Title: Rivendell 3/?

Author: Sony_Mouse

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Chapter 3: The Waterfall


"Did Elladan give you that mare because of the love you share with him?"

Duo stopped what he was doing immediately, and the first light conversation they'd ever had ended there. Duo's bright eyes seemed to grow dark as he spoke.

"No Ranger, I could never love Elladan. He has Human blood flowing within his veins. Although only a little, it's far too much for me."

With that Duo began to walk towards the direction he knew Mirkwood was in, knowing that Heero would fallow him now without question until they reached the fabled land of the Wood Elves.

Heero was sorry he'd asked anything at all. Duo's response being a sore reminder that even though the Elf could hide it better this morning, he really did hate him, and the hatred of an Elf was a hard thing for anyone to deal with, even a tough Ranger such as Heero.


"It's a dangerous business going out of your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept of to."
- Bilbo Baggins -Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Rings


Many days had passed since the small party set off from Rivendell in search of the Ranger Aragorn. Each morning had been filled with lively fights, while each evening had been filled with silence as both Man and Elf reflected back on the day's events.

It was usually Duo who started any of the conversations, if at all, but then only to insult Heero in some way or another. The Ranger would usually try to turn this into something more pleasant, but it never lasted for long.

By the time a fortnight had passed, both travelers were weary, hungry and sick of each other s company. Neither wanted to admit it, but they really looked forward to the reprise that the Wood Elves might offer them.

Their food supply was dwindling and already the Lembas was almost all gone. Duo greatly dreaded the thought of having to start and hunt animals for his food. Besides that, meat did not nourish the body as well as Lembas could in only a few bites. Duo was quick to point this out every time Heero threatened to go out and hunt again, much to the Ranger s displeasure. He d long since grown tired of the Elven bread and craved something with more taste.

They were particularly weary and stressed out on the day that they came across a small waterfall hidden well within the forest. The trees and bushes surrounding it were especially healthy and hid the water from the view of most creatures. However, Duo's keen hearing and eyesight led them straight there. Duo was thankful for the chance to get some clean water, and maybe a bath in the process.

The Waterfall was surrounded by a lovely pool of water that was so clear one could see straight to the bottom without any trouble. The pool itself was outlined by moss-covered rocks, acting as perfect stepping stones to climb in and out of the water.

Despite it not yet even being close to sundown, Duo insisted that they stay there for the afternoon and camp there for the night. Heero was eager for some rest as well, not to mention a bath, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to make it look like only Duo was tired from their long hike across the forests and valleys.

So naturally he resisted Duo's movement to stay, making sure to accuse the Elf of being weak and not fit enough to go on.

If the last two weeks had taught Heero anything, it should have taught him when to keep quiet and just agree with Duo when he shared the same opinion. Unfortunately he was about to learn that lesson all over again the hard way.

Duo's entire demeanor changed as soon as Heero began to insult him. It went from semi-pleasant, to downright defiant. He threw down what little kit he had on him and began to strip right before Heero's eyes. Making sure to throw the various articles of clothing, such as his tunic, right at him.

Heero, for his part, was too stunned even to move, shocked that the Elf was once again being overly stubborn.

"You're being ridiculous." Heero said as he threw Duo's tunic back at him. "Put you're clothing on at once, we have to get as much ground covered before nightfall."

Duo continued to strip, taking off the rest of his clothes in a jerky, aggressive motions.

"I'm not going anywhere, Ranger. I'm staying right here where I can get some fresh water to drink, and bathe the dirt off of my skin."

"No, you're not. We're leaving right now!"

Taking off the last of his clothes, Duo glared at Heero with all his might. "Just because I have to be around you all day and all night does not mean that I have to smell as bad as you." He then took off in a running leap, and jumped into the cool water, leaving a very upset Ranger behind him.

Heero couldn't believe the nerve of that Elf. Couldn't he listen to him for once, why did that Elf always have to have his own way?

Even though he knew he was being irrational, he was again enraged, and began to lose his temper by kicking Duo's forgotten clothes all over the forest floor, gaining a small bit of satisfaction from the act of it.

He then stalked over to the water's edge to try and force Duo out of the water, but the sight that he was met with struck all previous train of thoughts momentarily away from his mind.

