Title: The Asbury Personals 2
Author: Sony_Mouse (Sony_Mouse@h...)
Pairings: 1+2
Warnings: Mild Language, AU, Five-Alive (Lemon, Lime and Citrus...get it??? oh well...), You might think OOC (ahem...Solo)
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Notes: I can't believe how many people have e-mailed me with comment about Solo (which is good, I LOVE comments). The majority of them said how much they liked Solo like this, while one said that there is no way Solo could act like that. Well why not, it's not like we ever see him grown up, or as a teenager. In fact we know little to nothing about Solo to begin with, we know NOTHING about his personality. So it's quite possible he might have ended up like that. And I just ADORE him like this in the story, and since I'm the author, I'll keep him this way (not that I don't' want comments, comments are good and actually considered everything single time I get one).


Last Part:

Duo frantically got up and tried to do something, anything to keep Heero from hitting him, or worse, leaving him.

"I- I can explain Heero, it's not what you think. It was just a joke, but we left, they never saw us k... "

But Heero wasn't even listening. As quick as his face had revealed all that emotion, it turned to steel, revealing nothing but a cold exterior.

"Just stay back and leave me alone! I don't want to ever see you again."

And with that, Heero turned around and walked out of Duo's life, in almost a cruel a fashion as Duo had walked into his. Leaving the young college student with nothing but a stunned statement on his face, and the jacket that was not helping him escape from the cold he saw in those eyes.


Hugging Heero's jacket closer to his body for warmth, Duo tried his best to ignore the almost TOO happy Solo jumping all around him. If there was one thing he DIDN'T need right now, it was Solo telling him all about his sexual exploits from the night before.

"Duo? Duo, are you even listening to me?"

"No, and I don't plan to start anytime soon, so you can stop talking just about now."

"You know, you used to be more fun than this!"

"I'm still fun, just sick of hearing you yell at the top of your lungs about how great Chris is in bed. Not everyone wants to hear about your sex-life."

"They don't? Why not, it's probably more interesting than theirs. OH MY GOD! Duo, just look at that sweater, I MUST own it. Lend me some money will you? Please, I'll put in a good word for you to Chris."

Suddenly very aware of all the people standing around watching Solo make a spectacle of himself, the longhaired student found himself slowly becoming very embarrassed for the both of them.

"Solo, can't you just keep it down, stop being so…" He never got a chance to finish his sentence as Solo spun around to glare angrily at his friend.

"Being so what, so gay? That's what you were going to say, wasn't it?"

Duo could say nothing as he hid his eyes from those burning eyes. It wasn't very often that Solo was mad, really mad. But he thought this just might be one of those times.

"So all of a sudden your ashamed to be gay, and even more ashamed of your `really gay friends'! Well guess what Duo, you're just as much a fag as I am, so stop being so hypocritical."

Digging his cold hands into his coat pocket, Duo glanced away from his friend's angry statement and pouted like a small child who just got reprimanded for being a brat.

"Fine, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that."

"Yes you did! You've been acting this way ever since you met the President of the Straight Club, and now you can't stop but liking that homophobe because he's just one more thing you can't have in your little gay world."

"He wasn't homophobic, he was just mad."

"Yeah, well right now I'm mad too. So we played a joke on him, or we tried to. What did he expect from advertising in the Asbury Press? It's his own fault and he can go screw himself for all I care."

"Solo why are you getting so upset by this?"

"Because he's slowly changing you! The last week you've been hurt, moody, depressed, ashamed to be gay, and it's his fault. You're so obsessed with him you're even going around wearing his stupid jacket. And now you're going around acting like this was our idea, YOU'RE the one who suggested it in the first place."

Duo really wasn't one who enjoyed having his faults pointed out to him for all to see. In fact, it was one of the things that he'd had to deal with all his life. But looking up at his friend's hurt statement, Duo knew what Solo said was true.

There really was no point in brooding over a lost cause. He'd acted like an idiot to Heero and paid the price for it. This was nobody's fault but his own. And in truth, he knew this already.

So why couldn't he stop thinking about Heero?

"I'm sorry, you're right. I won't even mention his name again, or think about him, or be ashamed of the biggest fag I know."

Regaining some of his lost good humor, Solo sauntered over to Duo and playfully slapped him across the ass. "You bitch, if you ever get me that emotional again I'm going to stop giving you beauty tips for your hair, then you'll be stuck looking like Willie Nelson."

"Oh god, anything but that. What do you say to me buying you some lunch to make up for my bad behavior?"

"Can we reenact that wonderful lunch scene from "When Harry met Sally?"

"I suppose we could..."

Grinning like a mad man, the slim student practically tackled Duo to the ground, giving him no chance to escape the hug. "This won't make up for having to put up with you for a week, but this it's a great start."

He then grabbed Duo's hand and led the longhaired man into a nearby diner. Since neither student was very familiar with this side of town, the diner was not a familiar one. It was actually quite tacky, with a 60's feel to it. The crowd inside would be sure to be some of the more elite, and hopefully, the more conservative.

