Well this is my first fic that I am posting ( I am REALLY nervous) I hope you like, it is supossed to be light and fun but who knows how it turned out. PLEASE send me comments seeing how this is my first posted GW fic it would be nice to know what you think.

Title: U.S.S. Wing- Gundam Class

Author: Sony_Mouse Sony_Mouse@h...

Pairings: 1+2/2+1, 3+4/4+3 others later on

Warnings: Shounen Ai I guess, uhh wierd crossover

Crossover: Star Trek/Gundam Wing (I don't even know what I thought of that, no wait I do. I was watching an episode and that that Duo would be great as a certain character (you'll find out who))


U.S.S Wing-Gundam Class

Dedicated to my sister, so she will finally read something of mine. Hey I tried :)


In the farthest reaches of our galaxy, a huge ship "sailed" silently though the vast vacuum called space. The ship, so big it that it should probably be referred to as MASSIVE, held thousands of aliens and families. It was the top of the line, Gundam class, and this ship, the U.S.S. Wing was the Gundam Class pilot ship, meaning that it was better then all the other ships made. Piloted by none other than the top, and youngest, captain of the fleet. Captain Heero T. Yui, but don't ask him what the T stands for, unless you are tired of your existence and wonder what hell is like.

The crew of this ship had been wandering the galaxy to seek out new life and boldly go where no bishounen had gone before. AND they where doing a bang up job of it too. They had discovered countless new worlds, new civilisations, and made thousands of new peace treaties. This particular crew and ship were respected wherever they went, and this particular captain was revered as a god. That is, anyway, until the day they met a real god...


"CAPTAIN ON THE BRIDGE" immediately after the young, bright eyed ensign had called the signal, the entire bridge stood to attention. Their god was on board, Captain Heero Yui. (Bridge is the command centre of a ship)

The Captain looked down at his crew and gave a small smile, no not a smile, but approval none the less. "At ease crew". Upon hearing the no nonsense tenor of the captain, the crew quickly went about their business, just happy that they could serve THE Heero Yui.

Heero was not a tall man, but not too short either. He had brown hair that was surprisingly messy for a Captain, and he had dark blue eyes that every called Cobalt Blue, though his Personal report had them down as Prussian blue.

The captain sat down in his favourite chair and did nothing but observe the crew. It was essential that a captain knew what his crew was like. And seeing how the Captain NEVER socialised, this was how he learned about his crew. It wasn't that he didn't want to socialise, he was the Captain, Captain Yui, and Captain Yui never socialised. He was happy just knowing that his crew was happy. Besides, he didn't have time to socialise.

It was rumoured on the ship that Heero Yui did nothing but eat, sleep (sometimes) and work. There was no play with Heero Yui. In fact he despised games and other such things that he felt were a waste of time. But that didn't mean he wasn't going to let his crew enjoy themselves. If that was what kept them in good working order and happy, they could dance till their shifts came up. After all there was a reason WHY his crew loved him so much, he understood them perfectly, even if they didn't understand him.

At this same moment Heero was on the bridge, three such crewmembers were deciding how they could get Heero Yui to relax a little. Sure he seemed happy, but these three, who were as close as one got to Heero Yui, knew better. Heero was living in endless routine and may not be unhappy, but he wasn't happy either. He needed a challenge, but there was nothing in the universe as far as they knew that was a real challenge to Heero, so the next best thing was to get him drunk. That is where they AND his birthday came in handy.

"Now I checked his medical reports, today is definitely his birthday, but boy did he ever try to hide that fact, sheesh, I had to uses three authorisation codes, including an admirals to get the info." Laughing the small blond Ships Counsellor smiled at the two others. Ships Counsellor Quatre Winner was full of life and was the mastermind behind his evil plan to get Heero Yui out of his office and bridge.

