Title: A Chance to Fail
Author: Sony_Mouse
Pairings: 1x2
Warnings: language, adult content, weird….ect
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Sweat was just beginning to form along Duo's creased brow as he concentrated hard on completing his task. He was leaning hard against the bedroom wall with one hand while he stood hunched over in the dark of his room. All outside noises had long since been forgotten and all that could now be heard was the quickening beats of his heart, and the soft panting that was barely audible even to him.

His one free hand was almost hidden from view as it desperately stroked his barely exposed arousal, every movement causing a growing feeling inside his body to expand and quicken, threatening to take over his entire body, but not quite yet.

Duo had learned long ago that from time to time he needed to be able to do just what he was doing now, and as he got older, he needed to do it more and more often. It cleared his mind, released pent up stress, made him less tense, and above all, it felt good.

Over time, the need for privacy had also grown, especially since he was now living in small household with four out of the five pilots, a sort of temporary safe house from the war. He sincerely loved company, but he also needed that time to himself, everyone had their breaking point, and this kept him from reaching his.

Duo began to stroke even harder and faster, his skin becoming extremely flushed and heated as another bead of sweat trickled down the side of his face.

That wonderful feeling inside of him starting to grow faster now, as if a small spark had turned into a bush fire, but he was STILL not quite there yet.

His strokes were now becoming more erratic, anything to get that familiar feeling to grow.

"What are you doing?"

Duo could have screamed and swore all at once, what the hell was someone doing in his room?

"Heero, what the hell are you doing in my room?" Duo asked as calmly as he could, not even bothering to stop his strokes, or look up from his task at hand. "I'm masturbating! Now go away, I'll talk to you later."

Heero looked mildly insulted, a small scowl appearing on his face. "I know you're masturbating, you are just doing it wrong. And I can't leave! I need to talk to you now!"

Duo's head shot up to glare at Heero, only the light from the hallway was illuminating Heero's dark features, but it was more than enough for him to realize Heero was serious.

"Heero, I'd love to talk to you more about the fine art of masturbation, I really would, what a better way to end the weekend, but I'm REALLY busy right now, so why don't you please come back later when I'm not stroking my cock. I'm not requesting you, I'm telling you." Duo then looked back down, completely forgetting that Heero was even there, figuring that the young man would have the common sense to leave him be.

It was for this reason alone that caused Duo to be taken completely by surprise when suddenly a body was pressed tightly up against his back and a strong hand knocked his own away from his swollen penis and took over for him.

Duo had no idea what Heero did at that exact moment, but whatever it was it made that burning fire inside him turn into a supernova.

He screamed.

He'd never screamed before while doing this, but he did now, as if his body was just not capable of holding in the intense wave that ripped through him without any notion of a warning.

Duo didn't know how long he stood there screaming, or how long he felt what he did, but the moment it was over Duo's face become pained. His entire body failed him as he felt his muscles give way and he slumped to the ground.

Strange arms caught him and now held Duo's motionless body away from the hard floor. The stale silence that had followed was only broken by Duo's deep gasp for air. There was a confused look in his eyes as he searched around him to figure out what the hell had just happened. It didn't take long to reach the right conclusion, and that look of confusion quickly turned into one of anger.

Duo pushed out Heero's arms and straightened himself out, watching cautiously as Heero followed his example. He was absolute outraged, he had no idea what to say or do, his voice just would not form the right words.

Heero stood perfectly at ease, patiently waiting to see what Duo's reaction would be and in all honesty was not prepared for what happened next. Duo's fist flew through the air and cracked hard against his jaw. Heero's head literally whipped to the side, having had no time to prepare for the attack, Duo was just too quick. When Heero turned to look back, Duo was glaring dangerously at him.

"You fucking bastard! You don't do that, you don't fucking do that. You don't touch other people like that, you don't… " Duo kept repeating it, as if trying to convince himself of the words, and not Heero at all.

"You were taking too long, and you weren't doing it correctly." Heero tried to explain his actions, but the argument was weak and Duo simply wasn't listening at this point.