As soon as they entered the small diner, Solo was the first to strip off his long fall coat and reveals a bright orange T-shirt that had FUCK clearly labeled across the front in bold letters. His pants still defied all reason as they clung to him like edible paint.

The reason that Solo looked for the most conservative places to eat was because of the type of person he was. He enjoyed making a scene, and where better to make a scene then in a place that would react to him the most. Before the Heero incident, Duo had been much the same way, and was the first one to volunteer to help Solo out in any way.

This town was then like a dream town to both boys. The fact that Solo was not only gay, but also open about it, was still a shock to most people no matter where they went. This was actually probably one of the main reasons why the owners of that restaurant had really thrown the poor boy out last week.

Looking around the diner for a place to sit down, Duo noticed that today's crowd was particularly posh. The looks of disgust on people's faces would normally make him laugh, but today they just made him sad.

Taking off his own jacket to reveal a nice pair of beige pants, and a black sweater he'd bought at Abercrombie and Fitch, Duo hung the jacket up before joining his friend at the table he'd picked out. It was, not surprisingly, in the middle of the room, or the center of everyone's attention.

Solo currently had a leg propped up on the table as he showed off his long legs in all their glory for the room to see. Some men couldn't help but take a peek, almost in morbid fascination; they really were amazing legs. Their wives would hit them and Solo would just wink over at them in delight.

It wasn't long before the familiar whispers and accusations could be heard drifting around the room from person to person. They tried their best to hide it from the newcomers, but it was useless, both Duo and Solo already knew exactly what they were saying.

It was always the same old thing.

One girl in particular didn't even make an effort to hide what she felt about the two `strangers'. She kept pointing at them and saying how those `type' of people shouldn't be let anywhere near the diner, it just wasn't right for the rest of them.

Brushing off the comments as best he could, Duo looked over and saw that Solo had not done the same. There was a dangerous spark in those dark brown eyes, and that could only mean one thing, a bigger show for their faithful audience.

Duo couldn't help but chuckle at what was coming and found himself surprisingly ready to join in at a moment's notice. Screw what the town thought of them, he'd choose his friend any day of the week over those stuck up snobs. And besides, there was just something that just really bugged Duo about that blond girl sitting all prim and proper with her friends, besides the obvious homophobia that is.

The two boys were just about to start some type of theatrics when someone slightly hidden from view came out of the bathroom to join the blond and her friends. His posture was stiff as he listened to what the girl had to say. She pointed angrily over at the two boys, and said something about finding someplace nicer to eat.

The tall figure slowly turned around to see just what had upset the blond girl so much. He literally froze in place as he got a good look at the two newcomers to the diner.

Duo did the same as soon as he realized just who Blondie's friend really was!

It was none of other than Heero! Of all the homophobic people it could've been, it just had to be him.

Yes, Asbury wasn't the biggest town in the world, but it wasn't THAT small. Fate was playing a cruel set of tricks towards the braided man.

Duo tried to form something that resembled words, but nothing could come out. He just kept staring at those dangerously gorgeous eyes. And for the briefest of moments, he could swear he saw something in them, but before Duo could figure out what, it was gone. Leaving only eyes that seemed like icicles and a face that could compete with the wall's, for the least statement shown.

Giving the braided youth one last look over, Heero turned back to his oh so lovely companion and whispered something into her ear to reassure her of their safety. Then to both students' great surprise, he bent down and kissed her soundly on the lips.

It was enough to make Duo feel more hurt than he thought possible, and make Solo jump from his seat to go over there and teach Heero a lesson that he'd never forget just for causing that look on Duo's face. But Duo wouldn't let him, and grabbed his arm to keep him at bay, refusing to let go until Solo sat down again.

"Just let it go Solo, it means nothing to me, let's just go."

"Duo, we can't just let him..."

"Yes we can, I don't care anymore so you shouldn't either!"

Although Solo would very much like to believe his friend's words, the slight quiver in his voice, and the forcefulness of his words told him different. Unfortunately Duo had all the say in this matter, so Solo did just as he asked and let it be, in the end it just wasn't worth it.

Giving each other knowing looks, the two young men stood up to leave the diner and never look back, but instead stopped dead in their tracks as soon as they heard an annoying female voice yell out loud for all the restaurant to hear.

"Looks like those two fags are finally leaving. Guess we can stay now."

Duo clenched his fists in anger, spinning around to glare daggers at the young women who stood proudly in Heero's arms.

"We weren't leaving, we were just getting up to order our food. Don't suppose you have a problem with that?"

Glaring back defiantly, she answered in as smug a voice as she could muster. "As a matter of fact I do! My boyfriend and I are trying to have a nice date and we don't need you freaks bothering us. The site of you makes us both sick."

Looking around the room in anger, it soon became quite clear to both Duo and his companion that the blonde's comments were seconded by all those present in the diner.

Before they could say anything in retaliation, and hopefully put that ice princess in her place, one of the waiters came up from behind them and without even asking what was going on, asked both of them to leave the establishment immediately.

"But we haven't done anything." Duo shot back.

"You're causing a disturbance, that's enough."

Pointing towards the smirking blond, Solo replied sounding like a complaining child. "But she's the one who started it!"

