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:) actually I am loving this story. I warn you now this part isn't as silly as the last few, I just wanted to take a kinda realistic approach to someone who just lost all the powers they had had. Like being turned blind or something, they are resentful at first.... Anyways I hope that doens't turn people away from my story. I did decide to chop part 6 up into two parts, maybe even more because there is so many ....possibilities..to explore with this one. SO don't think this is all I am doing with our little mortal Duo :) Thanks to Sara for being a Beta reader on this one, you rock Sara :)


Title: U.S.S Wing 6/?
Author: Sony_Mouse Sony_Mouse@hotmail.com
warnings: Fusion, Crossover, OOC, Shounen Ai,
Pairings: 1+2/2+1, 3+4/4+3, ?+1
Crossover: Star Trek
Rating: none so far....



LAST WEEK ON STAAAAAAAAAAAR TREK....... (I wonder how many of you get that joke.....)

Of course, after everything that had happened in the last month, Heero wasn't all too surprised when as soon as he sat down, there was bright flash and he got another unexpected visit from Duo. Duo was hovering above the ground, looking around the room for Heero, and was naked of all things. Heero sighed mentally, couldn't he at least have another few weeks' vacation before the Q came back.

The entire bridge crew and Heero waited for Duo to say something, or do something. But Duo just looked around the room with a very UN-Duo like statement of worry. He found Heero sitting in his chair and whispered softly, "Help…."

Then as if someone else released him, he fell down flat on his face. By the looks of things, Duo had even been hurt by the fall, he was cradling his nose and whimpering slightly.

Duo was mortal...


At first no one even moved to help the fallen Q, in fact no moved at all. Everyone just assumed this was some kind of joke on Duo's part. They could almost believe that he wasn't whimpering on the ground below Heero's feet.

Heero was tempted to kick him in the leg and say, "Alright Duo, joke's over, back to tormenting us." But he didn't and just stared down at Duo instead.

Eventually it became clear that somebody should probably do something about Duo. Unfortunately the first person to figure this out was Wufei. He took a quick intake of breath and started laughing. He laughed so hard that he fell right over and started rolling on the ground.

Duo quickly got pissed at Wufei's plan of action and snapped his fingers to rectify the situation. But nothing happened. He just stared at his fingers and started whimpering again. By now Heero had regained his senses and stretched his arm out to help Duo stand up. "Duo what is going on.?"

Duo flung himself into Heero's arms, holding on for dear life. "Oh Hee-chan, it's horrible just horrible. I've been punished. Yes ME!!!! Of all people!!! `They' made me HUMAN, HUMAN of all things to be, NO ONE deserves THAT fate."

Heero's face went cold at Duo's arrogant words and he pushed Duo back to the ground with a soft thud. "Hey!!!! You did that on purpose."

"Yes I did. Now if you don't mind I have work to do. I will have to send someone to take you to the ship's hospital for a check up." A smirk then graced his lips as he spotted Wufei still laughing. "Wufei would you mind escorting our new guest to Doctor Po." However evil Heero's smirk was, it wasn't nearly as evil as Wufei's.

"Oh Captain, it would be my pleasure." Wufei leaned forward and picked up Duo by the arm, who had still not gotten up off the floor. He grabbed Duo's arm tightly pulling the Q behind him.

"OWIEEEEEEEEEEEEE, couldn't you carry me, walking is no fun."


"But I'm in pain."


"Don't you care about me?"


"Hee-chan cares and he'll get mad at you if you don't."


Heero smiled to himself as he listened to them make their way to the turbolift doors. As "hurt" as Duo seemed to be, he was still a smart- ass, and WOULD be getting himself into trouble for sure. For some reason Heero was actually looking forward to it. It was the crew's turn to get back at Duo, and Heero still had the Zechs issue to `discuss' with Duo. Somebody up there DEFINITELY liked him today.


Duo found himself sitting on a drab looking table being checked over by some doctor, who probably didn't even have her degree.

Why he let himself get into this mess he would never know. Wufei was right beside him making sure he didn't make a run for it.

LIKE he could.

Duo had never had to walk before or feel gravity. Every step he took forced him to use a lot of energy.

Eventually, when they thought of it, they had provided him with some new clothes. They were a disgustingly, drab colour of gray. He had screamed at Wufei, `THESE AREN'T MY COLORS." But Wufei had only smirked even more, if that was possible, and replied, "That's why I got them for you."

Duo was exhausted. He really was in pain and needed some rest. As much as he pretended to still be the same full of never-ending energy, smart-ass Duo, he wasn't, he was a mortal. And it took a lot out of him.

As soon as he got the chance, he excused himself from the hospital room, hoping that the doctor hadn't poisoned him or anything. He really didn't trust human doctors, they were centuries behind the Zechs…

Duo tried to make his way to his room. But before he got far, he realized he didn't have one. So he did the next best thing he could, and made his way to Heero's room.

Heero wasn't inside the room, no big surprise there. Duo still believed that Heero worked way too much for his own good.

The door had been unlocked, so Duo was able to slip in without anyone noticing. Everyone, trusted everyone too much on this stupid ship, it was disgusting. Duo half crawled, half dragged himself into Heero's bed, and enjoyed the smooth feeling of the silk blankets on his skin. Then for the first time in his very, very long existence, Duo fell fast asleep.

