Title: The Asbury Personals 4
Author: Sony_Mouse (Sony_Mouse@h...)
Pairings: 1+2
Warnings: Mild Language, AU, Five-Alive (Lemon, Lime and Citrus... eventually)
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Notes: I originally wrote this one-hour after I posted part three (ask Shi-chan, she read it) but alas it took me an ENTIRE week to get around to editing it. Yes, I'm lazy. Oh well. Anyways, last week (after I wrote this part) and I went to a gay club with my friend, the reason I mention this is because I SWEAR I met Solo there, he even had MY made up T-shirt on (the one which says FUCK). Anways, I now know that Solo is real (does this mean Heero and Duo are real too? Damn, I should have asked him :).

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Last Part

"Duo, I'm so glad you decided to join our team. I sure this will be a decision you won't regret. Allow me to introduce you to your division team. This is Janine, the team coordinator. That over there is Craig, the team secretary. That's Paul, our very talented software manager, and then there's Susan, the team c oordinator."

Duo nodded and smiled as warmly as he could, while Milliardo made introductions. "Very pleased to meet you all, I'm Duo."

"Now where's our system analyst? Ah, there he is, already at his desk working, that's just like him." Whispering in Duo's ear he added his own opinion of the man. "A bit of bore if you ask me, doesn't like socializing much, so you don't really have to talk to him if you don't want to." Milliardo then lifted his head to yell over to where the other man was working. "Mr. Yuy, I'd like you to meet our new intern, Duo Maxwell."

Duo's heart sank as soon as he got a good look at the last team member. It was none other than Heero.

Fate couldn't possible be this cruel.

Could it?


Without letting a single emotion appear on his expressionless face, Heero turned from his work monitor to face both his employer and the new intern he'd been expecting sooner or later.

But he hadn't expected him to share the same face and name as the person who'd haunted his dreams and every waking thought in the past few weeks alone.

It couldn't be the same Duo Maxwell from that fateful date, could it?

Not the same person who had in a single evening turned his entire structured predictable life upside down and inside out. Nor the same Duo Maxwell who's sole reason of being put onto this miserable planet was to torture Heero's very existence. Nor could it be the same braided man who still made him weak in the knees every time he saw him, even after he found out he was a man. Or the same Duo Maxwell who had caused him to doubt the very beliefs Heero had been brought up on, just because the longhaired man was now far more attractive in his suit and tie than he had ever been as a woman.

No, it had to be another Duo Maxwell who just happened to look exactly like the striking young man he'd had that misfortune to meet.

But it wasn't another Duo Maxwell, it was the same one.

Standing up and walking over to greet the two other men, Heero found himself much calmer than he'd ever imagined himself being in such a situation. He was almost proud. Almost, but not. He was much too terrified at the moment to really grasp how well he was doing.

"Good Morning sir." Heero said to the taller man in a form of greeting, giving Duo only a simple nod in what seemed like complete indifference. He didn't even bother giving Milliardo or Duo a chance to reply before he excused himself from the introductions. "Well sir, I'd love to stay and chat, but I have much work to get done, work you've graciously assigned to me. But if I'm needed, I'll be sure to be in my office."

He then spun on his heel and headed back towards his office without another word, much to Duo's great relief.

Snorting in undisguised disgust, Milliardo placed a reassuring, though unwelcome, hand on the younger man's shoulder.

"Don't worry about him. He won't bother you, if you don't bother him. He's usually alone anyways, but does an amazing job at his work. I don't think I've ever had a better worker in that position. Just try and think of him as another computer you have to work with. It just wish I could do the same."

Slowly moving away from the taller man's grip, Duo gave him a confused look. "Why can't you?"

"Well, basically because the man of steel here will soon be my brother-in-law, as scary as that thought is. He's engaged to my dear little sister, Relena, who's almost as much a bore as he is. Those two deserve each other."

The look of shock was evident on Duo's heart shaped face. "They're engaged?"

"Yes I know, hard to believe he could bag anyone. But apparently it's true, or at least that's what my sister keeps telling me every time I come over to her house to visit. If they're not engaged now, then they soon will be. It's my understanding that he's about to pop the question any day now. I'm sure it'll be as romantic as they're relationship has been so far."

Despite his misgiving, Duo let out a mournful sigh and excused himself from Milliardo's presence, excusing himself to start work and get to know his team members better.

