And Never the Twain Shall Meet
Part VII

Heero watched, his heart pounding in his chest, as the ground came closer with every passing second. He was falling... from where he knew not. The ground beneath him appeared to swell and buckle, wrenching open a hideous maw, beyond which lay a void that would swallow him whole. He opened his arms as though he were a bird in flight... a raven, accepting the darkness that was about to engulf him... embracing it. As he grew near, the threshold of the chasm seemed to form a black reflective surface... he could see his image in the rippling membrane... a hideous, grotesque thing, writhing with anguish, emptiness, and hatred... and it beckoned to him. He was only moments away when he felt an embrace... a warmth in such contrast to the coldness of his own heart... that it almost burned him. And his decent slowed... and finally stopped. He could reach out and almost touch the image before him... the image that was he, reaching back with skeletal fingers. He struggled momentarily in the embrace, trying to inch himself closer to the ghastly apparition. And all at once, the image before him shattered. A million shards fell away into the emptiness as he was slowly lifted again. The earth unfolded and healed before his eyes as he felt a part of himself heal from within... a spell had been broken. The warmth that had saved him now enveloped him... and spoke... "Never again, Heero... never again."

Heero's eyes fluttered open. He was severely disoriented for a moment; the dream was so real. He let out a shuddering breath. As his senses came back, he realized that the warmth was still there, wrapped around him. He could feel Duo breathing deeply and steadily against his back, almost every one of their limbs entangled in one way or another. Heero sighed and buried himself deeper in the embrace, pulling the cover up over his cold nose. As he moved, he felt two sensations that brought him fully awake. First, Duo pressed his hips forward in his sleep. That, in and of itself, didn't phase him... but the fact that Duo's erection was nestled between his thighs caused him to be still. The second sensation caught him entirely off guard. In his sleep, Duo's hand had found its way into his briefs where it now repeatedly squeezed his quickly hardening member. Heero's hips involuntarily pushed into the grip, causing Duo's erection to slide between his thighs. Heero could feel a wetness there. Duo mumbled something in his sleep and began slowly moving his hips back and forth... an then he froze.

"Hee... Heero? Are you awake?" Duo softly cracked out. He already knew Heero was awake by the fact that Heero was holding his breath.

"Hnnnn." Heero responded finally.

Duo began... untangling... himself from the situation. "Heero, I'm... I'm sorry... I was asleep... I didn't realize... I..."

Heero flipped himself over in one fluid motion to face Duo. In the darkness, he found Duo's face with his hand, tracing the contour of Duo's lower lip with his thumb. "Now Duo, don't apologize every time something like this happens, it makes me think you don't want it to."

Duo could hear the smile in Heero's voice as he used his own words against him. "Do you want it to, Heero?"

Heero answered by gently taking Duo's wrist and guiding his trembling hand back to where it was a moment ago. "Does that answer your question?"

Duo found himself speechless as he moved his quaking hand inside Heero's briefs.

Heero let out a small gasp of pleasure as Duo's warm fingers encircled him. He pulled Duo closer and kissed him tenderly, causing Duo to tighten his grip.

Duo's teeth rattled as Heero groaned into his mouth. The vibration created a tingle that started at the nape of his neck and quickly bounced between the top of his head and the tips of his curled toes. He couldn't help but giggle.

Heero registered the reaction and decided to have a little fun. He opened Duo's mouth even wider with the kiss and groaned more intensely, almost humming into Duo's throat.

Duo giggled uncontrollably, legs flailing about madly, as the unexpected intensity of the sensation washed over him. He could feel Heero smile against his mouth. Duo panted as Heero withdrew from the kiss. "Gah! What the hell was that!?"

Heero shrugged and began kissing Duo's neck and shoulders. "I don't know... you tell me."

"It felt like you plugged me into an electrical socket... but it tickled... but it felt good." Duo gasped as Heero nipped at his collarbone.

Heero snorted. "Make up your mind, Duo." Heero's voice was thick and sensual as he started tracing wet kisses across Duo's neck.

Duo saw an opportunity here. He grabbed Heero's head with his free hand and planted his open mouth on the side of Heero's neck and began sucking and licking like crazy while massaging Heero's throbbing organ with the other.