Duo let out a frustrated sound, not quite sure what to do or say anymore and decided to just wheel around and storm out the door. He had to get away from Heero as soon as he could, he wasn't sure what he wanted to do, but he knew it wouldn't be pretty if he stayed. None of the other pilots had ever seen him really angry before, and it was mainly because you only saw it once, usually before your death.

Duo rushed down the stairs, managing to bump into a worried looking Quatre along the way.

"Wait up Duo, we heard you screaming. Stop, slow down, what's going on?"

Again Duo just wasn't listening anymore; his quick pace turned into a sprint as he burst threw the front door and ran out into the mild night rain.

He didn't return until the next day.


When Duo did return, it was almost as if nothing had happened. Neither he, nor Heero would willingly talk about what had happened the previous day, both were more than happy to remain silent and leave the past in the past. To all outward appearances, Duo had even seemed to have completely forgotten about the entire incident. He returned to softly teasing Heero and the others, making biting sarcastic remarks, and getting his work done the same as usual. But all this didn't seem to last for long, and after a few days had gone by, and more noticeably after a few weeks had flown by, he had become more and more obviously distressed.

His teasing started to become more a form of insulting others, his sarcasm more like short tempered remarks, and his over all appearance had become more strained. Signs of stress were now visible under his eyes, and he looked unusually tired, as if his normal joy of life had been sucked out of him. The worst changes always took place directly after a long mission, and it was after these such missions that the other pilots finally started to take notice of the change.

Something was seriously wrong with Duo Maxwell, and no one, except for Heero, had the slightest inkling of what.


Duo lay quietly on his bed, just staring out into thin air, as he was oft found doing. His door was tightly shut, his blinds closed, and the lights turned off to reveal a dark atmosphere. That same night he'd told the others he was going for a night on the town, but in reality once he'd gotten outside he'd changed his mind and just snuck back in through his bedroom window. He no longer felt like going out and he needed time to think, he just couldn't do that with Quatre or Wufei constantly bugging him about things they really shouldn't be concerned with.

But they were right about one thing, something was wrong with him, and he needed to fix it soon.

There was a light tapping on his door, and Duo held his breath, hoping that whoever it was would realize he was not here and just go away.

No such luck, the mysterious person quickly snuck into the room, and softly closed the door behind him.

`I know you're in here Duo. We need to talk."

Duo let out a soft sound of annoyance and quietly responded. "Go away Heero, we don't need to talk at all."

Heero nodded to himself, having expected just that reaction, but instead of leaving, he walked closer to the bed. He was wearing a pair of faded jeans and one of his old green tank tops. It was on odd contrast to Duo's black dress pants and priest top. "I don't know what's wrong with you, but I think I may know what might have started it."

"That's wonderful Heero, I'm so glad your incredible training has led you to this conclusion. I'd give you a pat on the back, but I might just accidentally punch you instead."

"I think you're over reacting."

"I think you should mind your own business."

Heero's voice grew annoyed, he hated it when Duo acted this way; it made it almost impossible to talk to him.

"Duo, I only did what I did because I thought I could help you. It may have been rash, and you may have felt violated, but you did almost dislocate my jaw. I think we're even, one for one."

Duo sat up, anger written all over every movement he made.

"Tell me Heero, can you still use your jaw? Well, it seems to be working fine to me, so when it stops working, God I wish it would, then we'll talk!"

"What are you talking about? You're not making any sense" Heero tried to keep calm, but something about the way Duo was acting was really managing to rile him up.

