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Title: U.S.S Wing 7/?
Author: Sony_Mouse (You know it) Sony_Mouse@hotmail.com Warnings: Language, Fusion, crossover, OOC, AU, Shounene AI Pairings: 1+2/2+1, 3+4/4+3, H+1 (but not as serious as you might think)
Crossover: Star Trek Universe
Disclaimer: GW not mine, ST is Gene Roddenbury's :) GO GENE, oh wait he is dead oops...




Without having eaten anything Duo made his way back to Heero's room and laid down on the bed. He grabbed one of Heero's pillows and hugged it closely to his body, like a teddy bear. He then tried to doze off. He had a long miserable existence ahead of him and he needed his beauty sleep.


Hilde spent the entire night trying to seduce Heero. She had been glad to see that Duo was ok, he was the reason she was here, to check up on him after all. But Hilde had been thrilled to meet this Heero. He had a "LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE" attitude that would make any Q fall in love with him. Sadly she hadn't managed to get much of a reaction out of him. She decided that she would later ask Duo how he did. After seeing that she wasn't going to get anywhere with him that night, she had taken off to go somewhere else. Leaving Heero to fend for himself.

Heero had thought she might have left to go back to that Q Continuum place, that both she and Duo kept talking about.

Speaking of Duo, he had left the conversation rather early on. Heero had wanted to follow him but he had had his share of insulted Qs that month and didn't feel like running off on Hilde. The last thing he needed, now that Duo was mortal, was to have Hilde terrorizing his crew

Heero wasn't tired, but he had already completed his work for that day and didn't know what else to do. So he decide to go back to his room and hit the sack.

He reached his room in no time, and made his way inside his quarters. Once in the bedroom he turned on a small lamp near the back of the room to change into some boxers and a T-shirt, but instead froze as he saw someone lying in his bed. No not someone, Duo.

Duo was lying on his side naked in HIS bed, snuggling HIS pillow as close to his VERY naked chest, and had kicked the sheets clean off the bed. Obviously someone hadn't learned what Pajamas were used for. Heero was about to run over to the bed and kick Duo out of it but then stopped to think of where Duo would sleep if he did. Heero hit himself in the head. He had forgotten to assign Duo with a room. His brain hadn't even considered the idea that a Q would need a room. So Duo had ended up coming here instead of bugging him while he was with Hilde.

Heero didn't know what to make out of that. In Duo's small way, he had been trying to be considerate, or at least felt that Heero didn't need a bed so he would take his.

Against his will, Heero's eyes slowly shifted over to the sleeping body. He had to admit it, the guy was beautiful. But Heero simply assumed that if you could choose how you would look, you wouldn't exactly choose to be ugly. Duo's hair was still tied in a loose braid from the evening and it made Heero wonder, why Duo would choose to have such a long braid at all. Not many other humans had hair like that, or none that Heero knew. Maybe that was why Duo had chosen it, to be different. That was Duo's style all right.

Duo suddenly shivered from not being covered with the blanket and snuggled even more against the pillow. Heero could only smile to himself that Duo had to feel cold now, just like all the other mortals in the universe. He wondered briefly if Duo could ever feel anything when he was still a Q?? He sure seemed to be taking anything physical quite badly.

Heero reached down to pick up the blanket and place it over the sleeping Duo's shivering body. Heero could see Duo shift under the warm blanket that was now covering him, to get in a better position. Heero only hoped that Duo wouldn't kick it off again, he had no intention of putting blankets back on Duo all night.

Heero then turned off the lights and left the bedroom and the sleeping Duo alone. He hadn't been tired anyway, so it was no big deal if he didn't sleep. He would just find some work to do on his laptop until Duo woke up. Then he could assign Duo a room and find him something to do. Just what did a Q do for a hobby? Pester People?? He would ask him in the morning.


Duo cracked one violet eye opened and stared into another pair of blue eyes belonging to a Captain Heero T. Yui. "Mmmmmmm, morning Hee-chan, does Sleeping Beauty get a kiss?"

"If I see her! Sure why not." Duo chuckled at Heero's snide reply. He had been expecting Heero to want to kill him after stealing his bed, but Heero didn't seem to care. It sure was something else, actually having to think how other people would react to his behavior. It was going to take some getting used to.

"Ugh, don't tell me you are a morning person."

"Ok, I won't tell you."

"You are definitely not staying in room then."

"Well it is not MY fault somebody thought I would be happy to sleep in the hallway."

"You're right Duo, and I'm sorry. That's why I let you stay here last night." Duo stopped talking and stared opened mouthed at Heero.

"Wait, wait, wait. Did my ears just deceive me?. I'M right, and the almighty, fearless, super human Heero Yui is sorry. I don't believe you. Could I get that in writing please?"


"AWWWW Hee-chan you have got to learn to embrace mornings."

"What would you know, this is the first time you have ever had one?"

"And aren't I handling it ever so well?"