Heero drew in a startled breath, his whole body convulsing and thrashing with the onslaught of Duo's mouth and hand. "Ahhhhhhh! Dzzzuuuuooooo! Ohhhhhh! Aha! Aha! Ahahahahhhaahhh! Oh! Stop, stop, stop!"

Duo released him for fear that Heero was going to short circuit. He smiled as Heero let his head fall onto his chest, breathing heavily. "What's the matter, Heero?" He asked playfully as he ran his fingers through the other boy's hair.

"Duo..." Heero's voice broke and he cleared his throat, "... that was... whew!" Heero couldn't find the words or his breath.


Heero nodded as he let his fingers play along Duo's abdomen. He could feel the muscles in Duo's belly spasm under his delicate touch. "Seems we're both a little sensitive right now."

"Mmmmm, now there's an understatement." He could feel Heero's hand move lower, pausing to make circles around and investigate his navel.

Heero raised his head and started kissing and licking at Duo's pecs. Heero noted, with no small amount of satisfaction, that although Duo was slender, his body was as tight and toned as it could be. As his tongue found its way to one nipple, Duo gasped. Heero looked up and smiled in the darkness. "Another tender spot, eh Duo?"

Duo swallowed hard. He knew what Heero was about to do.

All at once Heero's mouth was on that spot again, causing Duo to whimper... but Heero didn't stop there. His left hand found Duo's face where he lightly brushed his fingers over Duo's lips. At the same moment, his right hand had finally decided to brave the unknown and started rubbing Duo's aching member through his silk running shorts.

Duo bucked his hips and gasped. As he did, two of Heero's fingers fell into his mouth and he began to suckle them with abandon, moaning uncontrollably and stroking Heero feverishly.

Heero let the attention his mouth was giving wander to the nub nearest him and Duo gasped around his probing fingers. He felt a shudder pass through Duo.

Duo was quickly losing control, his head reeled with the sensations that were assaulting him all over. He released Heero's fingers from his mouth. "Ohhhhhh, Heero! Heero, your going to have to stop," he begged breathlessly.

Heero lifted himself and sat back on his haunches. "Duo, am I hurting you? Did I do something wrong?"

Duo smiled and peered through the darkness with eyes that were surely glazed. He laughed. "No, Heero. You were doing just fine... too fine in fact." He sat up and placed a trembling hand on the back of Heero's head. "I just want this to last as long as possible." Duo leaned in and kissed Heero right in the eye.

Duo laughed as Heero leaned past him and felt around on top of his desk. He started to ask what Heero was doing until he heard the familiar rattle of a matchbox.

Heero struck the match and both boys squinted. It was amazing how bright a single flame could be in the darkness. Heero considered that thought and how it related to Duo as he dug the wick out of the wax and lit the candle. He glanced over his shoulder and was struck by how Duo's hair shimmered in the candlelight. His bare shoulders rising and falling as he breathed deeply, still trying to reclaim his senses. Heero was not about to let that happen. He quickly maneuvered himself to kneel behind Duo, wrapping his arms around the slender waist and nuzzling through the hair cascading down Duo's neck and back.

Duo sighed with contentment as Heero's hands wandered over his chest, abdomen, and thighs. "Heero..." Duo said lazily, "... how far do you think this will go tonight?"

Heero's hands momentarily froze as he considered why Duo had even asked the question. "Do you want me to stop?"

Duo placed his palms against the back of Heero's hands, urging them into motion again. "No... I don't want you to stop..." Duo paused, "... at all."

Heero rested his chin in the crook of Duo's neck and whispered in his ear. "Then we'll just keep going until one of us says stop." He flicked out his tongue and caught Duo's earlobe between his moist lips.

Duo turned his head to give Heero better access, hissing between his teeth as Heero found more sensitive spots in the next three seconds than he had in the last fifteen minutes. Duo's head lolled back on Heero's shoulder exposing his neck.

Heero, needless to say, was all over that. He started giving Duo the same treatment Duo had given him... only, it didn't have the same effect on Duo. Heero glanced up as Duo's eyes rolled back in his head, his mouth hanging open. Heero's hands were all over the place before one found a stiff nipple and the other found the stiff prize between Duo's legs.

Duo let out several sharp, quick breaths as Heero administered his sweet torture. He finally couldn't stand it anymore as he twisted in Heero's arms to face him on all fours.

