Title: U.S.S Wing 9/? (wow how did THAT happen, I am already here. I have never gotten so far before, *pats self on back*

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The door slid opened and a panicked Wufei practically stumbled into the room. "Captain, it's the Zechs, they've returned. And they are demanding that we hand over Duo immediately."


Heero paced back and forth around the bridge, driving the crew mad, and making them nervous at the same time.

The ZECHS fleet had been outside for more than an hour already. Now, the U.S.S Wing was only waiting for a response from the Zechs flagship.

Under the Captain's orders, they had already sent a message, stating that they would not give up Duo under any circumstance, as he had asylum right now. It was more a less a lie, but the Zechs didn't need to know that.

And to make the whole situation worse, Hilde had showed up again for no reason but to torment her "brother". For her, the situation was the funniest thing since, well…. since she had stabbed him with a fork. Hilde seemed to know exactly what was going on but didn't feel like volunteering any information. And every time something went wrong, she would start snickering in Duo's direction.

Duo on the other hand, was sitting down, near to where Heero was pacing, and tried to look as confident as possible.

This was surprisingly hard, since Duo felt anything BUT confident. He still wasn't used to being human, as it had only been a short time, and after what had happened with Heero, he was feeling extremely vulnerable at the moment. And Q do NOT feel vulnerable. Then again he wasn't exactly a Q anymore.

Finally after an extended period of silence, Trowa's head shot up from the console where he was leaning, to give Heero an update. "Captain, the Zechs Queen, Seven of Noin is hailing us. She demands to have Q sent over to her now."

Heero stopped his pacing and sat down next to Duo. It was time to put on the Ol' Yui charm. Duo saw that glint in Heero's eyes and felt like screaming `WE'RE all doomed.' But he didn't, so Heero turned to Trowa and made a command. "On screen."

The lovely face of the Borg Queen appeared on the huge screen. And unlike when Heero had first met her, she did NOT look happy.

"Ahh, Captain Yui, how nice to meet you again. I had hoped you would have stayed with us longer, but perhaps next time."

A rarely heard voice came from beside Trowa and answered her with much enthusiasm as Quarter could muster. "There won't BE a next time, Noin!"

Seven of Noin seemed taken aback by Quatre's presence on the bridge, and tried to hide from his glare. He was the one person, she never wanted to deal with again. "Y-y-yes, yes, you are quite right, my dear Quatre. But I am here for some other business. Hand over the Q immediately. I have more than one Zechs ship this time. There are a hundred in my fleet, you will not survive if you refuse my request."

Duo looked like he was about to reply when Heero silenced him and glared at the view screen. "Why do you want him so much? He is human now. Useless to you."

This, unfortunately, had the opposite effect that Heero had hoped for, and Noin only grinned wider. "Why my dear Heero, that is precisely why I want him. He is human, and it is time for our revenge. We have waited a hundred years for just such an opening. No longer will we be tormented by that vile creature. He is ours."

The entire bridge crew, including Heero, turned to face the embarrassed Duo. Faced against looks that screamed, "WHAT DID YOU DO NOW?????????????" Duo was forced to defend himself.

"Oi, Oi, you are all going to believe this crazy lady's words over mine?"

They crew looked at one and other and replied with a unanimous "YES!!!"

"HEY!! How do you know it wasn't her who terrorized me, what proof do you…." Wufei leaned over and slapped the back of Duo's head. "Just spill it, Q-Ball!"

"OW, can't you guys give me a little respect? Fine, I'll tell you, but only cause I fear for my safety with Mr. Self-control over here…… It all happened a long time ago. I was young then, unaware of the evil nature of the real world. I accidentally stumbled upon the Zechs home planet, but then it was called the BORG planet. They accused me of a bunch of stuff, which hurt my innocent morals beyond repair. To this day I have emotional scars which can be traced back to the Borg people."

Huge sweatdrops appeared over everyone's heads. Wufei was the first to speak. "Uh huh, okay then, Seven of Noin, can you tell us what REALLY happened?"

Duo pouted and leaned back against his chair as Noin gave a few minor details to add to the tale. "What the Q said was true. He did stumble upon my society, but what he found there, he didn't like. So he decided to play a few tricks of his us. And now he must pay for it."

Once again, Heero was forced to take command of the conversation and question the irate Noin. "But what did he do that was so bad?"

"Enough, I have no time waste on this. Hand over the Q now, or I will begin to board your ship and kill you all one by one, starting with you Captain, and then that pesky blonde." She signed off and the screen went blank.

By this time Heero remembered that he still had one Q aboard. He turned to Hilde who was still laughing and pointing at her "bother". "Hilde, you must help us."

She looked up a Heero and began another fit of laughter. "Oh Duo, Duo, Duo. How DID you get yourself into this mess? Oh this is too much. Well, anyways, look at the time, I'm off. See ya around, Big Bro." And with the trademark bright flash, she was gone.

Wufei slammed his fist into the console. "Great family you got there, Duo."

"Hey to defend her, she IS a Q after all. She has seen more humans come and go than you could count. You are just another bunch of bugs to her."

"What about you? What are YOU to her?"

"It is difficult to explain. The only reason why she just came here was to checkup on me. That is the most she can do. Even though I know she would want to help me, she can't. This is a punishment. We all knew that the Zechs would be after me.....ooops."

Heero swiveled around to face Duo, his eyes almost flashing red from anger. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN, YOU KNEW ALL ALONG???? You knew the Zechs would try to find you, didn't you?"