Duo was swimming as carefree as could be just below the surface of the water, his long hair, now loose, cascading behind him as his pale arms and legs slowly propelled him forward in the water. He then broke the surface and took in a deep breath, his face now clean of all the dirt that had accumulated over the weeks.

To put mildly, Heero was upset with himself being intrigued by the Elf s swimming form alone. In all the time that he'd been together with Duo, he'd tried very hard to forget what he was.

Duo was an Elf, not just any Elf, he was a beautiful, graceful and elegant Elf. It had been a little bit easier to forget that when Duo was acting with the mind set of a two year old Human child, or when he was covered beneath so many layers of dirt that his Elven radiance was hidden so he may just as well have been Human.

But even then, there was always something about him, and not just that ethereal look to him that all Elves gave off, but an inner light of strength and beauty that no amount of dirt could hide. And in Duo s present state, it was far from being hidden. Try as he might to ignore it, Heero found it attractive.

He cursed all Elves known to Man for being made the way they were, but mostly he cursed Duo for being the one his body was attracted to. It was easy to say it was only because he'd been alone for so long, and craved bodily contact with anything slightly resembling a woman. But Heero knew that was a lie. He looked down at the swimming Elf and knew that it was his well-toned muscles that lined both his arms and legs that now looked appealing. And it was his pale narrow hips, completely devoid of feminine curves, that looked unnaturally welcoming.

There was more of Duo s body that Heero would have liked to look at and contemplate, but he quickly realized just what it was he was doing and turned his gaze to the ground, throughly digested with himself for his thoughts. He had to wonder if maybe his growing up surrounded by only other men that might have caused the current defect in him. Or maybe that silly Elf had cursed him in some form of revenge. He wouldn't hold it above him. The Magic of Elves was well known among Mankind, though little understood.

Gathering up his wits, Heero prepared himself to threaten Duo once again to come out of the water. The sooner the Elf was dressed, the sooner they were on their way, then the sooner he would begin to feel better about himself and forget his feelings towards Duo.

He never got the chance to actually yell at Duo before he was pulled into the water by a surprisingly strong Elf. Although Elves were always surprisingly strong, their lithe bodies never truly revealing their hidden strength.

Heero fell into the water head on, feeling his body being pulled down at once by his heavy clothes and thick cloak. It took him quite a few seconds before he finally managed to gain his bearings and swim to the surface, gasping for air as he did so.

Once he'd broken the water s surface, he found a very amused looking Duo laughing hard at him. Finding it funny to see Heero's thick hair dripping with water down over his eyes.

They were treading water near each other, not more than an arms length away. And even though he was furious. Heero couldn't help but take time to notice how odd it was to hear Duo laughing, no matter how malicious it seemed at the moment.

"I'll give you one second to explain yourself Elf." Heero tried to make his voice sound as threatening as he could, knowing it would have little effect either way.

"I wasn't about to go another step with you until you washed the grease out of your hair and the mud off of your face."

Heero didn't think he could manage to reply and not kill the Elf at the same time, so he just turned around in the water and swam quickly back to shore.

He had just pulled himself out of the water when he realized his body seemed oddly out of balance. He was missing something. He was missing his sword.

"You bastard Elf, you've caused me to lose my weapon. I'll kill you with my bear hands now if I have to."

Surprisingly, Duo did seem to take this particular threat seriously, maybe feeling slightly guilty at having lost something so valuable. He scanned the water below and could see it lying in the deepest part of the pool of water. He waved for Heero to stay on the shore.

"You don't have to lose your temper, it's not lost yet, I'll fetch it before another word can be spoken. Maybe now we hope that the blood stains have been finally washed off of it."

Heero growled with anger, not sure if he trusted the Elf with even that easy a task.

He watched as Duo's naked body swam deep beneath the surface, deeper than he would have imagined the pool to be. He saw Duo grab the blade in one hand and turn to swim back up Heero, obviously in dire need of some air.

It was only then that something from beneath the water chose to show itself. Faster than Heero could have thought possible, something shot out from the dark rocks at the pool's bottom and went straight for Duo. The Elf didn't even have a chance to notice it before he felt his leg being bit into.

He screamed into the water, but that only managed to make him lose the precious air he had held in lungs.

