Title: U.S.S Wing – Gundam Class 10/?

Author: Sony_Mouse (Sony_Mouse@hotmail.com)

Pairings: (FF.net readers pay attention) 1+2+1 SHOUNEN-AI (BOY LOVE), HEERO IS GAY, so is Duo, they are both VERY GAY, and will have MAD PATIONET SEX in either this series or anther, just like GAY guys do :) Now that that's settled

Warnings: THEY ARE GAY (sorry FF.net readers, but you really have to learn), OOC, Fusion

Fusion: STAR TREK (All Start Trek Universe and a bit of mine :)

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: About time eh? Darn I really have a lot of notes, ok last one. I have a character disclaimer, but I'm not going to write it until the bottom of the fic, it'll spoil the chapter. Oh and sorry for the wait, I just REALLY wanted to get Hers, Yours and Mine out (which was my FIRST completed series EVER).




Last week (or should I say MONTH) on Gundam Trek...

Suddenly a familiar bright flash of light filled the room. When it dyed away, Noin was gone, and Wufei had replaced her, sitting in the Zechs throne. Before he could even open his mouth to complain, the Zechs guards crowded around him, offering him food and other services. He quickly warmed up to the idea of being the Zechs King Wufei, and forgot about the injured Duo, who was still lying on the ground.

Duo, on the other hand, had NOT forgotten about himself lying injured on the ground, and was once again vowing revenge on Wufei, even though Wufei had saved him.

Tired of lying on the ground, he made an attempt to stand. But before he did, Duo suddenly felt a warmth begin to surround him. He looked up and saw something, only another Q could see. "IT'S YOU!!……….. What are you doing here?…....Oh I see…….it was you that granted Noin's second wish……….so I have been forgiven then……..for turning myself in……yes I have changed………...And I can go home now………oh, I see……..what about the humans……I understand……..………..Is it already time for that…..no, no of course I am excited…..let's go then………yes, yes…..I can feel it again….. I AM Q!"




Heero was once again pacing the length of the bridge, threatening any officer who came near him. Despite the threat from the Zechs, all he could think about was whether or not Duo was ok. Seeing the innocent wall, Heero stopped pacing, ran up to it, and punched a hole in it out of frustration.

"Damn it, why did you have to leave? We said we'd watch over you."

Heero quickly turned around as soon as he felt a soft hand on his shoulder. "Umm, Captain. Don't you think you should go lie down?"

Staring at Quatre in disbelief, he shrugged off the hand.

"Are you MAD Councilor? What with the Zechs attacking, and...and with Duo in their clutches...Duo AND Wufei in their clutches I can't just leave the bridge to go and sleep."

Giving the Captain a confused look, Quatre tried to be patient with him.

"But sir, that was all settled an hour ago. Wufei successfully took over the ship, sent a radio signal to say every thing was fine, and is just now hailing us."

"Really! Well that's different then." Straightening his tunic and quickly running his hands through his messy hair, Heero wondered over to his chair. Trying to maintain as much pride as possible, he sat down and gave out a few orders.

"Trowa relay that message! Winner, I want that message on-screen!" Looking flustered Quatre glared down at the captain. "B-but sir, I'm the ship's councilor, I don't have a post to put the message on-screen."

"I don't care who does it, just get it on screen." Jumping to attention, Quatre ran over to one of the consoles, pushed to poor low ranked officer out of it, and sat down to put the message on screen.

Sally took that exact moment to enter the bridge and to find a post. Seeing the fuming Quatre, she wisely decided to move away and find another one, nearer to Trowa.

The huge screen in front of the crew was brought to life with the image of Wufei. But before he could get one word out all those present, including Trowa, yelped in surprise.


There was Wufei, happily lying down on a bunch of cushions, as about four Zechs teasingly place various grapes into his mouth. Seeing the surprised looks of the crewmembers, he immediately sat up.

"Oh Captain, sorry about the mess, I was meaning to have one of my boys clean it up, but we'll you know how it is running a ship."

A fuming Sally pushed the others aside and glared up at the screen. "No, how is it?"

