginning to feel uneasy under all the attention.

"Yes. This is Duo Maxwell. He showed up here this morning." Quatre shifted nervously. "He told him to come here." At this, Trowa's visible eye widened and looked between Wufei and Quatre.

"Does he bear the mark?" Trowa asked Wufei, whom was the closest in proximity to Duo.

"We were just checking for it when you arrived." Wufei said then turned his attention back to Duo. "Show us the mark."

Duo slowly unbuttoned his shirt while turning his back to the others in the room. Shaking it off, he lifted his hair out of the way so that they could see the mark that looked more like a tattoo. Once it was fully exposed, Duo heard their collective gasps.

"He really is the one." Quatre said as he approached the longhaired boy. He closely studied the mark that was situated at the base of his neck where it merged into his shoulders. It was a dark blue in color, causing it to stand out prominently against the pale white skin. The symbol was about four to five inches long, and consisted of what looked like a sword, the hilt at the base of his neck extending down between his shoulder blades, with a chain and a rose wrapped around it. [1] For being a mark that naturally appeared, it was very intricate.

"Yes he is. I figured it out, but was too late to catch him at his estate."

"His estate?" Quatre asked the ebon haired boy. "I thought that the one was to be an orphan?"

"He is an orphan, just one with lots of money." Wufei said while motioning to the fey boy that he could put his shirt back on. "There was never any mention that he/she had to be poor. We just had assumed that was what should be in being an orphan. I only figured that out recently. That is how I happened to come to the Maxwell residence this morning. I found Professor G dead and decided to make a visit here. You do remember Professor G, don't you?"

"Yes. I remember him. He was the leading scholar on the history of the Blood, right?" Trowa said as he walked over to them.

"Yes, and he was the one who was so adamant about this." Wufei said gesturing at Duo. "He spent most of his time trying to find a way to stop this now inevitable war from starting. It seems that he tried and failed."


The current Blood Lord of the lands awoke for the night to find his head servant waiting for him.

"My Lord." He said as he bowed. "Important news has arrived." He said as he handed his master an envelope.

"You may leave." The Lord said and waved him away with a flick of his wrist. He opened the envelope and began to read. The resounding yell sent shivers of fear and dread through all those present in the castle.


Quatre and Trowa wandered off to talk as Wufei and Duo continued to sit at the kitchen table, the fey boy consuming his third helping of stew. Wufei offhandedly noticed that the sun had set. He knew that the True Lord would return to take this boy, but he couldn't allow it. Yet he knew that no matter what they did, one way or another, there would be blood spilt over him. They just needed to prepare.

After finishing off his fifth bowl of stew, Duo got up and headed back into the sanctuary with Wufei following close behind. As soon as they entered, there was a rapping at the door. Wufei turned to Duo.

"You stay here. Don't move." Wufei then walked to see who was at the door. He knew that the others they sent for could have, with luck, reached here by now, but it wasn't likely. He drew his sword and slowly inched to door open. There in front of him was the True Lord. "QUATRE! TROWA!! GET OUT HERE!!" He yelled back into the church. Turning his attention back to the young man at the door, he opened it further allowing the other to see he was armed.

The True Lord merely stared at Wufei. He wouldn't let anything stand between him and what was rightfully his. "I am here for Duo." He calmly said while his anger grew at the thought that these humans, he caught a glimpse of the choker around the Chinese boys neck, --no, hunters-- would keep him from the boy. Hunters were harder to fight than mere mortals. They were stronger and faster than humans, and many had the ability to heal. Their presence wasn't to be taken lightly, but then again he figured they would appear after the boy showed up on the doorstep. He also knew this was the only way to keep the boy from the Blood Lord until he could claim him.

"You may not take him. Not without going through us first." Wufei said, his eyes ablaze with fury at the Lord. He knew that eventually the boy would be taken, as the Lord who now stood before him was the strongest that has ever come to be. The reasons for him not rightfully claiming the throne, however, were still a mystery.

While Wufei was distracted with the Lord, Quatre and Trowa had entered. Quatre was now wearing a similar outfit as the other two with the exception that his shirt was a deep hue of blue, which accented his eyes. Both stood a distance behind Wufei and in front of Duo with their swords drawn.

Chapter 3

Duo stood there uncertain of what to do. He didn’t want anyone to get hurt. He locked gazes with the young man outside the door as his hand went up to his lips, remembering the kiss from the night before, and feeling that he was somehow meant to be with this mysterious man.

The True Lord saw the motions the fey boy went through and allowed a smirk to form on his face. /I have won. He will be with me./ He turned his attention back to the man in front of him. “What is your name?”

“Chang, Wufei. Hunter.” Wufei said not removing his eyes from the Prussian eyed young man in front of him.

“Well, Chang, Wufei. I am here for Duo. Please do not interfere in matters that do not concern you,” he said with a gleam in his eye that warned of great bloodshed if anyone tried to stop him. Duo saw this and walked towards them. He didn’t want to be the cause of anyone’s death. He didn’t know exactly what was going on, as he never got a change to ask and no one offered any information, but he felt that he needed to intervene before things escalated. He approached and the dark haired young man at the door turned to face him.

“Duo.” His voice all but purred the name. “Are you ready to go?” He asked, ignoring the others in the room.

Duo looked between him and the others, trying to decide what he should do. Finally his gaze settled back on the mystery man. “Who are you?” Seeing that Duo would not willingly come with him without some answers, he decided to tell him. Looking at Wufei who was still blocking the doorway, “May I enter?” He asked as kindly as possible, knowing he couldn’t enter the House of God without an invitation.

Wufei looked at him like he was insane. “You know we can’t do that. It would allow others of the Blood to freely enter.”

“Not if you invite me personally,” he said collecting himself. “I am Heero. Heero Yuy.” The widening of their eyes in surprise from his name brought a smirk to his lips. Many had heard of his name in regards to the war. He was the General in charge during the final battle that ended the war, while his lavish cousin hung out in the background sending others into battle to save his little neck. He still could not believe how heartless the man was. He was looking forward to claiming his rightful position and throwing his cousin to the dogs.

Duo stepped in front of Wufei during this disruption and faced Heero. He took the moment to take a good look at the young man. His clothes were nice, but not as nice as one from a royal family would wear. He wore tight black pants from what appeared to be a very soft and supple material. It could almost be something similar to velvet, but new it was too warm still to wear such materials. A deep yellow dress shirt with the top few buttons open, allowing an ample amount of his beautifully naturally tanned chest to be exposed, was loosely tucked into his pants. Over the shirt he wore a deep forest green shirt jacket that was loosely laced up the front exposing the shirt underneath. He wore black leather boots that reached slightly above his knees, and finally around his neck he wore a heavy silver chain choker.

Their eyes locked and Duo felt a surge of warmth course through his body. He didn’t understand the reaction, but he did know that he wanted Heero to touch him again. As though reading his thoughts, Heero reached out to him and caressed his cheek, eliciting a sound of contentment from the fey boy’s lips. Not removing his hand from the boy, Heero turned back to Wufei.

“Invite me in and I will explain.” Heero turned his attention back to Duo whose eyes were now closed and was holding onto Heero’s hand to keep it from being removed.

Wufei looked back at Quatre, who stepped forward as he resheathed his sword. “You are free to enter, Heero Yuy.” He said then stepped back as the man entered, still caressing Duo’s cheek. Once Heero stepped through across the threshold, he pulled Duo into his arms. This movement caused the others to seethe. Heero didn’t care. He was so content in holding the boy that he had been watching over from a distance since his birth. He also knew one thing that the others didn’t know. He was unable to fully claim him until his 18th birthday that was only a day away.

Heero looked to the Hunters to see where they should go sit and chat. Quatre led the way to the kitchen and they followed. He sat with Duo next to him, still holding on to his hand that was now resting on Duo’s thigh.

