7-11-2001 (revised)

Title: Slamdunk 2/?

Author: Sony_Mouse (Sony_Mouse@hotmail.com)

Pairings: 1+2+1

Warnings: OOC, AU, Fusion

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Author's Note: Here's part two, all spiffy clean and updated, hope you guys make it to the new part 4. Oh and EVERYONE go watch the movie Taboo, it's in theatres now, if you love live bishounen, Shounen-ai, and ancient Japan, you are going to LOVE this movie.



A group of four big, burly young men watched as Duo practically skipped from joy away from the new girl Relena Peacecraft. Could it be that he had actually gotten a date??? Not bloody likely! That guy had worse luck with girls than a brick wall. It was a wonder that he even tried.

He and his gang had already decided that Duo Maxwell was a person that would have to be dealt with immediately. Sure Duo was a fool when it came to women, but he was well known when it came to matters of fighting. Duo's gang had quite the reputation preceding this school, and had already proven to be a small problem.

The leader of the four men didn't like having another NEW gang spring up on his turf. They were second year students, and spent the last year making sure that they were the only real power behind the high school. And they weren't about to relinquish command of their territory until AFTER they had left the school. And only then to whomever they chose. Since Duo was the leader of the Yankees, he would have to be the one whom they would "talk" to. Get of rid of the head guy; you get rid of the problem.

They would simply have to wait until after school, when no one was watching. Either way this was going to be fun. He wanted to buy a new punching bad anyway, and if anything else Duo would make a great pet if he could be tamed.

It wasn't much later that they found out from the school grapevine that Duo did actually have a date, well kinda. Relena was going to teach Duo how to play basketball. That should be fun to watch, a gang leader learning sports to become a jock how ridiculous. They would simply wait until after the little lesson, when Duo would be leaving the building by the front entrance. Then they would strike and maybe have a little fun.


Duo couldn't wait to get out of class. He had been looking forward to the basketball lesson all afternoon. As soon as the bell rang he dashed out of class and quickly headed towards the locker room to change from whatever he was wearing to some good pants and a nice shirt he had hidden in his locker for just such an occasion. He then brushed his hair and put it back up in a nice long braid.

Making sure he smelled nice, Duo left the locker room and headed towards the stairs that would lead him to the roof. On the way there he found his friends and called over to them, forgetting all about the past. He asked them if they'd wait for him after school and at first they wouldn't agree, but as soon as they found out the reason for Duo remaining behind they agreed in a split second. "51 here we come" they all cheered at once before Duo hit them all over the head.

He knew they would be hidden on the roof watching his every move, waiting for the let down. Ahh with friends like them who needed enemies. Either way it would be fun to prove them wrong, he couldn't wait to see the looks on their faces.

On the roof Relena was already changed into shorts and a T-shirt. She took one look at Duo and dropped her ball to the ground.

"Um Duo aren't you a little overdressed to be playing basketball?"

After a few seconds Duo clued in to what she meant and could hear some muffled laughter to the left of him. Damn Solo, he would kill him, he could've at least warned him.

"No, no. This is what I uhhh always wear to play sports. But if you think I should wear something more casual. NO PROBLEM! I'll do that next time."

Relena smiled at him, instantly believing his deception to be true and passed him the ball, waiting for him to to do something with it. He caught it the first time round and just stared at it. "What do I do with it?"

"Well the object is to get it into the other basket. Some people just throw it in, but others who are tall enough or can jump high enough to do a Slam-Dunk."

"A slam-dunk?? What's that?"

Relena got this far off look in her eyes and started to explain. "Well, it's when you run and jump up so high that you can just SLAM the ball into the net with your hands. The first time I saw a really good slam-dunk was at my old school. That is where I met Heero Yui. He just ran up to the net and slammed it in so hard that he almost broke the net and the backboard. He is just so amazing."

All Duo's warning lights starting going off at this moment. She was in love with some loser named Heero. Once again, he could hear the louder muffled laughter coming from the sidelines.

He really was cursed? Was he paying for some bad deed in a past life?

"So who is this Heero guy, your boyfriend??"

Red immediately rose to her cheeks. "Oh NO!!! I haven't even met him yet."

Duo smiled to himself, she didn't have a boyfriend. He still had a chance. She may not be the type of girl he would normally fall for, but she was turning out to be a nice enough friend, and it was not like he could be that picky. After they at least went on one date she could have all the Heero she wanted. But first he had to impress her a bit with his basketball skills. And find out if he had any.

"Well that's no problem. I am sure you can admire him from afar. Now let's try this slam-dunk thing. I BET I could do it."

"Well usually you try something more simple first like getting the ball in the net from afar..."

But Duo wasn't even listing as he made a huge run for the net. He was only wearing some old 80's style tennis shoes with old laces that started to come undone. Duo tripped over one of them and went flying for the net. He slammed into it holding onto the rail for dear life. But unfortunately that wasn't enough. The railing was slippery and he wasn't able to hold on for long. He fell back first to the ground.

