Title: Rivendell 1/?

Author: Sony_Mouse

Pairings: 1+2+1

Warnings: Fusion (or sorts), Tolkien LOTR Characters (more of the REALLY side characters),

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Author's Note: LORD OF THE RINGS FANS!!!!!! COME ONE, COME ALL. I bring ye a fic of such magnitude that PETER JACKSON himself will do a movie adaptation; that J.R.R TOLKIEN himself would praise me…………. Well not really, but it's fun to think he would. This fic takes place in the first book while Gandolf is off searching for Gollum with Aragorn. This is a SIDE story to LOTR, so the only characters who get involved are familiar characters from Rivendell BEFORE all the action starts. (eg: Elrond, Elladan, Elrohir, Glorfindel, ect). This story has little to nothing to do with the `ring'. It only takes place during the same time.

If you are NOT a fan of LOTR, DO NOT WORRY. This fic is first and foremost a store about Duo and Heero. So I'll try hard not to lose you in Tolkien's world.


Chapter 1: The Quest!

WHEN THIS TAKES PLACE? (if you must know...): During the beginning of Book 1 of Fellowship of the Rings when Gandolf the grey, a Wizard of old, has just left Frodo alone in the shire after Bilbo has left. Gandolf suspects something about the ring, and goes off to see if his suspicions are correct. IN THE BOOK, he meets up with Aragorn to track down the creature Gollum. DURING this time, evil begins to take over more and more of the far off lands. The FIRST people to notice this are RANGERS. Rangers are dark mysterious men, who spend their days and nights keeping danger away from others, and travelling throughout the land to seek out this day.

This story PARALLELS, but never really intersects with the action of the books.


The guard of the great entrance to Rivendell, home of the Lord Elrond, stood gazing out into the early morning mist that surrounded the trees. The sun was just beginning to creep its way out of the dark. It gave one the feeling of a new day being born. Even someone who'd seen a thousand such mornings could never grow tired of such a sight.

Despite his duty to watch guard, it was hard for the young Elf not to be distracted by such a beautiful site. Even the air felt fresher as he breathed in the sweet morning essence. Rivendell truly was a place of wonder.

Under normal circumstances, any Elf could hear the sound of the lightest animal taking small steps from far away. But as the guard was so entirely distracted this morning, he did not hear the sound of horse galloping until it came out in plain view from the forest.

This development made the guard irritable at once, almost destroying his earlier good mood.

What completely sent him over the edge was when he saw that it was not even an Elf, but a MAN, and not just any man, a Ranger at that.

The guard tensed up, as elves seldom do, and glared at the approaching human as much as his concealing helmet would allow.

By now the guard could clearly see the Ranger, noticing at once how tired and ragged he looked, and finding that he cared even less. The man wore a black cloak he kept wound around his body for warmth in the chilly morning air, and rode on a black horse that was breathing heavenly from the exertion.

Holding out his spear to the unwelcome visitor, the guard tried to look as menacing as a young Elf could.

"Halt stranger, and advance no further to be recognized."

The Ranger lifted up his head to glare back at the Elf, his dark hair falling in his face to cover up his intensive eyes.

"I come with urgent news for the Lord of this Elf-House, and seek out one of its members. I have no time to play your childish games."

This managed to anger the Elf even more.

"My games are the only thing that's keeping you alive Human. Now state who you are before I am forced take you prisoner."

The Elf guard had never seen a Ranger laugh, in fact he'd only ever met one other Ranger before in his lifetime. But he was sure, if Rangers could laugh, this one would be doing so now.

The Ranger made no move to introduce himself, more out of stubbornness by now, and seemed all the more irritated by the Elf's malice towards him.

Just to show the Human who was in charge of the situation, the guard thrust his spear forward at the Ranger in a warning gesture.

The blade didn't even get the chance to get close to the man before the guard felt a sword at his throat. The dark blue eyes filled his vision, promised to kill him if he took even a single breath.

The situation may have gotten worse, for both Man and Elf, if a pleasant, light peel of laughter hadn't been heard from behind the guard. It was Lord Elrond's son, Elrohir, finding great amusement in his guard's defeat.