Heero started. Duo looked like a wild animal. Duo's hair poured over Heero's thighs as Duo looked at him with hooded, glazed eyes. The requisite drool was even present in the corner of Duo's open mouth.

Duo reached out with one hand and pulled Heero closer by way of the waistband of his briefs.

Heero was lying underneath Duo now as he looked up into lust filled eyes.

Duo leaned down and kissed Heero hungrily. He placed his palms on Heero's chest and began spreading them out across his shoulders and arms. As he stretched Heero's arms away from his body and devoured his face, he slowly lowered himself on top of Heero.

The full contact of their bodies set Heero on fire. He jerked his wrists free of Duo's grip and wrapped his arms around Duo's back. He felt like he couldn't get close enough. His hands wandered over Duo as Duo started moving his hips in a slow, sensual circular pattern, grinding their fabric covered erections together. Heero could see stars behind his closed eyelids. Heero finally had to pull Duo's head away by the ears. "I think we need to lose the underwear, don't you?" Heero's chest was heaving with every other word.

Duo gave him a crooked, sinister smile and his face disappeared from Heero's view.

Heero could feel Duo's silky hair move down his torso before feeling Duo's silky mouth on his abdomen.

Duo heard a surprised gasp and he smiled to himself. He reached up with one hand and began to stroke the other pilot's chest. He knew Heero was relaxing when he finally felt the other boy's hands running languidly through his long hair. He left a trail of wetness as he painted Heero's belly with his tongue. He moved down a little farther with each pass to and fro. When he reached the hip bone, Heero jumped a bit. He smiled down at the new sensitive spot he had found.

Heero was just raising his head to see why Duo had suddenly stopped when Duo's mouth came back down on that spot again. Heero thrust his hips upward and gasped as Duo's tongue applied wet pressure to the nerve there. Heero's head rolled back and forth as he whimpered uncontrollably.

Duo didn't dwell on the spot too long, he had other things in mind. A couple of more passes and he was at the waistband of Heero's shorts... the point of no return. He deftly took the ribbon of material between his lips and teeth and started tugging at them. They wouldn't budge.

Heero, seeing Duo's dilemma, raised his hips slightly in an attempt to assist.

Duo pulled harder... they still refused to move. Duo looked up in shock as he actually heard Heero giggle.

Heero was hiding an obvious smile underneath one hand.

Duo raised an eyebrow and spoke through his teeth, "No wonder you're always so grumpy, Heero... your shorts are too damn tight."

Heero laughed harder... silently... but harder.

Duo smiled as he tucked a finger under the elastic at each side of Heero's hip. He pulled down slightly and Heero's underwear flew halfway down his thighs. Duo continued to ease the cotton briefs down Heero legs. Once Heero's feet were free, Duo stuck his face through one of the leg holes and frowned. "Oh! So you think this is funny, do you?"

Heero sputtered and laughed out loud. He couldn't help it... he couldn't hold it.

Duo's jaw dropped and the briefs fell from his face. He inched his way back up to look into Heero's merry eyes. He stroked Heero's cheek with the back of his hand. "Such a beautiful sound." Duo said softly.

Heero swallowed the remainder of his laughter. "Now Duo, let's not make a big deal out of it... I'm self conscious enough right now as it is."

"Self conscious... why?" Duo didn't understand.

Heero glanced down at his own nude body.

Duo followed the look. He had forgotten... Heero's laugh had made him forget just that quickly. But now he stared down between their bodies and took in the sight of Heero's nakedness. He let his eyes move slowly back up to Heero's face. He couldn't move.

"Lose the shorts, Duo." Heero reached down and snapped the elastic band.

Duo's body moved involuntarily, forcing him to stand beside the foot of the bed. He gazed down at the form on the bed, dazed by the sight of Heero. He couldn't move again.

Heero shook his head and smiled as he sat up and yanked Duo's short down around his ankles. "Lift your foot.... good.... now the other." Heero sat back up and looked Duo up and down. He looked good, Heero thought. Duo was a total knock out standing there in the candlelight. He took one of Duo's hands in his own and pulled the stunned boy back down to lay on top of him.

The moment their bodies touched, Duo seemed to come out of his trance. "Oh!" Duo blinked and started smiling. "Now... where were we?"

Heero raised his hips in response.

"Oh, yeah... now I remember." Duo buried his face in the crook of Heero's neck and started lavishing it with wet licks and kisses as he slowly moved his body against the boy underneath him.