Heero couldn't hear any of the screams coming from Duo, but he could see the creature bite viciously into Duo s leg and the fine red blood that started to escape from his wound and dilute the once clear water surrounding him. Heero wanted to jump in right away, but already he couldn't even see where Duo was anymore, enough of his blood had spread around Duo and the creature to completely block them both from view.

It would have been suicide to just try and attack with no weapon at all, but Heero couldn't just leave Duo to die like that.

Looking around for anything that could be used as a weapon, Heero quickly noticed Duo's discarded knife among his clothes and quickly ran to pick it up.

He then dove head first into the water, still wearing his heavy clothes, but counting on it to drag him to the bottom quicker. Once in the water his vision was completely obscured by the blood. Heero had to resist the temptation to just slash into the water with the Elven knife, knowing that he could accidental hurt the Duo even more then he already was. That was if he wasn't already dead.

Heero suddenly felt something smooth and slick brush lightly along his hand and realized that it must be the creature. He stabbed it furiously, trying to do as much damage as he could before it was able to find and attack him.

After only a few seconds, Heero quickly realized that it was unnecessary to attack the creature, it wasn't moving at all. The creature was already dead, Duo had somehow managed to kill it.

But then where was Duo?

Heero couldn't stay much longer under the water, and was about to head back up to the surface for some more air, when he felt long strands of hair flowing upwards in the water like seaweed, it had to be Duo for sure. Heero made a grab for the Elf, and found his arm in the murky water. He pulled him up from where he was being anchored down by his sword, and as he did so, he could just make out his weapon lying on the bottom of the pool.

He couldn't take both Duo and the sword up to surface with him, and knew that if there was one of these creatures in the deep waters, then there must surely be others around.

Making what any Ranger would consider an extremely difficult choice, Heero chose to leave his sword behind and bring Duo up to the surface. Even on the off chance that if the creature had not killed him, then maybe the water hadn't either.

Upon reaching the surface, his lungs felt like they had exploded, taking in as much air as he could inhale. In his desperation to breathe he'd even let in some water, causing him to gag a bit before his breathing could return to normal. Although the bitter coppery taste of Duo's blood remained in his mouth long after.

He then dragged the lifeless body of the Elf to shore as quickly as his oxygen depraved body would allow. Pushing Duo onto the shore first, then lifting himself up.

Once on solid ground, Heero began to check Duo over. He wasn't sure what to do in a situation like this, and hoped that by putting Duo on his side it would drain him of some of the water trapped in his lunges.

Heero felt around and looked for any signs of life from Duo, and to his great dismay found nothing besides a long gash in Duo's leg, several smaller wounds along the rest of his body and that his lips had turned blue. He was about to give up entirely on Duo when he heard a chocking sound coming from the young Elf. Duo's body was suddenly wracked with violent shaking as he tried to breathe again, gasping each time he did so.

After a minute or so his breathing finally slowed down and Duo rolled onto his back, obviously in a great amount of pain. He looked up towards Heero with wide eyes full of some expression that the Ranger couldn't even begin to identify. He then closed them, very much still awake, and lay silently and without movement as Heero tended to his wounds.


It wasn't until many hours later that Duo finally started to acknowledge what had happened. He might have dozed off for a bit, but Heero couldn't know for sure. He had made sure that the Elf was kept warm in his dry clothes, and by the fire that Heero had made.

He'd also tried to dry his thick cloak so that he could place it over Duo's shivering body like a blanket.

Heero remained in his wet clothes until they had dried off on their own.

Duo tried to sit up against the tree that he lay near, his eyes, still carrying that odd expression Heero had never seen before. It unnerved him to see Duo looking fragile, and seemed all at once wrong.

Night had long since fallen, and only the sound of Heero tending to the fire could be heard throughout the camp. Duo now took the opportunity to speak.

"Heero . . . "

"Don't speak now. You have to regain your strength for tomorrow." This only made Duo feel like Heero was mad at him, and for once that left him with a feeling of guilt.

"No Heero, I have to talk to you."

Heero continued to stare into the fire, trying to avoid Duo s eyes at all cost, in all honesty too preoccupied with Duo's condition to really care what insult he had to say right now.

"Heero, I'm sorry."

All noise ceased, breathing included, and silence reigned over the small camp. For a while not a word was spoken. Duo had apologized, and he had apologized to him. It was almost too much for Heero to believe possible. He immediately began to worry that Duo had hurt his head while was under the water as well.

