Title: U.S.S. Wing- Gundam Class 2/?

Author: Sony_Mouse Sony_Mouse@h...

Pairings: 1+2/2+1, 3+4/4+3 others later on

Warnings: Shounen Ai I guess, uhh wierd crossover, fusion

Crossover: Star Trek/Gundam Wing (I don't even know what I thought of that, no wait I do. I was watching an episode and that that Duo would be great as a certain character (you'll find out who))

This is turning out really well, I would like to thank all the Beta readers who helped me out alot (and made me stop writing in Canadian English) and all those who ebed me to write more. I will be gone for 2 weeks now in Italy but when I get back Iwill have lots of other parts to add to this one.


U.S.S Wing-Gundam Class



Heero made his way to his office to try and find any record he could on this "Admiral Maxwell". But before he arrived at his office, three very nervous officers greeted him. Taking one look at his angry face they immediately assumed that it was because of their little prank. Quatre, the least likely to be beaten up by Heero, mostly because he had a good lawyer, stepped in front of in front of Heero on the warpath. "Ummmm Heero, I mean Captain...Captain Sir."

"Yes, what it is Counselor? I am in a hurry." Heero didn't appear very pleased for some particular reason. He was naturally worried about his ship, but he didn't appreciate having his thoughts about the mystery Admiral interrupted.

"Well, you see, we are...sorry for trying to get you drunk, and setting you up with the Queen of Sanq.." Quatre stammered. ". We hope that you decide not to kill us, because we like our lives, or at least we liked them before the party and..." Heero stared at him for a couple of seconds before the realization of what the hell Quatre was babbling about hit him.

"Oh THAT, the party. Hn, a thing of the past. I have more important things to deal with right now. Wait… You were trying to get me drunk? What were you thinking...I don't have time for this." He started to walk off, then thought better of it. Someone needed to keep an eye out for that Admiral.

Turning back to the gawking group he added, "Watch out for an Admiral with a long braid and who tells bad jokes. If you come across him alone, arrest him." The three officers, frozen in the spots gaped at each other. Wufei turned to Quatre, an uneasy look written on his face. "A Braided Admiral???" Quatre gasped. "A thing of the Past??? HEERO??"

Both looked up as the tall alien replied calmly, "Well at least we managed to get him drunk. Though I did not think it logical for this to happen."

All three burst out laughing and headed back to the party. The next time they would cover up their tracks better so that Heero wouldn't know it was them. The next plan would be perfect, completely flawless. Sigh, some people just never learn.


Not surprisingly, Heero couldn't find a sentence of information about an Admiral Maxwell anywhere in the history of the galaxy. He couldn't even think of a terrorist group who would be out to get him, his crew or his ship. Thanks to him there was peace in the galaxy. Everyone loved him, escalating him to godlike status.

Even though none of it made sense, it didn't stop him from searching some more. I mean really, how many inhabitants of the galaxy were out there that looked like THAT!!! He would find any information on this man, even if it killed him. NO ONE, and he meant no one infiltrated his ship. Those who managed to succeed later got their sorry asses kicked by him, personally.

Hours passed in the dark office and still nothing about an Admiral Maxwell came up. Even with an endless supply of Earl Gray Tea (HOT), Heero was still slowly losing his already thinned patience. First his annoying birthday party, and now this…this…PERSON dared enter HIS ship. For about the hundredth time that night, Heero gave a loud sigh.

"Oi, if you sigh one more time I might just have to TELL you who I am. Pity, I had hoped you would figure it out yourself."

Heero spun around in his chair, so quickly that he spilled his precious tea. Although now was not the time to think about tea, he couldn't help feel sorry. It had been the really good kind that had had a teabag in it for just the right amount of time, just enough sugar, not too much, not too little, and the temperature…no, no, NO he had to think rationally.

Rightly so, there was a man leaning against his wall. He quickly realized that it was "Admiral" Maxwell, looking as cocky as ever. Concealing his anger over the spilt tea, Heero glared at the figure. "Ah…how nice of you to join me. I was just in the process of looking up your much sought after number, but apparently…it doesn't exist and neither do you. Maybe you could help me figure out why?" Sending Heero one of his trademark smiles, Maxwell responded cheerfully. "I would be more than happy to help THE great Captain Heero T. Yui. Though I doubt I could make you understand anything beyond what your feeble human mind hasn't already absorbed."