“So what is there to explain?” Wufei all but growled out at the vampire lord. He didn’t trust him with a ten-foot pole, but knew that he didn’t know the full story behind this boy, Duo. Heero glanced over the Hunters seated in front of him.

“May I have something to drink?” Heero received unfriendly glares at that and chuckled lightly before explaining. “I am able to consume more than just blood as you all think. It will take a while to explain everything, so a drink would help.”

“We have little to offer here.” Quatre said as he stood. “Would anyone else care for something to drink?” There were nods in agreement amongst them all. Quatre reached into a cupboard and pulled out two bottles of mead. It was all they had other than water and even though they were in the company of a vampire lord, he felt that there wouldn’t be any threatening moves from him unless they provoked him. He placed them on the table then grabbed mugs for all. Returning to the table he filled each mug then handed them to the others. Realizing that they should also have something to snack on, he quickly stood up and grabbed the remaining loaves of bread off the counter. “Is there anything else?” He asked to all seated, who merely shook their heads.

“Thank you.” Heero said to Quatre as he took a sip from his mug. “Now what exactly would you like to know first, about the boy, or about me?” Duo looked at the others who all seemed to look to him for the answer to that question.

“I would like to know why you came for me? Why do I feel so comfortable around you? I am very confused to why I seem to be the center of this.” He looked pleadingly into Heero’s eyes. Heero placed his other hand on top of Duo’s and gave it a slight squeeze of reassurance before turning back to the others and speaking.

“I left these lands almost eighteen years ago after the end of the last war. Duo was the first child conceived and carried to full term after that war. This is significant in that for some unknown reason, all other pregnancies ended in miscarriages or stillborns for the first 5 years after the war. We the Blood never understood this at first, that was until we uncovered some documents in regards to our history and so-called future. It was foretold of a great war that would lead to the True Blood Lord taking his rightful seat. As you all know that never happened, as I am here in your presence and not at the palace.” Heero paused to sip his mead and take in all the other’s expressions. As he figured, none were surprised at the announcement of him being the True Lord.

“So why did you leave if you were to assume leadership?” Trowa asked as he tore a chunk off the loaf of bread in front of him. “If you are as powerful as we have heard, why didn’t you just take it by force?” Heero turned and answered to Duo, making sure to meet his gaze.

“You are the reason I left and waited all these years in hiding before returning.” He stood up and started to slowly pace the room. /I really don’t want to go into this without talking to Duo alone first, but that won’t happen. Damnit./ Heero audibly sighed then turned to face them. “I left and didn’t fight after I received a letter from one of our wise men, if you want to call him that. His name is, or for all I know, was Howard. He went against the current Blood Lord’s orders and told me of this prophecy in which Duo is the ‘Chosen One’. I decided to leave and let it take its course. I hadn’t figured on one of yours,” Heero glared at the Hunters, “to intrude and try to alter the outcome. If your professor had managed to kill Duo as he had planned, there would have been a much greater and more devastating war. As it stands, there will still indeed be bloodshed, but not much if we work together.”

“What?!? You want us Hunters to work with the Blood? Are you crazy?” Wufei yelled as he shot out of his seat, overturning it in the process. Heero’s eyes flashed over in red for a moment before settling back to their original deep blue as he settled his emotions. He knew that he had to keep his cool if they were to understand the full implications of his plan. Not to mention the fact that he needed their help as it was shown in the prophecy.

“It seems crazy to me too, but it is the only way to stabilize things. I have sat back and watched as my cousin,” Heero paused as he took in the looks of the others, “yes, my cousin, has threatened, tortured, and killed to keep people following his orders. Many of them were behind me to take the throne after the death of the lord in the last war. I knew that I was not ready to do that. Oh don’t get me wrong. I knew I had the strength and powers to hold the position, but knowing of this prophecy,” Heero placed a hand on Duo’s shoulder, “I couldn’t claim it. I am certain that Duo would have ended up dead by my cousin’s hand in retaliation. I couldn’t allow that. Duo’s life is an integral part of the future of all of us; humans, Hunters, and Blood. If you haven’t already figured out why, then I will tell you. I was hoping to tell him personally before telling all of you, but that doesn’t seem to be a possibility.”

“What is it about me then? Do you know what the mark on my back means?” Duo was tired of being talked about as an object of sorts. His mind was screaming to know where he fit into all this, and what he had been told so far was just managing to confuse him more than he already was. “I just want to know where I fit in. I don’t know anything about Hunter or Blood politics. My parents always blew off any questions I had in regards to it and when my father died, my mother would just walk away. Why can’t you just say something that makes sense or at least tell us the full explanation where I can understand what you are talking about.” Heero gently squeezed Duo’s shoulder.

“I am sorry, koi. I didn’t mean to do that.” He said gently and his eyes softened, looking at the younger boy.

“What do you mean koi?” Quatre asked not understanding the term.

“It is a term one calls their lover or mate.” Wufei said glaring at the lord, still angry at the idea that he would ask their assistance. “Where do you get off calling him that?”

“That is what I was getting to. Duo was destined to marry a Blood Lord. None of us expected the ‘Chosen One’ to be male, but then again gender has never been considered a deciding factor in choosing a mate for many, and that applies to me as well.” He smiled at Duo, causing the fey boy to blush slightly. “But getting back to the questions previous,” He looked down at Duo, “May I see this mark?” Duo shifted slightly. He really didn’t mind showing it to Heero, but had an overwhelming urge to do so in private away from the others’ watchful gaze.

“Sure.” Duo said as he stood and began to remove his shirt.

Heero hungrily watched the boy remove his shirt and scanned over the rest of his clothes. He wore a nicely tailored pair of black pants that showed off his legs beautifully. The shirt was of a very high quality silk in a deep purple that accented his eyes and a pair of black low cut boots finished the outfit. How he wished he could take him right then. /Only one more day,/ he silently reminded himself. The following night he would finally claim him. Duo finished removing the shirt and shifted his hair over his shoulder so that Heero could get a better look at the mark.

“So what does the mark mean?” Quatre asked still seated at the table.

Heero silently studied it for a moment, purposefully delaying the answer to continue admiring the fey youths body. Wufei noticed the lust in the Lord’s eyes and slowly stood, ready to draw his sword if necessary. He still didn’t believe that the Lord should have him, even if it would supposedly being about a peace between them.

“So what does it mean, Heero?” Wufei all but growled out snapping Heero back to the here and now.

“It is a composition of symbols representing the Hunters,” Heero pointed at the sword, “the Humans,” he said pointing at the rose, “and the Blood.” He finally pointed at the chain. He didn’t touch the longhaired boy in fear that if he did he would not be able to quit. He could feel his pants becoming a bit too tight from the close proximity to Duo.

“How will things settle just because he becomes bonded to a Blood Lord? How does that change anything?” Trowa said as he too began to stand and walk closer.

Heero was about to answer when there was a pounding at the front door. Everyone turned towards the sound.

“Stay here.” Quatre said as he and the other two Hunters went to see who it was. Heero took the moment to slide up behind Duo as he was putting his shirt back on and wrap his arms around him.

“Are you okay with this?” Heero asked nuzzling the boy’s neck, yet keeping an eye on the Hunters. “I don’t want to force you to do anything you don’t want to do.” Heero couldn’t believe what he was saying, but somehow felt that Duo should agree to this and not have it forced upon him. He wasn’t used to the feeling that he was experiencing. He once had a lover, a woman, but she had never made him feel the way he was when he was around this young man. It was intoxicating.

Duo felt the arms wrap around him and felt at peace. He instantly relaxed into the embrace and purred slightly in contentment. He didn’t care about what the other three boys thought. He felt that it was right to be with this Lord. When Heero asked if he was okay he placed his arms over the other boy’s and held them tightly. “Yes. I am completely fine with this.” He said then turned around in the embrace to face the dark haired boy. “I feel totally content and comfortable around you. Almost as though I have known you all my life.” He leaned in and clumsily kissed him.

