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Title: Sleep Now (named after the instrumental by Hughes Hall)

Author: Solo Noraneko

Disclaimer: Don't own Gundam Wing. Never have, never will. So piss off, I'm just having a little fun. ;-P

Category: Yaoi, drama

Warnings: Violence, angst, citrus, Duo torture, implied drug usage, sappiness

Pairings: 1x2, 3x4

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Sleep Now

By: Solo Kitsune

Chapter 1


Chang Wufei leaned back against the wide window that opened up to the chaotic mass of concrete, stone, and smog. New York wasn't quite the city he preferred. It was too loud, too noisy, and too fast-paced. Being one who enjoyed his peace and harmony, Wufei was ill-suited for this environment.  Unfortunately a recent and potentially dangerous occurence had sprung up, which commanded the undivided attention of the Preventers.  It was something silent, yet deadly, like a cancer.  And it was spreading throughout the city, throughout those dark corners nestled deep within the great concrete jungle that only the outcasts and vagabonds wandered, to indulge themselves in dark rituals of the night in musty raves, or in some forlorn nightclub.

Tirnanoc, or "Nog", the drug was called.  Befitting, for when ingested the user would seemingly fall away into something akin to a faerie realm much like the drug's namesake.  The illusions, insanity and inner chaos it has caused has been the result of multiple crimes, among them suicide and murder.  It was reported that one user said the drug would "reveal the inner secrets of yourself and of those around you".  Wether that was true or not was open to speculation, though the deaths caused by the phantom drug where from those driven to madness by what they saw, and so died mere shells of their former selves, immersed in both terror and ecstasy.  The NYPD was overwhelmed handling the case.  Those that trafficked the drug showed up quickly and rapidly set their plans to work.  They spread along with their drug like rats in a plague, spreading as far out as the colonies to do their twisted damage.  They where nameless and abrupt, like lightning.  But of course, that was why he and the other Preventers where here.  To stop dead the plague, right at its nest.  To find the cause of the infestation, and therefore eradicate it.

Wufei carefully turned over the official documents in the manilla folder sitting in his lap as he spoke out instructions to the agent at the other end of the cel phone line.  The agent was very gruff and mechanical for one so young, taking in every bit of information and executing it flawlessly.  He was much like a computer, precise, deliberate and trustworthy.  Yes, Wufei had to practically search the edges of the Universe to track down Heero Yuy.  Since the recent events with Mariemaeia, he had drifted into obscurity.  At least with something like this he would be kept occupied, kept motivated.  Although the Perfect Soldier never admitted it, he showed a sense of unspoken comradery to his fellow former pilots, and, as elusive as he was, could be summoned on hand at a moment's notice to carry out his duty as a Preventer.

"We already have two Preventers stationed here undercover at the State College," he said over the phone.  "Yourself and Maxwell are to rendezvous with them there and collect any information they have gathered.  You two will remain until you are further called for.  The registration papers have already been filed under your new pseudonyms.  Your class schedules and dorm assignments are in the folders issued to you at the briefing."

"Roger," answered the gruff voice on the phone.

"I'll reestablish contact within 48 hours to see how you are doing.  Good luck."

"Thanks, Wufei."

The line clicked off.  Wufei flipped the phone shut and set it on the table by the window of the hotel that he and Sally Po had made their temporary living quarters while in N.Y.  He sighed and turned to her.  She was sitting at the little hotel desk, pouring over documents and making the occasional scribble on the complimentary hotel notepad.  He set the pen down and smiled.

"So, how are the boys?"

Wufei reclined back in his chair and closed his eyes, as if contemplating.

"They're okay I suppose, after being separated for so long.  It'll do Heero good to get a little bit of action.  It'll keep him busy, and possibly keep him from killing Maxwell."

Sally laughed.  She then sighed and got to her feet and proceeded to pack away the documents in her briefcase.

"It will, most definately.  At least this way Heero can adjust to normal life and be kept busy at the same time.  He's not the type of person to remain idle."