Duo tried to sink back into his chair. "well...uhh...you see..."

"SO that is why you came to our ship. You knew that the pathetic humans would come to rescue you, even after what you had done to us."

"NO Heero, it wasn't like that....."

"You put my entire crew at risk, without a second thought. We should just hand you over to the Zechs now." Duo looked up at Heero with wide, shocked and hurt eyes. Heero was right. It had been selfish of him to do that, and he had known that the humans would help him, that was why he chose to be human. But things were different now; he knew what the humans were like. He didn't want to cause them harm; he didn't even want to before he joined their crew. Becoming human had just been more convenient.

But Heero's words HURT, more than Duo was ready to admit; and he was about to do something he had never done before in his long, long life.....cry. So instead, he ran as fast as he could away from the bridge and away from the "pissed off" Heero.


Wufei had run after Duo, hoping to get some more information out of the distressed Q. He found Duo in the transportation room, slamming his fist into the controls. It soon became apparent that what Duo was really trying to do, was figure out how they work.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Without even looking up, Duo continued to bang on the controls and answered Wufei at the same time. "I'm leaving, Heero was right, this ship doesn't need me, and I'm only the cause of problems here. There is only one way out of this mess, and that is to turn myself over."

"I won't let you."

"You don't have a choice."

"Then I'm coming with you."

Duo looked unconvinced at Wufei. "Why??"

"Well for starters you are too dumb to figure out the controls, and second of all, you may need some back up. You don't know what they are planning to do."

"I have a fairly good idea."

"Well, let's find out if you are right." Wufei the walked over and joined Duo on the transporter platform. Wufei typed in some commands, and just as they were about to transport off to the Zechs ship, Wufei heard something he thought he would never hear in this lifetime. "Thanks" He only smiled back at Duo and powered up his weapon. Then they were off.


A half an hour later found Heero still angry about what Duo had tricked them into doing. But the more he fumed about it, the more he realized that he would do it all over again. They couldn't just hand over another being to who knows what, even if he was an arrogant, childlike, snobbish, brat. Heero would still help him. And he wouldn't give up these past few days for anything; they had shown him that Duo was indeed more than that.

Heero had just been mad when he had told Duo, that he would gladly send him off to the Zechs. But now he regretted his harsh words. And if he didn't have the Zechs to deal with, would be searching the ship for Duo right this moment.

The sure monotone of Trowa startled Heero out of his musings. "Sir, there's an unscheduled transportation happening. It is headed towards the Zechs ship."

All Heero could think was, `OH NO OH NO, it CAN'T BE!!!!!!!!!!!' "Who is it, Trowa?"

"It's Wufei and Duo. They've turned themselves over to the Zechs."


As soon as Duo and Wufei had reached the massive Zechs ship, they had found themselves being escorted to the Queen's throne room. She welcomed them in with a warm smile and then signaled to one of the guards. The Zechs closest to Duo, took out his gun and hit the back of Duo's head with it. Duo fell over, still not used to pain.

"AHHH, my dear sweet Q, you return with gifts. And who might this gift be, the young warrior?"

"I am the Security Officer Wufei of the U.S.S Wing. I have come with Duo to make sure nothing happens to him."

"DUO???? He is a Q, and as such, neither has a name, nor deserve one. As for help, you can forget that. There is nothing you can do to save him now. He has dug his own grave, now let him lie in it."

"Why do you hate him so much? What did he do?"

"What did he do?? WHAT DID HE DO???? I will tell you what he did."

"GOOD, that's why I asked"

"SHUT UP!! Now where was I, ah yes. Duo came across my planet, way back when it was still called BORG, not Zechs. He thought it was funny how all the girls (NOIN) looked the same, and how all the guys (ZECHS) looked equally the same. He overheard me JOKING that I wished that BORG was nothing but a planet full of Zechs for me to rule. He granted my wish, like the slippery thing a Q is, but oh the pain I have since then suffered."

"WAIT, WAIT, you're telling me that you DON'T like having your Zechs Harem??"

"I HATE IT! I don't want to see another Zechs in all my life. I detest Zechs!!"

"Which is why you go around the universe assimilating people to make 0more Zechs!"

"SHUT UP!!! It sounded like a good idea at the time." Noin then broke down into massive sobs. "I just can't take it anymore, and it's all Q's fault. I just don't want to see another Zechs ever again. I wish someone else had to deal with them."

Suddenly a familiar bright flash of light filled the room. When it dyed away, Noin was gone, and Wufei had replaced her, sitting in the Zechs throne. Before he could even open his mouth to complain, the Zechs guards crowded around him, offering him food and other services. He quickly warmed up to the idea of being the Zechs King Wufei, and forgot about the injured Duo, who was still lying on the ground.

Duo, on the other hand, had NOT forgotten about himself lying injured on the ground, and was once again vowing revenge on Wufei, even though Wufei had saved him.

Tired of lying on the ground, he made an attempt to stand. But before he did, Duo suddenly felt a warmth begin to surround him. He looked up and saw something, only another Q could see. "IT'S YOU!!……….. What are you doing here?….... Oh I see……. it was you that granted Noin's second wish......... so I have been forgiven then........ for turning myself in........ yes I have changed........ And I can go home now......... oh, I see....... what about the humans.......... I understand.......... Is it already time for that........ no, no of course I am excited........ let's go then........ yes, yes.......... I can feel it again........... I AM Q!"




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