Heero took the invitation and returned it passionately, pulling the boy into a tighter embrace, forcing their bodies to touch completely. Heero could feel that Duo too was more than happy to be in his arms and when they rubbed against each other Duo moaned. The sound was music to his ears. It took all his willpower not to take him right then. Feeling his control about to break, he broke the kiss and pulled back slightly. Duo wanted none of that and pulled Heero closer, but Heero stopped him with his words.

“No. Not tonight.” Heero said as he held the boy. “Tomorrow night we will be together. Right now we can’t go any further.” Duo whimpered slightly at this news. He had become so aroused it almost hurt. Heero ran his hand through Duo’s bangs, pushing them out of his eyes in a soothing manner while his other hand rested on the boy’s lower back. They were so consumed with the other that they failed to notice the return of the Hunters.


Wufei, Quatre, and Trowa walked to the front door with swords drawn. They hoped that this time the Hunters that they had sent for would finally have arrived. Quatre slowly opened the door keeping hidden behind it as Trowa and Wufei stood ready to fight if necessary. Thankfully it was their reinforcements.

“Sally! What are you doing here?” Wufei asked. Sally was the head of the Hunters and also his wife. She rarely left headquarters unless it was an important case. She entered followed closely by her second in command, Noin.

“I am here because of him.” Sally said pointing towards a figure that they had failed to notice right away. She turned to Quatre and spoke. “You will have to personally invite him in as he is a half breed. His name is Howard. No last name given.” She added the last after getting a negative response from Howard. Quatre quickly invited him in then turned back his attention to his superior.

“So what is so important that would send you here?” The blond haired youth asked then realized that he had heard the man’s name before. Turning to Howard he continued. “Are you the same Howard that is a Mage for the Blood?” Sally looked at him in surprise. Wufei caught this expression and explained.

“The True Blood Lord, Heero Yuy, is here.” Wufei stated as if it was nothing worth noting. “He came for the boy. We have invited him in and have managed to get some of this situation explained, but not all.” Howard began to chuckle slightly at them all. They all were so oblivious to the nature of this situation. He just hoped that he was in time to sufficiently warn Heero of the impending battle over the ‘Chosen One’.

“Why would you invite him in? You shouldn’t have done that!” Sally yelled at her husband. “Where is he now?” she demanded.

“We left him in the kitchen with the boy.” Quatre said. As soon as he spoke, he realized that what they had done probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do. Howard quickly interjected before they could go run off and create a larger mishap.

“Don’t worry. He still can’t claim him fully until tomorrow at midnight. That is when the boy will turn 18.” Howard said with a slight smirk on his face before continuing to explain. “The ‘Chosen One’ cannot be claimed until his birthday. It is one of the requirements of the prophecy. He must be considered a true man in the eyes of the people before being turned. Also that is the day that his powers will be revealed.”

“Powers? Yuy-sama never said anything about that in his explanations.” Wufei said looking at the older man questionly.

“Heero never was told everything, because when I last spoke to him, I was still working on the translation and didn’t have this bit done. I would rather speak of this with him present so he truly understands what will happen when he finally claims the boy.” Howard said.

“Fine.” Trowa spoke. “Let us go back to the kitchen and find out the rest of this story.” Trowa resheathed his sword and headed towards the kitchen with the others close on his heels. Wufei and Quatre put up their swords as they followed. The scene that they stumbled upon angered the Hunters, while Howard merely chuckled. It was his laughter that brought their presence to Heero’s attention.

“So this is the ‘Chosen One’.” Howard said as he approached the boys still in one another’s embrace. “He is very attractive. I can see why it is taking all of your strength and will to restrain yourself.” Heero glared and bared his fangs at the man for his remarks. He always had hated how the old man knew exactly what was going through his mind. No one else had ever been able to do that.

“Who are you?” Duo asked seeing the reaction of this new man’s presence has caused in Heero. Duo continued to hold onto the Lord, but pulled back enough to get a good look at the visitors. He noted that the two women were dressed like the other Hunters, but this other man was dressed very odd. He wore a very vibrant and colorful shirt with an interesting pattern, he would have to ask about it later. The rest of the outfit was completed with a loose but fitted pair of pants and sandals. The woman with the blondish braids stepped forward.

“I am Sally Po, the leader of the Hunters. This woman here,” she pointed to the dark haired woman who stood slightly behind her, “is Lucrezia Noin, second in command. The man standing near you is Howard, the Blood Mage. We brought him here. It seems that we need to come to an agreement before things progress. Shall we all sit and talk?” She gestured towards the table and chairs and they all moved to sit. There weren’t enough chairs for all of them, so Heero sat with Duo on his lap.

“So what brings you here, Howard? How did you get away from my cousin?” Heero asked, lazily running his hands over Duo’s braid and back causing him to purr.

“It was little trouble getting away. Your cousin is far too busy preparing to take the Chosen One by force. He doesn’t want to lose, but he fails to realize that in the end,” Howard paused and looked directly into Duo’s eyes, “the choice will be entirely up to him.” He pointed at Duo.

“What do you mean it is entirely up to him?” Sally asked. She was uncomfortable with this whole situation, but from what she had learned so far from Howard, it would be very beneficial for all three species if Heero did claim this young man as his mate. “I was under the impression that there was to be a battle and that is why our presence was needed.”

“The ultimate choice is up to …” Howard looked towards the boy.

“Duo. My name is Duo Maxwell.” He said still snuggled in Heero’s lap.

“Okay, Duo. Well although it is up to Duo, the current Lord will have an army still ready to battle if he is not the one decided on. You know how stubborn and manipulative he can be.” Howard continued to say. “No, we will need the Hunters there for backup in case he tries anything, and by the looks of them,” he pointed at Heero and Duo, “I think he has already lost and we will need you.”

“So why is it so important that Heero claim this boy? What is the benefit for all the species?” Quatre asked.

“That is still unclear in the prophecy, but, we will know once Heero claims Duo as his. There will be some sort of release of power that will allow the Blood to survive by other means than blood alone. Many can already survive with a minimum consumption of Blood. Heero is one of them. He is able to go weeks with out feeding.” Howard said taking in all the interested looks from the others. “As for how it will help the Hunters and Humans, the Hunters will not be as busy and the Humans will not have to fear for their lives. When the Blood have to feed, there will be those that volunteer their blood for them to feed. We will have to set up something to allow this to happen.”

“The Blood should just be wiped out!” Wufei shouted and stood. “They are parasites. This agreement doesn’t settle things at all.”

“Sit down!” Sally shouted at her husband. “This is not for you to decide.” Wufei glared at her but sat as told. Sally then turned her attention back to Howard. “I will agree to these terms. We will stand as back up in case the Lord tries to battle. So when will this occur?”

“When is Duo’s 18th birthday?” Howard looked at Heero.

“It is tomorrow. Tomorrow night at midnight I will take him as mine.” He firmly stated and kissed Duo who openly accepted showing the others that Duo was happy with him as well. Breaking the kiss he continued, “It is getting close to dawn. I need a place to rest.”

“You may stay in the wine cellar.” Quatre offered. “It is completely closed off from light. You will be safe there. Will Howard need to stay there as well?” He asked looking at the man in question.

“Oh, no, I won’t. I must return to the palace. I will return tomorrow at sundown.” Howard said as he rose and headed towards the door. “Be well until then.” And then he was gone.

“May I rest with you?” Duo asked Heero, not wanting to leave his side.