And it felt really, really good.


He woke up a few hours later, still exhausted. But his stomach was making noise, so he couldn't sleep. Duo wasn't stupid, and figured out that he just needed some food. When you live forever you DO pick up on some things, like why a human's stomach growls.

So he got up from Heero's bed, considered making it, decided not to, figured out how to have a shower and had one. It didn't him long to wash, dry and brush his hair. He wanted to sing in the shower like he had seen many humans do, but when he started to sing, "Man, I feel like a Woman", he realized that his now human brain couldn't remember all the words. It depressed him so much that he gave up on the singing all together.

It then took him one hour to braid his very long hair. His muscles were still getting used to being used. So it was hard to make a braid that long without MANY, MANY breaks in between. He looked himself once over in the mirror, cursed Wufei for giving him a GRAY outfit, and then left for supper.

Twenty minutes while later, after asking about thirty people for directions, he found his way to the dinning lounge. He could of cared less what they served him right now, as long as it was edible.

Duo looked around the room for ANYONE he knew who he could sit with, and then tried to remember if they were people who liked him or not. He wasn't exactly the most popular guy on the ship after that Zechs incident, though Duo thought he should have been loved anyway, he WAS Q after all.

Normally Duo wouldn't have cared if he were intruding on someone he liked or didn't like, but without his powers he felt so…little. Duo forced a smile and made his way over to the bar to sit down and wait for a table to open up. He was about to order a drink when suddenly he felt a tremendous pain in his right hand. He screamed at the top of his lungs, and looked down at his hand to find out what was the cause. He found a rather innocent fork lodged in it.

"I have always wanted to do that."

Duo franticly looked around the room for the source of the voice, and found it next to the bar. He gave her one of his award winning smiles and laughed "Q!"

"Ahhh, Q you still recognize me, even if you are only a `human' now."

Duo wanted to run over and strangle the small girl for stabbing him. HOW DARE SHE?? It was not like he had many bodies to go around. Just as he was starting to have a heated debate with the second Q, Heero popped out of nowhere.

Heero had been keeping on eye on how Q was doing, since he had entered the dinning lounge. He came over to investigate, as soon as heard Q scream.

Heero got there just in time to see Duo take the fork out of his hand and start swinging it at some young lady that was most definitely NOT from his crew. Heero walked up to Q and grabbed the fork before he could main the girl with it. He then took Duo's hand in his own and examined it. "Duo you are bleeding, you should go back to the ship's hospital and see Doctor Po."

"Oi, Hee-chan I didn't' know you cared."

"I don't, you are getting blood on my lounge floor."

"AWW you're just saying that to bug me. And if you want to blame someone for the blood, then blame the little pest who stabbed me."

The slim girl came up from behind Heero and wrapped her arms around his shoulder.

"And who, my dear Q would you be referring too?? MOI!!! I don't think sooooooooo. You don't like the sight of your own blood, fine it's gone." She snapped her fingers and in a flash of light, his small wound was healed as if he had never been stabbed.

Heero wiggled out of her grasp, clearly uncomfortable surprised by what she had just done. "You are a Q too!"

"OOO you are smarter than Q…or `Duo' as he goes by, gave you credit for. And you have a nice ass too by the way. I must say Duo, good choice. But since you are out of the running, I just may make a move for him now."

Duo tried to fling himself at the girl to strangle her, but he didn't get far with Heero in the way.

Heero examined the girl and noticed she was a lot like Duo. She was shorter than him, but had the same face. Her hair was short and black, and she had bangs just like Duo's.

"Duo, what is she doing on my ship?"

" `She' is my `sister', and `she' is doing whatever `she' feels like. `She' is Q after all. But I suppose `she' has come to torment `her' older `brother'."

"Actually, I am as much a girl as he is a guy, but that's not important. You can call me Hilde, I don't want to use any of Duo's pathetic number system, Hilde has a much nicer ring to it, don't you think?"

Heero was quickly warming up to this Hilde, anyone willing to torment Duo MUST be a good person. "Well, Hilde, maybe you can tell me why Duo is a human now. He won't talk much talk about it."

"Oh, did my dear brother not tell you. He is being punished by the Q continuum. He was caught tormenting one to many alien races."

"Oi Hilde, you make it sound like a bad thing." Duo grumlbed beside Heero.

A small smile rose to Heero's face. "You mean other Q don't do that??? AND he is being punished for it... like a child would be?"

"Yup, that's the drift of it."

Duo stood to leave. He didn't want to be in this conversation one minute longer. He was quite miserable as a human so far and didn't feel like sticking around and having his sister gossip about him for the next little while seducing HIS Heero. Not surprisingly, HIS Heero didn't even so much as glance in his direction as he got up to leave.

So what if he had tormented a few races while he was a Q, he had never done any real harm, and always did them a good turn in the end. Like with the Zechs, he thought Heero would have made a good blond.....

Without having eaten anything Duo made his way back to Heero's room and laid down on the bed. He grabbed one of Heero's pillows and hugged it like a teddy bear. He then tried to doze off. He had a long miserable existence ahead of him and he needed his beauty sleep.




Well there you have it. So far Duo is not getting a kick out of being human, well let just leave it up to Heero to fix THAT....

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