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Title: U.S.S Wing 5/?
Author: Sony_Mouse SOny_Mouse@hotmail.com
Warnings: AU, Crossover, Fusion, OOC, Shounen-Ai pairings: 1+2/2+1, 3+4/4+3, ?+6/6+?, others comming soon to a theatre near you?
Crossover: Star Trek Universe
Disclamer: GW somebody elses, and ST Gene Roddenbury's. NOt mine, but if it was there would be some MAJOR changes, involving the fact that there are no gay characters....


Previously on Staaaar Trek.......

For the millionth time that month, Heero couldn't believe that this was happening. He was going to kill Duo. The tall deadly, well-built men were obviously from the ship outside. Their space suits looked just like the gigantic cube did, under-construction. The closest one in front of Heero pointed his large gun straight at him and spoke in a low dangerous, yet somehow mechanical voice.

"We are the Zechs!!! You will be assimilated. Resistance is Futile!"


The entire bridge crew just stared in shock at the intruders. Everyone seemed to be waiting for somebody else to do something. The aliens themselves were carbon copies of each other. Each one was tall, incredibly good looking, had long blond hair and HUGE guns.

Heero looked over at Wufei as if to say, "DO SOMETHING!!!" Wufei face became weary and shook his head at the Captain.

"Uh uh, you tricked me once before, I won't fall for shooting you twice. Heero just rolled his eyes.

Quatre who had been standing in the back quietly though out the entire ordeal with Q and now the Zechs, finally got fed up with the situation. He wanted to be done with all this and get back to his room with Trowa in tow. "OH FOR THE LOVE OF., here I'll do it myself." Quatre did a huge jump, dive and roll, which would make the agile Trowa proud, and stole Wufei's weapon in the process. He shot each one of the Borg...uhh Zechs, before anyone could blink an eye. He then proceeded to stand up, hand back the weapon to Wufei and drag Trowa out of the room.

Wufei, who was still kinda in shock, shook his head in amazement. "Where the hell did he learn THAT."

Heero as always, taking the situation in command, just ignored Wufei and walked over to the fallen Zechs. He was about to examine one of them when all four Zechs were transported back to their ship and eight new Zechs appeared. They locked their guns and spoke in the same voice as before. "We are the Zechs. You will be assimilated. Resistance is Futile."

The situation had gone from bad to worse. Heero, who prided himself on being able to talk his way out of any situation, tried to reason with the Zechs. "I am sure there is someway we can meet your needs with out you killing of my entire ship."

With out blinking an eye the eight Zechs responded. "We are the Zechs."

"Hn, I know that. Why are you here? What do you want?"

Again all responded in unison. "You will be assimilated. Resistance is Futile."

"Assimilated??? Assimilated into what, exactly?"

The crew expected the Zechs, to respond like they had before, but this time the one in front answered alone. "You are to be assimilated into more Zechs. The Universe must have more Zechs."

Wufei seemed slightly peeved at the idea of being turned into another Zechs and yelled back at Zechs number 1. "Why we would you need MORE of you people? Isn't a ship of you people enough?"

"There are thousands of more ships bigger than ours, with more Zechs inside. But the Universe needs more Zechs."


"It is the wishes of the Zechs Queen."

This caught Heero's attention. If there was a leader, then he could deal with her and maybe resolve the whole ugly situation. He only prayed that it wasn't just another one of these Zechs drones dressed in drag.

"Zechs, any of you. TAKE me to your leader. I wish to make a deal with her, for the safety of my ship."

The Zechs seemed to consider this, and then as if they were talking to someone on a telephone, they answered. "Yes you may come with us."

Wufei jumped over to his Captain's side. "NO Captain it is too dangerous."

"I'll be alright Wufei. I have dealt with a spoiled god before, I think I can handle a Zechs Queen."

Before any more protest could be made two of the Zechs grabbed Heero and transported with him back to the Zechs ship.