Heero was lost immediately in the erotic feel of the hot flesh that moved between them. That combined with Duo's attention to his neck was quickly driving him into a frenzied state. Heero sucked air between his teeth as Duo started moving slowly down his body.

This time Duo took the opportunity to worship Heero's chest. He nipped lightly at on nipple then the other as Heero gasped. As he washed one bud with his slick tongue his hand found its way to Heero's nest. He pushed Heero's legs apart and lightly caressed the underside of Heero's jewels.

Heero moaned loudly and threw one arm up over his head.

Duo saw a new target now... Heero's almost hairless underarm... and he wasted no time. He pushed Heero's elbow up over his head and went to work with all the suction and tongue he could as he began stroking Heero's erection.

Heero was thrashing his head about wildly, muttering things that made little if any sense and occasionally whimpering.

Duo loved it when he made that sound. He planted one final kiss on Heero's tricep before moving on. He found that spot on Heero's hip again and decided to play there for a while. He got very much the same response as before, only this time Heero applied a gentle pressure to the back of his head, urging him to stay there longer. Duo suddenly sat up and looked into Heero's glassy half-open eyes. "Heero, are you sure you want to?"

Heero's eyes came fully open. "Did I say stop?"

Duo shrugged. "No... but..."

Heero sat up and kissed Duo deeply pulling him back down to lay next to him.

The next thing Duo knew, Heero's lips were gone from his mouth. They bounced once in the middle of his chest, once in the middle of his stomach, and landed squarely on the end of his pole. Duo held his breath and stared at the ceiling

Heero flicked his tongue across the tip.

"Aha!" Duo's thighs tightened under his hands.

Heero flicked his tongue again.

"Oh!" Duo sat straight up at nuzzled the back of Heero's head with his nose, running his fingers through Heero's hair.

Heero thought for a moment. He really didn't know what it was he was supposed to do. He figured the best way to approach this was to do what he though might feel good if it were done to him. He ran his tongue along the underside and swirled it around the head.

Duo made a series of strange noises as he ran his hands down Heero's bare back.

Heero thought it obvious that teeth would be a bad thing. He curled his moist lips inward and moved his head farther down, the whole while licking and suctioning.

Duo went out of his mind. "Oh! Heero, my God... Heero! Feels so good." Duo was mumbling, out of control now.

Could it really feel that good? Heero doubted it somehow.

Suddenly, Duo was moving awkwardly as he tried to turn himself... away?

No, that wasn't it. Heero suddenly realized what it was he was trying to do... and the writing was on the recital room door.

Duo managed to maneuver himself around, occasionally letting out another unintelligible noise, and he gently pushed Heero to lay sideways. Duo didn't even think twice this time as he took Heero halfway to the hilt, licking and sucking like his very life depended on it.

Heero moaned and drew Duo further into his mouth. Ok, maybe it does feel that good... I've been wrong before. After that thought, Heero's brain shut down as wave after wave of pleasure tore through his body and Duo's hot wet mouth worked it's magic.

The two young men moved in unison now, humming and moaning their appreciation to one another.

Duo could feel himself getting close again and he pulled himself out of Heero's mouth with a *pop*. Duo was passion crazed as he turned himself back around to face Heero. He grabbed Heero's face and kissed him deeply. He could taste himself on Heero's lips. Duo showered him with desperate kisses all over his face, neck, and chest.

The whole time Heero just lay there and basked in the glow that was Duo.

Duo abruptly stopped his tender affections and looked seriously into Heero's smiling eyes. "Heero I... I need you inside me." Duo's voice was raspy and thick with sex.

Heero shook his head. "I'm afraid I would hurt you, Duo"

"Hahaaaa!" Duo triumphed. "That will not be a problem!" Duo grinned devilishly as he bounced off the bed and almost ran to the door, picking up one of his shoes.

"Where are you going?"

"Nowhere." Duo extracted the tube from his sneaker and tossed it across the room where it landed with a smack on Heero's belly.

Heero picked the item up and looked at Duo through a worried brow. "Where did you get this."

"From Trowa," Duo gloated as he crawled back into bed next to Heero.

Heero snorted. "Presumptuous bastard."

Duo looked at him with momentary surprise... but Heero was smiling.