"You don't know what you're saying, get some rest."

"I do know what I'm saying!" Now Duo was entering more familiar territory. Gone was his sorrowful expression, replaced once again by his annoyance. "It's my fault that we stopped for a swim, and that you lost your sword. Who knows how much I'll slow us down now with this wound." His voice way once again filled with guilt.

Heero found it hard to listen too. "I... you shouldn't feel too bad about that. I had wanted to stay near the water in the first place. If you hadn't suggested it, I would have."

"Then why did you insist we leave?"

It was Heero's turn to have a guilty expression on his face.

"Because you wanted to stay, and I didn't want to let you have your way. I was just being stubborn."

Silence reigned once again, but this time it was short lived.

"Thank you." Duo's face showed the slightest hint of a smile.

"For what?" It came out sounding angrier than Heero felt, but he didn't know how to deal with Duo being nice to him all of a sudden. It was new and dangerous territory.

"For saving me. You didn't hesitate this time. You actually managed to save me."

Only Duo could make a nice compliment sound like an insult, but Heero took it for what it truly was anyway.

"I didn't do much, you killed that creature long before I got there, all I did was help you out of the water."

"Thank you anyway."

Seeing how Duo looked to be in a more open mood, Heero tried to see if he could get some information out of the normally secretive Elf.

"Tell me please, if you have always disliked Men, why did you choose to live with an Elf who was half Man himself?"

This had always seemed strange to Heero. Lord Elrond was half Human, half Elf, yet Duo seemed to live quite peacefully in his presence. It didn't seem to fit with what he knew of the young Elf.

Duo actually seemed to consider the question this time before answering, instead of just acting insulted.

"Because Lord Elrond was given the choice to become Human or stay as one of the Fair Folk, he chose who he is now and gave up his Human half. But the most important reason was because when I had nowhere else to go, when all others would not have me, he invited me into his House, the Last Homely House, and saved me from a fate worse than being killed by that creature down below the waters. Yet still . . . "

Duo became quiet for a few moments, trying to collect his tired thoughts, and maybe deciding whether or not he should share them with Heero.

"Yet still I can never truly care from him in the way he and his family care for me. I hold a deeper grudge against him than even he knows about. All the Elves think that I know nothing about my heritage, that I was too young, too damaged to hear the history of my Father. How the Human Tuor needed to be led to Gondolin by my father and that during their travels my father fell in love with him. Of all people the people in Middle-Earth, it had to be a Human. But he was betrayed, for Tuor didn't die in the fall of Gondolin like Lord Elrond and the other s believe, he was separated from my father in the attack and went on to live a long and healthy life. He even managed to marry an Elf."

"He must have been quite an impressive Man for two Elves to fall in love with him."

This comment didn't go over well with Duo at all, but he continued the tale anyway. "Tuor and his Elven wife had only one son. He went by the name of Eärendil."

Heero was honestly shocked by this news, though he did not show it.

"The legendary Eärendil, but isn't he . . . "

Duo cut him off. "Yes, he's Lord Elrond's father! So not only does Lord Elrond have Human blood from both sides of his family, but he is a decedent of a man who betrayed my father greatly, and yet, I owe him my life."

Heero wasn't sure whether or not to laugh out loud or not, he honestly felt like it. The mere idea that THIS was why Duo hated humans seemed so ridiculous.

"This can't possibly be why you hate my kind so much. Wouldn't your father have also remarried? You must have had a mother!"

Duo's good humor ended there and he spoke harshly towards the Ranger.

"Of course that's not why I hate your kind. But you didn't ask me that, DID you? You asked me how I could stand to live with Lord Elrond. What do you expect from me? That because you saved me once that I'd open up to you and give you my whole life history? I gave you my father's, and I answered your question, I owe you nothing else."

Heero realized too late that he had pushed Duo too far. It was wrong of him to insult his family, and his feelings. But he was sure something else must have happened for Duo to be living away from his own family of Elves.

It was his turn to apologize now, though he wasn't sure what good it would do.

"Forgive me Elf. I did not mean to accuse you, or your family of anything."

Duo remained silent, but he didn't offer any more insults, and had seemed to calm down. He was now feeling very exhausted, and was worried about how well he'd be walking, if at all, come tomorrow with his wound being so deep.