"Duo, you must have put your foot in your mouth more so than usual for you to end up in this unlikely mess."

Immediately the Ranger lifted the sword from the guard's neck, and placed it back in it's sheath. He then bowed low before the young lord.

"Kind Elf, I bring urgent news for the Lord of this Elf-House. Enough of my time has been wasted with your youthful and inexperienced guard." This just set off another round of laughing from Elrohir.

"Come Ranger, I will take you immediately to my father, while my `youthful and inexperienced' guard leaves to warn the kitchen staff of your arrival." He then turned to face the guard, a mock scowl on his face. "Duo, you should know better, the Rangers are friends of ours, and have been for some time."

The young guard just looked down at his feet, feeling chastised, but angrier still at the Human. "Maybe to this house, but Men are no friends of mine."

A reluctant understanding seemed to pass between the two elves, leaving the Ranger completely in the dark. Then just as quickly as it had been there, it was gone, replaced by the joyful voice of the young lord. "Come Ranger, we shall go quickly to my father."

They then left, leaving the Duo to pick up his fallen spear, and seek out the kitchen. Not even the site of the sun making it's full entrance could cheer him up now.


Elrohir had brought the Ranger before his father who now sat in his outside council room, with his councilman Glorfindel at his side, enjoying the new morning. The Ranger knelt to one leg and bowed his head towards the Elf who looked so young, but was indeed much older.

The Lord Elrond looked to be about 40 in Human years, and had long black hair that cascaded down his back. It contrasted sharply with the long golden hair that Glorfindel wore loose down his own back. The Lord's ears, like with all elves, were pointed, and he wore a long robe, much like the one his son wore as well, but a different colour. His eyes were a bright blue, much the colour of the sea. Elrohir looked much the same, except he was younger, and his eyes were ghostly shade of grey that sparkled when he smiled.

The Lord Elrond had lived through different ages, had even fought against Sauron in the past. He'd seen empires rise, and empires fall, and had even met with the Emperors who destroyed them. He'd fallen in love, had three children, and had even raised a human child, the very person that the Ranger now seeked.

Lord Elrond now spoke in a kindly fashion. "Ranger, please stand, and tell me the news that brought you so far from your wandering area."

The Ranger, who seemed to be a man of few words, nodded his head in compliance before standing up. "My name is Heero, and as you know, I am a Ranger from the West. I had not meant to trouble this Elf-House, nor any other, but I must find Aragorn at once."

Mention of Aragorn, caused all elves present to listen even more intently.

"What has Aragorn to do with your news?"

"There are creatures from the West, in the southern parts of the places that I wander, who speak of dark things. I would not burden your house with it's meaning, but I must ask you to tell me where Aragorn can be found. He is a friend to a great Wizard who might be able to use the information I have for him."

For a man of few words, it was quite obvious he was trying to get his point across. He needed to find Aragorn, and he needed to find him now.

Lord Elrond nodded silently to himself before looking deep into the Ranger's eyes.

"Ranger... no, Heero, you have come at an odd time, for Aragorn had gone South of these parts, and has taken Mithrandir, or as you call him, Gandolf the Grey, with him. Where they are now, we do not know, when they will return, we do not know. How you shall find him, well, only you know."

The Ranger bowed in thanks. "Then I must leave at once. I thank you kind Elf-Lord." But before he could leave, Elrohir blocked the exit. Instinctively, Heero's hand went straight to the hilt of his sword, hidden under his dark cloak.

Elrohir quickly explained his actions, fearing that the Ranger might take it the wrong way.

"You are tired, and worn near ragged. As a host I cannot let you leave until you have at least rested the night, and eaten some supper, and morning breakfast for that matter. As a Ranger, you know the dangers that lie South of these lands. You need at least the night to give you some strength. It is the least we can do if do not plan to tell us what grave news you bear."

The outside council room was silent after Elrohir had spoken, all that could be heard was the cheerful signing of the birds, and the wind as it passed through the trees.

It looked like the Ranger was about to object, put some sort of argument forth, but changed his mind at the last minute. He suddenly looked wearier than even before.