Heero put the lubricant on the desk above his head, still well within reach. He pulled Duo close and just held him for a while, stroking his hair. "Are you sure about this Duo?"

Duo nodded against his shoulder. "I want you, Heero. In every way... I want you." He gently pushed Heero to lay back on the bed as he straddled Heero's thighs. He stretched forward to grab the lubricant from where it lay on Heero's desk. He didn't realized his softening member hung a mere two inches above Heero's waiting mouth. He almost knocked the candle over when he felt the warm wetness engulf him. He stayed like that for several minutes while Heero suckled him from below. When Heero finally relinquished his prize, Duo was in a sexual stupor again. He slid down the entire length of Heero's body, planting little kisses everywhere he could find, until he once again sat astride Heero's steel hard thighs. Duo flipped the cap of the tube with his thumb as he looked dreamily down at Heero. He squeezed a generous amount of the thick gel into his palm and wrapped his hand around Heero's pole.

Heero gasped at the sensation. It was cool and sensuous under Duo's hot hand. Heero threw his head back as Duo hand worked up and down, letting the feeling wash over him. Yes, he could definitely get into this. He felt Duo move quickly forward on him and then begin to ease backward until the tip of his member was touching the spot Duo so desperately wanted him to invade.

Duo eased back a bit more, the head pushing at his hole. A little more. Duo's body stiffened at the initial penetration. It didn't hurt... it just surprised him. As he pushed back again he felt the pain. He eased forward a bit, and then back again. He repeated this motion over and over, each time taking Heero a little deeper with little or no additional pain.

The friction, warmth, and tightness were making Heero worry his lower lip until he almost drew blood... he didn't know how much longer he could remain still.

Finally, with one last backward motion, Duo felt the head push past that stubborn point and he slid the rest of the way down. "Oh!" Duo suddenly shouted.

Heero looked down in time to see Duo's rod spasm one time and shoot a stream of clear fluid onto his chest. "Mmmmm... What was that?!"

Duo's head was swimming, "I... I don't know... you hit something inside me... and I... I don't know." Duo was obviously delirious as he slowly slid about half-way off. He held his position for a moment before he let himself slide back down, more forcefully this time. "AH!" More of the fluid poured out of Duo, coating the head and the underside of his shaft. "Fuhuhuck." Duo growled. He half opened his eyes and looked down at Heero. Duo gave him the goofiest smile he had ever seen and nodded.

Heero grabbed one of Duo's butt cheeks in each hand and raised him slightly off of his pelvis. "Stay like that," he ordered. Duo nodded his head as Heero continued to pull almost completely out of him while rubbing his thighs. And slowly, oh so slowly, he pushed himself back in. Heero smiled when Duo made another sound, obviously on target again.

With each stroke Heero would quicken the pace a bit... and Duo would become more and more lost.

"Oh, yes! yesyesyes! Ahhh!... you feel so good Heero," Duo crooned as Heero finally found a rhythm.

Heero's head was thrown back, eyes closed. He couldn't believe how velvety Duo felt wrapped around his shaft. He reached down and began stroking Duo in time to his thrusts.

"It feels like you're a part of me Heero." Duo curled forward and started working on Heero's neck again.

Heero was floating somewhere between reality and the insane pleasure that raced through him. Duo's words sounded distant to him, but he heard them... and he understood them. When he felt Duo's lips on his neck again, he knew he was done for. He was not just losing control... he was out of control. "Duo....duoduoduo... my Duo."

Heero was babbling, but the "my Duo" part immediately snapped Duo back to the here-and-now. He kissed Heero passionately before moving on to chew on an ear. "Yes, Heero... your Duo."

With those words, Heero crossed his legs and sat up as Duo continued to ride him. Heero gently lowered Duo onto his back as he came to his knees, staying inside him the whole time. Heero threw one of Duo's calves over his shoulder and straddled Duo's other thigh so Duo was laying more or less on his side. Heero began a wild, unpredictable, flurry of strokes now as he looked into Duo's surprised, sex starved eyes.

Duo came to pieces. Every movement Heero made left him breathless and wanting more. With every inward thrust the world around him would dissolve... and then resolve into Heero... all there was... was Heero. On the outside, all he could do was breathe and curse. On the inside he was laughing and crying all at the same time. Heero was driving him insane. One moment his pounding would be merciless, almost violent... and the next the strokes would be slow and smooth... and Duo loved every minute of it.

