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Title: Lone Wolf
Author: Solo Noraneko
Category: Drama
Pairings: 1+2
Warnings: None, just mild, implied shounen ai.
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Written and dedicated to Adriana for her birthday =)

Author's Note: Happy birthday, Ad-chan! This fic idea kinna sorta hit me over the head like a brick. It strikes a real personal chord with me. I'd just like to say that I'm real glad I met you at the con. Life has taught me that friendship is the greatest treasure one can have. I have learned to value those who have managed to break past my barriers, and hold them dear. Hope you enjoy!

The moon climbed steadilly over the star spangled horizon, lending a silvery glow to the ancient, aboreal forest below. Everything was relatively quiet and peaceful, save for the rythmic chirpings of crickets and other small nighttime creatures that came out from lurkdom to court in the shadows. But soon the nighttime symphony was broken by a cacophony of laughter and the crackling of a hearty fire.

Trowa and Quatre sat side-by-side by the blaze, heads thrown back in laughter at the antics of the braided boy across from them. His mischievous elven face, illuminated by the warm glow of the fire, was twisted in mirth at the raunch joke he had just told. Duo sat back on his haunches, watching with a proud smile as the dirty pun worked its magic on the captive audience. Trowa was the first one to recover. He sighed and turned over his marshmallow carefully in the fire. The platinum blonde beside him snuggled up closer. Trowa removed the golden marshmallow from the fire and put it to his koi's lips. Quatre hesitated, then with one big bite it disappeared into his mouth, leaving sticky, gooey traces around his lips. His face contorted as he tried to maneuver it in his mouth, so he wouldn't make a bigger mess of his fair-featured face. A wide grin formed on Duo's face, and he rolled over laughing.

Heero sat away from them, leaning against a sturdy pine. He watched the braided boy carefully, with eyes cold and calculating, like a hawk's. He envied them. Even though the war was over, he felt alone. He did not feel he could be a part of this world, a world of smiles and laughter, as sweet as a marshmallow. He sighed and looked up into the tree. Wufei sat on a wide branch. His face was illuminated by the pale glow of the moon. His eyes where closed and his breathing was even. He was meditating perhaps. Heero continued to watch the three figures huddled by the fire, Duo especially. There was something about him, something Heero craved and envied, yet never dared to tread. He watched the play of the fire in the boy's hair, how it would course through the chestnut strands and ignite them into shimmers of red and gold. He watched those blue-violet eyes, how they would twinkle with mirth, so alive, so full of wonder and joy despite the unseen and unspoken pain that lurked there, just below the surface. Oh, how he longed to be a part of their world. His world.

There was a faint rustling above him, which broke him from his reverie. Heero's warrior instincts could never be extinguished, and as quick as lightning his head snapped up, his sharp gaze lancing through the shadows of the ancient pine. Wufei slowly shifted his position on his lofty perch. His dark eyes opened just then, which glimmered like dark and exotic gems in the pale,
eerie light.

Somewhere off in the distance, a wolf howled.

The others heard it too, for their jovial banter had stopped short suddenly. Trowa and Quatre where silent, transfixed by the moment. A wide smile formed

on Duo's face, his eyes lost in awe. Despite everything his training had done to kill his emotions, something within the Perfect Soldier seemed to stir and come alive. He got up just then and walked past the others without saying a word. The others shot him questioning stares. Duo got up.

"Uh, hey Heero, where ya goin', huh?"

Heero ignored the braided pilot and walked on past him. Soon he was swallowed up in the shadows of the forest, with the others squinting into the gloom

after him. Wufei watched them from his vantage point. He leaned back with a sigh, and addressed them.

"Don't worry, he'll be back."

Duo opened his mouth to say something, but Wufei ignored him, closed his eyes, and slipped back into his meditative state.


A sleek-muscled creature bounded through the shadows of the forest. He was beautiful, with thick fur as white as snow and eyes as pale as the moon which hovered above, casting an eerie glow on the winding and chaotic path he took through the woods. This creature was a hunter of the highest degree, a soldier amongst his kin. Scars from many hunts, both successful and unsuccessful, lurked beneath his white coat. He bared his ivory teeth with exertion as he ran through the darkness. No, tonite the White One would not run with the pack. Tonite he would hunt alone in the woods, and no other beast would share his kill. But he knew, locked in the collective knowledge of his anscestors before him, that a lone wolf does not remain strong forever without the companionship of others. But one thing, and one thing alone, burned in his mind now. He knew only to kill. He would complete the mission set forth to him by biology and ancestral tradition. Then he found it. He caught the scent he had been craving for, and followed it into the primal shadows, the calls of his comrades ringing unanswered in his ears.


Heero ran. He did not really know why he was running or where he was running to. Something in his soul opened up just then. He could feel something,

sense something just out of his grasp. Perhaps it was emotion. Humanity. He would seek it out in that forest, hunt it down, devour it and take it into himself. It was a quarry he had been chasing for so long. He would never stop running until he had brought it down. He was a warrior, a soldier.

He had gone on many missions, many hunts. But this night he was on the greatest mission of his life. A mission to find himself.

"I've been lost since the day I was born"


Duo was impatient. He paced back and forth by the fire, and would peer fretfully into the shadows every once and awhile. Trowa and Quatre just watched him, saying nothing. Wufei offered no comfort, he was lost in his own little world, a world far away from where Duo and the others where presently.

