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Title: U.S.S Wing 8/?
Author: Peter David, no one writes better Q fics then good Ol' P.D. OH wait I WROTE this one...ummm I, as in Sony_Mouse
Pairings: 1+2/2+1 (HOPEFULLY MORE SOOONNNNNNN!!), 3+4/4+3, and a bunch of others I am too lazy to write.....(gosh I am in a sarcastic mood today, I wonder if it will show in my writing??)
Warnings: OOC BIG TIME, FUSION, Crossover (I maintain that it is a crossover too cause there are characters from ST in this story that aren't fused), Shounen-AI (well there BETTER be), ummm other warnings too but I can't think of them at the moment...oh well
Crossover: Star Trek Universe.
Archive: NO WHERE yet, but if you wanna archive it ALL YOU GOTTA DO IS ASK :)
Characters: ooo this is new, and long over due

Captain Heero T. Yui = Cpt. Jean Luc Picard and has traces of Cpt. James T. Kirk (BTW their T's stand for different things..but what??????ha ha ha)
Duo (Q) = Q, Q and more Q
Science Officer Trowa = Spock more or less
Councilor Quatre = Originally McCoy but I quickly changed him into Councilor Troi which is much more funny if you think about it...I try not to...
Sally = Beverly Crusher, but I would like to think of her as McCoy, I like him more
Wufei = Worf, ha ha, but he isn't a Klingon, I just couldn't give him the forhead, I felt bad for him.
Zechs = the entire population of the Borg empire ¡V1
Seven of Noin = Borg Queen and kinda Seven of Nine, she has her outfit at least, I think she would look good in it.
Relena = no one important, just some Queen of a planet (a completely differente role then the one she has in GW...)
Hilde (Q)= no one from the show... Just added her for fun. I needed SOMEONE to bug Duo like a sister would
Uhhhhhhhhhhh I can't remember the rest of my cast, but if you think I missed someone then DO tell :)



NOW on to the story


Last week on Gundam Trek...

Heero tried not to smile but couldn't stop himself this time. "Alright, I'll admit it, I knew that you would hate the idea. Consider it my pay back for the Zechs thing, and the court room thing, and the void thing and the... Never mind, we're even now, deal?"

"Deal, now let's get the hell out of here and have us some REAL fun.¡¨ Both Heero and Duo were out of the Holodeck faster than you can say 'Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe' (Author's note: None of you liked my Zoom Zoom so I changed it to something the made even less sense AH HA HAHAHAHAHHAHHA)


"Ummm Duo, are you sure this is a good idea."

"Shhhhhhhhh, Hee-chan, you'll give us away."

"I don't see what this has to do with teaching you how to be human."

"For the last time SHHHHHHHHHH!! This has LOTS to do with being human. But you just work all the time so you haven't had the chance to be one yet."

Almost out of reflex now, Heero gave Duo's long braid a quick tug.


"Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, Duo, you'll give us away."

Duo had to stifle his laughter. Heero was finally starting to have some fun, even if it was at his own expense.

Both young men spotted their prey walking oh so innocently down the hall. The unsuspecting victim stopped walking to give his already mirror worthy boots, another quick shine. To do this, the poor sap had to lean down, there by, exposing his backside to the possibility of an unwanted attack. Pretty sad if you are the senior security officer of the U.S.S Wing.

With a huge battle cry both Duo and Heero swung into action taking Wufei completely by surprise. But instead of jumping him, Duo ran straight into the open arms, turning his battle cries into immense sobs. "Oh Wufei!!! It's horrible, the ship has been taken over by some evil presence. I don't know what to do."

Wufei, looking uncertain, eyed the Captain, who was leaning on the wall looking like he was about to pass out. "Is this true?? How could this happen without me noticing?"

"That's not important right now. You are our last hope to save us all. Duo and I will hold back the oppressors while you get in a shuttlecraft and go look for help. Go NOW. And don't talk to ANYONE, they could be spies."

Wufei looked back and forth from the still crying Duo to the straight faced Heero and gave a quick nod. "Yes sir I will do my best." He then ran off to the shuttle bay and was gone before the remaining two could say another word.

The muffled crying that Duo had been making was slowly turned into an almost insane laughter as he heard engines start to activate and heard the shuttle lift off in search of help. Too bad that they were in the middle of an empty Solar System and there WAS no one to help.

Heero gave the laughing Duo a little push and glared at him. "That evil presence that has taken over the ship wouldn't happen to be YOU would it? I think that was all a bit unnecessary and I didn't find it a bit funny."

Still laughing, Duo managed to get out a few words. "UH UHHH Hee-chan, too late to back out now. You already played a key role. Besides you know full well that as soon as he sees that there is no other ship around ours he will turn back and..."

"...come to kill you. Yes I know. And I won't stop him either."

"Awwwww Hee-chan you are no fun. Well you are learning but you still have to take a few more lessons from the master. Ugh and you are still interrupting me. Can't you ever give me a BIT of respect."

"Not if I can help it."

"Oi, why me. I was always such a nice child..."

The two started walking down the hall, bickering the entire way. Duo may not be learning how to be human, but he was beginning to be relaxed and happy as one. Whether or not that was a good thing or not, no one knew. But they would be sure to ask Wufei when he returned from getting help... if he returned.