The relentless onslaught and Heero's slick hand finally pushed Duo over the edge. It began as a tingle. "Heero... I... I... can't..."

Heero quickly moved to put Duo's other knee over his shoulder, pounding him hard and fast. "I know Duo... I'm with you." He leaned forward and probed Duo's mouth with his tongue as his hand continued to fly up and down Duo's shaft.

Their breathing came in fits as they shared the air from each other's lungs. A rattling growl started from somewhere deep down inside them. Duo was moaning uncontrollably. Heero was making more than his share of noises as he felt cold fire shoot through every nerve in his body. There was a moment of silence, broken only by two final thrusts of Heero's hips, the wetness of Heero's hand, and one last, sharp breath from Duo... and then all hell broke lose.

Shot after hot slippery shot of liquid electricity poured into and out of Duo as both boys lost all sense of self. Heero's hips started up again as he coated Duo's insides. Every thrust brought another stream from Duo as he covered both of them with his essence. Lost in a whirlwind of emotion and sensation, both boys were almost screaming into the others' throat.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmaaaaaah! Duo... my beautiful Duo." Heero's breathless words came as he pulled his mouth from Duo's and began kissing his neck, his thrusts gradually slowing.

"Heero..." was all Duo could manage between ragged breaths as the torrents of spray dwindled to a trickle.

Heero gave one final thrust and collapsed on top Duo. Both of them were shaking violently as Heero raised his hips and slowly pulled out of Duo. Duo gasped as the head slipped past the entry. Heero let Duo unfold himself as he lay trembling in the slippery mess on Duo's body.

No one said anything for a long time... no one needed to.

Heero lifted his head and looked into Duo's smiling eyes.

"Heero... you have spunk on your cheek." Duo grinned.

Heero slid up Duo's body so they were face to face.

Duo let out a gasp as his hypersensitive member slid between them. "Don't move around too much Heero... you might get me going again." Duo winked as he wiped the goo from Heero's face.

"Are you that insatiable?"

Duo wrapped his arms around Heero's back. "For you? Yes... yes I am."

Heero rested his head next to Duo's. "You are incredible, Duo." He said as he kissed Duo's cheek.

"I am also sticky, Heero."

"Yes, you are that too." Heero reluctantly pulled himself away and retrieved the towel that Duo had used earlier that evening to dry his hair. He used one end of it to wipe himself down, and the other end to clean Duo. "You came a lot, Duo."

Duo suddenly sat up on the edge of the bed. "Ahhhm... yeah... well... so did you." Duo made a dash for the door and ran out of the room completely naked.

Heero stood there holding the towel in his hand just staring at the door. Then he heard the door to the boy's lavatory open and close. He smiled as the understanding hit him. Heero changed the bed sheets and sat on the edge of his bed, thinking.

Odd... I don't feel a stitch of guilt over what just happened. I almost feel guilty about not feeling guilty. Duo is so good for me... I know that now. Quatre and Trowa are happy together, I don't see any reason why Duo and I can't be the same way. Do you love him? Heero smiled to himself... Yes... yes I do as far as I can understand it... I... I just can't bring myself to say it, but I'll show him... Heero looked at the crumpled bed sheets on the floor... oh, yes... I will show him.

Duo, naked as the day he was born, came back into the room and with a flying leap, landed face down in bed behind Heero.

Heero reached back and ran his hand across Duo's bottom.

Duo flipped his head around to smile wickedly at Heero. "You want some more of that, don't you." It was an accusation, not a question.

Heero nodded, wearing his own wicked expression. "But next time... it's my turn," he said as he crawled into bed, pulling the comforter up over both of them.

Duo's eyes were as big and round as coasters. "Heero?! You want me to fuck you?!"

Heero shook his head. "No, Duo... I want you to make love to me."

Duo looked ashamed, "Sorry.... but that's what I meant anyway."

Heero ran his fingers through Duo's silky hair. "I know you did.... besides, I need to find out for myself what all the fuss is about." He reached behind himself and extinguished the candle for the second time tonight. As he lay down, Duo snuggled into him.

"He... Heero?"


"I... I love you."

Heero squeezed his eyes shut, he just couldn't say it. "I... I know, Duo." Heero kissed the top of his head. "Go to sleep."