"I'm talking about the fact that whatever the hell it was you did to me has messed me up. I'm not upset about the fact that for some very strange reason your warped little mind decided it would be a good idea to help me jack off, I was over that quite awhile ago. I'm upset that you've made it so that I can't even do it myself anymore. Do you understand what I'm saying Heero, I can hardly get it up at all, and when I do, I'm still just as stressed and tense as before. What's worse is that…"

Duo quickly stopped his ranting; he really didn't want to be talking about this, especially about that last item. He could hardly admit it to himself, and he sure as hell wasn't going to admit it to Heero. The few times he had been able to get hard was only because he'd given into every wrong feeling in his body, and had done the unthinkable, he'd thought about Heero. Of all the messed up things in the world, just the image of Heero pressed tightly up against his back, doing whatever it was he had done, was the only thing that would get him hard. Him, a hormone filled 15 year old boy. There was something seriously wrong with that.

Silence reigned in the room for a long time, Duo refusing to look at anything other than his hands, wishing fervently that Heero would just give up on him and leave. There was nothing to be said, it was his problem now, no matter what Heero had done in the past to cause it.

"I could teach you." Heero finally offered, there was no emotion at all in his voice, and it was obvious he had made it that way on purpose, clearly hiding whatever it was he could possible be feeling at that moment.

Duo barely had time to register surprise as Heero began to unbuckle his belt and pull down the jeans he was wearing. Duo jumped off the bed on instinct, running towards Heero and pulling his pants back up before the scene could get any worse.

Heero just stood there silently without moving; letting Duo fix his pants, and fasten the undone buckle.

Duo wasn't sure, but he could have sworn that Heero's skin felt unusually warm under his touch as he fixed his clothing, somehow a different warm then his usual cool like skin.

When he was done, Duo looked straight ahead at Heero, no longer angry, just surprised really.

"I know your just trying to help Heero, and as much as I hate to admit it, that actually means a lot coming from you. You're really out there sometimes, and do things no normal or sane person would even think of doing, but somehow you're still a nice guy. That said, having me watch you masturbate is not going to solve any of my problems, it's just going to create a whole lot of new ones."

"Duo," Heero interrupted," your problem isn't going to go away. I can either show you, or do it for you."

Those `wrong' feelings ran up Duo's skin like a shiver. There was no reason why that should sound like such a good idea. He'd been in hell this past month and all because Heero had done what he had done. But just the thought of feeling that good again, or having all his stress go away, his unbearable tension go away with it, enjoying that single moment of pleasure that had haunted his nightmares for weeks. Duo could start to feel the blood rushing through his body, circulation until it hit just the right spot, and that's when Duo felt himself begin to go hard.

"I'm not so sure that's such a good idea. I mean, doesn't it seem wrong to you, two guys, alone in a room, doing… that… to each other. I don't even want to know how you learned it yourself."

"Is that a no?"

"I don't know… I just want you to know what you'd be getting yourself into. Guys don't do that to other guys. You know that right?"

The dark room hid any expression that Heero might have shown at that moment in time, but it couldn't hide the sudden feeling of strong hands undoing the buttons on Duo's pants.

"I guess no one would have to know. I mean, you wouldn't tell anyone, and I'm sure not going to tell anyone." Duo's words became choppy as he felt a warm hand reach into his boxers and trace a ghost like line up his penis before leaving to rejoin its partner and pull down Duo's boxers completely.

"I mean, you are sorta being like a doctor, and doctors have to do stuff like this all the time." Heero moved in closer and started to slowly stroke up and down, it was only then that Duo become deathly silent.

Even this felt better than when he did it to himself. Heero was doing little tricks along the way that had Duo been able to think more properly, he would have tried to remember. All of it felt so good, really, really good.

Duo tried to keep standing straight, but the stronger Heero's grip got, the weaker his knees became. Against his will, he was soon forced to lean his forearms against Heero's chest, resting his forehead just below Heero's neck. Duo's skin was flush against the parts of Heero that was not covered by a tank top, and there was no mistaking the heat coming off of the other man now.

Duo's hands began to grip tightly against the top of Heero's shirt. His breathing had gone way past erratic now, and was making him almost dizzy. Duo wanted to groan or do something, but his pride just wasn't going to let him do it this time. So he bit down as hard as he could against Heero's shirt. Clenching so tightly he was sure he'd bite right through the material.

