Title: Wait For Me
Author: Susan Anthony (LdyGossamer@aol.com)
Pairing: various pairings mentioned
Category: AU, Romance, Light Angst
Archive: http://www.geocities.com/area51/keep/8613/artists.html, anyone else just ask
Rating: PG
Spoilers: none
Summary: Old friends meet again
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Notes: This story came to mind after I read "Visiting Old Friends", a beautiful story by Traed that can be found http://www.gwaddiction.com/. You might understand the story a bit more if you read that one first but it's not necessary.

Warnings: none

Disclaimer: This story is for the pleasure of the readers only. I don't make a thing.



There was a blinding flash of light, a single moment's slight pain and Heero Yuy breathed his last.

Or so he thought.


The old pilot instinctively whirled at the familiar shout though he hadn't heard that voice in almost thirty years. Heero was quite surprised to find himself still in one piece. What had happened to the pirates? The fighting? The explosions? One moment he was fighting a losing battle and the next moment he was here.

Here being a vague sort of place, all light and air. No pirates, no fighting and definitely no explosions, only an unfamiliar feeling of overwhelming peace.

There was also one Quatre Reberba Winner running towards him with his arms open wide and a smile beaming across his beautiful young face.

"Heero, you're here!" the young man cried as he flung himself at Heero. "Finally!"

The old pilot barely had time to brace himself, before Quatre hugged him fiercely. Not just one of those 'glad to see you, come around more often' hugs either. This was a Quatre special - a full-fledged 'Damn, I'm glad you're back, how dare you stay away so long and don't think I'll let it happen again!' hugs.

Heero was stunned and completely confused. First, Quatre never hugged him. Trowa would have a cow. And second, Quatre Winner was long dead, killed twenty years previous on a Preventers mission, trying to keep several families alive in a terrorist attack.

"Quatre?" asked, Heero's faint tone indicating his lack of belief in what his eyes were telling him.

"Heero?" the blond responded in a mischievous tone. Still beaming, the little blond pilot stepped back but held Heero's arm in a tight grip as he practically vibrated in place. Quatre's blue eyes glowed with a happiness Heero had missed for a very long time.

Heero's mouth opened and closed for a moment. "I'm...not sure..."

Quatre looked at him with his angelic smile and chuckled. "Just a second," he said before he turned and called out seemingly to the air, "Trowa! Heero's here!"

"It's about time," a voice said from Heero's other side. The pilot whirled to find Trowa Barton standing next to him, brown hair falling in typical disarray over his green eyes. The tall, young man reached out and pulled Heero into a quick hug, shocking Heero into even more confusion.

A moment later, Trowa stepped to Quatre's side and laid his arm across the little blonde's shoulders before he glanced back at Heero with a wink.

Heero stared.

"I knew it wouldn't be too much longer," Trowa chuckled as he glanced down at Quatre. The little blonde giggled and despite his confusion Heero found himself relaxing for the first time in a very long span of years.

"After that paintball fiasco with the Arc angels, I didn't think they'd let us hang around much longer," Quatre replied through his laughter.

"Not to mention that extra pink sunset 'to make Relena feel better'," Trowa sighed in a long-suffering sort of way though his lips still curved upwards in an easy smile. "You'd think he'd take the warnings to heart once in a while."

"Well, you know Duo," Quatre commented. "He's getting bored and without Heero to keep him on a leash..."

"Duo's here?" Heero asked eagerly as he stepped towards the pair.

"He's around here somewhere," Trowa replied as he absently ran his fingers through Quatre's golden hair. "We didn't know when you'd get here and he wanted to do something to make the time go by faster." Trowa gave Heero a serious look. "I'm glad you're here. We've all missed you." The brown-haired boy's lips suddenly quirked. "Especially Wufei."

Heero's eyebrows rose slightly as he questioned Trowa with a look. The taller boy shrugged with a smirk.

"MAXWELL!!!! If you weren't already dead, I would KILL you!!!!"

Wufei's voice echoed across the sky surrounding them and suddenly another form appeared, running at top speed, a long brown braid waving behind him. A familiar maniacal grin was spread across the young man's handsome features and Heero felt his long frozen heart resume beating, something it hadn't done in well over forty years. An instinctive smile rose on his lips.

"Duo." The word was spoken softly but it brought the new arrival to a shuddering halt. Duo turned and stared, violet eyes wide and suddenly gleaming with unshed tears.

"Heero," the young man breathed as he took a hesitant step forward, his hand reaching out as if he were afraid Heero would disappear. Three steps and Heero had pulled the boy into a tight embrace, his face buried in the long chestnut hair of his lost lover. "Heero," Duo said again, his voice breaking.

"Koi," whispered Heero as his arms tightened. "Duo-koi."

"I missed you so much," Duo breathed into his lover's ear and Heero felt the splash of Duo's tears on his shoulder. "I t-tried to s-stay with you..."

"Hush," Heero whispered as he held on tightly to his koi and he felt the unfamiliar sting of wetness on his own cheeks.

Finally, Duo loosened his hold and leaned back to look into Heero's face, his eyes wide and adoring. With a tender statement, he kissed the tears from Heero's cheeks.

"Maxwell!" Heero didn't notice when Wufei appeared but he definitely heard his growl echo through the air around them. "You dishonorable dog!" There was a second's pause as Heero glanced up to meet surprised ebony eyes over Duo's shoulder. Absently, Wufei lowered his katana and smiled, a wide, relieved and welcoming statement that Heero had rarely, if ever, seen on his face. "Yuy!"