“I don’t see why not,” Sally spoke before her husband could once again make an outburst. “We will remain here in case they send any who can travel by day. You go sleep and we will rouse you when the sun goes down.” She said with a small smile. She wasn’t totally happy that the Blood would continue to exist, but it sounded like there would finally be a sense of peace that had yet to be experienced.

“Thank you.” Heero said and got up, lifting Duo easily in his arms and followed Quatre as he led them towards the entrance of the cellar. Before heading down, Trowa appeared with blankets and pillows for them. Heero nodded his thanks as Duo took them and headed down to rest.

“So what do you think about this?” Sally asked Noin.

“I think this is better than what we have had to deal with in the past. This Lord seems like he would be a much better one to deal with as well.” Noin said with a wistful look in her eyes. A look Sally had seen many times before.

“Maybe things will work out for you now.” Sally said and nodded in understanding with her second in command.

“Yeah, maybe.” Noin said quietly as they headed back into the kitchen to work out a watch schedule. They should all sleep and get rested for the coming night's confrontation.

Chapter 4

While Heero and Duo were curling up together for the day, Heero's cousin was fuming as he confronted Howard when he returned.

"Why must you help him? I am the Lord. You should be helping me to keep my place." The Lord growled at his Mage. He knew that he had little chance of claiming the Chosen One, especially if he was with his cousin and being guarded by Hunters. His chances were looking bleak unless he would be able to lure the boy away from his cousin. He would have to find a way to do that. Turning his attention back to the Mage in front of him, he sought answers. "So, Mage, what can I do that would possibly sway the Chosen One away from my cousin?" Howard shifted slightly under the Lord's gaze. He really wanted Heero to succeed but knew that he really wasn't to interfere.

"There is nothing that I can do for you, Lord. It will all be up to the boy. Just be yourself and we will see what the outcome will be. Now if you will excuse me, the dawn is near and I must retire." Before the Lord could answer, Howard was gone, leaving the Lord to his thoughts before he retired for the day. Many of which were not promising for him.


Heero carried Duo down to the cellar and looked around for a place to lay the blankets. It wasn't a hard task to accomplish as there was an adjoining room to the main wine room that was dry. He carefully lowered the fey boy so that he could stand on his own. There were a couple of wall sconces that Heero lit with a snap of his fingers. Duo watched in amazement at the show of one of his many abilities. Heero then took the blankets and placed them in a corner so that they would be facing the door in case anyone should try to disturb them. As this was going on, Duo took the time to begin to undress. Heero stopped him after he had only removed his shirt.

"No," Heero said in a soft and sultry voice. "Let me." Heero locked gazes with the violet-eyed beauty. He was already seated at the edge of their makeshift bed and had removed his boots. "Come here." His voice still soft and gentle.

Duo slowly approached, not breaking his gaze while one hand reached out for the end of his braid. He undid the tie and gently shook his head, freeing the strands until they cascaded around him. Heero felt himself harden at the sight. /Tonight. Can't until tonight,/ he admonished himself, trying to think of anything but the beautifully sensual vision before him.

Duo stood directly in front of the Lord with one hand on his hips while the other played with a few of the loose strands of hair over his chest. Heero, feeling his powers to resist failing, decided on a change of tactics. /No one said I couldn't have a taste. They just said I couldn't claim him./ Feeling secure in that logic he followed his emotions. He pulled the angelic boy into his lap and kissed him passionately, while lowering them down onto the bed. Duo broke the kiss to catch his breath. His heart was racing a mile a minute. He had never had such a feeling before meeting this Lord. He wanted more and was going to make sure he got it. Duo trailed his hands along the Lord's body as though he was trying to remember it all by touch alone. His movements were halted when he was shifted and pinned under the beautiful dark-haired boy.

"Let me," Heero said before he kissed the fey beauty again. He trailed kisses along the boy's jaw to his ear, which he nibbled and licked eliciting purrs and moans that merely urged him forward. As he approached Duo's neck he could hear and feel the blood pumping through the fey boy's veins. He felt his fangs growing longer to feed, but fought it, quickly continuing down to his chest. Duo arched and moaned loudly as Heero nipped, sucked and licked at his nipples. Duo was in heaven. He was extremely hard and it hurt having it still confined in his pants. As Heero continued to lick and kiss across his chest, Duo reached down to undo his pants.

"No. Allow me to pleasure you at my pace," Heero said as he caught the boy's wrists and pushed them over his head. "Keep them there," he firmly yet gently told him. Duo whimpered slightly as Heero reached the waistband of his pants, only to hesitate to capture the boy's lips again. As he continued to kiss the boy, Heero reached down and slowly undid the fastenings to free Duo's erection. Duo gasped as Heero's hand grasped his arousal and stroked it at a painfully slow pace.

"Please," Duo whimpered as he feebly attempted to gain a faster pace and more friction for release. Heero would do nothing of the sort. With dawn approaching, he knew that they didn't have that much time, but he would make it all worth the while.

He shifted his position and released his grasp to remove Duo's boots and his pants, leaving him in his full glory. Heero sat back and admired the sight before him. He was painfully hard, but knew that he wouldn't be able to relieve himself. This however didn't bother him too much as he knew that come that midnight, he would be fully buried inside this fey beauty.

Duo whimpered and wiggled under Heero's gaze. He needed Heero to touch him, to caress him, anything. Heero happily complied and began kissing and nipping his way up Duo's inner thighs towards his weeping arousal. Duo continued to squirm and moan from the wonderful sensations Heero was causing.

Arriving at his final destination, Heero locked gazes with Duo, whose were half lidded with lust and desire. Heero felt his own need grow at the sight but continued. Grasping it at the base he licked the drop at the tip and smiled at the response from Duo, who bucked and moaned his name. Deciding to quit with the teasing, he swallowed him whole.

"Oh gods. Heero," Duo gasped as he moved his hips in time with Heero's ministrations. The Lord sucked and licked him, his experienced mouth bringing him to the brink quickly. Duo cried out as he came in that warm cavern, grasping tightly at the sheets at his sides. Heero swallowed and continued to suck until he was certain he had gotten every last drop before pulling away. He shifted to lie next to his koi and gathered him in his arms, wrapping the blankets around them. Heero kissed him allowing him to taste himself on his lips.

"Very tasty," Heero said as they broke the kiss. "You are mine forever. I won't let him take you from me," He said tightening his hold on the fey boy.

"Yes. Yours always," Duo said as he snuggled closer and drifted off to sleep, content. Heero followed shortly thereafter, failing to notice the slight glow of Duo's mark.


"What is that?" Quatre jerked awake and looked around for any sign of trouble. The others also awoke with a start.

"I don't know? But it feels nearby?" Sally said as she got up and tried to search out the origin of this new feeling.

"It is Duo," Quatre said as he too stood and wandered over to the cellar door. "It seems that his powers are awakening," He said as he turned to face the others. "Things are going to be very interesting come dusk. If I am not mistaken, all the Hunters in the land will be here to see this." Quatre felt that they were still short much information about this boy and the mark.

"Is there anything else you can sense, Quatre?" Noin asked. She didn't mind the extra help from the other Hunters, but if they could feel the pull, she wanted to know who else could.

"Yes." Quatre's face fell as he realized what it was. "All the Blood are being summoned as well."

"Shit." Trowa, who normally was very quiet, swore, drawing looks from everyone else. They all agreed with him. If things didn't go well tonight, it would be the beginning of another great war.

In other parts of the land, Hunters and Blood alike felt a pull, a need to find the source of this call. Come dusk all the Hunters and Blood would bear witness to the new age brought about by a beautiful young man.

Chapter 5

The Hunters were awakened to the sound of someone pounding on the main door to the church. Wufei was the first to his feet, or at least to his knees. It seemed that at some point in the night all of them had managed to end up sleeping at the door to the cellar. They were all laying under and over each other to be closer to the boy. He could still feel the call, which had felt as though it had gotten stronger over time. He had a hard time crawling out of the pile of limbs to go to the door, but made it just as the pounding ensued.