Once aboard the Zechs ship, Heero was amazed. It was nothing but corridor after corridor of Zechs' working or lying upright against the wall in some form of sleep. The corridors themselves looked just like the outside of the ship. Dark and like they were under construction. He would have loved to stay and look around but the Zechs' grew impatient and dragged him off to their leader.

They came up to a huge throne room. Inside there were about a dozen Zechs surrounding someone on the throne, offering food and other services to the leader. Upon closer inspection, Heero came to realize that the Queen was in fact a woman, and not a longhaired blond like the drones, but a shorthaired brunette. She smiled gracefully down at Heero and welcomed him to her ship.

"Welcome Captain, to my Harem. I am the Queen of the Zechs, Seven of Noin, but you may call me Noin. I hear you have a proposition for me."

"Hn, I lied to get aboard. I don't really have a proposition. I just wanted a chance to talk to you. To try and convince you to leave my ship alone."

Noin laughed at this last remark, as a Zechs placed sensually some more grapes into her mouth. "Oh you are quite something Captain. You will make a fine addition to my harem. I am afraid though, I can't let you or your ship go. I will assimilate you and then afterwards, your entire crew. The universe MUST have more Zechs." She then turned to address the Zechs guards. "TAKE him away."

They dragged the kicking and screaming Heero away from the throne room and into an operation room. Then they proceeded to strap Heero down to the table. Heero didn't want to watch but he couldn't help but take an interest in what was going to happen to him. There was even a mirror above the operation table so he could see what was happening to him every step of the way. One of the Zechs produced a bottle of some chemical and began smearing it into Heero's hair. Heero looked up in the mirror and saw that his hair was slowly turning blond where the chemical touched it.

Not his hair, he thought, his precious, precious, messy BROWN Captain's hair. He couldn't take it anymore and let out a blood curdling scream, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
OOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" He then passed out.



When he awoke he was back on the U.S.S Wing, lying in the ship's hospital looking up at the concerned face of Doctor Sally Po. He gathered enough strength to ask in his usual no nonsense voice, what had happened.

She told him that everything was fine now. Then went into great detail about the amazing, exciting breathtaking rescue of the Captain. 1

After the Captain had left the ship to go with the Zechs, the crew just waited around for him. When he didn't come back after a few hours, the crew had gotten worried. Then Quatre appeared from somewhere, dragging Trowa behind him, and asked to be filled in on what had happened. He immediately stole a shuttle and single handedly infiltrated the Zechs ship, found the Captain, and destroyed the cube before he left. Apparently Noin and some of the Zechs had gotten away. But they seemed to have returned to their own galaxy, at least for now.

"What about my hair? Is it still blond?"

Sally smiled down at her captain. "Well, with an amazing feat of technological advancement, Trowa created a cure for the `Hair Dye', as he called it."

Heero breathed in relief. Everything was going to be ok. "Thank you Doctor Po, you have done your job well. But I must see to my crew now." He jumped down from his table and made his way to the bridge, sally waving behind him.

Once he was on the bridge, everyone happily welcomed him back, well except for Quatre and Trowa who were too busy working or something..

Heero walked proudly over to his favorite chair and sat down. He was ready to take on the world, he felt that good.

Of course, after everything that had happened in the last month, he wasn't all too surprised when as soon as he sat down, there was bright flash and he got another unexpected visit from Duo. Duo was hovering above the ground, looking around the room for Heero, and was naked of all things. Heero sighed mentally, couldn't he at least have another few weeks' vacation before the Q came back.

The entire bridge crew and Heero waited for Duo to say something, or do something. Duo just looked around the room with a very UN-Duo like expression of worry. He found Heero sitting in his chair and whispered softly, "Help..."

Then as if someone else released him, he fell down flat on his face. By the looks of things, Duo had even been hurt by the fall, he was cradling his nose and whimpering slightly.

Duo was mortal...



1. I was not fealing well today, and didn't feel like thinking of a way to get him out of that mess, or if I did writting it. So TOUGH!!! Maybe I will write a side story late when I am feeling better, but uhhh I doubt. I kinda think it is funny this way.

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