Title: Slamdunk 4/?

Author: Sony_Mouse (Sony_Mouse@hotmail.com)

Pairings: 1+2+1

Warnings: it's my writing (joking, joking, gee what's a little self- criticism), OOC, AU, Fusion, slight crossover, Duo can't get the girls (ha ha ha ha)

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Author's note: It's kinda funny that this is my first fic I continued writing when I got back from trip, because it lost the pole with only two votes (compared to the twenty It's A Wonderful War got). But either way here it is. I'm VERY glad to be back and you guys can expect lots of fics in the next little while. I'm really looking forward to posting a new fusion I have planned with a co-writer (my first fusion since Bicycle Repair Man). It's a fusion with the great movie "The Limey", I got to meet Terrance Stamp (the star of The Limey) we were on the same cross Atlantic QE2 cruise. So how could I NOT write it, and Heero's British in it :) `bout time someone gave him another accent besides American and Japanese.

Oh, and believe it or not, Zechs is actually a good guy in this story, he just SEEMS like an ass at first, but he's not.


Duo stood nervously in the middle of the large gym surrounded by the hundreds of cheering students, and not one of them was cheering for him. Starting to think he had made a big mistake by coming here in the first place, Duo deeply regretted challenging the basketball team Captain, Zechs, to a one-on-one.

But Duo had this inner voice that had always been his downfall, telling him that he was always right, that he was Duo, The Genius.

Zechs chose that exact moment to grace the crowd with his presence. He was all dressed up in the school's basketball uniform and glared at Duo who was only wearing his school outfit and his tennis shoes. Duo immediately shrunk under the basketball obsessed young man's gaze. Zechs called out to the crowd to quiet them down, and once they finally had, he gave a nice long speech about the importance of basketball in one's life and how people like Duo should not abuse it's greatness. The gym started clapping dramatically, hanging off every word that was being spoken by the large basketball player. All Duo could think was how much he sounded like Relena right now.

As soon as the clapping had died down Zechs pointed to Duo, motioning that he should say something to the crowd. Duo suddenly felt extremely self-consciousness about his surroundings; he could feel himself slowly becoming claustrophobic.

"Ummm hello...I'm Duo...remember that name, you could be screaming it later. Ha Ha Ha Ha." Duo broke out into hysterics, but stopped when he noticed that no one else shared his odd sense of humor. "Ok then, let's play some baseball!"

Zechs flung the basketball at him and growled" It's Basketball, baseball."

Sticking his hand in his pocket, Duo pivoted on his toe shyly, "I knew that, I was just...oh, can we play already!"

Zechs merely smirked and motioned for Duo to pick up the basketball that now lay neglected on the ground. Duo seized the basketball in his hands and before Zechs could even blink he ran off in the direction of the net. He was about to jump into the air when he was suddenly pulled back by his braid. Slamming back to the ground, Duo stared up into the angry face of Zechs.

"Uhhhh the Gorilla's attacking..."

"Hey you! What was that?" Leaping to his feat, Duo tried to stand up tall and proud, "I'm Duo the Genius, not `hey you', and I was making a slam-dunk." Zechs merely slapped him on the back of his head.

"Well try dribbling first next time, you do know how to dribble don't you?"

"Of course I do, it's...well we both know what it is, so there's no point in explaining it. Now, let's play." Zechs rolled his eyes and started the game himself this time.

It was an absolute slaughter, Zechs kept on getting one shot after the other, he was so fast that Duo could hardly even move before a shot was in the basket. He was slowly losing his short temper when Zechs sped past him once again, ready to shoot the ball into the basket. Hardly thinking now, Duo jumped the young man that was now a blur of motion, and grabbed on to any part of him he could.

Both players slammed hard into the ground. By the time Duo realized what he had done, he knew his life was over. There lying before him on his stomach was an angry Zechs who had just had his sweatpants pulled down to his ankles by one Duo Maxwell. The worst part of it was that in the instant the pants were pulled down, the entire school learned that Milliardo Peacecraft, AKA Zechs, wore no underwear.