"He hasn't come back yet", Duo said, finally breaking the silence.

"Wufei said he'd be back. He can take care of himself", Trowa replied sternly.

Duo was miffed. "I KNOW he can take care of himself Trowa, its just that, I dunno..."

Quatre said nothing at first. He just leaned back against the tall boy and sighed, closing his eyes. "I...I can feel something, I don't know what

it is, but..."

Duo turned towards the woods. "I'm going after him", he said, and disappeared into the night. The others said nothing, they knew that it would be impossible

to track someone like Duo Maxwell in the shadows of a deep forest.


The stag practically lept right up from under the White One's nose. It was old, from the smell of it, yet still strong. But the White One was young and brave and confident. He would kill the old stag, and gorge his belly with fresh hot meat this night. He took off at a maddening pace, ears flattened to the side of his head, heart pounding in rythm with his bicycling gait. It was then a new scent grazed his nose, that of fear, and it made him all the more wild. It was unusual that he never picked up the scent of the other one. The Dark One seemingly materialized out of the shadows and was in a dead run towards the old stag. In a flash of ivory and a blossom of red the stag was crippled by the bite of the Dark One, and faltered. The White One was enraged. He snapped at the other one, and spat out a wad of ebony fur as the other yelped. The prey was for him and him ALONE. No one must share it. And yet, deep within his ancient mind he could see himself lying emaciated at the foot of a tree as the forest swallowed him up, leaving nothing more than bleached bones and a grinning skull, with no one to honor him in midnight serenade. He knew that he may possibly fail in bringing down the old stag, but together there may be success. Even warriors crave the company of other warriors.


No matter how fast Heero ran, he could not escape the thoughts that plagued him. He could still see the braided pilot's chestnut locks lit up in the moonlight, he could still hear his mirthful laughter ringing in his ears. He could not escape him, no matter how hard he tried. Was it foolish even trying? What he searched for, deep in the primal woods, wasn't something that could be found alone. It was this very isolation that kept him from that goal. Though, with each new thought and vision of the braided boy he seemed closer. His heart lept, and certain places in his body ignited and came alive in new and exciting ways that made his whole world spin.

He was so lost in his revelation that he failed to notice the movement off to his side. The shadowy figure seemed to materialize from the gloom. Heero jumped and took an expert swing, hardly breaking his stride. The sleek, lithe boy running beside him feinted the blow and got into position beside him, and together they ran deeper into the wood.

"Why are you running, Heero?!"

"None of your damn buisness! Just leave me alone!"

"Heero, there's no need to run! I know what you're searching for, Heero, and I can help you find it, if you'll let me!"

Duo helds out his hand. He winced, expecting the worst. Rejection, a punch in the stomach. He stared into Heero's face, which was intense with exertion. He was unreadable. He was always unreadable, and it maddened him. There was so much Duo had wanted to show him, so much to open him up to. A lump formed in his throat, the wait was brief in the long scheme of things, but to Duo it was eternity. Then it happened. Heero's hand shot out in the dark and grabbed his, and together they came to the edge of a large clearing and spilled out onto the grass, panting from the exertion.


The old stag was weakened from the attack by the Dark One. It lagged, and the White One saw his chance. He lept, and he felt his jaws sink into the warm flesh. The Dark One jumped next. The beast crumpled beneath them, and lay dead on the cool, dew-sprinkled grass of the large field. The moon hung high overhead, as if witnessing this joyous victory. The two wolves stared at each other from across the carcass, not knowing what to think of the other at first. They caught a movement and a scent. Turning, they saw two lone figures much like themselves, just at the edge of the forest clearing.


Heero was the first one to see them. He stood up slowly, fearing that if he moved to fast the magic would be broken. The white wolf was strong and proud, and the black one beside him. Two sucessful warriors. He locked eyes with the White One, and even though they had seen each other for the first time, he felt a kindred understanding that ran deeper than bone.

"We are equals, one and the same." Heero said in his typical monotone, speaking as if he where addressing the wolf. Duo seemed confused at first, and brought
his gaze back to the wolves. He locked eyes with the wolf's dark companion, and the Black One opened its mouth and panted, it lips pulled back in a whimsical canine grin.

The White One stared at Heero for quite sometime, a stare of brotherhood, something only two warriors could understand. He then turned away his penetrating
gaze to his dark companion, nudging him gently. He pointed his long, elegant snout skyward and released a victorious howl. His companion then followed, their voices climbing into the night sky.

Heero turned and stared deeply into Duo's eyes for the longest time. Slowly, Duo saw his features change. The face of the Perfect Soldier transformed into a smile, a smile stifled for so long. It was the most beautiful smile Duo had ever seen. He then threw his head back and howled. Duo seemed surprised at first by this otherwise out of character action, then, with a whoop of joy he too howled, as their hands met, fingers entertwining and joining together.


Wufei opened his eyes. He heard the howling in the distance, and the others heard it, too. Quatre's face was transfixed with a look of utter joy and serenity. Tears welled in his eyes.

"I...I knew it had to happen sometime. He's, he's finally found himself out there."

Wufei said nothing, just reached into his pocket and pulled out a strange porcelain disc. He thumbed the Yin Yang carefully, reverently, watching as the silvery moonlight played around its curves and edges.

Trowa closed his eyes, as if contemplating. "Perhaps he has."