Drawing his sword, he barely noted that the sun had recently set, and slowly opened the door. The sight before him was more than a little shocking. Hunters and Blood alike were congregated on the grounds. There had to be thousands of them. What was the most shocking about the scene was that they weren't fighting. No one was making any type of aggression against the other group. Wufei was so caught up in the scene before him that he failed to sense Heero and Duo appear behind him with the other Hunters flanking them in a protective manner.

"What is this all about?" Duo asked, breaking the silence. That was another thing that had been odd, not one sound could be heard from the masses before them. It seemed as though they didn't even breathe. Wufei spun around to face Duo and noted his new attire. Wufei couldn't tell how long it had been since he had opened the door, but it must have been quite a while. Duo was now dressed similarly to the Hunters. Where he got the clothes was unknown, but he guessed they were from Quatre.

"Who are all these people and what are they doing here?" Duo asked again. He seemed to have a new air about him. He didn't seem so passive anymore. /I guess Quatre was correct in saying that this boy's powers were awakening. He is definitely acting stronger./ Wufei's thoughts were interrupted when Quatre spoke to answer the boy's question.

"They came because you called them," he said matter of factly. Duo looked at Quatre, then to the masses, then back to him with a slightly confused look on his face.

"I don't understand. How could I have done this?" he asked looking out the door at the people. He couldn't fathom how this could be happening. He finally looked at Heero to see if he understood what was happening. Heero merely smirked at him.

"What happened when you two went downstairs?" Quatre gently asked. He already had a good idea due to his uuchu no kokoro, but he wanted to hear it from the horse's mouth. Seeing Duo blush at the question slightly helped in confirming his suspicions, but he needed to hear it from his lips. "Please tell me so I can help understand and explain what is going on," he all but pleaded with Duo.

"Do not worry. He is still a virgin if that is your concern," Heero answered as he wrapped his arm around Duo's waist and pulled him close.

"That is not what he wants to know." They all turned to see Howard approach through the crowd. He stopped in front of Duo. "Please turn around so that I may see your mark," he kindly asked and Heero nodded at Duo, telling him it was okay. Duo turned around, undid his shirt, dropping it to the ground and moved his hair, still loose, out of the way. There was a slight gasp at the sight. The mark was no longer all blue. It was now colorful. The rose was red with a green stem, the chain and sword both looked like metal and the hilt was now black.

"What does this mean, Howard?" Heero asked as he ran his hand over the mark. He hadn't heard anything about this.

"It means that what ever you two did together was enough to start the process. I figured that you would still mess around with him, so I never said anything about it before. This is the beginning. Your cousin, however, still has a chance, however small it may now appear to be, at taking him from you. You must also feel the pull of him. It is very strong, but will get stronger as it gets closer to midnight," Howard said as he reached out and touched the mark. He could feel the boy's power as he did. His translations were off a bit, but felt that they were good enough to know that Heero had better win. He didn't want to deal with endless wars. He wanted the peace that was promised.

"So I still have a chance. Good." Everyone turned to face the newly arrived Blood Lord and his personal slave.

"Treize," Heero growled, bearing his fangs at his cousin, and pulled Duo closer to him.

"Let him go, dear cousin. It is up to him to chose whom he wishes to be with," Treize said with an air of confidence. Heero picked up on it and immediately looked at the slave. He had a bad feeling that they were going to pull something. He was snapped out of his thoughts as one of the Hunters strode forwards towards his cousin's slave.

"Zechs!" the dark haired woman cried out. Heero took a closer look at the slave and realized that he was a Hunter as well. /What the hell is he doing with Treize?/ His question was answered by the woman who appeared to have been involved with him at some point.

"Let him go you bastard!" Noin yelled at Treize. "Release his mind! He is not yours to have! We were happy until you came along." She looked as though she would cry, but was keeping it together very well. "You always wanted what you couldn't have!" She started to lunge at the Lord but was halted by Sally.

"Now it not the time for this, Noin. We need Duo to chose, then we can settle this," Sally said, placing her hand on Noin's shoulder to calm her and pull her back away from the Blood Lord.

"So how does this go? Are there any particular things that have to happen before he chooses or does he just go to one of them?" Wufei asked, sword drawn just in case. He didn't like the odds at the moment. There were still a lot more Blood than Hunters in the mob.

"No. Not that I know of. There was nothing in the writings to imply any necessary preparation. He just must choose," Howard said keeping an eye on the Chosen One as the boy eyed Treize. He watched as Duo slowly left Heero's embrace and walked up to the Lord who stood just outside the threshold. He hadn't been invited in.

"So you are the Chosen One," Treize said as he extended his hand to run through the long tresses only to have his wrist grasped by Duo.

"You may look, but you can't touch," Duo said with a smirk. "Turn around. I want to see what you can offer me." Howard chuckled slightly at the obvious change in the boy. He was definitely entertained at the antics and the expressions on both Lords' faces. Heero had an amused smirk on his face while Treize looked slightly shocked at the treatment he was receiving from the boy.

"Now," Duo demanded when Treize made no motion to do as he asked. Howard chuckled again, louder this time, drawing Treize's attention.

"What is so funny, Mage?" He growled. He didn't find any of this amusing in the least. He was a Lord. He was the one to give the orders, not take them, but he complied and turned around slowly allowing Duo to see every inch of him. Duo kept his face impassive even though he felt somewhat drawn to this man. When Treize quit his little spin, Duo turned back to look at Heero. As soon as his back was turned, Treize's slave, Zechs, grabbed him and took off with Treize close on his heels.

"SHIT!" Howard yelled. Heero growled and instantly was off after his koi. The mass of Hunters and Blood took off to follow the boy. He was the reason they were there in the first place and they would continue to follow him until the claiming ritual was completed by one of the Lords.

Sally turned to Howard. "Where are they headed?" She could feel the pull, but would rather head there directly rather than try to figure it out as they went.

"They are headed back to the palace. We should go." Howard quickly took off followed closely by the remaining Hunters.


Zechs and Treize arrived with Duo at the palace and ran towards Treize's bedroom. He would have this beauty as his no matter what, even if he had to force him. Too bad he didn't realize that Duo had more strength and power than him.

Entering the bedroom, Treize took Duo over to the bed while Zechs closed and bolted the door. It wouldn't hold them long, but would hopefully be enough time for him. Midnight was a little under an hour away yet, but he would find a way to entertain himself until then. As soon as Treize released Duo, the youth bounded away from him.

"I didn't choose you," Duo growled as he took a fighting stance. He seemed to instinctively know how to defend himself. His escapades with Heero the night before had caused his true self to come to the forefront. He felt energy build inside him as he prepared for the Lord's attack.

"I don't care if you did or not. You will be mine," Treize stated confidently. He motioned to Zechs to help in restraining the fey boy.

Zechs cautiously approached the boy. They danced around trying to keep out of the other's grasp and range of motion. Finally after what seemed like forever, Zechs lurched forward, grasping the boy's arm. Duo tried to struggle free, his anger growing with every moment. When he felt that he would have to quit his struggle, Zechs was jolted with a surge of his energy and collapsed to the floor.

Duo was so surprised at this that Treize was able to grab him. Before he could fight him off, the Lord sunk his teeth in his neck.


Heero and the others arrived at the palace to find the gates open and unguarded. He could feel his koi's energy level rise and sensed that his cousin had made a foolish move. He took off following the flow of energy to its source. As he got closer he could hear high pitched screeching and wailing. /What the Hell?/ He pounded on the door which broke quickly. He was stronger with his need to get to Duo. His jaw dropped at the sight before him.