Duo tried to apologize profusely, but knew that he was walking on VERY thin ice. Zechs continued lying down until he had pulled his pants up and then took ten deep, deep breaths, trying to compose himself into a reasonable state. Standing up he slammed the ball into Duo's gut, giving the boy no chance of escape. "Your ball."

The entire gym, including Duo, let out the breath they hadn't known they had been holding. Duo wanted to melt with relief as he scanned the awestruck crowd, some of whom were blushing profusely at the sight they just saw of Zechs. All of a sudden Duo did a double take as he spotted one very familiar face. The face had been easy to find, as it was the only one that didn't seem to care that Zechs had just flashed the entire school, the face of Heero Yui.

Heero knew that he had been found out and raised his chin a bit higher before he smirked at Duo, basically saying, `so this how well you can play basketball'. Duo saw red and turned back to face the momentarily composed basketball Captain.

As soon as the Zechs made the motion, the game begun once again and Duo was off. In the little time he had watched Zechs dribble, he had already incredibly picked it up and was now using the knowledge for himself. What was even more remarkable was that he was fast, very fast. So fast that Zechs was unable to stop the young boy and only briefly noticing the feel of a braid as it whizzed past his head.

The entire school stopped it's cheering and stared open mouthed as Duo took a running leap that was so high he almost sailed over half the basketball court. In midair Duo got ready to slam the ball down as hard as he could, there was only one problem, he had completely missed the net. So instead, he himself slammed down hard onto the ground. Everything went black more or less until he was able to slowly open his eyes and stare into the light blue ones of Relena Peacecraft.

"Uhhhh Relena, this is becoming a bad habit of mine."

"OH Duo, that was amazing, you jumped so high, and what speed."

"Why do you keep saying that, I didn't even get it in, and I lost." Helping Duo up and handing him some water Relena continued to give him praise.

"That doesn't matter, not only did you prove that you are capable of so much more, but you have the entire school behind you now. Even my brother is in shock."


"Yeah, Zechs, oh I didn't tell you? Well, he's my brother. I almost had him convinced to let you join, and then I heard about the basketball one-on-one and got scared. But now I know he'll have to let you join. Oh and I'm sorry about what I said to you earlier, I was just upset."

"I think I hit my head harder than I thought. Are you sure that the Gorilla...I mean your kind brother will let me join?"

"Sure!" At that same moment Zechs walked up to the two who were now talking among themselves. He smiled briefly at his sister before turning to glare at Duo, surely promising death, but all he said was, "Good game." He then walked off with his team members following him and laughing about the pants incident.

"Relena, I think he's going to kill me." Relena waved the idea off as pure silliness

"Don't be ridiculous, I can already tell he likes you, or else he would have shown you a few other tricks he can do with that basketball." Duo gulped with wide eyes before thanking Relena for the help and dashing as far away from the gym as possible. Besides, he had to get home to see if Solo had left him any of his possessions.


On his way home, Duo was walking by a park near both his house and the school when he spotted an unwanted presence leaning against a lamppost.

Duo slowed down until he was almost face to face with Heero Yui. "So Heero, come to gloat."

Heero rolled his eyes at Duo and continued his intense stare. "Hn."

"Well if that's all you have to say, then I'll be off. Great talking to as usual."

Heero quickly grabbed Duo's wrist before he could walk off. "Hey! Leggo." But Heero didn't seem to hear and stared even more intensely at Duo.

"What? What is it? You better back off now buddy before I show once again how mean my right hook can be."

Heero only nodded to himself as if he had gotten some hidden answer to his unasked question. And then, to Duo's great surprise, he spoke in a deep tenor, which sent shivers up Duo's spine. "Are you going to join the team?"

"What's it to you?"

"I'll be on the team." Heero said in matter of fact voice.

"Then I will definitely not be joining."

Heero cocked his head to the side in a contemplative manner that unnerved Duo greatly. "Why do you hate me?"

"Because you're an ass, you treat people badly and you think you're all that when it comes to basketball."

Heero nodded in agreement, "True, but I could help you."