"You are right, I will stay the night." He said no more before sitting down. Glad for the chance to relax. He instantly felt the tension drain out of the courtyard-like-room as if someone had pulled a plug.

The chatter from then on was amiable as Elrohir told a now silent Heero all the news they'd heard so far from the East. Although he didn't show it, this greatly interested Heero, as he'd never been out that way before.

The light conversation was quickly interrupted when an upset looking young Elf walked quickly towards the council room. It took Heero a few minutes to comprehend what was happening, as the Elf looked exactly like Elrohir, but with perhaps a less jovial face.

He walked right by his father and Glorfindel without a second glance, and ignored Elrohir altogether, going straight towards Heero.

Before Heero could even blink, and Elven sword was thrust at his neck, stopping just in time to only nick the top layer of skin. The new Elf held it there, fully realizing that the Ranger had somehow managed to press a dagger against his rib in the same amount of time.

"It was a grave mistake for you to come Ranger. You are like a plague on this house, and I know the cure."

Seeing the dangerous look on his overly serious brother, Elrohir knew exactly what the problem was.

"Elladan, this isn't about Duo is it?"

"YES Elrohir, it is! He's so upset he won't even talk to me, or anyone else for that matter. He's storming around the kitchen, and refuses to leave until this Man has left. And I intend to make sure that happens as soon as possible."

It was quite obvious, to anyone who had any sense, that this new Elf cared deeply for the young guard, for reasons that entirely escaped Heero's reasoning. If he never saw that impertinent, stubborn, foolish Elf again, he'd be a happier man by far. It also disturbed him a bit that this `male' Elf seemed so interested in the `male' guard. He hoped it was just platonic, but new better. This was just the sort of thing Humans joke about when they know nothing about Elves. And then to see that it was true... it disturbed Heero.

He'd not gotten a good look at the young Elf guard's face before, seeing him only in his armour. He had looked slender and lithe, as all elves do, and had brown hair, similar to the many colours of dark sand, which escaped out of his helmet, and ran down his back, again nothing unusual for an Elf. His face had been almost completely coved up by the Elven helmet. Perhaps the only other thing he'd really noticed about the young guard was how slender and pale his exposed neck had looked against his heavy sword. He cursed Elves for looking like they should not be hurt in battle, when they were quite the skilled warriors.

Looking back up at the Elf that now threatened him, Heero couldn't help but wonder if he was Elrohir's twin. They looked almost identical.

It was the Lord Elrond who now spoke again.

"Elladan, release our guest immediately. He will NOT be cast out of our house, no matter Duo's sensibilities."

Very reluctantly, Elladan let the Ranger go, feeling the pressure of Heero's dagger leave him as he did so. Scowling, the young elf then mock bowed towards his father, handing his truly amazing sword to his brother.

Elrohir took the sword and laid it down, standing up to introduce the gust. "Elladan, may I introduce to you, the Ranger Heero, who has travelled far to be with us this day."

"I can not say I am pleased to meet you ranger, for only you have managed to make sweet Duo Voronwë act that way does now, who else but a Human." Then realizing what he had said he quickly turned to his father to apologize. "I am sorry father, I did not mean to insult all Humans, only this one who attacked Duo." His apology seemed gruff, yet sincere enough. It did nothing to make Heero like him any more. He couldn't believe the new Elf had managed to describe Duo as being anything similar to sweet.

Trying to mend the damage, Elrohir attempted to continue the introduction. "Heero, this here is my brother Elladan. You must excuse his behaviour; he is usually the most levelled headed one out of all us, saving when a certain Elf is concerned." Elladan managed to glare skilfully at his brother; Elrohir simply ignored him and continued.

"Early this morning I came to tell Duo that he was done his duties for the week and could now have some time off. I found him provoking the Ranger, and getting himself into a fight instead. I would have really reprimanded him for it had I not found it so funny to see him learn some manners." Elrohir started to laugh at the image again.

Elladan scowled even more at his brother. "You do wrong to mock him, Elrohir! You know as well as I do how he feels about Humans, and Rangers are no exception to him."

