By Soulless

Disclaimers: Gundam Wing and Co. are not mine but the story and everything else is. Oh, and one more thing, I don’t make money with this so you’ll not get anything from me when you sue, so there! =p

Warnings: shounen-ai, yaoi,

Pairing: 1x2, 3x4, 5x13, 6xN


Chapter One : Hilde!


“Lord Maxwell! Lord Maxwell! Your father has arrived. He requests your presence at the throne room.”

Duo Maxwell, heir to the throne of Sanq, 16th Duke of Lowengrine and Lord of the Maxwell Manor, sighed as his most trusted assistant Quatre Raberba Winner approached and announced his father’s arrival.

“Do I have to, Tre*? I mean he’s not gonna be all fatherly on me, so why bother? He’s just gonna bug me again on getting married and producing an heir. He knows very well that I don’t go for the opposite sex!” Duo all but whined to his best friend.

Quatre put his arms around Duo as he stirred him in the direction of the throne room. “You know that will happen sometime in the future and he’s only worrying about the kingdom’s safety. You never know what’s going to happen next,” he lectured the prince.

“I know, I know. I just wish that I have an older brother so that I’ll not have to shoulder all the responsibilities of an heir!”


“Ah, Duo…. So nice to see you again! My, how you’ve grown!” Howard Langley Maxwell IV, king of Sanq, hugged his son as he belted out his traditional greeting.

“So you say every time, Father,” was the prince’s reply as he disentangles himself off his elder.

The king pulled back to look at his son. ‘He looks so much like his mother. And about as stubborn too.’

“Now, now. Don’t be like that Duo. We’ll have a father and son heart-to-heart talk later but for now, I have very good news to tell you!” Duo winced as Howard bellowed too near for his comfort.

He sighed, “What is it now, dad? A ball? A line up of every eligible daughter of the nobles? You know I’ll never choose one of them!”

“I know, Duo. But I seem to recall a much favored attention to a certain young princess only in the last Fall Ball…. Hmmm?” The king tapped his son’s back non-too-gently on the latter’s opinion.

“Daaaaaaaaaaaad!!!!! I only paid attention to Relena ‘coz the pink of her dress was too bright for the other guests! Her voice is sooooo annoying and she just keeps on yakking and yakking and yakking on just about anything stupid you can think of! I mean, even Quatre was ready to kick her out! And Quatre’s probably the most polite person I know,” he whined.

“Now, now—“ Duo rolled his eyes as he heard once again the start of his father’s you-can’t-be-mean-to-a-possible-bride-candidate-lecture.

“You can’t be mean to all of your possible brides like that! And I was not talking about Rele-something-or-the-other. I was talking about Hilde! Now, there’s a fine young woman. A daughter of a noble. Now, don’t start pointing out the faults of her family! Her father is a good man… Though I wonder, I haven’t heard from them yet.”

Duo smirked. “Father, if you think that I was attracted to Hilde, well… let’s just say you don’t know me very well as your son. I only spoke to her because we admired the same guy!”

Hearing the last few words of his son, King Howard’s face darkened into a more somber mood. “Duo, as much as I love and adore you, you can’t go about pretending that you like men just to spite me and make me stop looking out for your bride! And even if what you say is true, you know you can’t not marry a girl! This country needs an heir!”

“I know, Dad. It’s just that…” He sighed. “maybe you’re right after all. Or it’s just me. I’m NOT attracted to women! You’ve seen how I’ve flirted with other guys! And don’t tell me you haven’t heard the rumors yet!”

“—no, I don’t sleep with any guy I’m attracted to. I’m waiting for the RIGHT one…” Duo look at his father rather dreamily. “Dad, maybe you can just find another heir. Or… Hey, didn’t you tell me that I have a brother but you don’t know where he is? Maybe we can set out a search party for him.” He smiled prettily.

The king looked up at Duo’s last words. He hadn’t really listened to any of his son’s tirade as he knew Duo will eventually stop and take a breather. He came back out of his reverie when he heard the part about Duo’s brother and was reminded at the fact of his obviously hurried arrival.

Howard’s face turned serious. “That’s what I was going to talk to you about….”

Duo stopped his tirade. It is rare that his father interrupts him more so that he was listening is the evidence that his father’s really serious.


Chapter Two : Brother Dearest…

Duo looked at his father in concern. His father is known for his all too jovial attitude and it is rare for him to be so grim.

King Howard sighed. “I have received news that a man that fits your brother’s description has been spotted near our border-“

As his father’s first words reached his ear, Duo exclaimed happily, “That’s great news dad! I mean, have you sent out a search party for him already?”

“No, I haven’t…”

Duo straightened jerkily. “What?! We- ‘you’ have spent the past five years looking for him! I would have thought that you would jump at the first opportunity to at least meet that look alike in person!”

Sighing, Howard took a seat.

“ I know, Duo. But… the man-“ Howard cleared his throat, vying for time. He looked at his son’s expectant expression and stifled an urge to sigh once more.

When it was clear that his father would not continue any time soon, Duo urge him on with a good dose of ‘puppy-eyed’ look.

Howard cleared his throat once again, this time with nervousness caused by the anticipation of his son’s reaction to his news.

“The man befitting your brother’s description is-“, he sighed. “…known as the Lightning Count.”

Duo sank to his knees in stunned realization.

“The Lightning Count? The Lightning Count?”

King Howard nodded his head, resigned.