The pressure inside him was building up, it was now way past any point he'd ever experienced before, including the last time with Heero, and yet it was still growing.

Heero began to do whatever it was he did while he stroked him, causing Duo to forget all previous thoughts. All he could do was silently scream through his clenched teeth. He could just barely feel the support of Heero's other arm against his back as it helped to keep him standing.

And then it was over, or Duo was over, he wasn't sure which. It was like he could feel everything in that one everlasting moment, everything he could ever have wanted to feel, and then the next moment he felt absolutely nothing. Darkness truly descended upon him this time, and although Duo would never admit it to another soul, he felt himself falling into that unfamiliar darkness as he fainted.

The brightest supernova had turned into a black hole.


It wasn't long after, that Duo regained consciousness.

The first thought he had, even before opening his eyes, was just how damn good he felt. All the tension in his body was gone, all the stress he had felt had vanished, and to his great surprise, it had all been replaced with the single thought of Heero.

With this in mind, Duo's eyes shot open to take in his surroundings. He was lying stretched out on his cool bed as a fan circulated fresh air around him. His boxers and pants had been put back in place, and Heero was nowhere to be seen.

Or at least not until the bathroom door opened a few seconds later and bright light flooded the room, forcing Duo to shut his eyes in pain.

The lights were turned off with a soft click, and Heero emerged into the room. He quietly walked towards Duo and laid a cool damp cloth across his forehead. Duo couldn't help but notice that even though it was dark, Heero still had a strange heat emanating from him, causing his face to look even more flushed than earlier.

"Heero, how long have I been out?"

"Fifteen minutes."

"Were you here the whole time?"

Heero paused before answering, then quietly said "No." and left it at that. Duo decided to let it go and concentrate on more important matters.

"I feel better Heero."

"I know."


There didn't seem to be anything else to say after that. Oddly enough the embarrassment he'd expected himself to feel was gone. Maybe he really could deal with Heero doing this to him. Like he'd said before, it really was just like a doctor fixing a patient.

"So what now?" Duo asked, honestly curious to hear the answer.

"You're going to get some sleep. You hadn't told me before that your stress had caused you to become a temporary insomniac. You were more exhausted than you showed us all, this was the reason for your fainting."

Duo stifled a sign of annoyance. "No Heero, I mean, after that."

Heero took a few more seconds to speak, clearly not sure what to say.

"I can offer to help you when ever you need me to. That is, whenever we are both together. And… " Heero stopped speaking; having let slip out something he'd only meant to think.

"And what?"

"And then I can show you more."

"Oh," Duo replied softly, not wishing to break the serene moment. "That's sounds ok. I mean, this way I'll be easier to get along with, and better rested for my missions. Not to mention I feel really great right now. You know Heero, when this war is all over and done with, you should start up a clinic or something. I bet people would pay for something like this. You could even give seminars."

Heero's posture quickly became tense and he stood up, turning his back away from Duo as he started to leave the room. " Go to sleep, I'll come back tomorrow after supper. We'll go from there."

Duo closed his eyes, and let out a content sign. He was happy for the first time in months.

"Alright Heero, Good Night then! Oh, and thanks for your help. You were right, I overreacted before. There's nothing wrong with this, just one friend trying to help out another. Just like comrade-in- arms should."

Heero remained silent as he shut the door; not bothering to reply, it was probably not what Duo wanted to hear.


Weeks went by and Heero was as good as his word. He slowly showed Duo things that at times shocked the young pilot, but at the same time felt so right. Before they knew it, they'd moved on to much more serious things, things Duo would never had even considered doing before. They'd started sleeping together. Not that Duo would have ever put it that way, he hardly even considered it THAT at all, but in the end that's exactly what it was.

Two young men having sex.

There was never any kissing between them, no foreplay, or anything remotely resembling romance. Heero would come into Duo's room late each and would either stroke Duo until completion, or have him lie on the bed and penetrate him, and that IS how Duo would put it.

Each time was different, each time being better than the last, and Heero was constantly doing new things. The more Duo learned, the more he would also participate.