Again Heero felt confused by this, but he saw both brothers' drop the topic as soon as it had been said. It was not unusual for Elves to distrust Humans, in fact it was expected. But Rangers were usually more welcomed, trusted even, especially since Aragorn, a man raised by Elves, had become one himself. Yet, what Heero found so unusual was Duo's obvious hatred of him. It was unprovoked, and surely unwarranted.

In the end it just made the Ranger dislike the young guard even more. He'd be happy to make the `poor Elf Duo' happy by leaving this place early tomorrow morning.


Unfortunately for both Heero and Duo, he had no such luck. There was a banquet held in the Ranger's honour that night, and Lord Elrond made it mandatory that all attend the festivities; this included the Elf Duo Voronwë.

By the time most of the elves had shown up, Heero was positive that Duo was not from any of the Elven families of this area. All the Elves, save him, had long black hair, blond hair, golden hair, or even white hair, while Heero was sure he'd seen the young Elf with long brown hair. In fact, he was positive. All this meant was that Duo came from an Elven family in the Far West, or the Far East. Either way, what would he be doing in the House of Lord Elrond?

The answer came to him sooner than he expected. It seemed that that the House of Elrond was in many ways what Humans might consider an Inn of sorts. The Elves were leaving this land, the land of Middle-Earth, for good. They'd been there long enough, and knew that it was time to slowly leave. Many of the older elves had already left, and many would always remain. Elves would travel West until they reached the ocean, where they would then set off to a land that Heero had never heard of before. The House of Elrond was considered some sort of `last stop' before the ocean, while others called it home.

There was no fee to stay, though you did have to help out with the work, and you could stay as long as you liked. Heero just assumed that Duo's family had probably left for the great somewhere out there, and he had chosen to stay behind as many of the younger Elves chose to do for the time being.

This still left a lot of questions unanswered, but honestly had didn't feel the inclination, nor the need to start asking them.

It was about this time in his musings that Duo Voronwë finally made his entrance. And what an entrance it was. From outside the door kicking and muffled screams could be heard, until suddenly a very angry looking Elf was pushed in through the door.

This was odd right away because Elves DO NOT kick and scream. They are known throughout the land as very serene beings, purity running through their veins, wise beyond wise, loved by many.

Yet perhaps this was only when they grew up, by the looks of it, the younger ones were still learning these traits. And in that case, Duo had a long way to go. Or so Heero thought until about five seconds latter and Duo's entire demeanour changed.

As startled as he'd been to be pushed into the room, as soon as he saw the assembly looking straight at him, and turning around, he saw that his exit way barred by a very amused looking Elrohir, Duo lifted his head up high, and gracefully walked around the table to find an empty seat.

All eyes were still on him, and how could they not be. He was beautiful, even by Elf standards, and that was saying a lot. He wore a robe spun from some sort of material akin to silk; its blue shade seemed to change depending on where the light hit it. His brown hair, which again reminded Heero of the dark sandy beaches, each strand a different shade, fell down in waves along his back. Part of his hair was tied up at the back, probably to keep out of his eyes, and his eyes... his eyes were the most beautiful shade of blue ever known to any creature of Middle-Earth. It far out shone the blue of even Lord Elrond's eyes.

Heero was beginning to see why some Elves of the same sex might be attracted to each other. It was defiantly not something he hoped to see Humans doing any time soon, but he could understand the Elves a bit more.

As Duo walked around the table it seemed as if he was stepping on air, most Elves had this affect while walking, put he put them all to shame.

Despite his great dislike for the young Elf, Heero had to admit; he did know how to save his lost dignity when pushed into a room. Heero's kinds thoughts were however immediately cut off as soon as he saw Duo glaring at him from across the table. It was obvious he didn't want to be here, and that Heero was the reason for it.

He had sat down next to Elladan, and Lord Elrond's daughter, the Lady Arwen. Heero had no idea what young Elladan was saying to Duo, but whatever it was, it wasn't distracting Duo, he just kept glaring at him.