"I don't have time for this!" Heero roared. "How did you get on my ship, and what are you planning to do to my crew?"

"Oooo..my ship, my crew…geez you sure interrupt a lot for such a quiet, antisocial guy. Quite rude for a Captain too…hm… Anyway where was I? Oh yes, allow me to introduce myself. I...AM...Q."

He gave a dramatic pause waiting for gasps of shock or surprise to come from Heero. When none were to be heard he continued, scowling, oddly put off.

"NO applause is necessary. I was quite happy to show your pathetic race a glimpse of my greatness, even though I AM from THE Q Continuum."

Again he looked to Heero for any type of shock or surprise, still nothing. Heero just stood there as is if waiting for him to shut-up and explain what he was doing on his ship.

"YES, that is right, Q, THE Q, you know a 'Group' or race of all-powerful, obnipitant beings." Maxwell explained, gesturing wildly. "You know the big guys upstairs, more or less running the place since no one else wants to. A Q...Oi, are you even paying attention??"

"Oh, um yes of course I was paying attention, Mr. uhhhhh…M. But you still haven't explained what you are doing on my ship."

Maxwell/Q gawked at the Captain. How could anyone be so stupid? Face to face with a Q and Heero didn't even know who or what he was. How...how...rude! And Heero was questioning him being anywhere, especially here, on his pathetic ship. Then to be called an M…

"The name is Q not M you low life. You know you could have at least humored me and acted like you knew who I was. I go to all this trouble and…well that doesn't matter anymore. I should have known your primitive race wouldn't have heard of THE great Q. You know, I was just talking to Q the other day and he mentioned how Q never liked your planet, but then Q just had to come over and interrupt. He said that he had been talking to Q who enjoyed visiting your planet..."

"Wait...Slow down." Interrupted Heero. " Are all of you named Q?" Maxwell just glared at Heero for his interruption…again.

"Well we are of THE Q Continuum. Or was I using words that were too big for you." Heero matched glares with his unwelcome guest. Who did he think he was, talking to him like that?

"Well, Mon Capitain, or can I call you Hee-chan". Noting Heero's suddenly clenched fist he went on. "Oooooo that got a reaction, it will do nicely. Now Hee-chan, taking account that you are of a less civilized species, I will give you a name in which you may call me that will bear less strain on your simple mind. Since Q already took the name Solo, I will take the name Duo, as I am the second Q to take a name. Q number two, D-U-O, Duo, just in case you didn't understand the first time." From here Duo began to babble. "Now Q is gonna be pissed off. He really wanted that name but oh well, he is stuck with Trio now. Oh and for a last name, I'll just use Maxwell since I was using it earlier tonight. My, this is all getting boring really fast, let's do something fun Hee-chan."

Heero simply stood there, his glare chilling, not sure if he was more shocked than angered. Whoever this person was, he was talking a mile a minute, and didn't seem to care that Heero could have him put in jail for the rest of his miserable life. The man obviously was weaponless and was raving like a lunatic about some S Continuum or something…all the while posing as an Admiral on his ship. And now he was calling him Hee-chan. That was it. He wasn't going to put up with this loudmouthed baka for one minute longer.

Leaning down to press the security button he faltered realizing that the button was no longer there. Looking around his office he found that it too was gone. In fact nothing was there. As far as Heero could tell he was nowhere. In a black "void" of some sort.

"Hee-chan, I am shocked, SHOCKED. You really don't trust me do you?? I can't understand why. I come to your birthday party, I name myself for you, I even went so far as to buy you a birthday present…well not really but I was going to if you were reeeeaaaaaaaaaallly nice. I was even going to give you an all black Gundam ship; you could've called it U.S.S. Duo." At this point Duo sighed. "But alas you have betrayed me by trying to call security. I am deeply hurt."

"Well, you sure don't look hurt. In fact you look as if you are about to laugh."