Unfortunately, his team members didn't seem to want to get to know him better. Every time he came over to help someone, or learn something, he was passed him off to the next person like a hot potato. Each saying that they were much too busy to teach him how do the simplest of tasks.

Duo ended up making photocopies for Susan for the entire morning.

By the time lunch rolled around, Duo was starting to rethink the whole idea. Slumping down into his seat, the longhaired student cursed his roommates for letting himself get into this mess, and cursed himself for agreeing to it.

What did he expect, of course something like this was bound to happen! He was cursed, ever since he'd met Heero he'd been cursed. It was the dark haired man's fault.

Picking up his stapler and aiming it over his head, Duo briefly considered using it as a weapon against Heero to end all his problems. Unfortunately he then accidentally dropped it on his foot, causing enough pain to distract him from having such ridiculous thoughts entire his mind.

It was at that very moment that the phone he'd not seen all morning, suddenly rang out of no where, causing Duo to wonder why he hadn't noticed it before. Picking up the receiver, he placed it against his ear.


"DUO-DARLING! How's my big manly businessman doing?"

"Oh hey Solo, it's nice to finally hear a friendly voice."

"Aww, are you not getting along with the other kids? I told you to try and get along with them, even if they do steal your lunch money. Speaking of money, I'm poor."


"So my dear sweet darling Duo, I need some money! Specifically, yours!"

"And why would that be, my evil, manipulative ex-roommate?"

"Before you kick me out of the apartment, hear me through. You see, I saw this beautiful double-breasted jacket in the store the other day. It's the kind of double-breasted jacket I've always wanted. Well, the black double-breasted jacket, it'll go so nice with my beige one. And since you're so rich, I though you might spread the wealth amongst your underprivileged friends."

"Well you thought wrong! You do realize I JUST started working today, I haven't gotten paid yet."

"Fine, I'll put it on hold, but I'm really disappointed in you. If I can't count on you for money I'll have to start being nice to Wufei, and you KNOW where that would lead! Now stop wasting your time on the telephone chatting with strangers and start working some more. It's not wonder you don't have any money. Go work, NOW!."

"Yes mother, and you have a good day too."

"Bye, bye darling."

Quickly hanging up the phone, Duo couldn't help but laugh at his friend's antics. The only reason Solo had phoned was to check up on him, to make sure he was still in one piece, although he'd never admit it. In fact, he wouldn't be surprised if Wufei was the one who'd hinted that they should give him a call in the first place."

Feeling growing hunger pains, Duo decided that now would be a great time to go get something to eat. Wandering over to the office kitchenette, Duo found that the only other people in the room where those that shared his lunch hour, Susan, Janine, Paul and Craig.

This might just be the chance he needed to get to know them better.

"Hi, mind if I join you all lunch?"

All conversation halted as the four co-workers looked up to stare at Duo in annoyance. It was Janine who first spoke. "Shouldn't you be eating with Mr. Peacecraft? Or was it just a quickie today, and you're already done?"

Snickering erupted around the small table, bringing a proud smirk to Janine's lips. Duo tried his best not to be phased by her words.

"Listen I don't know what you guys think, but there's nothing going between us two. He just hired me to learn the tricks of the trade at his company. I really am here to work."

Paul rolled his eyes while handing Susan a sandwich. "I've heard THAT before. Anyways, I'm sure the boss can teach you how to do tricks on his own time. We've all got real work to do here, so perhaps you should be going now."

Janine grabbed a handful of peanuts Craig had just offered her and
waved Duo off. "Yes, run along now and let the grown-ups enjoy a
meal for once. I'm sure Milly will be down later to play with you."

Clenching his fists until his knuckles were white, it took all of Duo's strength not to wipe the grins off of the other three `team' members' faces.

"Fuck you! I am here to do a job, and it's got nothing to do with Mr. Peacecraft. If you can't except that, fine. But you're not going to get rid of me that easily, it takes more than bitch's bark to scare me away." Without waiting for another word to be spoken, Duo stormed off, slamming the door to the small kitchenette in anger. Doing his best not to show just how upset the others had made him, and not succeeding one bit.

He was angry, he should have known that this would happen. Of course they thought he had something going on with the boss. Even Milliardo seemed to think there was something going on. So Duo really couldn't blame them for being bitter, he'd just have to prove them wrong, that was all.

