Title: A Spaceman Came Travelling 2/?

Author: Sony_Mouse

Pairings: 1+2+1 FOREVER

Warnings: AU…that's it really

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As for the date, I made a typo, Duo does NOT live in the 20, 001 (20001) but in the year 2001 (same year as us, oddly enough I don't see Duo working at my Starbucks, you'd think I would but I don't. He works at a Starbucks that doesn't exist that has a nice clean patio with lots of sunlight and a nice view...defiantly not my Starbucks, my view is the Much Music Building. (If you ever turn on Much Music and the camera shows the building, the Starbucks you see is mine, I don't mind saying this cause you guys still don't know what I look like or who I am. But now every time you watch the Much Music station, you'll be wondering, "Is that Sony_Mouse????"

Ok, back to the story….


Laughing some more, Duo ran his hand through his thick bangs. "I can't believe you're here, and I can't believe this is happening, and I really can't believe you need my help. I swear if I survive the experience, this is going to make one great movie."

As Duo continued to smile for real and talk almost without end, Heero began to wonder if asking help from this young man was such a good idea after all. There was a glint of amusement in the other's big violet eyes that warned Heero of trouble.

But he had gotten himself into this whole mess by coming here in the first place. So instead of bolting, Heero sat up straighter and wondered if the Duo would ever shut up.


Part 2: GreenCard (I love that movie, and think it would make a great GW fusion…. staring Heero and Duo naturally)


Duo wasn't off work for another six hours, but as soon as he was, he went straight for the patio and found the still waiting Heero. He quickly informed him it was now time to leave, and without another word they were off.

The sun was still shining as they made their way down the street. While enjoying this Duo tried to strike up a conversation.

"So you waited the entire six hours for me, not getting up once?"


"I'll admit I'm a beautiful to look at, but weren't you bored." Glaring dangerously at Duo, Heero replied in his usual deadpan voice.

"I wasn't looking at you, I had more important things to do, like planning a course of action."

"Oh, I thought you had already done that."

"All I have done is acquired your help, I still have to figure out how I was transported here, and how I can get back."

"What if you can't."


"Ok, ok don't tell me, but you're not staying with me if you're stuck here. I'll help you get a job or something, maybe McDonalds is hiring, but you're on your own."

"If I can't go home, I won't be needing a place to stay. There would be no reason for me to remain here."

"So you'd move?"

"No, I'd kill myself." Duo stopped walking and turned around to yell at the other young man.

"What! I'll admit it must be hard for you, but 2001 isn't that uncivilized, I mean we must have something over you if you need my help. What the hell was your job back in the future, an FBI agent?"

Looking puzzled Heero shook his head. "No."

"You're really not one to give information out are you, fine, have it your way, just don't expect any more free coffee from me if you're going to be like that. And I don't ever want to hear another word from you about killing yourself." Duo was about to start walking again when he noticed Heero's strange attire; or rather his almost lack of attire.

"Just what are you wearing?" Not even bother to look down, Heero turned away.

"Suitable clothing for a mission."

"You look like an 80's gym instructor lost in time. In fact knowing you, that may be the case. Either way, I do have some taste and I'm not going to be seen in public with you wearing a tank top and SPANDEX. And trust me, if your mission is to blend, you are failing miserably."

Grabbing Heero's reluctant hand, Duo dragged the protesting Gundam Pilot into one of the clothes shops near by. It took one hour, and a lot of saved up money, but Duo was able to buy Heero some nice outfits that would help him blend more easily into the surrounding community. But for today, Heero decided to just wear some new jeans, and his regular green tank top. Duo wanted to protest but decided it was better than letting him wear those god-awful spandex shorts in public.

They were now walking outside with Heero carrying everything they had purchased. Duo was surprised to admit that he was enjoying the little excursion. Heero may be quiet, and rude, and demanding, but he more or less let Duo get away with what he wanted to say or do. And it was nice to be in charge of somebody for a change.