"I'm afraid if you don't leave right this instance I'll be forced to call the cops."

This must have seemed too extreme to even Heero's mind, because before the two students even had time to retaliate, he'd walked up to the waiter and spoke in his oddly calming voice, naturally it was the sound of the voice just unnerved Duo further.

"Calling the police won't be necessary, I'll make sure they leave."

Unsure of what to do without his supervisor around, the waiter nodded to the young man and let him deal with the two troublemakers in the way he saw fit.

Glaring at Heero for all it's worth, Solo huffed past Duo and threw his jacket on. Waiting anxiously for both Duo and the older man to catch up with him and leave the diner together.

As soon as they had left the diner they kept walking until they were like a block down the road, it was there that Solo finally lost it and turned on Heero with a vengeance.

"Well thanks a lot asshole, I hope you're happy that you could help rid the world of the evil fags."

"Any time."

"Fuck you, and come on Duo! Let's get away from this loser, I can't bear to look at his ugly face any longer."

The braided student just stared down at his feet and replied softly that he wasn't going anywhere until he'd talked to Heero.

"What? Are you out of you're mind? Duo, this pathetic creature isn't worth any of you're time. Let's just go!"

His words had little of no effect on Duo, he just stood and begged Solo away silently with his eyes.

"Solo, just give me a few minutes. I'll meet you at the CD store, I'll be fine."

It was a lost cause and Solo knew it, so he gave in and let Duo have is way. But he sure didn't like it.

Watching as one of Duo's closets friends stormed off down the road, neither one was willing to be the first to break the silence.

All that changed though when Heero remembered why he was standing here with Duo in the first place.

"I didn't want to see you again."

"Yeah, well I wasn't the one offering to escort me outside."

Heero's eyes trailed over Duo's body in surprise, the transformation from girl to boy really was incredible. Although the braided boy still carried with him some femininity, he was quite obviously a young man, and a good-looking one at that.

Heero was even quite surprised to find himself admitting that he'd been right the week before, Duo really did look better in a pair of pants and with no makeup on. Though the thought of that didn't make him feel any better.

"You look different... like this."

"Yeah, well you look different too, at least when you're being a complete ass."

Whatever temporary spell had caused Heero to be nice for a few seconds was broken upon hearing Duo's harsh words towards him.

"I don't even know why I bothered to talk with you, I can't even stand the site of the you."

"What the hell are you talking about. You're no different than me; you were the one cheating on that girlfriend of yours. Does SHE know about our date, or should I go back to the diner and tell her?"

"Relena's an old girlfriend, we just got back together, and it's none your concern with who I go out with."

"I guess it must easy to forget the fact that for awhile you actually liked me last week, at least before you found out that I was really a guy."

"Is that what you think this is about? Don't you think I might be hurt by the fact that that whole date was your idea of a good way to laugh at someone else's life."

"So the fact that you kissed a man doesn't bother you?" Duo asked skeptically.

"Of course that disturbs me, you're a man! You shouldn't be kissing other men like that... or enjoying it."

"Did you enjoy it?"

All too soon that steel face that Heero seemed to pride himself so much on was lost as anger took over. The questions were hitting to close to home.

"I hate you so much right now." Duo's newfound strength crumbled as he heard those words. He'd been pining over someone who despised him, hated him, and was disgusted in him. Sure, he knew that already, but to hear it was quite a different matter. "I hate everything about you. I hate the look of you, your carefree attitude... your hair, your eyes; God, I really hate your eyes. I hate the fact that within one evening you had me ready to change my whole life for you, and I really, really hate the fact that despite everything I've tried I can't get you out of my head!"

The outburst was shock to both of them, neither one recovering quickly, both too overwhelmed by the emotion, and especially the hurt in Heero's words.

Speaking very softly, it was Duo who first dared to speak again.

"So that's why you went back to that girl, to prove you're not gay. There's no way you could love her, you're just using her."

Lifting his head to stare Duo straight in the eyes.

"Well at least she's a girl... not some freak like you."

The braided student was absolutely speechless at that. Heero was so confused right now that it confused even Duo, who wasn't exactly in the right mind to begin with. But the biggest emotion he was getting right now was fear. Heero was deathly afraid of what he was feeling, so much that he was going to push Duo away at no matter what cost.

It was a horrible feeling to be so close to something you want, and yet be impossibly far from it at the same time.

Heero just stood there for a few seconds to shake his head in frustration and maybe a little guilt at his strong words, but soon enough he turned around to walk away.

Without even thinking about what he was doing, Duo let the sad, desperate words slip out of mouth.

"You said I had nice eyes. Last... last week you said I had nice, and that I made you feel good. Girl or boy, these eyes are still the same ones you saw then, and it's still me that made you feel good back then, not her, me. Or... or where you lying just as much as I was?

Not even bother to turn around, Heero halted his steps to give a loud sigh, it was the only real sign of all the frustration and tension he had still trapped in inside.

"You just don't get it do you? Now matter how wonderful it was, or how great it could've been, I'll never be able go out with you, not even if you were the last man on earth, because in the end... you'd still just be that, a man."




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