Duo's eyes nearly bugged out of his face, "What? Why would you want to do that."

"To win."

"And you think I could make the team win." Duo sounded almost proud to say that.

"No, but you might be taught to help."

"Ahh there's more of that personality I love from you. You don't like me either, why?" Heero didn't seem fazed at all by the question.

"You're loud, egotistical, you rush into fights without thinking and.….you have a mean right hook." Duo blinked twice, not believing his ears.

"Was that a joke you just made?"

"Must've been your imagination."

"Yeah, must've been. So you'll teach me to be a great basketball player, eh?"

"No, that would be impossible, but I'll teach you to be at least a bad one. In other words, you have a long way to go."

Heero last words, and the smirk that was now present on his face, only made Duo even angrier. "Who says I need your help?"

His smirk growing, Heero nodded lightly, "Trust me, you do. Shall we say 5:00pm after school?"

Flustered with anger all Duo could do not to kill you other boy in front of him was to blindly agree. "Fine, 5:00pm." He then stormed off, leaving a very amused Heero Yui in his wake.


By the time he reached his house, he still hadn't cooled off. Opening his front door, he noticed it was unlocked.

"Solo? You here buddy?"

"Yeah Duo, I'm in your kitchen stealing your most prized possessions." Duo walked into the kitchen, only to find Solo stuffing his face full of Duo's hard earned food.

"So this was the `good stuff' that you were afraid I hadn't left to you in my will."

"Don't you know it." Solo smiled over at Duo, but stopped when he noticed his friend wasn't laughing. "Hey, what's wrong? Did the basketball game get you down, I watched it on T.V., you weren't that bad." Duo nearly fell back when he heard those words

"What! They showed it on T.V., I think I'm going to sue. But no, that's not why. The problem is that I keep on running into this annoying, stuck-up, self-centered asshole who thinks he's so much better than everyone else."

"Listen I know I've been I've been teasing you a lot lately, but..."

"Not you Solo, Heero Yui!"

"Oh him, yeah he's something different alright. Sounds like you like him."

"WHAT! Have you eaten too much ice cream or something? The guys a complete nut case, his idea of fun is beating up a another gang after school for no reason."

"Sounds like someone I know."

"Yeah, well I always a reason for it."

"Maybe he had a reason too. Could've been self-defense, or who knows, maybe he was watching after you. I mean, we both know that that gang has had their eyes on you for the last couple of weeks. Maybe he knew it too."

"Solo are you on my side or not? Are you honestly trying to tell me that this guy, who didn't even know me before yesterday, purposely stayed after school to lure the gang to him and watch over me on the off chance that he somehow figured out that there might possibly be a gang fight between the two of us."

"Ok, well maybe that is a bit far fetched, but I'm just saying that he may not be what he seems. I mean He sounds a lot like you, and man, did I ever hate you when I first met you." Duo had to sit down now.

"What! You hated me!"

"Sure, how could you not. You were stuck up, and always thought that you were the best, and you would go around saying you were a genius all the time. I have to admit though, that the years with me must've made a great impression on you, you're now a great guy who goes around saying you're a genius guy all the time."

"Thanks Solo, I feel so much better knowing that you're here to mock me."

"No problem, what else are friends for." Solo winked over at Duo, knowing that his best friend was in no way really mad at him. He did however laugh at the idea of his friend being mad at Heero. It was obvious that they Duo liked the guy or else he wouldn't go on and on about him. If Duo really liked someone as a friend or a possible whatever, he was always more critical of them, and they were able to get him easily riled up.

"So you think that inside all that tough, ice-cold exterior lies a sweet charming man."

"Not likely Duo, but inside your clumsy somewhat goofy and deadly when provoked exterior lies a very non-goofy, rather sensitive guy, who, as much as I hate to admit it, is extremely intelligent and hates to make enemies. So if you can be all those things, then just imagine what he could be."

Smiling over at his friend, Duo knew it was no use lying to his friend, or to himself. "You know Solo, I think you're getting soft on me."

"Naw, I just know you too well. Now enough of this girl talk, tell me where you hid the pie before I get violent."



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