9-22-2002 (revised)

Title: It's A Wonderful War 2/9
Author: Sony_Mouse (Sony_Mouse@hotmail.com), but if it's really bad then it is someone else.
Pairings: 1+2+1
Warnings: AU (OUR universe), Angst, young, ignorant and propaganda full Duo, shounen-ai.
Disclaimers: Not mine, GW is the property of sunrise I think, and the phrase "World War Two" was actually coined by and belongs to National Geographic (bet ya didn't know that.)
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Author's Note: I originally wrote this fic when I had come out of the movie (and I use this term lightly) Pearl Harbor. (If you want to know what happened in those events, I recommend the classic movie Tora! Tora! Tora! (Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!). Anyways, I stopped writing this fic after the event of 9-11 last year, thinking no one would want to read a war story. Then never got around to. Then now, a year later, and after 9-11, I've started it up again because I feel the message (I know... I'm too preachy) but the message of my fic holds true now more then it did a year ago.

I apologize in advance for Duo's frame of mind, but keep in mind he is upset, new to war, filled with all the propaganda you get during a World War, and probably scared shitless, so give him a break please.


Japanese note: Don't know Japanese, so Heero's Japanese is just English with * around it


It's A Wonderful War by Sony_Mouse

Part Two

"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.
For he today that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be ne'er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition.
And gentlemen in England now abed
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin's day."
William Shakespeare (1564-1616), English dramatist, poet. King Henry, in King Henry V, act 4, sc. 3.


Trying to move himself, Duo found he couldn't even lift his arms without feeling instantly dizzy and nauseous. He felt a head rush as he moved his head to the side, and almost yelped when he found himself staring into the coldest and most deadly eyes he had every dared look upon.

He would have screamed, but the soldier, obviously Japanese, had other plans. Without even a warning gesture, the soldier smashed the butt of his gun hard onto the top of Duo's head, causing him to pass out from the blow.

The forest seemed to quiet as the American's head slumped forward into unconsciousness.


By the time Duo finally came around he noticed only three things about his situation; one, the light was fading so it must be sunset, two, he was hurt, and three, there was a gun poking quite painfully into the back of his skull.

Duo tried to move around so he could get a good look at his captor, but let out a cry as the gun was jabbed even more firmly into his head.

Despite the pain, Duo managed to let out an angry snarl. "So you're going to kill me aren't you? Or maybe perform some kind of torture on me? I expect nothing less from a savage like you. I bet you won't even bother to take me out of this cockpit! I don't care, I'll at least be dying in something American."

Duo wasn't sure if the man behind him could even speak English, but he might have understood something, cause he smacked Duo lightly with the gun as if to warn him to stop talking. He then proceeded to slowly walk around to face him, never letting the aim on his rifle waver for a second.


Duo jerked his head up in surprise at the venom spoken in the strange foreign words. What right did this ass have to be angry with him? He was the one who got shot down.

"Sorry pal, but I don't speak that gibberish you seem to call a language. Try learning English, the international language, then get back to me."

The Japanese soldier glared daggers at his prisoner before continuing.


Duo would have replied with another smart-ass comment, but he suddenly felt very dizzy from the exertion of talking, and once again slumped forward in his chair.

His voice was much weaker the next time he spoke.

"Listen, kill me or don't... just make up your mind."

To Duo's surprise the Japanese soldier laid his gun down on the aircraft to help the dizzy boy. By tugging at his restraints, the soldier attempted to free Duo from the cockpit in one swift movement. This only resulted in getting the young pilot panic. Making him struggle and scream loudly from the pain.

*" SUWATTE! Soshite tetsudatte ageru!"*

Duo didn't understand a word of what was being spoken, but felt they were something along the lines of telling him not to scream or move. Either way it irritated Duo to be told what to do by the enemy, so he continued to struggle even more despite the pain it caused.