Feeling a bit smugger than a few minutes before, Duo walked straight out of the office and right into the small snack area outside the office in the hallway to get something reasonably `healthy' to eat since the kitchenette was temporarily off-limits.

Staring at the machine in bewilderment, Duo couldn't believe his eyes. They were out of the ONE chocolate bar he wanted. How typical! He wouldn't even be getting a bad lunch today. He could have sworn it had been there in the morning. Slamming his first against the glass window in frustration, Duo almost screamed out loud, and would have had he not been interrupted by a low voice speaking from behind him.

"You don't have to hit it to get food, modern day currencies work just as effectively, if not more so."

Duo spun around to glare at Heero, who leaned against the doorframe slowly munching on the same chocolate bar he'd just tried to purchase.

"You... you bastard! You stole my lunch!"

"If you're not already aware, the office is equipped with a kitchenette to provide you with a real lunch."

"Listen, I've had a really bad day so far, so the last thing I need is you making me feel worse than I already feel. I'm really sorry that I ended up working here, it was an accident, I didn't know you were going to be here, so can you just lay off and let me have my nervous breakdown in peace!"

Heero calmly walked over to the trembling boy and offered him the much valued chocolate bar.

"Here, take it. I've already eaten anyways." Not know quite what to do, Duo accepted the offered gift with caution while Heero continued talking. "I don't blame you for being here, there's no way you could have known that I worked at this office, and even if you did, you had no say in where you were posted."

Bringing the tasty chocolate to his lips, Duo took a small bite before taking a seat in one of the few chairs placed in the room. "So… so you didn't come in here to chew me out?"

"No, I came here to eat lunch."

"Why not eat lunch with the rest of our fabulous team?"

"Because I can't stand them."

Smiling despite himself, Duo nodded in understanding. "But... you can't stand me either."

Sighing loudly, Heero walked across the room until he was standing right next to Duo and took a seat beside him, completely ignoring the younger man's words.

"I heard what happened the other day."


"After I saw you this morning, I phoned Relena, that girl at the diner, to find out if she knew why you were here. I didn't tell her you were the same guy that she tried to have banned from eating lunch near us, but she did recognize your name. Milliardo, her brother, had apparently saved some poor young man who had been extremely sick, I assume that `young man' was you. He then offered you a job out of `compassion', or at least that is my understanding of the situation."

Running his hands nervously through his long bangs, Duo smiled sheepishly at Heero's accurate description of the past events. "Yeah, I guess I was a bit sick back at Milliardo's house. That'll teach me to frolic the streets for hours on end in the cold."

For a few uncomfortable moments afterwards neither man spoke out loud, both unwilling to break the acceptable silence.

Oddly enough, it was uncharacteristically Heero who finally got the courage to say what he really had on his mind.

"I'm sorry that I upset you so much, I didn't... I didn't think you'd be hurt by what I said."

"No, I'm sorry for this whole mess. It was my fault to begin with, and I deserved what I got for it."

Casting his eyes downward, Heero really did feel guilty about hurting the younger man in that way. As soon as Relena had told him what had happened, he'd realized that it was because of him Duo had gotten so sick, and he began to rethink the harsh words that had been spoken. He'd meant to scare the boy away, not kill him. "Duo... "

Duo's head shot up to look straight over at Heero, his violet eyes full of hope. "Yes?"

"Couldn't we just... couldn't we just start over? Forget the past, and learn to get along?"

"You mean like friends?"

"Well, maybe not friends, but friendly acquaintances."

Flashing the dark haired man a bright grin, Duo quickly agreed, happy that the other man had offered to be anything more than a mortal enemy. "I honestly never thought you'd want to have anything to do with me after what's happened in the last few weeks. I'd love to give it a try, if you're willing."

Although still as impassive as always, Heero did seem a little more relaxed as soon as he heard Duo agree to his plan. "I'm glad."

Their eyes then locked, and both their guards were let down for the briefest of moments. In Heero's eyes Duo saw things that he couldn't understand about the stoic man. There was just something about the blue orbs that pulled him in deeper.

If they'd held gazes just a second longer, Duo knew he'd have fallen again for the dark haired man before him. And he knew he wouldn't have been able to save himself this time.

The encounter just confused Heero even more.

Shaking his head out of the daze, he quickly decided to say something, anything to break the moment that unsettled him so deeply.

