7-11-2001 (revised)

Title: Slamdunk 3/?
Author: Sony_Mouse
Warnigns: OOC, Fushions, Crossover, Shounen-Ai
Pairings: 1+2/2+1 and others….
Disclaimers: GW is not mine and SD belongs to the WONDERFUL Takehiko Inoue


OMG AM I BEHIND ON THIS ONE. I kept trying to work on it, but people kept asking for U.S.S Wing. I am very happy to finally get this short part up though. I PROMISE there will be more next time. And now for the shameless advertising……… for those who have not been on all day or yesterday, I have posted U.S.S Wing 8?/ up AND my very first song- fic. I am so proud that I was able to write one. I had never written one before so I was nervous. ANYWAY I was reading some Slamdunk fan- fic over at the sdml, and wondered what they would do if I posted this story. They would probably kill me for not making the SD characters mainstream in the fusion/crossover. I decided that this is a crossover too cause I used some of my fav characters in it as well, that I just couldn't make into GW guys, there was no who fit. So Yasuda and Kogure and a lot of characters like that will be in here. Ok enough stalling on to the fic :)

Author's note: the above comments are OLD, but I didn't feel like erasing them *shrugs*



Relena felt absolutely horrible. Her first real friend at this school and she had already made him hate her.

She had spoken with Solo after the "incident" yesterday. And he had told her everything that he knew; including that Duo had just been looking out for her. Solo, she discovered was Duo's best friend and knew everything about the longhaired basketball player-to-be. She was particularly surprised to discover that Duo had had nothing against Heero, up until she butt in. Ohhhhh, what was she going to do now?

And now Heero hated her too. Her one true love. The reason why she came to THIS school, above all the others, to be with Heero Yui. She should have known that he would never spare her a second glance or treat her above all the others, but it still hurt.

In the end it didn't matter. You couldn't help who you liked. And she liked Heero, hands down. There was simply no competition. And she would hang in there until he finally realized how she felt.

Relena just hoped that she still had a friend to tag along with her for the ride.


Walking around the school grounds, Duo was feeling pretty rotten himself. Not only had he lost his chance to go out with someone, but he had lost a friend at the same time, and gained an enemy. Just the thought of that pompous, ice-cold, bastard brought a wave of jealousy though Duo. The more he thought about it the more he realized that this whole situation was Heero's fault.

It was Heero's fault that Relena didn't wanna go out with him. Hell, it was Heero's fault that Relena didn't even like him anymore. Had he been just a little nicer to the poor girl, who had been trying to HELP the bleeding idiot, Duo wouldn't have reacted the way he had.

He gave another loud sigh, as if it would make things all better. It seemed everything went wrong for him. Especially when they were starting to look up. Duo turned to the school, deciding that it should share in his misery, and shouted at the top of his lungs, " I HATE SPRING!!!!!"

Spring, who didn't seem to like being talked to like that, decided to hit Duo back with a basketball! "OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Where the hell did that come from?"

He looked towards where three kids where playing basketball, while he rubbed his sore head. One of the boys, who looked to be Japanese with short black hair, that fell into his eyes, came running up to Duo, looking apologetically.

"Ummm, gomen for hitting you. I'm Yasuda from the basketball team. We where just practicing before the official practice started."

Duo could barely contain his anger, but managed to grunt out a few words. "Well it looks like you need a bit more practice!" With that, he flung himself at the unsuspecting Yasuda, aiming the basketball for the poor boy's nose.

He didn't get very far in hurting Yasuda, because a strong grip pulled him away from the nervous boy and flung him hard against the walkway.

Trying to make sense out of what was happening, Duo looked up to see three HUGE men glaring at him. As his vision got a bit better, he noticed that there were only two men, then suddenly only one remained. He could see fairly reasonably now, and gasped in shock at the size of the man. There stood a tall, muscular student, with long, long blond hair flowing down his back. And he looked pissed.

By this time Solo and the gang had showed up, and were now eating popcorn waiting for Duo's next big move and mistake.

The upper-classman turned to the three basketball players, including Yasuda, and yelled at them to get back to class. Without hesitation the three young men, yelled, "Yes Captain!", and were gone, leaving only trails of dust where they had once been.

The mysterious man was about to turn away when Duo, who had finally regained some senses back, picked up the basketball and threw it at the tall man's face.

It took all of Solo's strength to hold Duo back. The tall stranger just got an evil gleam in his eyes, and looked extremely composed for a man, who had just gotten a basketball slammed into his face. He breathed in and out ten times, and then with a loud voice, that would have made a drill sergeant proud, he began to yell, " ALRIGHT you little smart-ass, you think you are so great. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHO I AM???"

"uhh no, not really…ummmm……s-s-sir."

"I AM MILLIARDO, BETTER KNOWN AS ZECHS, AND AM THE CAPTAIN OF THE BASKETBALL TEAM!!!!!!!!! You think you are so great at basketball, that you have the right to throw a basketball in my face? FINE, let's have a duel then, in front of the whole school and find out."

Duo, who had by now realized his mistake in losing his temper with this mysterious student, chuckled nervously and stammered. "Y-Y-You bet, I-I-I'll be there with bells on."

As Captain Zechs of the Basketball team stormed off, Solo hit Duo across the head. "OWW what was that for."

"For being such a baka. HOW do you get yourself into these messes?"

"I think I'm cursed."

"I think you're right…….for once."

"OI!!! I thought you were my friend?"

"I was, until I met the Gorilla over there. So now what're you going to do."

Duo shrugged his shoulders and sighed. "Play basketball against this guy, and win. HE doesn't know it yet, but I'm a master of the Slamdunk."

Solo stared at him with wide eyes. Before cracking up. "You're JOKING right?"

"No, why? Hey where're you going?"

"To your house to see what I can steal before your stuff is given away in your will."

"Well you're sure not in it."

"I know, that's why I'm going over there right now, to get the good stuff."

Duo watched as his friend ran off to who knows where. For all Duo knew he really COULD be going to his house. He then remembered he had a duel and stomped off to the school gym, where he assumed it was being held, since SOMEONE forgot to mention that small detail. All the while muttering something that like, "Stupid Gorilla..."


Within minutes after the fight, the entire school had filled the balconies that surrounded the inside of the gym, to watch the dual going down between the basketball Captain, and some punk kid. News had traveled so fast that even people from other schools had begun to show up, from lack of better things to do.

While all this was going on, Heero Yui was making his way over to the gym as well. He had overheard some girls talking about the upcoming dual, and noticed Duo's name being mentioned. He smirked at the idea. `So, Duo knows how to play basketball does he? This could be funny.'



Wow, you know rereading these chapters (I HATE rereading my stuff after along time, makes me realize how much I hate my work. Honestly my writing is the kinda *I* wouldn't respond to at all. But hey practice makes perfect :) Anyways I realized that my chapters are REALLY short, I wrote this way back when I was just starting to write fanfics, it was my second GW fic. Now my chapters are always like 13 pages long, this one is a mere 3-4 pages long. Maybe chapter 4 will be longer, or I could keep lazy, we'll see muahhahhahah.