Duo was sitting comfortably in a high backed chair with an evil grin on his face as he watched Treize writhe in pain on the ground. Treize was screaming with all his breath and it didn't seem to faze the fey boy in the least. /What the hell is going on?/ he thought as he noticed his cousin's slave crumpled on the floor in the far corner of the room. The scene was so surreal.

"What is going on?" Heero had to yell over the screaming as he approached Duo, whose gaze never faltered from the man on the floor. Heero reached out to get Duo's attention when Howard's voice stopped him.

"DON'T! If you touch him the same may happen to you." Howard slowly entered the room, his gaze taking in everything around him. It settled on Duo's neck. Treize had been stupid enough to try and take him before the boy's 18th birthday and by force. Very stupid of him. "Heero. You must wait until this runs its course. Once Treize dies…"

"Dies!" Heero yelled as he spun around to face the Mage. "What the hell is happening to him?" He couldn't look at his cousin. His screaming wasn't the only effects of whatever Duo had done to him. Treize was being literally eaten away by some unknown force. His skin was gone in many areas, creating a horrendous sight.

"Duo is consuming him and his powers. Treize tried to take him by force," Howard said as he pointed at the marks on the youth's neck. Heero growled at the sight and wished he had gotten a chance at his cousin. He wanted him to experience more pain than he was currently feeling. Nothing would be enough for what he had done. Heero and Howard stared at the Lord as his flesh was consumed. All too soon it was over. Only the bones remained, then they shattered and turned to dust. They continued to stare at the area for a moment longer before their attention was diverted.

Duo sat there utterly transfixed on the writhing body of the man. His anger was so great that when Treize had decided to force Duo, that anger caused a chemical imbalance of sorts in his bodily fluids. The Lord was contaminated by the blood that he drank, which caused him his death. Once the Lord was fully consumed, Duo's awareness slowly shifted back to his current surroundings. He knew what had happened, but it didn't seem to faze him, for in his mind Treize deserved to die. Many would agree with him on that point, especially Heero.

Duo noticed Heero and the Mage still focused on the ashes of the old Lord, and took advantage of the distraction to stealthily stride up behind Heero. From behind, he wrapped his arms around the Lord and nuzzled his neck.

"Glad to see you made it, koi," Duo purred and felt Heero shiver at the sound. He remembered that although he was pleasured the night before, Heero had gone without. At midnight Heero would finally claim him, and he could hardly wait.

Heero wrapped his arms over Duo's and held them tight. He still was having a hard time understanding what exactly Duo was, but in reality, he didn't care. He had come to love this boy and would do anything in his powers to see that he was happy and loved for all his life. He shivered as Duo spoke. His want and need to claim him as his was almost overwhelming. He was about to ask Howard how long until midnight when he heard the chiming of the grandfather clock in the room as it began to strike midnight.

"Well I should leave you two alone now," Howard said as he started to leave.

"What about Zechs?" Duo asked, snuggled up against Heero's back. "Someone needs to take him out of here."

"Zechs!" Noin cried as she ran to her lover's side. Wufei walked over and saw he was still out cold.

"Is he okay?" Wufei asked as he hoisted Zechs over his shoulder to carry him out.

"He will be fine. He just needs to rest," Duo said as his hands began to wander across his lover's body. "Now leave. If you have any more questions they can wait until later." With that everyone left and quickly righted the broken door to give them some privacy.


"So what now?" Sally asked the Mage as they headed down the hall.

"We will see once Heero has claimed the boy. Until then we all must wait," Howard said as he led them to the sitting room. They settled in for the time, listening to Howard fill them in on what had occurred to Treize.

Chapter 6

As soon as the sound of retreating footsteps ceased, Heero spun around in his lover’s arms and met the fey boy’s gaze. Duo immediately kissed him, pulling their bodies flush with one another. Heero moaned as his painful arousal rubbed against Duo. He had waited long enough and wanted more than anything in the world to be buried deep inside his koi. However, Heero wasn’t in charge of the proceedings.

Duo broke the kiss to catch his breath. He pulled back enough to start removing Heero’s top. “You are way too overdressed, my love,” he purred as he pulled the loose jacket over Heero’s head and began unbuttoning the dress shirt. In no time at all, Duo had them evenly matched in their undress. He kissed the Lord again as he ran his hands over Heero’s well defined chest, taking the time to rub and pinch his nipples into hard little nubs. Heero moaned and arched back at the wonderful sensation, breaking the kiss. Heero’s ability to restrain himself was quickly fading away. He reached down and began to remove the tight leather pants Duo was now sporting, only to have his hands swatted away.

“Unh, unh, unh,” Duo muttered as he waved a finger in front of Heero. “I am in control at the moment. You will get your chance soon enough, koi.” Heero smirked at the dramatic change in the fey boy. He always liked a challenge.

Duo had a very mischievous grin on his face as he leaned in and began to nip and lick along Heero’s neck. Heero was going crazy from the stimulation. He pulled Duo into a tighter embrace, causing the fey boy to “Eeep” slightly. However, Duo continued his ministrations of licking and nipping down Heero’s chest, hesitating to focus his attentions on the nipples. Heero gasped and moaned as Duo nibbled and teased them. His pants were feeling tighter and tighter every moment the sweet torture continued.

Duo reveled in the sounds he was causing. After thoroughly attending to his lover’s chest, he slowly licked and kissed his way down towards where the dark-haired Lord really wanted him to go. Duo grasped at the waistband then looked up to meet Heero’s gaze. The Prussian blues were half-lidded in ecstasy.

Making sure that Heero was watching closely, Duo began to remove the Lord’s pants, noticing they were more like suede than velvet, yet still very soft and sensual to the touch. Duo’s eyes grew wide as he noticed how large the Blood Lord was when fully erect and unconsciously began to drool at the thought of having it buried deep inside him. He knew that even though he was large, Heero would make sure he didn’t hurt Duo. Having begun to slide the pants down, he realized that the Lord still had his boots on, hindering their full removal.

Duo stood up and pushed Heero back onto the bed, which was, thankfully, directly behind him. “Stay,” Duo commanded as he knelt down and removed Heero’s boots then quickly pulled the pants completely off. “Beautiful,” he purred, looking down at a now fully nude Heero. He licked his lips and positioned himself for the best access to his lover’s weeping arousal.

Heero watched every movement, unable to tear his gaze away from his lover before him. He didn’t think he could ever stop watching his koi. Every motion, however small, was full of sensual grace and beauty. He felt so lucky to be the one that the boy chose.

Duo smirked as he grasped the base of his love’s arousal, eliciting a gasp from him. “Now watch me, Love,” Duo purred, as he flicked his tongue out, licking up the drop at the tip. He smiled as Heero bucked and moaned from it, yet never moved his gaze from Duo. “Mmmm. Yummy.” Heero chuckled slightly at the boy’s words, but quickly ended up moaning as Duo began to take him into his mouth. He knew he was larger than many and, when his mind would allow a moment of coherent thought, was therefore amazed as he watched Duo deep throat his entire length. Duo sucked and licked as best he could, gently stroking with his hands to help bring Heero to the brink. It didn’t take long as he had been denied release the night before.

Heero cried out his lover’s name as he came. Duo continued to suck and swallow until he drank every last drop of Heero’s seed. Before completely pulling away, he ran his tongue one more time along the underside causing Heero to visibly shiver at the sensation. Duo crawled up onto the bed next to Heero and captured his lips, sharing his taste with him.

Heero smirked around the kiss and swiftly flipped them so Duo was now underneath him. “Now I believe that it is my turn, koi,” he sensuously growled and began his assault on the longhaired beauty. He savagely kissed the violet-eyed boy, his hands trailing over the boy’s sides, down towards the leather pants. Heero started to remove them when he remembered that Duo also still had his boots on. He broke the kiss and shifted till he could easily remove the boots. Growing impatient as he grasped the waistband, he swiftly tore Duo’s pants from his body. He sat there for a brief moment, once again drinking in every inch of his lover’s body. “Stunning,” Heero purred as he crawled back up and over Duo to reclaim his lips.