"Duo, you look lovely tonight, you even pulled you're hair out of you're eyes. I... I think it looks better like that." Duo was only half listening, most of his attention directed at the unwelcome guest. Had he paid more attention, he would have noticed he's usually very serious friend stuttering and acting much younger than his age.

"I always wear it up when I'm on guard duty, I wasn't planning on coming this evening and had left it up."

"Well it looks wonderful down too. I've just never had the chance to see it up before. And you're even dressed up. It's a lovely robe."

"It's Elrohir's, he made me wear it. In fact, he made me come. He'll regret this, I don't care if he's Lord Elrond's son. I was once the son of a great family too... " Duo glared even harder at the cause of all his misery. "I hate that man Elladan. He has no right to be here. He is a Human, not even a friendly one. He is rude, and unwashed."

"No, he bathed for the dinner"

"Well he was unwashed when he attacked me."

Elladan seemed to suddenly grow angry along with Duo; he'd almost forgotten that part. "You're right Duo, he did attack you. Father should make apologize."

"NO!" Duo hissed. " I don't want to spend another second in his presence. I curse the day he came here, and rejoice the day he `s gone. The sooner the better."

Elladan agreed wholeheartedly. The sooner he saw that wonderful carefree smile back on Duo's lovely face, the better. As long as the Heir of Voronwë was sad, or angry, it felt like a dark cloud had covered all of Rivendell for Elladan. He could not, would not be happy as long as Duo was miserable.


Having someone who finally saw his view on things did indeed start to cheer Duo up slightly. He relaxed as the night wore on, and even forgot to glare at Heero while Elladan told him about the Orc hunting party he'd just returned from. Elladan was always going out killing Orcs; it was his obsession, Elrohir's too. Their mother had been kidnapped by Orcs, and by the time Lord Elrond had found her, she already been raped and tortured. She had never been the same after that, and soon left for the west, never to return. Elladan and Elrohir, were still young at the time, and never forgave the cruelty of Orcs. Elladan, the oldest of the twins, took it harder than even Elrohir, and for that reason, felt he understood Duo's hatred of Humans better than anyone else in the world.


By the time Duo was finally starting to forget about Heero entirely, Lord Elrond stood up at the end of the table and called for everyone's attention.

"Fellow Elves of every kind, and our guest Ranger, I thank you for coming tonight. We all live in sad times right now." Lord Elrond was referring to the Elves leaving the Middle-Earth. "But by celebrating, we make it seem as joyful as it ever was. Tonight is special for we have with us a Human guest who has travelled far to do Middle-Earth some good, I am sure. Rangers have spent generations watching over the peace of Middle-Earth, and deserve every kindness in return for their great deeds. It is my hope that we have made your quest even the tiniest bit easier by offering you refuge for that night." Heero nodded, showing that indeed they had. "But noble Ranger, we must ask that we do more for you. Although you will not share the secrets that you bear with us, I know in my heart it is of great importance. You have not travelled this Far East often, and I doubt you have traveled south of here at all. I beg that we be allowed to send with you someone who knows this land well. Who knows the unique dangers that wait for you, and who will be you're guide."

At the word `guide', Duo suddenly got very scared. He feared he knew where this was leading.

"Before you say anything Ranger. The Elf I wish to send with you knows this land like very few, had he been human, I'm sure he would have made a fine Ranger."

Despite the fact that Rangers were very solitary in nature, having an Elf as a guide was a very rare gift indeed. And it was true that he did not know these lands as well as he would have liked. When the Lord of the House of Elrond offers to send a guide with you, you do not easily refuse without good reason. "Then Lord Elrond, it would be an honour to have any of your Elves as my guide. I accept you're offer."

Lord Elrond suddenly seemed very pleased with himself, and Duo groaned inwardly, feeling sick to the stomach, and somewhat faint.

"Then Ranger, I offer you none other than the Heir of Voronwë, descendant of the famous Elf guide who led the human Tuor to the City of Gondolin. You can have no better guide along your side."

As soon as the words `Heir of Voronwë' were out of Lord Elrond's mouth, the table was alive with chatter. This was indeed a bold move by the Lord, and quite crafty. Many of the elves assumed it must come from the human blood that was rumoured to run in Lord Elrond's veins.