Having enough, the Japanese soldier jumped down and grabbed a small piece of wood, which he then jammed roughly it into Duo's open mouth. It would allow Duo to concentrate on biting down on the wood and ignore the pain just a little bit. At the same time, it would make it easier for the soldier to free him.

As he was manhandled a bit more, Duo bit down with all his might.

The moment that his arms were free, he wrapped them around the Japanese man for support. His mind was clouded over with so much by pain he forgot who he was dealing with. .

It only took a few more minutes to finally become free of the cockpit, but it was the longest few minutes of Duo's young life. The last tug pulled him free and caused him to stumble to the ground, landing hard on top of the enemy soldier.

He was quickly pushed off, landing even harder against the ground. Every movement was painful, so instead of inspecting his wounds, he fell back to the ground, enjoying the feel of having his legs stretched out.


"Why the fuck did you do that? I was going to die an American! And on American property!"

*"Moshi shinunara, ima koko de teki no ryou do de shine!"*

"What are you saying? Are you going it get it over with yet?"


"I don't need this fun suspense, just kill me already!"

"*DAMARE!*" The soldier glared dangerously at the fallen boy before picking himself off the ground and rushing over to Duo's side to kneel down beside him. Once there he started to assess the damage by lightly moving his hands over the American's legs.

"HEY! Get your slimy hands off of me. I don't mind dying, but the last thing I want is to be raped by a Jap. I should've known you would do this though. You're about as predictable as they said you'd be."

The Japanese soldier seemed to flinch slightly at the accusations before grabbing a hold of Duo's braid and slamming it into his open mouth.

"*DAMARE!*" Using the American's shock to his advantage, the Japanese soldier quickly and painfully snapped Duo's leg back into it's normal position. Watching carefully as Duo bit down onto his braid while he screamed, before spitting it out afterwards.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! You bastard. You set my leg, didn't you? What the hell is this? One-minute you're trying to kill my comrades and trying to kill me, the next you're setting my leg. You're more messed up than I ever could have imagined." It was at this exact moment that the soldier decided to pull tightly on the bandage he'd been trying to bind around Duo's broken leg.

"Damn it! Why don't you just break it again? Or is that the plan all along?"

The soldier just gave another sharp painful tug, as if to say "I'll break both you're legs if you don't shut up this instant". It was only then that Duo realized that the enemy had tied his leg with strips of the Japanese's own t-shirt. The one he must have worn under his uniform.

"Get these disgusting rags off of me, it's a disgrace for an American pilot to be wearing anything belonging to a filthy Jap."

Ignoring whatever complaint the American might have issued, the soldier quietly continued his assessment of the damages. Duo could only stare at him with a wide worried look in his eyes. The Japanese soldier soon found that his prisoner not only had a broken leg, but was also in no shape to be moved. If he wanted him alive, he would have to camp out there with him for the next few days. Only then would he be able to leave here and get back in touch with his unit to turn the war criminal in.

Standing up to brush the dust off his shirt, the soldier gave a quick command before leaving to get some work done. *" Suwatte... Damare... ka... Omae O Korosu."*

Watching as his captor walk away, Duo started to think about how he could possibly escape. The problem was he couldn't. He had a broken leg, and the Jap knew it. Plus, even if he could escape, he was in Japan! There was nowhere he could run to.

The Japanese soldier himself was a bit of a mystery. It surprised Duo that he hadn't tried to kill him, he had even helped him, but as far as Duo was concerned this could only mean more trouble. The soldier must be trying to gain his trust, or heal him so he could later be tortured. Why else would a Jap help him out?

Throughout the next hour, the Japanese soldier came and went several times, each time bringing back wood for a fire and supplies from some mysterious source. After he had successfully started a fire under the broken wing of Duo's aircraft, he then started to prepare some dinner.

Walking over to the unnaturally quiet American, he picked him up without asking permission, ready to bring him closer to the fire.

"Put me down you dirty Jap!" Trying to contain his anger, the Japanese man quickly dropped his burden onto the ground with a loud thud. Smirking as the pissed-off American tried to sit up against the plane in considerable pain, he then walked away to prepare some food.