"Oh Sally, how are you? Well you see I inherited these soldiers, and it would be an injustice to just leave them here alone, when it was I who saved them from their evil dictator. So I guess I'll have to resign from the ship, and `work' here instead."

"Don't you even think about doing that..."

Getting irritated, Heero interrupted them both. "What about Duo?"

"Oh Duo, he helped too."

"No, I mean is he ok?"

Looking around the room for any sign of the one-time god, Wufei had to shrug his shoulders in defeat. "Well I haven't exactly seen him since the takeover, but he was lying just over there, he seems to be missing now. Wait maybe one of my men took him to the infirmary. Either way I'll have a ship wide search done right away."

The screen showed Wufei talking amongst his men for information for about five minutes before he reported back to his ex-Captain. "I'm sorry sir, he's no where on the ship. I don't know what could've happened."

"What do you mean, you don't know! You're the security officer, you are supposed to know everything about your ship."

"Yes, but I'm not the security officer any more, don't worry I'll find him, he couldn't have gotten far, he was injured."


"Well, best start searching." Wufei cut the transmission before Heero could yell at him any further.

Sally could only stare at the blank screen and clench her fist.

"If he thinks he is getting away with this, he is sorely mistaken. I'm sorry Captain, but I'll have to leave the ship and make sure he doesn't mess this up, besides a crew that big must be in need of a doctor. Bye."

She was gone in a flash, already making orders for her shuttle to be ready in ten minutes.

Heero just slumped back down in his chair, trying to avoid the odd looks he was receiving. Thinking to himself, he hit his clenched hand softly on the handle of his chair. `Damn, this is all my fault, why did I have to yell at him? He could be hurt, or even worse, dead. This is the first time he's been mortal, so he's never been dead before. He might not be able to deal with being dead.'

Quatre, who was now over being mad at the Captain, quietly made his way to where high-ranking officer was sitting. He wanted to say something to comfort his friend, but felt it wasn't his place right now. Turning away from the chair, he was surprised when a very bright flash, not only blinded him, but threw him backwards.

"What the..."

Heero clung to his chair yelling. "Red Alert, we're under attack."

Time seemed to freeze as a familiar chuckling noise was heard. "Oh really Hee-chan, all that fuss, and over little Ol' me. I'm touched, really!"

"D-DUO! You're ok..."

"Oh I'm better than ok, I'm Q, and I'll ask you to remember that. No more of this Duo business."

"What happened? How did you get your powers back?"

"What's it to you mortal? I came here for one reason and one reason only, to shut you up."

"But I thought..."

"What? What did you think? That after you basically kicked me off you pathetic ship and left me to die, that I would be grateful? We'll I am. It finally showed me just how untrustworthy you mortals can be. I'll never make THAT mistake again."

"But Duo..." Getting really angry now, Duo thrust his arms forward, causing a bright blast to come from his hands. Heero was too shocked to move, and just stood there as the blast came towards him, only to be partially blocked by another well-known Q.

"Q! Stop this right now, what's this all about?" Leaning down, she reached over and helped Heero to stand. "You okay Captain?"

"Yes, just a minor scratch. Thanks Hilde." She smiled briefly at him, trying to ignore the blood that was coming from the wound on his arm, and then turned back to face her brother.

"Q, I'm waiting for an explanation."

"Well you won't be getting any from me, as I recall you left me to die as well, I didn't see you lending a helping hand when I needed it." With that he let loose another blast, only to have it blocked once again by Hilde.

Heero looked up at the girl who was draped over him in protection.

" I don't understand, why is he like this, and why can't you just stop him?"

Standing up again she leered at her brother. "Yes, that's a good question Q, why are you acting like this? But as for your other question, I can't stop him because there is someone else helping him."

As if on cue that someone else appeared in the trademark flash. "Oh darling little Q, you've grown up so well, just like your big brother. Fortunately he got over his little obsession with mortals, now if only you'll grow up."


The entire bridge could only groan and silently think to themselves in dread, `Not another one.'

The third Q in question was hovering beside Duo, and filing her already perfect nails. She had long black hair, which was neatly tied in a ponytail, and wore some piece of clothing, which left almost nothing to the imagination.