Heero decided to avoid answering the question, just to bug Duo, and instead threw some cloths in his direction.

"What are these?"

"Those are your new clothes. I don't want you running around naked all day, it would disturb the children…"

"BAKA! They would love it!"

"…and I didn't think you really like that gray thing Wufei picked out for you."

Duo flung the clothes aside and leaped into Heero's arms, trying to hug him. "Oh Hee-chan, I knew you cared."

"I don't and you have GOT to stop doing that. Get some clothes on. What would people think if they saw us like this."

"Hmmmm lucky Heero?" Duo suggested.

Despite himself, Heero repressed a smile. "Just get changed and meet me at the holodeck in 15 minutes."

"Why? What are we doing? Don't you have work?"

Heero sighed and told Duo the truth. "I didn't think you were making out to well as a human, and the crew isn't exactly warming up to you so I thought that you could use some help. I took the day off to do this, so you had better be happy. Actually I always thought you needed help, but since Quatre's not up to the job, at least I can proved some now."

"Gee Heero, I would almost think that you weren't a federation android, and were actually a nice person instead. I just knew I was a good influence on anyone who knew me."

"Hn, just be there in 15 minutes….DRESSED. With that ego of yours, you're going to need all the help you can get, if you want to fit in with people like me."

Heero then left the room in search of the Holodeck, leaving Duo to examine the clothes Heero had given him. It was nothing much, just a pair of baggy black pants, and a long sleeved red shirt, the same colour his admiral's uniform had been. Yeah it was nothing much, but it also wasn't gray.


The Holodeck was a one of the best inventions that the federation had ever come up with. It basically had replaced the TV, and made going to the movies a waste of time. The Holodeck consisted of a large, empty room, and depending on what programming you chose and how big your imagination was, you could make anything real in that room. It wasn't really real, but it looked, felt, and smelt real, which is good enough for anybody who travels around in spaceship for a living.

Duo couldn't wait to see what Heero had planned for him. He suspected that Heero was finally warming up to him, and had probably programmed a nice picnic or club or sports event. Duo walked into the Holodeck wondering just what could have come out of Heero's imagination.

Only too late, did Duo remember that Heero was a boring, dull person who never went out or did anything besides work, the man didn't have an imagination!

There before Duo was a small, old-fashioned classroom with a few chairs in it and a blackboard up at front. Heero was standing before the blackboard, holding a long ruler and was writing something on the board that had the word `rules' and `etiquette' in it.

Duo was having none of that. He swung around and tried to make a break for it as fast as he could. Unfortunately Heero, who had been mortal MUCH longer than Duo, quickly caught up with him and dragged him back, kicking and screaming, to the Holodeck.

"I hate you."

"You have only yourself to blame."

"No, I have you to blame, and I hate you."

"You don't even know what I have planned, it could be fun."

"Ah yes, school, teaching, and Heero Yui, practically household terms for FUN."

Heero pushed Duo down into one of the front desk and silenced him. "SHHHH no talking in my class"

"What did I ever do to you?"

"Do you want the short list or the long? Now of I were you I would just listen and learn, then the class would go by much faster."

Duo crossed his arms, made a face and mimicked Heero, "If I were you I would..."

"Duo, don't make me give you detention."

"OH COME ON! You have got to be joking. I was alive when your whole planet was just dust in my hair."

"Yes and now you are a human, and if you don't want my help, I am sure Wufei would be HAPPY to teach you."

This shut Duo up, "I'll be good"


The lesson went on for about two hours, before Heero noticed that Duo was slowly nodding off. He just couldn't understand why Duo wasn't getting excited about `Basic Human Etiquette 101'. Heero had even drawn up diagrams in the free time he had last night.

Oh well, Duo's loss. Heero walked over to where Duo was now sleeping and banged his ruler as hard as he could down on the desk. Duo practically leaped out of his seat whimpering something about Wufei and justice coming to get him...


"Don't sleep in my class."

"Aww, Hee-chan is this really necessary? I know I suck at being human and all but this is kids stuff, we do have etiquette in the Q Continuum, you know, I just choose to ignore it."

Heero took a seat beside Duo, "That's not hard to believe."

" Listen Heero, I do appreciate it and all. And I would like your help just not like this. As for my being depressed yesterday, just try to imagine you becoming deaf, mute, blind and disabled in one day. You'd be pretty upset too, wouldn't you? Well I was! I just need some time to get used to it. And sitting in a class listing to you go on about "please" and Thank You" for two hours is not my idea of help. It's a form of torture, and you KNOW it!"

Heero tried not to smile but couldn't stop himself this time. "Alright, I knew that you would hate this idea. Consider it my pay back for the Zechs thing, and the court room thing, and the void thing and the…. Never mind, we're even now, deal?"

"Deal, now let's get the hell out of here and have us some REAL fun." Both Heero and Duo were out of the Holodeck faster than you can say `ZOOM ZOOM'.



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