Title: U.S.S Wing 4/?
Author: Sony_Mouse (you know you love me, just joking)
Warnings: AU, Crossover,Fusion, OOC, Shounen-Ai
Parings: 1+2/2+1, 3+4/4+3, many others...later
Crossover: Star Trek, TO boldly go where no BISHOUNEN have gone before.
Rating: PG,language I guess (I am trying to get the rating up, just give me time ;)


Science Officer Trowa slowly made his way up to the bridge. His shift started in 10 minutes and he couldn't wait to see if Quatre would be there waiting for him to ask some more `biology" questions, like he usually did when he could spare some time. And when Trowa couldn't answer them, they would usually just have a private lesson afterwards. Everyone thought that Trowa was so serious all the time and only cared about his work, just because he never showed his emotions. That, of course, wasn't true at all, at least most of the time. He was a grown... alien or something. And grown aliens have needs. So any chance he could get, he would spend time with Quatre. That guy really had a hold on Trowa.

The crew similarly thought Quatre was their innocent little councilor, bright eyed and wet behind the ears. Nothing could be further from the truth. Heero learned early on that Quatre had an evil streak in him, and any trouble that happened on his ship was immediately blamed on Quatre. So far the Captain had always been right. As for Trowa, he enjoyed Quatre's evil streak. You don't sit down for hours at a time listing to other peoples morbid, detailed and exotic sex fantasies without picking up a few things here and there. Every day with Quatre was an adventure. In fact, it was Quatre who always tried to see how much they could get away with while working. Ahh yes today was definitely looking up.

The closer Trowa got to the bridge the more his mind began thinking about Heero and HIS needs. Frankly put, the man needed a life. Sure their plan to give him one at his birthday party had backfired, but it had been fun to torture him with that Queen Relena and he DID get out of his office. Heero just needed a hobby or something, but the problem was nothing interested him. He needed a challenge, but nothing challenged him. He needed unpredictability, but nothing could get by him. Well except their party, but that was different, they had had to gain three years of trust for that, and then drug the man.

But then there was this Duo guy. Trowa was getting a big kick out of Duo. He had in 2 days completed what Quatre, Wufei and himself had tried to complete in the last three years they had known Captain Yui. Simply put, Duo interested Heero, and nothing ever interested Heero. He was definitely a challenge for Heero. In the last few weeks Heero had done nothing but complain about the injustice of what Duo had done to him. Wufei was behind him every step of the way, agreeing with every single word the Captain ranted about injustice.

And if anyone or anything was unpredictable it was Duo. Duo symbolized the last hope Quatre and Trowa had of getting the captain to be happy with his boring existence. Sadly Wufei didn't agree with them on this one. He wanted DEAD dead, and as soon as possible. It didn't matter that Wufei was just a tad bit outclassed by this super being, all that mattered was revenge for his…uhhh the Captain's...injustice of being kidnapped and taken from the ship.

Too bad they hadn't heard from the Q in a quite a few weeks. Trowa had honestly thought that he would come back the next day to bug the captain again. But hey that was Duo for you, unpredictable.

Trowa finally entered the bridge and strolled over to his computer station to sit down and get to work. He noticed that a certain blond haired devil was already seated next to his chair, with an evil grin plastered on his face. Yes definitely a good day.


Heero on the other hand was on the bridge too, sitting down in his favorite chair, still pissed about what had happened with Duo. Sure he had remained more or less calm while he was with the Q, but that didn't mean he wasn't ready to kill the man for taking his crew away and threatening them. Heero was even more pissed because normally he wouldn't care this much about what had happened.

Crew taken, Heero saves day, crew returned, stupid braided idiot guy with dump toy scythe gone, everyone happy. END of story. Just like Heero would have expected it to happen. But in truth he hadn't saved anyone from anybody.

Duo had let him go, and with a promise to return. The only good thing that had seemed to come out of this was that Heero didn't have to fill out anymore reports all day long. The federation deemed this Q issue important enough for Heero to spend all his efforts thinking about a plan of action against the Q, should Duo return to the ship. Or should he happen to visit any other federation ships for that matter.

This was actually a good thing, because Heero couldn't get that stupid face out of his thoughts. All he could think about was how to beat Duo, trick him, win against him and PROVE once and for all, that Captain Heero T. Yui wasn't a force to reckon with. Wasn't some mere human from a dinky inferior race, like Duo thought. To prove that he was an equal. NO, not an equal but BETTER than Duo.

He had about 20 plans of action in his head just in case Duo did returned, when he returned. IF he returned. Where was the bastard?

Just then a VERY familiar bright flash of light filled the entire room, and all of Heero's well thought out plans went to hell. He was no longer sitting in his Captain's chair. NO Duo now had that honor. Heero noticed that Duo seemed to be much shorter than he remembered, then he realized that it wasn't Duo, but him that was the problem. Heero was floating a few feet off the ground. And just like in a cartoon when the guy realizes after he walks off a cliff, that he can't really walk on air, Heero began flailing his arms and legsrapidly in the air.