"Ah yes, it's perfect. He deserves this break forced upon him like no one else does." The man saying this was an Asian looking young man with black hair and dark eyes. He was the Chief Security Officer, and VERY deadly if you crossed paths with him. Of course Chang Wufei would never think of harming his comrade-at-arms...unless necessary.

Both men looked up at the thin tall alien next to them, the third in their party, Trowa (his last name is unpronounceable so they all just call him Trowa), was an alien from a distant planet. He was tall like his species, green eyes and brown bangs that defied gravity, courtesy of his species genes. Unlike humans, he portrayed no emotions what so ever. Just because he didn't show them, though, didn't mean he didn't have them, he just didn't show them. Wufei suspected he had particular feelings for the meddling counsellor. Either way they needed the Science Officer's help to pull their scheme off. Both Quatre and Wufei looked up at Trowa with puppy dog eyes. One look at Quatre's face and the deal was good.

They would all "Captain-nap" Heero, and bring him to his own birthday party, where they would proceed to set him up. Sure it wasn't the greatest of plans, but it would at lest give them a good laugh. Now to find Heero's date. Not a big problem since every one male of female on this ship would go out with him in a heartbeat, BUT who could survive the experience. Besides they were pretty sure Heero was strait, at least they thought so, I mean who could tell any ways, he had never brought a date anywhere. Oh well they were going to set him up with a girl just to be on the safe side. Better safe than sorry with Captain Heero T. Yui.


After his shift was done the Captain was enjoying some fascinating reports from his crew when there was a loud knock at the door to his office. As much as it bothered Heero to take his eyes away from his work he answered the knock in his usual no nonsense tone. "Come in".

Before he could blink, Trowa walked into the office and used his alien strength to knock the captain unconscious. No normal person could have pulled off this feat, but his was Trowa and his race of aliens were normally stronger than humans.

Trowa picked up the limp Captain and threw the dead weight over his shoulder. He had work to do. Trowa quickly made his way to Heero's sleeping quarters. It was time to get the captain ready for his party.

And while all this was happening, Quatre was trying to convince the delegate from some stupid peaceful planet to be Heero's date. Not surprisingly she agreed in a second. Quatre hoped that the fact that she was a visiting Queen from the planet Sanq, would stop Heero from killing her OR insulting her by leaving the party. It was all too perfect. Heero would never risk a trade mission like this over his own hatred of dating. And besides, who knows, they could hit it off. Quatre laughed mentally at that. Anyway it was now time to leave for the party. Hopefully the warrior Wufei had scared the kitchen staff into preparing the party, and Trowa had captured and dressed Heero for the party. All was going according to his plan. MUHHAHAHAHHAH


Slowly, very slowly Heero opened his eyes to the dark. It was supposed to trick him into thinking that there was no one there, but he knew better than that, he could hear their muffled giggling. As soon as he went to stand up, the lights were turned on and the whole room yelled, "SURPRISE!!!".

Without a second thought he scanned the room for Quatre, Wufei and Trowa. They were going to pay for this! He found them walking towards him, but before he could say anything to strike fear in their hearts, a fuzzy pink think came flying at him. His first reaction was to kill it, but he realised in time that it was Queen Relena Peacecraft from the planet Sanq. Oh they had planned this out real well, and they were definitely going to pay.

"Happy birthday mister captain." A smiling queen said with her arms wrapped around him. He could hardly see her, as he was blinded by the pink, but he did manage to give a fake smile back. Forget payback, they were dead. He looked over at the smiling faces and gave them one of his Glares O' Death. Then for good measure he added a smile that just screamed, "You are so dead."

"Why thank you so much for this surprise party, how did you know it was my birthday..Quatre...."

Quatre eeped quickly and avoided another glare from the supposedly pleased Captain.

"I don't know how to thank you, but give me a few days and I am sure I will think of something appropriate." At this the three friends quickly made their getaway and ran in the other direction as fast as they could. Even Trowa showed fear in his eyes at that last comment. The captain could have fun while there were safely at the other side of the ship.


