Title: U.S.S Wing-Gundam Class 3/?
Author: Sony-Mouse
Warnings: Shounen AI, OOC, Fushion, Crossover, AU Crossover with Star Trek
Rating: uhhhhhhhhhhhhh PG ???? I wish it was more, maybe later...



Counselor Winner, Lieutenant Wufei and Commander Trowa all sat around a table facing the stern look on their Captain's face. He was telling them, AGAIN, about what happened with Duo, and trying not to get mad while doing it. Eventually Chief Medical Officer Sally Po entered the room, finally deciding to grace them with her presence and join the others at the conference table. She had been very busy giving yet another lecture on "Why it is wise NOT Piss off Lieutenant Wufei 101". There had just been too many incidents already, so she had decided to take matters in her own hands.

She sat down in her favorite chair and watched how Heero went on to babble about some long haired, all-powerful braided letter of the alphabet, whom he was going to kill if he ever saw again. Sigh, the poor man must have cracked under the...uhhhh...Stress??? AHH who knew why, either why he had lost it. It was kind of sad in a way.

She looked around the room once more and noticed Heero starting to explain in detail the arrogance of this mystery "man" ??. The other officers would never doubt a word the man said, maybe it was because they were all guys, that was Sally's theory anyway. Even if the Captain said something stupid like, "I AM A FISH." They would believe him and go on with their daily lives praising the great all-powerful FISH whom they knew. And they were still better than the rest of the crew, and galaxy for that matter, who thought of the Captain as some sort of god. Though no one would agree with her, this very "arrogant man" that Heero was now speaking of sure sounded a lot like a certain Captain of U.S.S Wing that Sally was now having the pleasure of looking at. He may be good at what he did, but BOY did he know it. Sally decided to give up trying to figure out what was going on in Heero's head. He was probably just drunk, and all this talk of Braided Alphabets would pass when he was sober again.

As soon as these thoughts entered her head she suddenly came to realized that she was no longer in the briefing room, but in some sort of...court room???

All five of the senior officers were standing on a huge circle, platform type thing, and a good number of the crew were watching from the sidelines. The room itself was fairly dark and gave the impression that THIS was the end of the road, not a good feeling to have when you don't know where the hell you are. A huge flash blinded them and then there standing in front of them was the most beautiful creature they had every seen, and coincidentally, also the most deadly looking.

He was wearing a long sleek black cloak, fish-net gloves that held his slender hands, an amazingly long sharp looking Scythe, that was at the moment attached to one of those slender hands, and to top it all off, he had a long chestnut brown braid that trailed down his back. He looked suspiciously like the Alphabet that Heero had just been describing, minus an Admiral's uniform. A coincidence….probably. Sally still maintained that the Captain had been drunk.

Looking at Heero, Sally couldn't help but notice how furious he was. He looked ready to jump the man. This was VERY unusual for Heero. Heero may get mad at you easily, but he NEVER showed it, well at least not like that. He calculated, planned your demise, he didn't just JUMP!!! The cloaked figure turned to look strait at Heero, he wore a smile that seemed to have been made just for the Captain and probably was. The braided man gave Heero a most seductive wink and then turned again to address the whole crowd. Just as he was about to open his mouth, Heero, who couldn't keep quiet any longer, directed his trade mark glare at Duo and spoke in his most menacing voice.

"Duo I should have known you would be behind this."

"Well of course I was behind this, silly man, who else could pulled this off...and with such class too. And again you are STILL interrupting me, Hee-chan, this time even before I speak and in public TOO. You just delight in embarrassing me in front of guest, don't you. I will just HAVE to teach you some manners later" He then tried to address everyone present once more. "Welcome...to MY court, I am the God of Death, Shinigami, your judge and you...YOU...are in big trouble."

The tension created by Duo's words was completely destroyed by Wufei starting to snicker behind Heero.

"Did he just call Captain Yui...Silly Man and Hee...Hee...Hee-chan?" Before either Heero or Duo could answer the entire building starting roaring with laughter.

Heero's death glare quickly changed from being directed at Duo to being directed at the crowd until Heero realized that it was really Duo's fault that the crew were laughing at all and redirected the glared back at it's favorite target, namely DUO.

Duo laughed at first before he too realized something. This was his trial and those pesky humans were interrupting him. They really had a social problem.

"SILENCE...The great Q is speaking." Immediately the room became once more still with quite awe and fear for the black-cloaked man in front of them.

Wufei taking the lead, since Heero was still brooding, tried to figure out what was going on, "What do you want with us Duo? Are you putting the Human Race on Trial? Perhaps trying to deny us existence?"

"Listen Klingon-Boy..."

"Hey!!! I'm not a Klingon..."