Surprisingly, it wasn't Duo who had any objections; he sat in his seat very pale, looking even sicker than he felt. His whole world was being turned upside down and he hadn't had one say in the matter. It was Elladan who stood up horrified.

"FATHER, I cannot allow you to send him!"

Lord Elrond looked a bit guilty when faced with his eldest son; he knew how the young Elf felt about Duo. "I'm afraid Elladan, it is not your decision to make. And it has already been made. Duo is under my care, and if it benefits us all, he must be sent away. And only for a short time, he will return."

"Then send me with him, so I can make sure he returns to us safely."

Lord Elrond shook his head sadly. "No, you are needed here."

"Then send me in his stead, you can't send Duo, you simply can't."

The room was silent by this very emotional outburst from the elder more serious son. Even more surprising was how the normally energetic Duo was being so quiet during all of this. He'd not said a single word.

Truth be told, Duo was overcome with feelings about not only leaving to be with a human, but by what Elladan was ready to risk so he would not have to go. It warmed his heart, and made him feel weaker, all at the same time.

Standing up as silently, as only an Elf could, Duo motioned to Elladan that he was able to talk now. Once again he lifted his head up high, but instead of glaring at Heero, he glared strongly, straight into Lord Elrond's bright blue eyes.

"My Lord, it would be an honour to serve my fellow Elves. I will leave with the Ranger as early as the day will allow tomorrow morn. But do not worry if I return late, for I may not return at all." He then left the deathly quiet room, showing absolutely no sign of the misery he felt in every facet of his being.

Elladan glared equally hard at his father, before leaving to convince Duo of anything that would make him come back.

This left Lord Elrond, his younger son Elrohir, and his daughter Arwyn to try and mend the broken atmosphere. It was no easy task.


After the dinner had come to an end, Lord Elrond made his way up to Duo's bedroom. He found Elladan sitting on a chair directly outside the room. It was obvious he'd tried to convince Duo to let him in, to no avail.

As soon as Elladan saw his father coming, he immediately stood up to guard the door. Lord Elrond could tell he was angry.

"Go away! He doesn't want to speak to me, or anybody. You've done enough. You KNOW what's happened to him! There's no excuse for forcing him out of all of us to aid that human."

"If you wish to direct you're anger, direct it at the right person. This is not the Ranger's doing, but my own. And since when did you hate humans?"

"I don't... but he attacked Duo, and now you're planning to have Duo help him, it's cruel, that's what it is."

"Duo provoked him."

"That's what he told you!"

"That's what you're brother told me. Are you accusing Elrohir of lying?"

This seemed to subdue the young Elf a bit. "No... no, I didn't mean that. But father, what do you mean by this. I know you, you have some plan."

"Yes... and perhaps it isn't turning out quite as I've imagined, but there's still time. Duo is descended from a great Elf. And in many ways, Duo is very much like his father. Voronwë hated humans. And he hated Tuor even more for having to guide him. But they did make their piece, and it is rumoured they even fell in love. If Tuor hadn't died in Gondolin, who knows what would have happened."

"So that's it, you want Duo to fall in love with some Human so he can have his heart broken. Elves can only die from a wound in battle or a broken heart. Who knows if he's not dying right now after what you've done to him tonight."

"No, Elladan, I did not mean for them to fall in love. Just… that Duo would learn not to hate all humans. Times may be changing, and we might need all the allies we can get. There is already too much hatred among the Elves and the Dwarves."

"Yes, but that's hardly OUR fault..."

"BOTH sides are to blame, neither is at fault. And Duo isn't at fault for hating humans the way he does. But that doesn't mean it can continue. I do want to do what's best for him. And I feel with all my heart, that this is it."

Elladan didn't look angry at all anymore, just very, very sad. "Then you better go talk to him, because if he doesn't return, I will have to leave and search for him. And I'd rather spend that time enjoying his company here in Rivendell."

Lord Elrond reached over and patted his youngest son fondly on the shoulder. "I will my son."