Wufei did finally figure out he had been tricked about four hours after take off. He had been so enraged that he had vowed internal revenge on Duo.

Duo had been slightly put off by this and wanted to know why he hadn't vowed eternal revenge on Heero. Wufei had answered simply that it was Duo who had corrupted their great captain, and anything that the captain did that was bad, was in a sense Duo's fault. Duo had then asked about the good things Heero did. Wufei had smirked and replied that that could only come from Wufei's good example, so therefor was his doing.

Wufei's reasoning had confused Duo; he blamed it on his stupid mortal brain. Duo had walked out of the room with a pout, vowing revenge on the revenge that Wufei had vowed on him. (author's note: Say THAT 5 times fast ;)


It was now the evening and Duo was relaxing in Heero¡¦s room overly big room. For one reason or another Duo had not been moved to his own room. He was however given a luxurious couch to sleep on. Heero may be generous, but he wasn't generous enough to give up his beloved bed TWO nights in a row.

The two were comfortably sitting besides Duo's "bed" playing a game of cards. Duo was losing pretty badly and Heero, on the other hand, was loving every minute of it. He would never admit it, but he really enjoyed the Q's company. Duo was wearing a loose pair of sweatpants, and a T-shirt, at Heero's request. He didn't want Duo running around his room naked again. Heero was wearing an old pair of spandex and a loose green tank top.

After losing the twelfth game, Duo's temper went into over drive, and he flung the cards down in exasperation. Crossing his arms and pouting he turned to face the amused Heero.

"I hate this game, it's boring, let's do something else."

"You were having fun before!"

"Yeah, well that was before I realized I sucked at this game. I am Q, and am not supposed to suck at anything, especially not cards."

"Oh believe me, you suck at plenty."

"hmm is that an offer?"

"Why is everything an offer with you?"

"Would you really like to know??"

"NO!!! I take it back."

Trying to ignore where his thoughts were leading him, Heero picked up the deck of cards and started to shuffle them really fast.

"WOW that's a neat trick, how do you do that."

Smirking, Heero attempted to demonstrate slowly to Duo, how to shuffle the cards in an impressive fashion. Handing them over to Duo, he watched as Duo got about two cards shuffled and then the entire pack went flying in to the air. It was now raining cards from the sky.

Duo grinned widely and let out a long peel of laughter. It was the first innocent laughter Heero had ever heard from the Q. Come to think of it, it was the first real smile he had ever seen from him as well. Surprising himself, he smiled back at Duo, just happy to hear the sound from Duo's lips.

Heero then leaned over to pick up the cards that were now sprawled all over them. While doing this he accidentally brushed his arm against the exposed skin of Duo's arm. He could feel Duo tense up and looked into the slightly shocked eyes on Duo's face.

"What's wrong?"

"You touched me!!!"

"Just accidentally, you act like you have never been touched before." seeing Duo's look of embarrassment he continued, "You have haven't you?? What about when you were a Q? Or when you first arrived on my ship all naked, you hugged me then."

"I, uhhh, kinda had the choice whether or not to feel when I was a Q. And I didn't really WANT to feel anything, it was easier that way. As for when I hugged you, you still had clothes on, I didn't feel any contact." IF at possible Duo blushed as he remembered when he first arrived here a few days ago. "The first real human contact I ever had was when I got here, and that was when I had a fork slammed in to my hand. IT wasn't exactly all I had hoped it would be."



"I do believe that I just found your weakness. Sure you may run around hugging everything that moves, but you are always the one in command of a situation, until recently that is, and you do it with your shirt on."

"I thought you wanted my shirt on?"

"Don't get ahead of yourself baka, that wasn't an offer."

Duo looked up at Heero with large hurt eyes. Heero was right about being afraid of touch to a certain degree. When you are all powerful, you learn to keep your distance. It comes with the package of being what you are. But Heero's slight brush against his skin had felt good, and that made Duo even more confused then he already was about the Captain. Just as Duo was about to say something back to Heero, when he felt something start to trace along his cheekbone. It was Heero's hand.

Heero had his hand held up to Duo's face and was trying to figure out this person called Duo. It wasn't easy.

Duo initially flinched at the touch, but soon relaxed as Heero's fingers continued to explore his face. The fingers themselves were barely touching Duo's smooth skin, almost teasing him with how close they were. They traced a pattern all around Duo's cheeks, forehead, and chin, eventually finding their way to his lips. Gently pressing against them, feeling their shape, and discovering just how soft they really were.

After a few seconds Heero completely lost control of what he was doing and leaned in closer to Duo. They were now so close that they could feel each other's breath on their skin. Their foreheads were touching as Heero's hand slid down to Duo's chin. Guiding it to him. Just as Heero's lips were about to close the now small space between them, a huge knock on the door quickly brought the two back to reality.

Duo nervously backed away from Heero, and stood up. He went to answer the door wondering WHAT could possibly be important enough for the interruption. Heero was still sitting on the floor, thinking about what just happened, or almost happened.

The door slid opened and a panicked Wufei practically stumbled into the room. "Captain, it's the Zechs, they've returned. And they are demanding that we hand over Duo immediately."



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