Without even offering Heero a Good Night, Duo quickly fell asleep, eager to forget the day's events.

Heero, on the other hand, remained awake all through the night. He felt the need to watch over Duo's sickly condition. Even if that were not true, there were other thoughts running through his head that wouldn't have let him sleep anyway.


When Duo awoke the next morning, he felt even worse than he the night before. Every injuring he had sustained was magnified ten fold, and his heightened Elven senses didn't help him out one bit. He also felt unusually groggy, and probably would have gone back to sleep if it hadn't been for Heero's deep voice calling to him from the across the small camp.

Heero had already put out the fire, and was trying to restore the camp to its original shape as much as possible. He called over to Duo again.

"We've got far to go, it's best you get up now."

His voice left no room for objection, but he tried to make it sound as least threatening as he could. Duo just nodded silently and resisted the urge to wince as he attempted to stand on his feet. He immediately felt dizzy and swayed noticeably. He would have fallen to the ground had Heero's strong arms not caught him right away.

As soon as Duo felt he could stand on his own he pushed Heero away with as much strength as he had, eager not to show any weakness in front of the Ranger.

"I can walk on my own. As you said, we have far to go, so let's depart already."

He then began to walk off in the correct direction, making sure he was in the lead at all times. Heero only allowed it so he could monitor him from behind.

The morning's walk started out fine enough, but by midday even Duo's best attempts couldn't disguise the pain he was in, his wound had even reopened and blood was trickling silently down his leg.

Duo carried on as if nothing was out of the ordinary, and would snap at Heero if he even so much as suggested they take a moment to rest. But they both knew he couldn't last much longer like this.

It was around this time that Duo suddenly stopped walking all together, and his entire body froze. Heero instantly became worried that something was wrong with his injuries and hurried to see what was the matter, but Duo motioned for him to be still and remain silent. He'd heard something suspicious in the woods.

Apparently the lost momentum of moving caused Duo to finally lose his forced energy and fall to the ground oh his knees. He bit his lip in an attempt not to cry out in pain, clutching his arms to his body. Heero was immediately at his side, his hands on his shoulders to steady the Elf. Duo ignored all this and cried out into the seemingly empty forest.

"Show yourself now. Your tricks are not great enough to hide yourself from an Elf."

As if on cue, a pleasant looking man appeared almost out of nowhere, wearing brown robes that looked old and rough in texture. He had brown hair, and carried with him a long wooden staff. He smiled down at the hurting Elf.

"I did not realize I was in the company of such a perceptive Elf, or I would have shown myself sooner. I was just curious as to why a Human would be walking with an injured Elf towards Mirkwood."

Heero stood up and put himself between Duo and the stranger. "Are we near the Mirkwood then?"

The stranger s smile widened. "Why yes, you are at its border. Oh and do not look at me so. I'm no enemy of yours, I am the Wizard Radagast the Brown, and if you wish it of me, I will take you to Mirkwood myself. You are in dire need of medicine for this young Elf, though he doesn't look like a Wood Elf to me."

Duo spoke before Heero could have a chance. "I'm not. I'm an Elf of the Gondolindrim, from the once great city of Gondolin. Any help a Wizard might offer us would be greatly appreciated."

Radagast smiled warmly again at the Elf before he inhaled a deep breath of air and closed his eyes. He seemed to be summoning someone, or something.

That something showed up soon enough, it was a pair of large bucks. Radagast could be seen talking to them, and then whatever he said, they seemed to agree to. Duo looked up at Heero in curiosity, knowing full well that Rangers could understand much of the words animals spoke with.

"What did he say to them?"

"He asked them whether or not they'd take us to the Wood Elves, they agreed on the condition that they be fed once they got there."

Radagast now turned to look back at Heero, looking directly into his eyes.

"You bring news of some importance with you, I can tell. If it is important enough to risk the life of an Elf, might I inquire what it is?"

Feeling he could trust this strange Wizard, Heero told him.

"I bring news of something evil rising in the south. I know not what it is, and I seek out the council of Aragorn, son of Arathorn to determine what to do."