"So you and Milliardo are an item now!"

Reeling from surprise, Duo sat up straighter, ready to defend his already fragile honor.

"I don't know what you're talking about, there's nothing between us. He's just a very nice man who felt sorry for me and hired me because of it. An acquaintance really, nothing more."

"I see."

Composing himself, Duo couldn't help but wonder was that was relief he had seen briefly hiding in Heero's dark blue eyes? Was Heero happy that they weren't dating? No, it wasn't possible at all, just the result of his overactive imagination.

It was then that Milliardo chose to make his grand appearance at the entryway.

"There you are! I thought I'd lost you to some deathly attractive man prowling the building. But you're just with Heero, not hing to worry about."

Jumping out of his seat to create some distance between himself and Heero, Duo started walking towards his new employer. "OH, Mr. Peacecraft, I didn't know you came down at lunch."

"Please Duo, its Milliardo. Of course I don't come down during lunch, but I figure you were a dish I couldn't afford to miss. Now allow me to save you from whatever tedious conversation you're currently engrossed in and let me buy you a lunch you won't soon forget. You deserve only the best after all!"

Duo couldn't help but notice the glare being directed towards them by Heero. Whether it was for Milliardo or himself, he didn't know.

"Umm sure." Smiling over at the dark haired man, Duo gave him a wave goodbye. "It was nice talking to you Heero, I guess I'll see you later at work."

"Hn, it's nice of Mr. Peacecraft to take you out when you're only an
acquaintance." A subtle sarcasm oozed from Heero's voice, but oddly
enough it was only Duo who picked up on it, it made him feel like a
liar in front of the man he'd just finally made up with. He laughed
nervously, while Milliardo responded.

"An acquaintance? Nonsense! Duo is my dream, my Adonis, the reason why I wake up every morning with a huge... huge... lust for life. We are far beyond being mere acquaintances."

Patting his the taller blond on the arm, Duo tried to hide further from his embarrassment. "Thanks Milliardo, but I'm sure Heero doesn't need to here all that."

Getting ready to leave, Heero shot both men a look of ice, one so different from the almost warms looks the longhaired man had just received a few minutes ago. "It's fine Duo, young love is always something spectacular to witness. If you need me I'll be back in my office, there's always work to be done."

"Yes, yes, Mr. Yuy. Don't worry you go on now, don't worry, we won't needing you."

Watching Heero leave, Duo angrily elbowed Milliardo in the stomach. "You didn't have to be so rude to him."

"Why not? I can't stand the look of him. All serious all the time, as if work was the only important thing in life. I didn't even know he took time for lunch until I saw him here with you. It's a complete mystery what my dear sister sees in him. Now enough talk about boring subordinates. I'm talking you out to lunch, and we're going to have a fabulous time."

"But we don't have time for lunch, work starts in a few minutes."

Winking at Duo, Milliardo led the younger man down the hall. "I'm the boss, I can do whatever I want. Hey, I'll just give you a paid afternoon off."

"On my first day? Won't that look suspicious?"

"You're right, it is your first day. All the more reason to do something special like giving you the afternoon off. Something to formally welcome you to my company. Now stop resisting my charms and let's go eat."

Glancing behind his shoulder down the hall in the direction Heero had just walked down, Duo let out a small sigh and gave in to Milliardo's wishes. "All right, I'll go eat lunch with you. But you have to realize that I just spent the whole morning saying there was nothing between us, and you made me look like a bit of liar in front of my co-worker."

"Oh, who cares what Heero thinks, he's dull and boring and wouldn't understand a good time if it bit him on the ass. And I DO plan for there to be something between us, so he may as well get used to the idea. Every single time I see you, I want to have you more and more. So resistance is futile my little cream puff."

Not knowing what else to do, Duo agreed with Milliardo's insane plan and left work only half way through the day. A part of him really did want to maybe pursue a relationship with the very interesting and very different Milliardo Peacecraft.

But part of him painfully realized that he'd just had the first nice conversation with Heero Yuy since the older man had found out he was a boy.

And Milliardo had gone and ruined it for them.

What was he thinking? It was stupid to even imagine having a relationship with Heero now. That conversation was as `friendly acquaintances' only, maybe even future friends, but definitely not possible lovers.

So why did he feel like he'd just left Heero in the middle of a date to run off with Milliardo?


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