As he slowly regained consciousness and looked to the side, he could almost make out Solo and the others frozen with their mouths open, not from worry as he thought, but from surprise. This made Duo a bit confused and he looked up, only to see a cheering Relena. "WOW I can't believe you jumped that high, and WHAT A SLAM-DUNK!!!! You just have to join the team now."

Trying to get the blurry in his eyes to go away he yelled at the top of his lungs. "WHAT!"

She wasn't listening and continued going on about the joys of basketball in one's life, particularly Heero's life. He did it. He had done a slam-dunk. Actually he didn't' know what he had done, but he had somehow done it. Grinning Duo thought about this mysterious Heero and laughed at him. Heero, eat your heart out, here comes Duo Maxwell…THE BasketBall Player.


The older gang was now waiting outside the school for Duo to appear. They had never been more surprised in their life when watching the practice take place. Duo had actually turned at trip into a fairly good slam-dunk, and on his first try.

Too bad the basketball team would never get to use him, at least after they were done with him.

"Hey Leroy over here, I found someone."

Leroy turned his head to see one of his guys leaning over a person sleeping nearby on the ground without a care in the world, right in front of the school.

"We can't afford witnesses, just get rid of him."

The other boy started nudging the sleeping boy with his foot. When he started to wake up, the gang member yelled at him. "Hey if you know what's good for you, SCRAM!"

The boy on the ground opened one sleepy eye and started to stand up. He had dark bushy hair that seemed to be still in a mess from sleeping and Prussian blue eyes, eyes that were now fixed in a glare. He practically growled at them.

"Never, NEVER wake me up when I'm sleeping."

That was the only warning he gave before he started to show the consequences.


Duo had never been so happy in his life. For some reason he was happier about the slam-dunk than he was about impressing Relena. He was just so glad to have found something that he was good at, besides terrorising teachers, that is. He had always been told that he was no good, a stupid punk. No one had even considered trying to get him in sports. But now, but now that all was changed.

He stepped outside into the bright sunshine, only to be met with the sight of a tall dark boy standing around a group of fallen men. He recognized them as that second year school gang he had heard about. But he couldn't place the boy for the life of him. The tall, dark stranger was now standing above the fallen students expressionless, and stared at Duo for a few seconds before wiping a small trail of blood flowing down his face, probably from the fight.

As dumb as Duo pretended to be, he wasn't really that stupid and he figured out rather quickly what had happened. Gang fights was what he was raised to know about.

He was about to do a traditional show of "I didn't hear nothing, I didn't see nothing." To show that he wasn't a threat, but before he could get one word out he heard a glass-shattering screech. "HEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRROOOOOOOOO!!!!! Are you ok, oh my God, there's blood. What happened? I'll call the ambulance!"

So THIS was Heero, Duo thought bitterly. He seemed like an ok enough guy, he had taken care of this gang all by himself, didn't he. But in one-second Duo's good opinion of the student was gone as Heero turned to face Relena and glared at her. "Shut up and mind your own business!"[1]

NOW, Duo was pissed. Relena may have an incredibly annoying voice, but that was no reason to treat her badly when she was only trying to help. She had been nice to him and taught him how to do a slam-dunk, how dare this asshole brush her off like that. He ran over to the unsuspecting Heero and punched him as hard as he could. Heero was flung back from the impact, but somehow still managed to remain partially standing on his own two feet.

Relena, on the other hand, looked like she was going to kill….DUO? "STOP IT DUO, you'll hurt him. Heero you have to go to the hospital."

"WAIT a minute, now I'M the bad guy." [2]

Heero's statement changed for a whole two seconds while looking at Duo, something Duo couldn't quite place, but it then changed back to its normal scowl. "I SAID, mind your own business." He then stormed off quickly in the direction of his house.

Relena could only turn to Duo and screamed. " I HATE you!!! I never want to see you again." And following Heero's lead, stormed off in the direction of HER house.

Great, thought Duo, just GREAT.


Heero was walking slowly back to his house, but the dizziness was starting to get to him. He stopped for a second and sighed. This was a first, that Baka had hit him harder than he had ever been hit before. Heero had been fine up until he had met Duo's fist, even the small trickle of blood was only from a little cut. But Duo's punch really affected him; maybe he should go for a check up after-all.




1. Heero's character in SlamDunk, Rukawa, does actually say this to her for no reason. He is a bit mean to the girl who likes him, and throughout the whole series only opens up to Hanamichi. (Duo's character)

2. With the exception of "WAIT, now I am the bad guy", this scene is exactly like in the book. Instead Hanamichi just acts confused that she turned on him, and angry at Rukawa cause she turned on him. IT never dawned on me until now just how similar it IS to Duo and Heero's first meeting. I am telling you, Rukawa and Heero, long lost twins. They even have the same voice actors in the anime.