Finally looking composed, Hilde turned to Heero and tried to comfort the crew.

"Don't worry, this Q isn't worth your time. She's just bitter because she's been ignored lately."

Duo broke into the conversation with a smile on his face. "And why shouldn't she be, she is my fiancée after all. I was spending far too much of my precious time with your puny race, and your even more pathetic Captain. I was starting to neglect the more important things in life." Nestling closer to the person he was engaged to, he planted a quick kiss on her cheek, making her smile and making Heero see red.

"So I suppose she's the reason you're acting like this."

"No, you're the reason, she's my savior. While you were worrying about which gun you should fire and who to yell at, she went against the council and won the right for me to be Q again. Not only that but she helped myself and your ex-security officer out, without even asking for thanks. Like I said, you humans need to work on you manners, become more like us."

"Oh but my sweet Q, that'll never happen. Besides we can have much more fun without worrying about how the humans are doing." Both Q laughed at the unfunny joke before bringing their attention back to the crew.

"Well, as usual you are right. But I suppose as long as my dear little sister Q is here, we can't get much fun done. But don't worry Captain, you'll be seeing me shortly."

This statement was followed by an infamous blinding light, and by the time crew could see again, the two older Q were gone. Jumping to his feet, Heero faced Trowa giving a few brief orders.

"Inform Lieutenant Greg Smith that he has just been promoted to Chief of Security, fix all the damage done to the ship, and Trowa you have the bridge." With a swift turn, Heero placed a hand over his wound to prevent further bleeding and left the bridge without another word.

Sighing to herself, Hilde started to run, trailing behind the fleeing Captain.

While in the corridor, and using her omnipotent powers, she finally caught up with him.

"Heero stop." Swinging around, she got a good look at his overly composed features.

"Hilde, what the hell was that? Does he really think that this was all a big joke, some fun for his amusement? Do you think we mortal are all a joke? That it's funny to watch us get hurt."

"No Heero! I-I don't! And I don't know what that was. Duo may tease mortals all the time, but that was just mean even for him, he must be pretty upset about something. I can't even remember ever seeing him this upset before and I have perfect memory. It must have something to do with Kestra."


"That's the Q you saw, she never hated mortals before today, at least I don't think she did. I don't' know why she does now. But before today she used to call herself Kestra, to follow Duo's example and be more like him."

"Just who is this Kestra? It can't really be his fiancée."

"Oh your right, it's not, but she's the closest thing to one in the Q continuum. We don't get married like you do, but we do choose mates. Duo has lived an awfully long time without one, and chose Kestra to become one out of boredom and because she shared his same sense of fun. But I think she might have really loved him, if a Q can love that is."

"Do you really doubt that?"

"Sometimes I do. Listen this isn't important. I'm going to appeal to the council right now; maybe they can stop him from going anywhere near you or your crew. OH, and I can fix your wound there, you're getting blood all over your nice carpet."

"NO! I mean...I can take care of it."

"Fine, I'm trusting you to get that helped, it really is a bad wound. Just promise me that if I leave, you'll get that fixed and also get some sleep."

"Fine, and Hilde, thanks for your help. I don't like to admit it, but our crew really needed your back there."

"Hey I was bored. What's a Q to do? Okay, see you in a bit."

Heero didn't smile back at her as she flashed away; he was never one who was known for smiling. Instead he just continued on his way down the hall.

He soon came across the newly promoted Chief of Security Greg Smith, and one Greg's friends, who never seemed to talk. The officer was too busy talking to his friend, and eating his last bag of sunflower seeds to really notice Heero, not a good sign for a Security Officer.

Heero tried to give the officer a halfhearted reprimand for eating the sunflower seeds on duty, but all the men could do was stare at Heero's wound. He soon decided to give it up and headed toward his quarters, leaving behind two very confused Security Officers

Shutting himself up in his room. Heero grabbed a bandage he had in his cabinet and quickly tied up his wound without even bothering to clean it. He didn't sleep a wink that night, and instead spent the whole time staring blankly at the couch in his room, the same one where Duo used to sleep.



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