Title: Velvet Goldmine 1/who knows... maybe 100

Author: Sony_Mouse (Sony_Mouse@hotmail.com)

Pairings: 1+2+1

Warnings: Five-Alive (Citrus, Lime, Lemon, ect) will be VERY graphic, you have been forewarned, language, Fusion, AU

Fusion: Velvet Goldmine (there's a shocker)

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Special Thanks: To all those that discussed the idea for this, and to Anthy who beta-read it for me. (Though I KNOW she had more fun then she let on, she kept asking to reread certain scenes to make sure it was atomically... oops I meant to say grammatically correct...)


Part One


As I was walking down the stair,
I met a man who wasn't there.
He wasn't there again today!
Oh I wish he'd go away!
--from "Antigonish" by Hughes Mearns


Gripping his guitar tightly, Duo Maxwell stared over at the incredibly bored crowd before him. Every single one of them was looking for something in him that HE didn't have to offer, not that he knew what it was anyways.

They stood there with their hippie beads, and their long hair, that by no stretch of the imagination rivaled his own, and laughed to his face, mocking his songs and his odd appearance.

The fact was that they were in charge of the stage, not him. And there was nothing he could do about it.

He was playing at an outside theatre, packed to the brim with rejects of the 70's, all trying to find a place to fit in, and succeeding much better than the chestnut haired singer was. They lined the concert area with beaten up vans and their ugly tents, desperate for a good time, but to stoned to know if they were having one.

Dressed in a long flowing violet dress, similar to the colour of his eyes, but much, much darker, Duo sat up on the stage trying to ignore the hisses from his "loyal" crowd. His manager, Howard, had protested against him wearing the dress, but not as much as Relena had. She thought it was a mockery of what he was trying to say in his music, and had no place up on the stage with him.

But he had to wear it, just to do something, anything, to express himself.

Looking over the sea of people who weren't even listening to his mellow music, Duo could see the smiling face of his pushy girlfriend, grinning at him, as if he really wanted to see her there. His eccentric manager was also present, giving him the thumbs up, but it only helped to make him feel even more of a loser up there on the stage.

Duo could never understand why he was even going out with Relena in the first place. He had met her in a gay bar of all places. But she was just so pushy that way, and had somehow convinced him she was what he really needed in life, when he knew she was the exact opposite.

Even as the blond haired girl slept around with whomever she chose, he still stayed with her for no apparent reason, almost afraid of what might happen to him if he broke up, mainly because she was possessive in way that scared him.

She truly wanted him to succeed, but only on her terms. He could use his unnatural talent to make mellow songs to ease the soul, but was not allowed to write anything that could possibly express the raging torment of his own soul. He felt caged in, frustrated, like there was no point to even singing anymore. The worst part was, he knew that Relena wasn't to blame, at least not for the most part. He himself couldn't think of a way to express his feelings, his desires, or his inner emotions. That was one of the main reasons that he stayed with Relena, there was nothing else to do.

As he the crowd began to boo and throw objects unto the stage, Duo felt a feeling of death growing inside him. They really, really hated him, and it was fitting, because at this moment, he really, really hated himself.

This wasn't what he'd dreamed of; he hated this life with every ounce of his oppressed being. As the song neared it's end, Duo wanted nothing more than for it to finish. With any luck, this would be the last time he ever performed at one of these things.

The last chord was struck on his guitar and as if on the cue, the wind blew past him, ruffling up his long, unbound hair, causing it to billow around his heart shaped face. But the only ones who clapped were Relena and his manager, both of the opinion that he had done fabulously.

Glaring at them with all his power of his will, Duo jumped off of his stool to storm off the stage, much to the great enjoyment of the gathered hippies.

He never looked back once.


Relena and Howard found their talented singer/writer destroying everything he could get his hands on backstage. Even his guitar could not survive the wrath of Duo Maxwell as it smashed against a few unused speakers. This was a time for the longhaired singer to vent his frustrations, something he music was unable to do at present. He was just so frustrated; nothing was like it should be, like it was supposed to be.

Relena put on her sugar sweet smile and tried to calm him down in a soothing voice that wasn't soothing at all, but it only made him more agitated. Howard on the other hand knew enough to back off when Duo got this way, and firmly kept his distance.