"...I didn't come here to put your puny race on trial, I am here to put Captain Heero T. Yui on trial. He is being charged with a crime that I haven't thought up yet, but whatever it is, he is being tried for it, and is most definitely GUILTY. YOU, my security loving friend, and your crewmates our only here as witnesses, to help me embarrass your Captain, and to be possibly used as black-mail at a later date."

Wufei turned a deep crimson red and tried to lunge at the too calm Q standing in from of him. Luckily, for his sake, his fellow officers were able to stop him in time.

After Sally and the rest had successfully calmed Wufei down to a tolerable level it was Heero who picked up the conversation. "And just WHY am I here on trial Duo?"

Duo practically cringed at the monotone yet icy way in which Heero said the last statement. Everything about Heero was really starting to get to Duo. The more he couldn't make Heero react the way he wanted him to, the more he wanted him to react. But instead of voicing this he decided to insult the Captain instead.

" BECAUSE, Hee-chan, there is something about you that REALLY pisses me off. And if you don't finally decide to have some fun with me, I will just have to use your precious crew instead. They would make the PERFECT pawns in my "Chess Game", don't you think?"

Now it was one thing to threaten Heero to try to get him behave in a certain way, but to threaten his crew!!! There was no way Heero was going to let that obnoxious, loud mouthed, long-haired, Scythe wielding FREAK get away with that. So he did the only thing a person like Heero could do in a position like that. He calmly walked up to Duo, smirked at him and then proceeded to hit him as hard as he could.

In an instant there was a bright flash and the entire room went dark. The crew was gone, and so was the courtroom. All that was left was a smug looking Heero and an astonished Duo lying on the ground. Duo looked up at Heero with wide eyes and yelled in an irritated voice.


"Well, I'm not Picard. And if you ever threaten my crew like that again, I will do more than just hit you."

Duo's face changed quickly from rage to becoming once again seductive when addressing Heero. "Hmmmm is that a promise my little Hee-chan."

"Duo, I am warning you..."

Duo's face lost all it's smiles and smirks instantly and turned serious.

"No Hee-chan, NO YOU'RE NOT!!! I don't think you realize what I could do to you. If I wanted to, I could blink and your entire ship would be gone, your planet destroyed, your species forgotten, and your solar system turned in to dust particles. I could even FORCE you to have fun. Would you like that?"

Heero didn't even flinch at Duo's uncharacteristic outburst. Looking rather pleased with himself he answered the upset Q in a calm Heero-like voice. "If you had wanted to do that to either my planet or me, you would have already done it. You wouldn't have bothered waiting."

Duo sighed. "There you go again, being completely unpredictable. I am Q, NOTHING should be unpredictable. I have seen it all. Been there. done that, got the damn T-Shirt. You didn't even ask about your crew, I bet you knew already that I had sent them back to your pathetic ship."

Heero only looked mildly amused, which was something, considering this was Heero. Still lying on the ground, Duo decided it was time to stand up. Once up, Duo slowly made his way around Heero. Take slow calculated steps. Seeming to check out every little detail he could about Heero, before stopping to stand right behind him against his back. Making sure Heero felt at least a LITTLE uncomfortable, he leaned forward a bit and whispered into Heero's right ear. "Why can't you just play along with my games? Why can't you stop being so interesting? Why can't you stop resisting me?" Duo slowly moved his head till he was now whispering in Heero's left ear. "Why can't you just simply forget about your missions, your ship, and your life and learn what the universe REALLY is...with me?"

Heero hesitated before answering, but still replied in his usual calm tone. "I can't." He pushed Duo back away from him and turned to face the God-like being. "Why can't you just leave me and my ship alone? Why can't you just move on, find some other person to be your amusement of the week? Why…why can't you just go away?"

For the first time since Heero had met the headstrong Q, Duo seemed to look doubtful, even regretful. Duo's eyes searched the entire room as if it would give him the answer that he was looking for. Eventually his eyes couldn't help but stop in front of Heero's. And with a smirk the old Duo returned and answered, "I can't."

His eyes then quickly lit up again with even more mischief, "But Hee-chan, I am afraid this isn't a democracy. You don't have a vote in what happens to you. You won't play my games, FINE; I won't force you to either. But that doesn't mean you are excused from them. If I can't bring you to the universe, then I will just have to bring the universe to you. And I don't think you will like what the Universe has in store for Captain Heero T. Yui. Everything you have witnessed up to now in your small little federation is nothing compared to what is really out there. And I hope you are ready cause I sure am."

Never one to let Heero have the last word, Duo snapped his fingers and was gone in another brilliant, blinding flash. Heero soon followed right after and found himself once again sitting in his office chair, with a fresh cup of Early Grey Tea in his hand, and looking up at the astonished faces of the senior officers standing around him. This was quickly getting to be annoying.


Well that is that, hope you liked it :)