This all happened so fast that Wufei, thinking he had to protect the Captain against the EVIL one and not noticing the switch, shot Heero in the air with his super, duper, high-tech, ray gun 2000. Luckily it was only set to stun and, thanks to Duo, didn't knock him out. But it still stung like hell.

"OUCH!!!! Wufei, you idiot!!!! Hit him, not me, hit HIM."

Wufei looking for a few seconds like he should just shoot himself and end the embarrassment, quickly recovered and lunged for the sitting Q. Duo just sat there in Heero's chair, examining his nails on one hand and positioning the other hand abruptly into the stop position. Immediately, Wufei froze.

Heero fixed his glare on Duo. Even though the Q was making his life more interesting, Heero was beginning to FINALLY realize that he could be quite dangerous too. "Duo!!! Stop this at once. Unfreeze Wufei and let me down from here."

Duo, pretending like he hadn't seen Heero before, lost the bored statement on his face and smiled brightly up at the Captain. "OH Hee-chan, did ya miss me?"


"Awwww too bad, I missed you. So I decided to come pay you a little visit. Though I didn't expect laser-brain over there to shoot you. I hope you're okay."

"I am fine!!! I am so touched by your deep sympathy, and could almost for a second believe that this isn't ALL your fault, now, "please" let me down."

"Oh but Hee-chan I DO care about your well being. See, I'll even prove it, but Mr.Trigger-happy has to promise not to move."

"He won't, you have my word."

"OKIE DOKIE, then" Duo snapped his fingers and both Heero and Wufei, who had been kinda at an angle, fell flat on their faces. It took all of both Wufei and Heero's strength of will not to lunge at the unwanted guest once again.

Heero stood up trying to regain any amount of pride he could after falling flat on his face. He noticed that Duo was once again in the red Admiral's Uniform. Couldn't the guy just wear a pair of jeans?

"Now Duo, could you please get out of my chair?"

"No, I am the senior rank on board now, so I get to sit in your chair."

"Stop acting like a child, you aren't even an officer."

"Well Mr. Stop-acting-like-a-child, should we compare ages. I am 20 billion years old, how `bout you?"


Yes, mon Capitain?"

"Duo, why are you here?" By now the whole entire bridge crew was wondering the same thing, why was Duo back. Than again why was he ever anywhere, doing anything, but to be a pest.

"Alright Hee-chan, let's get serious for a moment..."

"Hn, when are YOU ever serious."

"HEE-CHAN!!!!! I am talking. I thought you had already learned not interrupt. Anyway I can be VERY serious when I want to be. And I want to serious right now. I told you I was going to bring the universe to you, so don't act so damn surprised. I thought since you had already seen the best the universe had to offer, ME in case your simple mind hadn't picked up on that, I would show you some other, not so great as me but still pretty neat, things."

"And just what is that.?", Heero asked in a cautious tone, he just knew he was going to regret asking that.

"Why this..." Duo trailed off as he pointed towards a large screen monitor. It was much like a huge movie screen, which was situated at the front of the room. It allowed the bridge crew to monitor what was happening outside the ship. As the crew stared into the screen and saw nothing but bright stars and space, Duo once again snapped his fingers and in the middle of the screen there was a bright flash. There, replacing the once empty space was an enormous ship, 10 times the size of the U.S.S Wing. It was in the shape of a cube, and looked like it was forever being built.

The crew stared at the ship, expecting something, ANYTHING too happen. Nothing. They waited a bit longer expecting Duo to maybe explain, and when no explanation came, Wufei lost his patience and piped up for the first time since being frozen. "Ummm, what is it?"

"It's a ship moron."

"I know it's a ship, why did you bring it to us?"

"Well that's for me to know and you to find out. Well I really must be going. It's been a pleasure as always seeing you Heero, and exchanging wits with wonder-boy here."

Heero turned to stare at Duo. "You aren't just leaving it here are you?"

"Why yes I am, I hope you have fun, but a word of warning, I'm not the only thing you can't handle Heero..."

And with that, and yet ANOTHER bright flash of light, Duo was gone.

Heero slowly made his way back down to his favorite chair, thinking about what to do now. Wufei ran over to him loudly voicing Heero's thoughts. "Well what do we do now?

Heero thought that the best plan of action would be to transport over to the new ship. Transporting was a rather new invention. It consisted of taking a person apart cell by cell and putting you back together in another predestined place. Thereby "transporting" you to another place of your choice. Before he could give the order to send over a team, there was a humming sound and four heavenly-armed individuals transported themselves onto the bridge.

Heero couldn't believe this was happening. He was going to kill Duo. The tall well-built and identical men were obviously from the ship, their space suits looked just like their ship outside. The closest one in front of Heero pointed his large gun straight at him and spoke in a low dangerous, yet somehow mechanical voice.

"We are the Zechs!!! You will be assimilated. Resistance is Futile!"



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