"Only on the outside, I am crying on the inside." Heero looked up at Duo, not believing a single word the braided man offered.


Duo pouted, glaring at Heero even though his eyes were amused. "Well so what if I am laughing at you? Serves you right for not believing me. I did tell you who I was. It's not my fault you chose not to listen." It took all of Heero's self-control to keep from ending the other man's life then and there. Instead Heero rolled his eyes, vowing that if that Duo guy said one more word he would forget all about his dignity and kill him.

To Heero's credit he didn't look the least bit surprised to be in the middle of nowhere. Even though he was in shock, he sure didn't show it. Surrounded by a black void, his life in the hands of Duo, yet he still seemed fairly calm. By now it was pretty obvious Duo that was telling the truth about being all-powerful, as well as running the show. 'Great just what I need. A bored crazed braided all-powerful Duo, and this just had to happen on my birthday.'

"Q...Duo, where are we?"

"Why Hee-chan, we are Nowhere. I tried to think of somewhere to take you on your birthday. But since I couldn't just take you to Anywhere, I took you to Nowhere." Duo seemed pleased by his pun and continued to smile that smile that was slowly driving Heero up the wall.

"If you don't take me back right now, I WILL kill you." He threatened.

"Kill ME!!! Oh, Hee-chan you can be so funny at times. I think I like you. Maybe I will stick around for a bit. Just to think, I only dropped by for a drink. Though I must say, that wasn't much of a party. If you want, I could show you a real good time." Duo smiled and gave Heero a small wink. Heero's glare grew even more.

"No! Take me back now." He didn't like the idea of not being in charge of the situation. This was the first time in Heero's life where he was unsure of his next move. So, he did nothing, and stood in Nowhere glaring at the braided jokester in front of him. Staring at the amused grin on Duo's face, it finally sank in that Duo was possibly just looking for fun, and that Heero was nothing but a toy for this powerful being's merriment. Maybe, Heero decided, if he didn't play along, as he wasn't doing at the moment, Duo would get bored and leave him alone. So Heero continued to do what he was already doing, nothing.

Duo started teasing Heero even more, just dying to get a reaction out of the Captain, and got…nothing. Not a glare, not a "Stop it Duo" or a "I will kill you", nothing. It slowly started to make Duo mad. Though he had to laugh at the idea of Heero trying to resist HIS charms. Duo tried various methods to make Heero feel uncomfortable again. He even went so far, as to fill the room with hundreds of fuzzy, pink Relenas screaming HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOO. But even that failed to get a reaction from the Caption.

Duo wasn't getting bored, instead he was getting frustrated. How dare this lowly human not want to play in HIS games, hang out with HIM or be HIS friend. No, Duo rethought, he didn't want Heero to be his friend. He was Q, and Q were above such things as friendship with lower species. Duo took a good look at Heero who was trying to look comfortable standing/floating in the void.

Duo couldn't help but shake his head in wonder. The solemn Captain was way to serious for his own good; always calculating, working on being stuffy. It was disgusting.

Truth be told, Duo was actually a bit hurt, although a Q could hardly be expected to be hurt over something as trivial as a human. There was something about this Heero T. Yui. Not just anyone could have noticed that Duo had no place at the birthday party, especially since Duo made sure that no one would. Yet Heero had. And not just anyone could be so calm and collective when faced with a Q bored stiff. Yet Heero was. Frankly, it pissed Duo off. It pissed him off even more that this guy didn't even like having him around. Even after he had been so nice. He had been nice…right???

He should just squash this bug and get it over with. But something inside Duo wouldn't let him do that. Duo wasn't the sort of guy to go around squashing people...even if he was mad at them, though peole do change...

Ignoring his thoughts, Duo made a decision, one that Heero would be sure to detest. Turning to face the other man, he smiled his best smile and said with a wicked gleam in his eye, "Alright, Hee-chan, you win this round. But I'm not done with you yet."

And with the snap of a finger and the flash of a bright light, Heero was back in his office chair, sitting at his desk, thankfully clutching a cup of Early Grey Tea (Hot) in his hands, staring at a dashing picture of Duo Maxwell modeling off his Admiral's uniform.