Duo wrapped his arms around Heero, trailing his hands down his back and grasping Heero’s ass firmly, grinding their erections against each other. Heero and Duo gasped and moaned at the sensation. Heero gazed down, meeting amethyst orbs at half-mast with lust. Heero rotated his hips, grinding against his lover, and felt himself grow fully erect again as Duo moaned his name. It was sweet music to his ears. He leaned down and nibbled, kissed and licked his way along Duo’s jaw towards his ear.

“You will finally be mine,” Heero purred as he continued down, not stopping his delicious tormenting until he reached the fey boy’s now dripping arousal. He licked the tip and savored the taste of his koi. It was another aspect of the amazing creature beneath him that he would never be able to get enough of. Heero continued on to nip and lick at Duo’s inner thighs for a moment before moving back up the fey boy’s body to capture his lips in a passionate kiss. Duo’s entire body was tingling from the treatment.

Heero abruptly pulled back as he came to the realization that he needed something to help in preparing Duo for him to penetrate him. “What?” Duo asked, as Heero crawled off him. “Where are you going?” Duo was getting angry. He wanted Heero in him now. In a split second Heero was gone then back before Duo could even register the disappearance.

Heero held a small jar and dipped his fingers into it, removing an amount of cream. “Just wanted to make sure not to hurt you, koi,” he said, kissing Duo as his cream covered fingers approached Duo’s entrance. Continuing the kiss, Heero’s other hand playfully teased Duo’s nipples to distract him as Heero pressed one finger into the opening. Duo gasped into the kiss from the intrusion but quickly adjusted, allowing Heero to press another finger in.

“Heero,” Duo moaned as he began to press back against the intruding digits. Duo wrapped his hands in the tousled dark hair of his koi and kissed him fiercely before pulling back. “Please, koi. I need you inside me,” Duo begged as Heero inserted a third finger.

“Patience,” Heero said, smirking, continuing his ministrations until he finally hit Duo’s sweet spot. Duo cried out as the incredible sensation shot through his being. Feeling that Duo was ready, Heero adjusted his position, quickly slathered more of the cream on his arousal, and began to enter the fey boy. Heero braced himself with one arm while the other wrapped around the back of Duo’s head into his hair, pulling him into a kiss. Heero entered the warmth at a torturously slow pace.

Duo, unable to handle the pace, thrust back, burying Heero entirely in him. “Yes,” Duo hissed as the mixture of pain and pleasure assaulted his senses. He felt complete and happy. Heero had to bite his lip to control himself until Duo had fully adjusted to him. Heero slowly pulled back as he felt the muscles relax, then pushed back into his lover over and over, quickening the pace with each thrust.

“Oh. Gods. Heero,” Duo cried as Heero shifted to hit the boy’s sweet spot with each movement. Feeling close to climax, Heero reached around and grasped Duo’s neglected erection and began to pump it along with his thrusts. Heero’s fangs grew to full length and he leaned over next to Duo’s ear.

“Mine,” Heero growled. Then he sunk his fangs deep into Duo’s jugular and drank.

“Yours,” Duo cried out and soon was sent over the edge, spilling his seed over Heero’s hand and their chests. Heero removed his fangs from his love’s neck before burying himself once more in the tight heat, spilling his seed and marking Duo as his for all eternity, then collapsing.

Heero pulled Duo into his arms, resting Duo’s head on Heero’s shoulder near his neck. Duo had yet to drink from him to complete the bond. He didn’t expect the boy to drink as they made love, and preferred to have him feed after. Opening the vein with his fingernail, he pressed Duo’s lips to the opening urging him to drink. Duo lapped at the blood at first, slightly hesitant to drink for a reason unknown. He finally shook off the feeling and drank as his felt his craving for it grow.

Heero sighed in happiness at the feeling. He knew that they would be happy together. His feelings of complete bliss were, however, short-lived. Soon they were both engulfed in a sensation unknown and indescribable to them. It felt as if their bodies would explode from some sort of build up of power. Duo, feeling suffocated, pulled away from Heero’s neck, ending his drinking. His action set off a chain reaction.

First there was a large crack of what sounded like thunder as the power that had grown broke free from its confines, leaving both boys feeling drained. Shortly after the release, screams could be heard coming from within and outside of the palace.

Heero and Duo both sat up as quickly as they could in their weakened state. Alarmed at the sound, Heero grabbed some clothes for both of them, as he had destroyed Duo’s pants. There was an armoire in the room that luckily had a pair of pants that fit Duo, albeit a bit loosely, but fit well enough that they wouldn’t hinder his movements. As soon as they were dressed, they flew out of the room and followed the shrieks to the sitting room, as that was the closest source of the sounds.

Inside was a horrible sight. The Hunters were under attack from some of the Blood. However, it looked as though Howard was fighting by the Hunter’s side. Heero, outraged, jumped on the closest Blood. Everything seemed to stand still as Heero touched the vampire before him. At Heero’s touch, the vampire collapsed, shrieking even louder. As he watched, Heero noticed that he had somehow caused the same effect that Duo had done previously to Treize. Heero spun around to face Duo. He was sitting in a chair as he had done before, merely watching the show with a malicious grin on his face.

“How did you do that?” Sally asked, her voice shaking slightly from the sight before her. Howard had described what had happened to Treize, but to see it first-hand was worse. Not much frightened the leader of the Hunters, but the idea that a single touch could cause such a horrible death frightened her to the bones.

“I…I don’t know,” Heero said as he inspected his hand as if there should be some sort of mark where he touched the vampire. /What the Hell is going on? How the hell did I do that?/ Heero stood there with a stunned look on his face.

{Continue the cleansing, koi.} Heero spun around to meet Duo’s gaze. His violet eyes were darker, almost black in color, and larger, leaving very little white left showing.

“What?” Heero asked, perplexed at the statement.

{You must continue the cleansing. You must destroy all the tainted Blood.} Heero noticed that Duo’s lips never moved. He was contacting him telepathically. /Tainted?/ Heero thought to himself. {Yes. Tainted. Those that weren’t freed by the release of power from our joining. They must be destroyed if you wish for a peaceful future.} Heero pulled his gaze away from Duo to once again take in the scene of the sitting room. It was then that he noticed that not only was Howard fighting alongside with the Hunters, but so were some Blood.

{Do not worry about harming anyone else. Only those you touch that are tainted will be harmed.} Duo smiled at his lover and mate. {Now go. I will finish cleaning up in here. There are more outside.} With that, Duo stood and swiftly made his way through the battle before them. He began to laugh as more of the tainted ones fell to his touch. Heero watched for a moment before dashing out the door to take care of the rest.

Heero came across a small number of tainted Blood on his way out of the castle. He quickly disposed of them and continued on his way. He began to wonder how he came to wield such a power when he felt a surge of energy rush through him. /What the?/ he thought to himself.

{You are just beginning to feel what I feel. Do not fear it. It will help you keep going and make you stronger. I will explain more at a later time. Right now, I am finished here and will meet you outside.} Duo ended the conversation and headed outside, followed closely by the Hunters, the Mage, and the cleansed Blood.

Heero entered the courtyard where the Tainted were fighting the others. It was a bloody scene. Many of the Hunters were down, some dead while others were holding on as best they could to life. There were many dead Blood littering the area as well. Wasting little time, Heero leapt into the crowd before him. He noticed that what Duo had told him was true. Only when he touched one that was tainted did anything happen. Seeing the truth first hand, Heero whipped through the crowd faster. Soon the battle was over, but not entirely.