Duo was smiling more often than ever before, and with honest smiles, not so much sarcastic or cheeky ones anymore. And Heero seemed that much more willing to spend time out with him in public, almost seeming to enjoy that time spent together.

Duo began to wonder how it could possible get any better, he couldn't imagine anything that they weren't doing already, and all of it was good so far.

He would never have imagined that he would soon be kicking Heero out of his room for that very reason.


Heero quietly closed the door behind him as he entered Duo's room the same way he always had. The lights were on, but set down low so only a soft glow could be seen in the room.

Duo had been patiently reading a book while he waited for Heero, but immediately tossed the book aside as soon as he saw Heero enter the room. A smirk grew on his face and Duo began to undress himself, he was always eager to get started.

However Heero wouldn't let him get a head start this time. He walked over to where Duo sat on his bed and stilled his hands without a word. He then began to undress Duo himself; much like had done the first few times they'd been together, gently but with sure hands.

Duo couldn't give up the opportunity to tease the other young man. "Feeling in charge today are you Heero? Well don't get used to it cause…"

His stopped speaking the moment he felt Heero push him down on to the bed and lay a light kiss on his collarbone. This was soon followed by another a series of kisses trailing down his now opened shirt.

"Umm… Heero… what are you doing… ?" There was a touch of fear mingled in with confusion as Duo spoke.

Heero ignored Duo entirely and slid one free hand down Duo's torso until it came into contact with Duo's hard shaft. Heero's attention then returned to Duo's neck, turning his light kisses into persistent suckling. He soon found Duo's racing pulse and kissed it too.

Half of Duo was frozen cold, the other half was extremely overheated, but all of him was scared. It didn't help when suddenly those oddly teasing lips were suddenly pressed against his own.

Duo had never before in his life been kissed, and had he known it felt this good, he may have enlisted the help of some young lady in the past. And despite how good it felt, that was just it, he should be kissing some young lady, some pretty young lady who would marry him and have kids with him. But even as Duo thought this, his mind was clouded with thoughts of a warm tongue that was now sliding into his mouth and a strange unfamiliar warm feeling that was filling his chest.

Duo didn't like unfamiliar.

With all the strength he could muster, Duo shoved Heero off of him and on to the ground.

Both of them were flushed and breathing hard, but Heero had the look of someone possessed, someone who'd kept something strong hidden for far too long, and now it had taking over him.

"Heero, what the fuck do you think your doing?"

No answer, it was Heero's turn to avoid eye contact.

"Why would you do that? What purpose could you possible have convinced yourself it would serve?" Duo yelled as he threw a forgotten pillow towards his fallen friend.

Heero's head shot up and he looked defiantly into Duo's eyes. "Because I've wanted to kiss you for a very long time, and it felt good."

"Right…" Duo said, suddenly much calmer then either of them expected, all that changed quickly. "Get out! Get the hell out of my room. You are sick Heero Yuy, and I don't need you. Anyone can do what you do. I'll just ask one of the other guys to help me. But you… you need to find yourself a nice girl; enough of them chase you around everyday, pick one of them, and get yourself a fucking girlfriend."

"Why would I pick them when I have you!"

If Duo wasn't angry before, he was furious now. He pushed a half naked Heero across his room, through his door and out into the hallway. Heero didn't even bother to fight back, listening in silence as Duo emphasized his next words with all he had in him.

"I'm not your fucking girlfriend Yuy! Hell, I'm not even sure I want to be your friend!" He then slammed the door and never looked back twice.

He also never slept for the next few days.


Three mornings later found Duo lying down in the cockpit of his Gundam trying desperately to repair some communication wires that he'd been meaning to get around to fixing. But no matter how much he tried, his mind just wasn't on the task. He was still angry, and now he wasn't even sure about what.

Heero hadn't spoken to him once since he'd kicked him out of his room, nor with anyone else for that matter. He seemed to be convinced that Duo had been true to his word and had started sleeping with every single one of the other pilots.