The pair continued walking down the street, about to turn a corner that would lead them to Duo's apartment. When, for the second time that day, Duo ran smack into another man. Duo quickly realized who it was and ushered Heero away. "Here just wait for me over there, I know this guy." Heero did as he was told, but didn't stray too far away.

Looking back at the man he had just bumped into, Duo noticed, not surprisingly, that there were three other men standing behind the one he had just collided with. The leader looked down at Duo with a predatory gleam in his eye.

"Well, well, if it isn't our favorite buddy! How ya doing today little Maxwell, brought me any coffee?"

Duo wasn't phased in the least bit; he knew them long enough to know he was in no danger. "NO, but that's just because I don't like you."

"Not like me, but I like you." The group of men started to surround Duo and press him against the wall.

"Hey guys, better be careful today, I might not be so nice and let you off the hook like last time."

The group of men laughed at the smaller man and pressed forward, the leader brushing his hand softly across Duo's cheek. Duo's grin only widened and a spark of fire shone brightly in his eyes. He was about to say or do something when the leader was pulled volitionally out of Duo's view.

Duo could only gape as Heero, who had come out of nowhere, hit the man so hard that he literally flew across the street. He then proceeded to do a few incredibly fast roundhouse kicks, sending two of the other men crashing to the wall, and the third man running like hell.

All that remained was Duo, whose statement of surprised quickly turned into that of anger as he saw Heero brush the dirt off his hands and turn to smirk at Duo.

"You bastard. What the hell did you do that for?"

Heero flinched as if he had just been punched. "I was helping you."

"Who the hell asked for your help, as I recall you're the one who asked for mine. I told you to stand over there. I could take care of these men."

"I didn't look that way."

"Well that's not your concern, if I had needed help, you would have known. Besides those guys were harmless, they are actually my kinda like my friends in a weird sort of way, they watch my back sometimes and I watch theirs. They were just teasing back there."

Heero still looked a bit stunned that Duo was mad at him and tried to be defensive. "Well maybe you need new friends." This got Duo's attention. Putting on a sultry smile he slowly sauntered over to where Heero was standing. Sliding his hand slowly up Heero's now tense chest, Duo teased in an evil voice. "New friends huh...Friends like you Spaceman?"

Before Heero could reply or even think of pushing the other young man away, Duo dropped down and kicked his leg out, successfully tripping Heero and causing him to land flat on his back.

It took Heero awhile to regain his breath and his sight, but the first thing he saw as his eyes came back into focus was a grinning Duo looking down at him from above.

"I don't kneed your help, I can take care of myself. Now get up before you get those new jeans any dirtier." As Heero took the offered hand to stand up, he tried to figure out just how in the world the other boy had been able to catch him off guard, it should have been impossible.

Duo on the other hand went on talking as if nothing had happened. "Now as soon as we get back, I'm going to have a shower to get this awful coffee smell out of my hair and then you're going to get settled in. After that, we're going to find out all about you and just why you're able to knock a man clean across the street in one punch."

Picking up the bags Heero had left near the wall, Duo started heading towards the apartment with Heero trailing miserably behind him.


Once in the apartment, Duo did just as he said he would, showing Heero his new room and the layout of the apartment, he was more than happy to leave the quiet man behind and take a nice long shower.

When that was done, he wrapped his soaking hair up in a nice dry towel and entered the living room wearing only a long terrycloth robe. As Duo sat down in his favorite chair, he smiled warmly at the stoic young man who was already sitting down on the couch and obviously still brooding over what had happened.

"You know Heero, now that I've had my nice shower, and had a bit of time to relax I think I owe you an apology. I guess I was just high strung from everything that happened, you really were just trying to help me back there, and that shows you are a good person hidden deep down in that really strange exterior and aren't going to try and kill me in my sleep. So thanks."

Looking even more confused than normal Heero nodded his head. "Hn."

"Why do you always looked so confused whenever I say something to you. It's almost as if you never expected me to apologize."

"I didn't." Heero answered truthfully.

"Ok...well I did, now enough of that, I want to learn all about you. If you want me to help, I need to know what I'm up against."

Taking a few seconds to decide if this was a wise plan of action, Heero finally concluded it was for the best and started talking, being as direct to the point as he always was.