Heero found Duo admiring the withering bodies littering the ground. He slowly approached him and got his attention before touching him. He still didn’t know if it was okay to touch Duo without his knowledge in his current state. Duo turned to face his lover and grinned.

“So how do you feel, lover?” Duo purred as he pulled Heero into his arms, kissing him. The touching of their bodies caused the power to flow freely between them, leading to the sensation that they were truly one being, instead of two. The two stood there wrapped in each other’s arms for what felt like an eternity, until their attention was brought back to the present by shouts.

“What is going on here?” one of the Blood was shouting at the Hunters. “Why do I feel so odd?” He turned to look at the other Blood who nodded their acknowledgement that they too were feeling the same way.

“We don’t know,” Sally answered, looking over at Heero and Duo and trying to get their attention. “They might have the answer, but I don’t.” Sally felt lost in this battle. She didn’t feel any different, so she couldn’t help them in understanding their problem. She felt that if Heero and Duo didn’t start explaining, there would be more bloodshed, something she definitely wanted to avoid.

Heero and Duo slowly approached. They noticed that the remaining Blood still outnumbered the Hunters. Duo and Heero kept their arms around each other’s waists as they walked towards the center of the crowd.

“What is the problem?” Duo asked with a slight smirk on his face. He was definitely looking forward to telling them what exactly had occurred. He knew that they would not like to hear what he had to say. At that thought, Duo snickered, drawing glares from all.

“What is so funny?” the Blood that had been shouting earlier asked, sounding annoyed.

“Oh nothing,” Duo said with a smirk on his face. “You wanted answers? Well you will get them.” Duo looked to Heero for a moment then turned his attention back to the crowd surrounding them. “The Blood no longer exist.” There were a few gasps at this statement, before more questions were directed his way.

“What do you mean? We are standing right here!” A different member of the former Blood asked. Confusion heavily laced her voice.

“I am sure you have noticed that you are feeling slightly different from what you usually do. Am I correct in that statement?” Duo’s answer was a few verbal yeses and more nods in agreement. “This is because the intrinsic element that made you the Blood is no longer a part of your being. You no longer need human blood to survive.” Both Blood and Hunter alike stared at Duo with disbelief. “Yes. You are now the equivalent of a Hunter, however, you still can only function at night. Sunlight will still destroy you. You are also still immortal. Those things haven’t changed, only the need to consume life’s blood has.”

“What about you two? What was that you did to the others?” Quatre asked, referring to the piles of ash scattered around the courtyard. Heero paid close attention to Duo. He wanted that answered as well, especially as to how he could do the same thing. Duo paused for a moment as he seemed lost in thought about how to answer that question.

“They were tainted. They weren’t freed from the bonds of their bloodlust by the release of power from our bonding,” Duo said as he grasped Heero’s hand and gave it a slight squeeze.

“That doesn’t explain what you did, and I thought that the Blood would still be the Blood after your bonding,” Wufei stated looking at Heero as he spoke the last part.

“Heero wasn’t told all that was in the prophecy.” Howard stepped forward. “I also don’t think I did a perfect job on the translation, as there have been many inconsistencies. However, as for their strange ability,” Howard paused and looked straight at Duo. “It seems that Duo and now Heero, consume lifeforces to survive.”

“What?” Sally asked in shock. She stared at the two boys. Duo smiled weakly and wrapped his arm around Heero’s waist.

“Umm. Yeah. Howard is correct on that, but he doesn’t have the whole truth.” Duo met Heero’s gaze and in silent conversation he begged Heero to hear him out before he did anything. Heero nodded and Duo continued. “Well, yes, we are the equivalent of what many would call psychic vampires. Lifeforce is the best source of energy for us to consume, but we are also able to skim from the top, allowing the prey to go unharmed. It’s similar to merely taking a small amount of blood and allowing the host to live. There is a catch, though, in this. Heero and I can only consume the full lifeforce of either a tainted--there are still a few roaming about that never made it here--or a Human or Hunter that offers it to us. At the time being, we have consumed more than enough to last us for quite a long while,” Duo said with a smirk. “So you need not worry about this until the time comes for us to ‘feed’, so to speak.”

“So now what?” Sally asked.

“How about we go inside and get cleaned up for starters,” Duo said as he took in the others’ disheveled appearances. “Then we can worry about dealing with the remaining Tainted that are still out there.” Duo turned to Heero and pulled him into his arms. “I wouldn’t mind a little claiming session right about now.” Duo winked at his lover and Heero kissed him.

“Do you think you can take it?” Heero teased, realizing that Duo hadn’t shown any signs of discomfort from their earlier escapades.

“The lifeforce consumed helps heal. I will also show you how to use it to heal others when necessary.” Duo snuggled into the embrace for a moment before breaking it to walk back into the palace. Heero followed close behind, wanting nothing more that to be with his koi. They entered the sitting room once again to find Noin tending to Treize’s former slave, Zechs. It looked as though he had yet to wake, and as they approached Noin looked up at them, anger and sadness clearly written across her features.

“He hasn’t moved since we took him out of your room,” Noin said, glaring at the two boys. “What did you do to him?” she all but spat at them. She had finally gotten him back to only seem to lose him again.

“He will be fine. May I?” Duo asked as he kneeled down next to the still form. Zechs was still breathing, although it was very shallow. “This is how you heal others, koi.” Duo said, not removing his gaze from the young man before him. He placed his hands out over the body, palms down, and closed his eyes as if in meditation. Soon there was a glowing light around each of his hands. Duo slowly moved them over Zechs, making sure to not come in direct contact with his body, just hovering ever so slightly over the skin.

Heero watched in amazement as Duo worked his magic. He noticed that whatever his koi was doing seemed to work. Zechs’ breathing became more regular and deeper. Not long after that the blond man’s eyes flittered open. Duo pulled his hands back and motioned for Noin to go to him.

“Zechs. Zechs. Are you alright?” Noin whispered, as if afraid of any sound or movement that would once again take him from her. Two beautiful blue orbs focused on her and she held her breath.

“Noin? It is you?” Noin smiled and nodded, her voice failing her in her excitement, and hugged her newly returned love. Tears began to stream down her cheeks and sobs racked her body as Zechs wrapped his strong arms around her. “I missed you, my love,” he whispered into her ear.

“How did you do that?” Quatre asked with a slightly startled look on his face.

“That is just one of the other abilities that have manifested themselves since the claiming.” Duo looked at his love and smiled, then turned his attention back to the Hunters. “I really can’t tell you how I know all this. The information just seemed to appear out of nowhere. Sorry I can’t be of more help.”

“That is okay, Duo. We can all figure things out further, later on,” Quatre said with a comforting smile.

Duo stood up and motioned for the others to leave Noin and Zechs to their reunion, then sauntered up to his lover. “So ya ready to go another round?” Duo smirked, winked, then playfully slapped Heero on the ass. “You’re it koi. Come and get me!” he yelled as he bounded out the door, Heero close on his tail.

Sally chuckled to herself at the sight before tuning her attentions back to her husband and colleagues. “Well I guess that things are over for now. We can work on hunting down the remaining ones later. I think we could all use a bath and time to rest.” She stifled a yawn and turned to leave.

“You may all rest here if you wish,” Howard said as they were about to go. “There are many free rooms you may use.” Sally smiled and nodded, accepting the offer, and followed Howard out. As they continued on down the hallway, they could hear Heero still trying to catch his playful koi.

“Get back here!!!” Heero growled as a loud crash was heard.

“Oh, no, Hee-chan. Ya gotta catch me!” Sounds of mad laughter and giggling were heard as the sounds of destruction continued.

Howard turned to Sally and the others. “Um. Maybe you should all stay in the other wing.” Sally chuckled at that and, unable to stop, merely nodded in agreement. There was no way in hell they would get any rest if they stayed in that area. They turned and left, listening to the two lovebirds’ sounds fade into the distance.



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