Elladan then walked quietly away, leaving his father to deal with yet another upset Elf. He was about to knock, but found he didn't have to. The door swung open on it's own, and there stood Duo, hair fully down now, looking sad, but defiantly not angry any more.

He looked surprised to see Lord Elrond, obviously expecting Elladan to still be waiting patiently by his door.

"You don't need to convince me, I already said I would do it!"

Lord Elrond nodded his head solemnly. "I know Duo, that's not why I'm here."

The young Elf pushed pass him, trying to contain his growing anger. "I don't really care why you're here. I don't care what you think will come of this, and I don't care if you want to make it up to me! You have no excuse for what you did, Lord of this House or not, it's cruel to have made me go. And if I didn't have my pride, probably the only thing I've got LEFT that I can keep, I wouldn't be going at all."

Lord Elrond let the young Elf vent, knowing there was nothing he could say to make him see otherwise.

"Duo... whatever you choose, you will always be welcome in Rivendell. You have lost enough homes, I would never dream of taking another from you."

Looking up into the Elf-Lord's sincere eyes, Duo sighed slightly in temporary defeat.

"You really are craftier than I gave you credit for."

"I've always been craftier than you gave me credit for."

Still feeling very uncomfortable around Lord Elrond, and not at all happy with the unfolding events, Duo tried to back out of the conversation gracefully. "I better go pack. Not sure where I left the length of rope from my last journey south. It would not be wise to leave without it."

"No... it wouldn't." Lord Elrond sounded unsure, searching into Duo's eyes for any sign that he'd managed to mend even the smallest of wounds between.

"I might have to tie him up and leave him for the birds if he causes me any trouble."

"Only you, Duo." Lord Elrond said, shaking his head in wonderment.

"I haven't forgiven you, I haven't said I'd come back, and for the record, I still don't like it..."

"Having to guide the Ranger?"

"Yes... But I do promise, if only for my pride, I'll do my best as a guide. The Ranger Heero WILL get there alive, even if I have to kill him to accomplish it."

"There and back again?" Lord Elrond asked uncertainly.

"Yes... there and back again."






Maybe I lied, maybe there was a lot more of the LOTR world then I had attended. I just feel so comfortable with the characters that it's hard not to. (I've read ALL the LOTR books, including the Simarillion, and the Lost Tales. hence where I got Duo's history). Did anyone get the last joke in the story... I thought it was cute, am I allowed to think my things are cute?


SIDE NOTES and useless facts:

First of all, YES I know I capitalized Human, Elf, Lord, South, West, ect. But that's only because Tolkien does in his book. And it was weird writing it any other way.


The story of VORONWë and TUOR is an actual story, and was in fact a story in the lost tales. The oddity of the story is that in fact Tuor DOES win Voronwë over in the end. I SWEAR TO YOU, to all seeming, Tolkien wrote them falling in love. It's a really sweet story, and ever sweeter seeing they're growing care for each other (if you insist that it's only deep friend love fine, but it's the same love Sam and Frodo have by the Two Towers.) From the moment Voronwë is found by Tuor washed ashore on a beach after failing a mission…it's just so sweet.

Lord Elrond: the human blood thing is true. He's half human. He had to choose at a certain time whether to be human or Elf. He chose to be Elf. His brother chose to be human, and he was wracked with grief when his brother died.

Lord Elrond's Wife (Celebrian): Celebrian was Galadrial's daughter (beautiful Cate Blanchette in the movie). So Arwyn is actually Galadrial's granddaughter. Celebrian DID get raped by Orcs, and she did abandon her 3 children and husband to run off to the other lands.

Elladan: Means `Elf-man' named after his human blood. Yes, he was obsessed with killing Orcs in the books too. He gets over it sorta when the whole Ring thing happens and he has to fight at Aragorn's side.

Elrohir: means "Knight Lord". Apparently both Elladan and Elrohir are given the same choice as their father in whether to become Human or not. Me thinks they chose to go to the west with the Elves, but hey... I'll know.

Heero is a Ranger, explained that above. Aragorn was a Ranger, and so were a handful of other men. Tough job. You have to keep danger at bay, and then they ostracize you in bars. Sheesh, no respect.


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