"I'm a Gundam Pilot and a terrorist fighting in a war. I was transported back here while attacking a military base."

"Good to know Earth has a such a bright future."

"My name is Heero Yui, and I am one of a select five who can pilot a Gundam, there is no need to explain what that is too you, and that is why I can fight like I can. I was trained to be the best."

"Ha, well if I beat you, then that would that make me the best?"


"I think it would, cause I'm knocked you flat on your ass..." Interrupting the boy, Heero continued.

"That is besides the point, if I had any weapons with me, of even a working knowledge of the computers in this time, I would be able to do everything at a much higher level than you."

"But until then, I'm better than you."

"Will you let me finish?"

"Sheesh, no need to get all cranky on me. Fine, you're the best, you're the man, no one does it better than you. There! Does that make you happy?"

"Duo, I'm trying to explain why I'm here."

"I understand already, you're a terrorist, you got caught in something way over your head, you were transported back in time, now you're dependent on me, the one incredibly sexy person who can kick your ass."

"Duo!" The warning tone in Heero's voice told Duo to stop teasing, but he didn't think the other man minded too much or else he would probably hanging out the window by now.

"Ok Mr. I-have-to-be-serious-all-time, I'll get you set up with a friend of mine tomorrow, he can show you the basics to a computer, and until then, I can show you what I know. As for your other necessities, I'll even look into what it takes to get you a green card so you can get a job. And if you want, later on I can show you how to fight."


The braided boy rolled his eyes at the annoyed pilot from the future, and when he spoke it was dripping with sarcasm. " Duo! Duo! Gee, you sound just like my kindergarten teacher. Do all the people in your time have no sense of humor, of is this just you who's mastered the art of being devoid of humor?"

"We have a sense of humor, it's just too advanced for your primitive mind."

"Yeah I bet, you must be the class clown back home. What'll they do with out you to make them laugh."


"Oh, we're back on a `Hn' basis. And I thought we were making progress."

"Don't you have work to do?"

"Oh no, that was it, I've got the rest of the day to spend with you." Heero didn't look too happy at the thought. "Hey don't stop now, tell me all about you, and I mean ALL. I want to know all about your future and what you do for a living, and I don't mean that report you were trying to tell me before. What's it like there? What cool gadgets do you have? What's your favorite sport? What year are you from, and it better be far off in the future or you're out on your ass."

"None of this is important."

"No, but it's sure is interesting as hell."

"What if I change history."

"Oh, like you being here and demanding to live with me hasn't already changed my life, you may as well go all the way."

"Fine, I'll tell you anything that doesn't endanger the mission."

"Sure, sure. So what's a Gundam?"

"Next question."

"So you're going to be picky. Fine, where are you from in space?
Mars? Jupiter?"

"L1 Colony."

"Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, so that's like the moon?"

"No, it's a space colony, I was born and raised there."

"Must be fun to have no gravity."

"We had gravity."

"Oh...so what year are you from?"


"You don't say, and I thought you were from the future."

"Baka." Duo laughed of what he was sure was an insult and instead chose to take his wet hair out of his towel and start brushing it to make it dry. He was surprised when Heero came closer to get a better look.

"Why do you have all that hair."

"What's a Gundam."

"Hn." Laughing again Duo began to take the knots out of his hair.

"Fine, you win, I give up. Now I have to go and dry this so you can go look around and don't clean anything. I'm warning you, if you wash one dish, I'll hit you over the head with a pot."

As soon as Duo was gone Heero finally let himself relax. He was still upset with himself for not only feeling the need to protect Duo earlier, but for letting the young man trip him. Neither things should have happened.

Duo's long wet tresses flashed through his mind, and he shook his head quickly to remove the dangerous thoughts from his mind. He hoped that he would be gone soon from this and not have to deal with the odd young man anymore. The sooner he was out of here, the sooner he could be back home where everything made sense, computers worked, people were afraid of him, and he was never confused, like he was when he was around Duo.



I don't know how that turned out, but I hope it was ok :) thanks for reading.