Quickly putting on his long leather coat with the popular fur trimmings, and pulling his thick tresses into a clumsy ponytail, Duo made his way outside. His purple dress could still be seen under the jacket as Relena and Howard trailing desperately behind him.

As they were walking behind the huge crowd of hippies, Duo noticed that they were now watching the new band with their rapt attention. Without warning, Duo suddenly stopped walking as soon as he caught a glimpse of the stage, causing Relena to plow into him from behind.

She tried to ask him what was wrong, but the longhaired boy was already lost in a world of his own as he gazed upon the stage in awe.

There, dressed in nothing more than VERY tight, black leather pants, was the most gorgeous thing Duo had ever laid eyes on. But his appeal didn't just stop there; everything about the boy was like a magnet to Duo, forcing him to look on with praise.

He dare not pry his eyes away from the sight before him as the dark haired man started screaming out the rough lyrics to his madly driven song. The crowd loved him for it, cheering on his every gesture, watching every thrust of his delicate hips.

By now, even Relena was silent in awe, not able to prey her eyes off the splendid creature performing up on stage.

Entertainment was reinvented as the lead singer ground his hips savagely into the mic stand, having some semblance of sex to the inanimate object and making Duo, and a great many of the other onlookers, extremely jealous. At that moment, Duo would've given up anything to be there in place of that stand, feeling the young man's large bulge ground against him again and again. The thought was enough to make Duo hard instantly, the erection only a painful reminder that he was standing at the back of the crowd while the sexiest thing alive was miles away from him up there on the far away stage.

The dark singer had slightly tanned skin that glistened as he poured freezing water over his bare chest. He gasped aloud at the contact, shivering as the cold water slipped lower onto even warmer parts of his body. Duo could feel himself become even harder as the almost naked man ran his slender fingers over his perfectly sculptured body, just begging to be touched, and in a way, being touched by everyone present in that crowd.

The music suddenly picked up even more and the lead singer was left feeling it necessary to shove his wandering hand down his impossibly tight pants and start to jack off for the entire audience to enjoy. By looking at him, you'd know that it was more for his own pleasure than for anyone else's.

His lips opened to express loud moans as he continued to sing his song, each word pounding deeply into Duo's fragile body.

Then before Duo's mind could even contemplate what was happening, the young man turned around to pull down his pants, exposing his tight ass to the entire crowd while at the same time making Duo flush even more.

A gasp was heard, presumably from Relena, as the singer turned around and started jumping to the wild untamed beat of the song, his member flailing in the open-air and causing Duo to subconsciously lick his suddenly dry lips.

All to soon the pants were pulled back up and the song was over. The crowd clapped and cheered while Howard tried to bring both Duo and Relena back into reality.

But for the longhaired singer, the moment was broken. Duo quickly changed back into the frustrated young man he'd been mere moments before seeing the mysterious, dark singer. A sad statement graced Duo's features as he turned to look at his two travelling companions.

When he finally spoke his voice was bitter, revealing the jealousy Duo had for the unnamed performer.

"I just wish I'd thought of it first."

He then continued walking off in the direction of the van, not wanting to even think about his music or his girlfriend or anything right now.

Why should he when he'd just met a god?




Ok, I just want to emphasize that this will in NO way be a 1+2+R. The fic is 1+2+1 story, I was lenient and made Relena only a girlfriend, and not the wife she is in the movie.

Those who have seen this masterpiece of a movie will know that I've skipped around a bit to get to this part. It's my favorite Ewan scene, and yes I elaborated what I KNOW was going on in Brian's head. Relena's role will be changed a lot. I hope all VG fans like it, it's for you guys I'm writing this, and I hope non-VG fans will go out and rent this wonderful movie or at least like my fic. This is probably THE most …graphic thing I've ever written, and I LOVE IT, it just goes so well with the mood of the fic.

The casting so far is:

Brian Slade/Maxwell Demon = Duo

Curt Wild = Heero

Maggie = Relena

Cecil = Howard

Unseen silent cast members that will NEVER be written in:

Hippie #24601 =Sony_Mouse

Hippie # 287 = Anthy

Heero's lead guitarist = Lady Shinimegami (though she doesn't know it yet)

Comments??? Sony_Mouse@hotmail.com