Hours went by and all the Captain could think of was how to kill his friends in the most painful way possible. `They are so dead, they are so dead, they are so dead, they are so dead.' these thoughts and more filled Heero's mind the entire night. Oh yes his revenge would be grand, that is of course if he survived this night and the fuzzy pink thing from hell. The Queen hadn't stop talking all night about how brave he was. It came to a point where SHE started telling HIM about his adventures. And she giggled like there was no tomorrow.

He had long since tuned her out and answered periodically with "Hn". But he was sure he that heard something in there about the Queen and some young Captain getting married, Heero quickly shuddered at that. The Queen herself wasn't all that bad, he could live with her, she was no worse then any other person that he had to put up with. Well except Trowa, Quatre and Wufei, but they weren't going to be able to leave their beds for a long, long time so he wouldn't get to see them much. But the idea of doing these types of social gatherings every night. Oh the inhumanity of it all.

Heero just didn't like these stupid gatherings, he did them for his job and that was all, completely dedicated to his missions, even if they were easy, they were his life, why couldn't anyone understand that. And at this moment he hated every single person in the known universe, no in the entire universe.

Heero started to look at the room to see who had dared to show up. Ah Ensign Capenter, I hate you, Lieutenant O'gala, I hate you, Admiral Braided guy, oh yes I hate... Wait a minute there weren't any Admirals aboard. Heero quickly became alert and watched the braided Admiral walk though the room. He couldn't help but call him the braided Admiral, the guy had a braid a mile long, a chestnut coloured braid reaching down to the back of his knees. And he was waaaaaaay to young to be an admiral. The admiral in question was laughing and making all kinds of stupid jokes, becoming somewhat the life of the party. He had a different smile for every person, but always a smile.

Heero didn't want to alarm anyone since they were having such a great time at his party that he decided to just call security and have them deal with the young man, quietly. But before he could do just that, the admiral turned his head directly at Heero and gave him the cockiest grin while staring strait into Heero's eyes. Heero was shocked just for a moment before he could regain his senses, `how did they guy know he was about to do that?'. And those eyes, which were a violet-blue colour, NOT normal for a human, they just seemed to yell at him `don't even think about it, buster. I know what you plan to do and I have it covered'. And in the split second that this all happened, the braided admiral turned back to his waiting audience.

"Mister Captain, Mister Captain? Are you alright?"

Heero looked back down at the annoying Queen, who was STILL talking and wondered why she hadn't left yet. "I am fine, but I unfortunately have to return to my quarters now and finish up some... uhhhhhh... unfinished reports."

"Oh wow you are always working, that is suuuuuuuuuuuuch a good quality in a husband and a King." Heero just stared at her wondering if she was drunk, probably. Or maybe she had found some drugs he was unaware of.

Anyways all this was unimportant compared to the threat to his crew and ship. He looked back up to find the admiral and noticed that he was gone, he wasn't even in the room anymore. Heero made his way to the gaggle of officers where he last saw the Admiral. Everyone quickly wished him happy birthday and told him how much they loved working on his ship. Smiling awkwardly, well awkwardly for Heero Yui, he inquired about the admiral.

"Oh Admiral Maxwell, yeah he was great, didn't act like an admiral at all, and boy could he tell a good joke. I wish all the admirals were like him. But he had some work to do and left, too bad I was hoping to get his number..."

Heero looked annoyed at the thought of a junior officer hitting on an Admiral, but remembered the guy wasn't a real admiral anyway.

"Oh sir, that man was enough to make me forget about ALL my troubles. *sigh* " All Heero could do not to gag was roll his eyes at the last comment.

"Very Well thank you all for your assistance." Then a bit louder he addressed the entire party, "I thank you all for my birthday present. It was a joyous occasion thanks to you all. But sadly I must get back to work, please enjoy the evening as long as you can. Good night." The entire room went up in cheers and clapping, and during this Heero made his getaway.