"You bastard, you did that on purpose! And you fixing my leg was all just some sneaky plan to make me tell you why we were bombing you in the first place, wasn't it?"

While opening a few cans for food, the Japanese just scoffed at the American. *"Woogeemu, ne?"*"

Once again Duo had no idea what the man had said, but he was sure it held a large amount of sarcasm in it.

"Don't you talk to me like that. I just hope you know that Japan's going to lose this war, and when the Americans come here looking for me, and find you, you are one dead Jap. Which is the only good kind of Jap."

*"Damare Bakayaro!"* Before Duo could respond the young man walked around the fire and took out a knife. Duo was positive that the man was going to stab him, but to his great surprise the soldier started to rip away at his flight suit.

The suit was all torn up and reeked of blood, but underneath Duo still had on perfectly good combats. The American didn't know what to say, but was even more amazed when he received a blanket around his cold shoulders.

*"Kan'ya des"*

"Yeah is that so? We'll I may be weak but I'll kick you're ass if you try anything funny."


"Yeah, yeah." It slowly started to rain all around them. However, the soldier had chosen shelter wisely underneath the broken wing of the allied plane.

Duo was watching the rain so intently, he jumped when the Japanese soldier picked up one of the cans and handed it to the startled young man. He tried to grab the can several times, but was still too weak from the crash, apparently only his mouth was in good working order.

The soldier sighed at the sight before making the decision to feed the American himself. Taking a bit of the contents out of the can with some military issue chopsticks he had on him, he attempted to feed his annoying prisoner.

Duo turned his head away from the chopsticks like a baby might, scared of not only the food, but also the utensils.

"What the hell is that? Are you trying to poison me? And just what kind of mutated fork-knife is that?"

Not talking any lip from his prisoner, the soldier pulled Duo's head back by his braid and force-fed him the food.

"Yuck, couldn't you have just shot me, this is horrible..." Another mouthful of food interrupted his rant.

When he was done eating, the Japanese soldier gave the prisoner an evil smirk before moving to the other side of the fire to replenish the wood.

Duo tried to deal with the silence as best he could, but every time he wasn't talking he was left with thoughts of what the Japanese man could do to him. It was better to just talk then have to deal with his imagination.

Looking up at his captor, he noticed that the man was silently observing him. It was strangely unnerving. The enemy soldier had surprisingly dark brown hair instead of jet black, as Duo assumed all Japanese had. And Duo wasn't sure in the bad light, but he swore that the young man's eyes might be the color of blue. But that could just be the lights playing tricks on his eyes.

Deciding there had been enough silence, Duo tried to strike up a conversation.

"So... killed many Americans before?"

"Hn." The soldier just rolled his eyes and continued to watch the fire.

"I see you're not the talkative one... 'cept when you're yelling at me. That's ok, I'll do the talking for both of us."

The soldier ignored him and threw another log unto the fire.

"So what's your name? Mine's Duo, no harm in telling you that. I believe that's one of the three pieces of info I'm allowed to give you, or supposed to give you... or something. You can just read my name tags, which I've noticed I no longer have with me, which means you must have them."


"Look!" Waving his hands in the air, he started to point to himself." ME DUO, DUO D-U-O." Pointing to his captor he emphasized his words. " You are? ME Duo. YOU?"

The soldier looked at the American pilot like was a complete and total idiot, which is pretty much he felt at the moment. *"Baka."*

"Baka, well it's an ok name I guess, for a Jap. Nice to meet you Baka, now are you going to kill me?"

The other soldier had had enough and glared once again at the American prisoner before responding in a much more familiar language. "Only if you want me to. And my name is Heero, You are the Baka, not me." The heavily accented, yet still very good English was followed by complete silence for at least ten minutes afterwards. Finally Duo found enough muster to yell back.

"You fucking speak English? All this time I've been insulting you, and you understood? Why the hell would you do that?"