Duo hadn't been much better for conversation, he'd also been avoiding just about everyone he could in the past three days.

Trying to push this from his mind Duo suddenly swore as he accidentally got another shock from the broken wires, he had to be more careful.

Growling at the useless tool he now held in his hands, Duo flung it out of the cockpit door and got a small piece of satisfaction when he heard it break into a million pieces upon smashing into the concrete floor.

Now instead of getting back to work, Duo just glared at the offending wires and tried hard not to think about what was on his mind. It was proving far more difficult than he was willing to admit.

"Duo, you're absolutely miserable."

Duo tried to ignore the friendly criticism thrown at him from outside his cockpit where Quatre stood on a scaffold.

"I'm not in the mood Quatre." Duo snapped as he pretended to be busy fixing the wires.

"Why can't you just admit you've made a mistake?"

"And what mistake would that be? Being stupid enough to believe he was just trying to help me, but was really being some kind of freak. And what would you know about it anyways Quat?"

"I'm not an idiot Duo, and even if I was, I'd be able to tell that you've been sleeping with him."

"We weren't sleeping together; he was just helping me with a stress problem."

"Why are you lying to yourself like this? Every morning you practically GLOWED from being so happy. I've never seen you so content and I've never seen him so content either, both of you so obviously in l…"

"Stuff it Quat, we weren't anything at all."

Quatre sighed, but was still unwilling to give up; he sat down next to Duo inside the cockpit.

"When was the last time you slept?"

"I'm warning you Quatre." Duo was now trying to tighten some screws, anything to ignore the soft voice of reason being presented before him.

"When was the last time you even felt an ounce of happiness since you left Heero?"

Duo could barely contain a growl of anger as he tightened another screw way too tight. "We were never together!"

Quatre suppressed a sign of frustration, his voice raising more than he would have liked it to. "Fine! Then tell me why do you miss him so much?"

"I don't miss him at all, I'm extremely happy right now! I'm glad he's ignoring me, I'm glad I'm alone and don't have to coax meaningless conversations out of him anymore, I'm REALLY glad I don't have to look at him for one second longer, and I'd be even glader if you all just left me the hell alone."

Duo tried to tighten the same screw once more, but it wouldn't go and he ended up pushing so hard that the wrench came out of place and ended up smashing against his left hand.

Quatre shook his head sadly and got up to leave. "Who do you honestly think you're fooling Duo? And more importantly, why would you want to fool them? You know how short our lives are, you know any of us could be dead tomorrow. And you've found one beautiful thing without even having had to look for it. Here's a person who makes you happy, makes you feel good, and you make him feel the same way, at least, when your not being an idiot. Why would you ever want to deny yourself that?"

For one brief moment, Duo had a look of utter defeat on his face. He looked hurt and worn, and very tired. His voice was barely audible. "Because it's wrong Quatre, you know that as well as I do."

"Duo, we kill people for a living, we work massive machines built solely for means of destruction and use them on military and civilians alike in the name of ANTI-VIOLENCE. We've all done things no one would ever be proud of and will most likely be glossed over as history's written. Oh, and let's not forget the fact that has tried to kill ourselves, or each other, AT LEAST once! As far as what's right or wrong goes, Heero may be the only right thing you've ever done in your life!"

Duo was stunned into silence. Words escaped him as what Quatre said really started to sink in. What if he was throwing away the only good thing he'd ever had going for him, not just for him, but for Heero too. He couldn't let that happen. So many things had been taken away from him, or been forced on him. This was the only thing he'd ever been given a choice about, and he may just be making the wrong one.

Before he could change his mind, Duo's entire demeanor changed. He shot up and threw the wrench down. He didn't even have time to say what he was thinking out loud as he jumped off the scaffold and slid down one of the many ropes hanging off of it.

From there he ran out the hanger in search of Heero.

For the first time since he'd left him, Duo finally felt alive.


