Away On A Mission
By : Soulless
Disclaimers : Gundam Wing and Co. are not mine


~A brief interlude on Duo~

Heero is away on a mission.

The bad guys of OZ came and grabbed me. They wondered why we gundam pilots don't die easily.

'Che... Having Shinigami on the same side does wonders...'

Demo... without the Angel of Life, Death is useless.

Quatre is away on a mission.

No one comforts me as the guards of OZ manhandled me all the way to my cell.

'Why does no one protect me?'

Trowa is away on a mission.

There is no silent strength to keep me up. No knowing emerald gaze to watch me. Maybe it's for the best...

No knowing eyes to watch me as I valiantly try to hide my pain. Pathetic. A few bruises and loss of virginity is all that takes to make me cry. Facing Death never even caused that reaction.

'I'm broken.'

Wufei is away on a mission.

There is no mockery; no teasing and a screeched Kisama! It's funny how one misses the diversion only when it's gone...

'I'm all alone.'

'Am I ever not alone?'

Even Heero didn't know me and he's the closest I've been with someone.

Whoever said that ignorance is bliss is right.

I wonder what would have happened if Heero had noticed my advances; had he accepted me, he would have hurt, too.

I don't know anymore. Ever since I was born, the Fates have played with my life; setting it as a roller coaster then destroying it in such a short time.

I'm tired. Besides...

Thinking always makes my head ache. I'll just take a rest now and maybe... God will take pity on me for once and let me join my friend once more...

'I doubt it, though. God has never let Shinigami die before...'