Radagast seemed pleased enough with this answer. "All right then, make your way to the Wood Elves, they should help you. As for me, I'll seek out the leader of my order, Sarumon the White. He'll know what to do. Good luck on your own Quest." He once again smiled warmly at Duo in particular, as if to give comfort, and then all of a sudden he changed into the form of a bird and flew off out of site.

Heero didn't seem phased at all by the transformation, accepting it as something a Wizard would do if he was able, and Duo was in too much trouble to care. He leaned down to pick up Duo and place him gently upon the buck, making sure his cloak was wrapped tightly around him for warmth. He then spoke softly with the animal, asking it to be careful with it's wounded passenger. Nodding to his own buck, Heero quickly mounted it and let it lead the way towards Mirkwood.

It didn't take them long at all to reach fabled Wood Elves, but instead of serenity one would expect from Elves, they were greeted with chaos.

Heero dismounted and ran over to Duo's buck to help him down and carry him. Duo just sagged into the Ranger's arms, too weak to fight being carried anymore.

Elves were running everywhere, upset beyond belief, it looked like someone had just attacked them, but they Elves had managed to drive them off.

Finding no one willing to spare him a second, Heero ran into the main building, which would surely hold some healer of sorts.

The great hallways were empty, but Heero soon found himself face to face with a worried Elf, who, despite that, seemed to carry with him a presence of command. "A Ranger . . . ? Oh no, did Aragorn send you?" Seeing the injured Duo in his arms, the Wood Elf immediately forgot whatever it was he was worried about and spoke hastily. "Quickly, follow me Ranger. He needs to be looked at right away."

They reached a room that was filled the brim with various herbs and plants used for healing. Duo was laid down on the bed while the Elf went to go fetch a healer. He came back accompanied by on older looking Elf who shared the same long blond hair that all the Wood Elves seemed to posses. The older Elf took care of Duo immediately while the younger one pulled Heero off to the side for questioning.

"I can only guess why you are here, and I'm sorry to inform you he has escaped."

Heero must have had the look of utter confusion, but the Elf seemed to misinterpret him.

"Please do not be angry with us. We gave Gollum too much credit, and let him out sometimes during the day, but always heavily guarded. Only, this morning he climbed up a tree and refused to come down, and then with no warning our peaceful forest was attached by a large party of Orcs. We've managed to drive them off, but Gollum is no longer in our care. He s escaped. You'll have to send Aragorn our apologies. We did everything in our power."

Realizing they were talking about two different things, Heero quickly made to correct the mistake.

"I did not come because of Gollum, I am afraid I don't even know who he is. I came here in search of the Ranger Aragorn."

"Aragorn . . . ? Aragorn left with the Wizard Gandalf the Grey almost a month ago. They are no longer in Mirkwood."

Heero suddenly felt like he d been hit in the stomach. Everything that he and Duo had gone through for the last few weeks had been for nothing, Duo had even been injured.

Seeing the look on the Ranger's face, the young Elf spoke once again. "Do not worry, maybe we could be of some assistance to you, and until your Elf friend is healed you are more than welcome to stay with us in Mirkwood. May I ask who you both are?"

"I am the Ranger Heero, and my 'Elf-friend' is Duo, the Heir of Voronwë."

The young Elf's eyes lit up in at the mention of Duo's name. He looked impressed. "The Heir of Voronwë has come to Mirkwood, that is indeed an honor. I must welcome both you, Ranger, and the Heir of Voronwë to the Home of King Thranduil."

"And who, may I ask, are you?"

"I am the King's son, Legolas."


TBC . . .



Where to begin . . .

1) Radagast the Brown- He has to be my favorite Wizard and was in fact in the book. He is described by Gandalf as "A worthy Wizard, a master of shapes and changes of hue; and has much lore of herbs and beast; and birds are especially his friends." Course, Sarumon called him a fool...

In my version of events its Duo and Heero that send him on his way to meet Sarumon in the first place.

2) I completely skipped the Misty Mountains because...well I was just getting anxious to get to Mirkwood.

3) Gollum: In the book (and sorta in the movie) Aragorn and Gandalf capture Gollum and interrogate him in Mirkwood. Aragorn then leaves him in the care of the Wood Elves before he escapes. That is why Legolas heads to Rivendell, to tell Aragorn this.

And yes, Legolas is in fact a Prince (did anyone really have any doubts . . . ???)



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