Heero shrugged his shoulders and answered truthfully. "It allowed me to learn things about you, and I hoped it would mean I didn't have to talk to you."

"You're a Jap! How the hell did you learn English? Are you some sort of spy?"

"No, I learned it by reading books and listening to the radio. Your language isn't that difficult."

"B-but I thought you Japs didn't know any English."

"That may have been your false assumption, but you were wrong... as usual."

"Now listen here, you may be the one in charge, for the time being, but when my..."

"Your what? Your squadron gets here, the one that was shot down? You are the only survivor, and if you don't start being quiet, you won't even be that lucky."

"I'd rather die than spend another minute with a dirty Jap like yourself."

"I bet you would, but you're not in charge here, I am. And I want you alive!"

"I don't care what you want! You can torture me, rape me, do what you like. I'll never tell you anything."

"That's cause you have nothing to tell. You are only a lowly officer, if even that."

"OH, and I suppose you know our ranks now?"

"They aren't that hard to learn, or have you not learned them yourself yet?" Flustered, Duo growled back.

"I-I know my own ranks you stupid Jap, I just don't know yours."


"Hn, that's all you got to say. Can you at least tell me what you're planning to do with me?"

"I'm not taking you to a camp."

Duo was unnerved by the serious tone in which the Japanese soldier had responded. "So you are planning to kill me, or torture me."


"Then what?"

"You do not need to know, so I won't tell you."

"Well don't we sound mature. Well why don't we leave now?"

"You are injured."


"So, you would not be able to survive the journey without some healing."

"Why would you care?"

"I don't, but my superiors might. Now go to sleep and recover, I don't wish to speak to you anymore!"

"You're ordering me to recover. What if I don't want to?"

"It's not your choice, I will make sure that you live."

"Fine, be that way, just don't be surprised if I wake up dead."

"I'm never that lucky."

"Yeah, yeah. G'night." Duo didn't really want to sleep around the Japanese soldier, but unfortunately his body did. It was exhausted and just needed to get some rest. Leaning back softly, Duo was asleep in no time.

Heero on the other hand stayed awake to make sure that his prisoner survived the first night uninjured by keeping him warm by the fire. As soon as he was sure that the young man was fast asleep, he walked over and quietly laid the blanket over Duo so that it would cover the boy's whole body, thereby letting no warmth to escape.

He already felt uncomfortable keeping the American alive, knowing it was a risk, and almost wished he had just killed the pilot as soon as he had crashed. But when he had looked down at the unconscious figure still in the cockpit, he knew he couldn't kill him. The American looked just like a kid, so young. He didn't look like someone capable of killing women or children, even if he had. Besides the Americans would prize the young pilot, and would want to trade some Japanese soldiers for the boy.

Looking down at the sleeping figure, Heero truly wondered if he had made a mistake. But all he had to do was look over at that suspiciously innocent looking face and he knew he wasn't going to let the boy die.

Yet the boy deserved to die, he had killed so many women... children... all from his quick air raid. It was a very dishonorable act. But somehow the young pilot lying asleep in front of him seemed to carry no guilt for his actions, only bitterness.

Maybe that was the price to pay when you were forced to fight so young. If anything, Heero could understand that.


"On becoming soldiers we have not ceased to be citizens."
Address , "Humble Representation," 1647, to the English Parliament by Oliver Cromwell's soldiers.



Okay, just to say, Heero has a VERY different perspective on killing cause he is a foot soldier, he sees the people he kills. Duo, on the other hand is a pilot, and never sees his target, he doesn't even KNOW what he bombed, cept that he was told to bomb it. SO if it was, say, a small town making weapons, he would bomb it, no matter who was down there. I recently read an interview with a pilot who was one the people who carpet bombed Dresden. They had been told they were bombing some military facilities. Not an extremely old city full of mostly old men, women and children.

Ah War... the things you do to us.


ANYWAYS. COMMENTS. PLEASE! I need to know if these edits are improving the story or just making it worse