As expected, there was no noise coming from Heero's room, but Duo knew that the other pilot would undoubtedly be inside. He knocked quietly, not really expecting to hear an answer, but pushing the door open anyway and quietly closing it behind him, in much the same manner Heero had always done before.

Heero didn't turn to look at Duo, but sat quietly at his desks writing up some forgeries he was going to need for a border crossing in a week's time. Papers were strewn everywhere, it was obvious he'd had to start and restart over and over again. His mind had also been preoccupied.

"Heero, we need to talk."

Heero concentrated hard on ignoring Duo, looking instead at some papers in front of him. His voice was cold and emotionless as he could manage it to be.

"I'm busy. Leave, I'll talk to you later."

"I can't leave, I need to talk to you now." Duo stated defiantly

"I don't have time for you Duo, go away!" Heero's words were harsh, but they failed to inflict the damage he'd been hoping they would.

"I don't care, because guess what Heero. I think I like you. I mean really like you. So if I have to wait all night here for you to talk to me, I will because I've waited too damn long as it is."

Heero's normally dark features seemed to darken even more and a dangerous glint seemed to shine in his eyes as Duo spoke his piece.

"What are you talking about? Do you think this is a joke, does everything have to be a joke with you. Why can't you just let me forget your existence, wouldn't we both be happier that way!"

Starting to get angry himself, Duo reverted to his defensive nature. "You know what Heero, you can be a real jerk sometimes, nothing has ever been joke with me, and especially not the way you've been making me feel. I'm fighting my entire belief system here, something I've spent the last fifteen years building up, just so I can try and form some twisted relationship with you. The least you can do is shut the fuck up and let me kiss you."

Duo grabbed the front of Heero's shirt and kissed him as fiercely as he knew how.

Heero was completely taken by surprise, although he was not as reluctant to let Duo kiss him as he tried to show. His eyes were still suspicious, but there was also an underlining look of longing in them, something Duo had never taken the time to notice before.

"I don't just want sex Duo."

Duo pulled him in close for another kiss, this time much slower. When he pulled away he knew by the look in Heero's eyes it wasn't going to take much longer to convince him.

"I know," Duo kissed him lightly again, enjoying the feeling more than he would have ever thought possible. "We've done the sex thing, right? I don't know much about what else there is. But… " Another kiss. "You could show me more."

Heero allowed the smallest signs of a smile to slip by, and this time it was him who leaned in for a kiss, but Duo wouldn't let him and pulled away at the last moment.

"So Heero… like I was saying, I've been thinking, and you could do worse than me, and I could certainly do worse than you. We should get together or something… so… what do you say?"

The two young men slowly inched closer to each other, Heero's voice barely above a whisper.

"I'd say it looks like I really can't do any better than you, and since I've already taken the time to train you… I may as well keep you around."

They were less than a hair's breath apart from each other now.

"Yeah," Duo smiled, "May as well."

They came together and met each other's kiss with as much passion as they dared, both completely lost with the other, having no where else to go but closer together.

There was no getting out of it now, they were in too deep.

It was just wrong enough to maybe end up alright.



NOTES: Well as those who've read my other stuff know, I'm not one for lemons, not that I don't like `em, I love to read them, I just don't write `em unless they are supposed to be in my story, there was no getting out of it for this one ;)

To save some questions, I'm still working on an isolated military base, and enjoying it a lot. It's hard to get internet, but I've been sneaking on-line a lot, and have even found time to write this short fic. I REALLY hope you like it, I can honestly say it's because of watching Endless Waltz the other day. But it really just reminded me why I thought Heero and Duo were so great together. I figured they deserved a fic just for that :)

Anyways, I HAVE actually been working on my older fics, even some I said I would NEVER touch again (I've been brave enough to reread them and actually laughed at my own jokes, I figured they weren't as bad as I thought they were and may as well finish em :)

I'm entering this in the GW contest, wish me luck, I've NEVER been nominated for an award before, I figured it was time to take matters in my own hand. (I'm nervous though)

Oh and PLEASE send me comments, something to keep me warm at night while I'm training hard on base.