"Chang," came Heero's quiet response. Duo cuddled closer to his soldier as he glanced back to meet Wufei's dark eyes with a 'now-you-can't-get-me' smirk on his lips. The Chinese man growled again as his katana flashed upwards.

"Maxwell! I demand you go back to that onna and change her mind!" Wufei hissed as he stalked closer to the pair.

"Too late, Wu-bear!" Duo caroled. "It's already a signed, sealed and

delivered deal."

The Chinese paled as he glared at the young man in Heero's arms. "How
could you *do* that!" Chang finally exploded. "How could you do that to

"Hey, all I did was point out certain...quirks in your personality," the
long-haired boy said with a grin. "The assignment's angel decided the

"Duo!" Wufei let out a pained howl.

"Duo, what did you do?" Quatre asked hesitantly as he watched Wufei pace back and forth, practically incoherent with rage.

"Oh, nothing much, Q," Duo said with an innocent look. "I was just chatting with Iolia this morning - you know she adores watching the sunrise with her morning tea - and I happened to mention how much it saddened and confused me that with her wonderful example before him, why Wufei didn't respect women more."

Quatre's eyes widened. He knew Iolia and he had a sinking feeling he knew where this was heading.

"I have plenty of respect for worthy onnas, Maxwell!" Wufei objected hotly. "But I don't want to be one!"

There was silence for a moment before Quatre ventured a question. "Be one?"

"Yes, be one!" Chang seethed. With a growl, he tossed his katana into the air where it disappeared with a flash. It was obvious that Yuy was not going to let him cut Maxwell into little pieces, damn it. "After Maxwell 'chatted' with Iolia, she decided that I would learn better respect for women if I had to spend time as one in the next existence!"

Quatre and Trowa both looked at Duo, innocently cuddling with Heero, and then back at the fuming Chang Wufei. They both tried very hard not to start laughing. Really they did.

"It's not funny!" Wufei practically yelled.

Quatre and Trowa just chuckled harder as Duo disengaged himself from Heero's protective embrace though his hand was firmed entwined with his soul mate's fingers.

"Wufei, it won't be that bad, really! I bet you'll even enjoy it."

"You only say that because you won't have to be an onna!" Wufei steamed.

"Hey hey!" Duo protested grandly as he stalked up to his friend and poked him in the chest. "I've been an onna plenty of times, Mr Macho!" Poke. "How about that whole Camelot fiasco, huh?" Poke. "Not only was I stuck as a female in medireview times - one of the absolute worse times there ever was to be a women, I might add - but I was married to a king who only married me for my money!" Duo crossed his arms as he glared.

"I did not," Quatre said flatly. "I thought you were beautiful too! And your kingdom didn't suffer after you were married to me."

Duo pouted. "Well still, I almost got burned at the stake for sleeping with Heero once while you, Mr. Lets-Build-The-Perfect-Kingdom, were boffing with the Green Knight for years! And I don't even want to mention how I caught you with Change Merlin here!" Trowa flushed at that and Wufei looked somewhat sheepish. "Then all you big bad knights went off and got killed while I was stuck in a nunnery for the majority of my life."

"At least you were alive," Wufei said hesitantly. Duo snorted.

"What was life without all of you?" he asked, turning his eyes to Heero who appeared behind Duo to wrap his arms tightly around his braided partner.

"Nothing, Koi," he whispered in a tone that knew exactly what he was talking about. Duo cuddled for a moment before his turned his glare back to Wufei.

"So don't give me that 'you only say that because you won't have to be an onna' bub, because I've been there and none of you have!"

Trowa cleared his throat meaningfully and Duo glanced at him with pursed lips. "Okay, so Trowa had that whole Cleopatra thing going. But really Tro, you got to be worshipped as a goddess and you got to sleep with Heero and Quatre that time."

The tall pilot merely smiled. "I wasn't complaining, Duo," he noted.

"Well, I do not wish to be an onna!" Wufei stated in his uncompromising way, coming as close to a pout as any of the former pilots had ever seen. "It is undignified."

"Tough tootsies, Wu-man," Duo taunted as he grabbed Heero's hand and bounded away in a random direction. "It's already on the books!"Â He glanced around at his friends. "I'm bored and it's time to go.

"Heero might want to rest a bit before we leave," Quatre pointed out gently. Duo started and gave his koi an anxious look.

"Oh, Heero, I'm sorry!" he said as he looked into those dark blue eyes he'd missed for so long. He twined his fingers with Heero's. "Do you want to rest awhile? You were down there a long time by yourself. We could all cuddle on a cloud someplace for a while and try to figure out what Wufei will look like as a girl."

Wufei snorted at that but Duo ignored him, focused solely on his newly-returned love. Heero reached out to caress Duo's cheek.

"I don't care where we are, Duo, as long as we're together," the young man stated quietly and Duo beamed at Heero as he leaned up to kiss his soul's heart.

"They promised me, Heero," he said as he glanced around at his friends. "A whole lifetime together this time. No wars, no spying, just all of us together, living life and raising cain."

"As an onna," Wufei ground out sourly and Duo grinned at him over Heero's shoulder.

"There are some advantages to being a woman, Wuf-man."

"Name one," the Chinese pilot growled.

"I would but I wouldn't want you to get a nose-bleed right before we head out," Duo replied cheekily.


"We'd better get going then," the young man caroled ignoring Wufei's grumbling.

"What about Relena?" Heero asked as he followed his lover into the gathering mist.

"She'll be along with the others," Duo replied with a grin as he twined his fingers with Heero's. "You know she always finds us no matter where we go.

"True enough."

"And I'm sure Trieze and/or Zechs will be very interested in tracking down Lady Wu."