She glanced out the window, out to the loud and chaotic maelstrom of human exhistence outside.  Large metallic and concrete spires pointing skyward like accusing fingers, vehicles and people moving about like a storm of tiny bugs.  Yes, they where out there somewhere, to be sure.  Something told her that this would not be just any routine mission.


The gravel and asphalt crackled beneath the rubber tires as the car pulled to a halt outside the Student Services building.  A slender, petite youth of about seventeen years of age climbed out of the driver's side.  His short, rag-cut dark brown hair breezed lazilly in the cool autumn wind.  He was clad in a pair of blue jeans and a green tank top, covered by a dark brown leather jacket.  Hawk-like prussian blue eyes fixed a calculating stare at the building before him as he stood, slender hands tucked neatly in the jacket pockets.

Another youth emerged from the car just then, on the passenger's side.  He was dressed mostly in dark colors, black pants with black boots and a black leather jacket which covered a sleeveless fleece zip-up turtleneck.  All and all he looked like a black cat, petite yet slender, lithe and graceful.  He had large blueviolet eyes that never seemed to miss anything, and a perpetual smile much akin to a bottlenose dolphin's.  He had a long, wild mane of chestnut which was tamed in a braid that made its way down his back.  He walked over to his brooding companion with a lively gait, and cheerfully clapped a slender hand on the other boy's shoulder.

"So, this is the place eh, buddy?"

"Hn." the Japanese boy grunted.  "We'll go here to turn in our registration and get our room assignments, then ask where we can find Preventers Crow and Dove.  They'll help us get started on what exactly we need to do."

"Right.  Lets do it."

Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell pulled their belongings out of the back of their car and proceeded to the Student Services building.  Heero carried nothing more than a meager backpack with a few clothes and other small belongings, which he had slung over his shoulder.  Duo carried one as well, with the addition of a small travelling suitcase. 

They entered the building, and it wasn't long of a wait before their papers where filed and their room assignments given.  The young lady behind the desk sighed and clacked on the keyboard some more, pushing her glasses up on the bridge of her nose.  She then got up and disappeared around a corner, only to reappear again with a thin sheaf of printed paper.  She divided them and placed them in manilla folders to hand to the boys.

"Okay, Mr. Raymond Lowe...and Solo Maximillian," she said, handing the folders to each one of them.  The boys smiled inwardly at their new identities, assimilation into the campus wouldn't be as hard as they had previously anticipated.  The young lady sighed and sat back down at her computer.

"Your room assignments and class schedules are all contained in those folders.  You'll be staying in the J-Building in the co-ed dorms, level 2."

Heero opened his folder and sifted through the papers, then closed it with a grunt of approval.  He then stared at the woman with an inquiring gaze.

"Thank you, miss.  Where might we find two students by the names of Joan Griffin and Sammy Svetlana?"

"I'm sorry sir, we aren't allowed to divulge private information like that to the public," the young woman said, not looking up from her work.  Heero turned his gaze to Duo.  He said nothing, but the message seemed to get across, as his smile began to broaden suddenly, and in unison their hands dove within inner reaches of their leather jackets.  Two Preventer ID badges where presented just then.  The woman let out a startled "OH!" and quickly began typing something up, jibbering as she did so.

"Oh dear!  I-I didn't know!  Just let me bring this up here and-" Heero cut her off, levelling upon her a gaze much akin to a hungry hawk eying a skittish hare.

"We're on official business, no more, no less.  Just give us the information we need and we'll be on our way.  I trust you won't say anything," he said levelly, quietly.

Heero almost smiled as the nervous woman before him seemed to quake with fear.  Duo almost pitied the woman, locked helplessly within the gaze of the 'Perfect Soldier' and almost wanted to chuckle out loud, but firmly resisted the urge, for fear he might be the next victim to suffer said gaze.

"Uhh no, I won't say anything, honest!  Uhh, here, they're on the same building and floor as you, dorm suite 201/202."  To emphasize her point, she swivelled the monitor around for them to see.  Heero glanced at it, then nodded.

"Hn.  Thank you for your time, miss," he said, and gracefully turned around and headed away, his braided American companion following suit.  Nervously the woman drew a clammy hand across her brow and sighed.

"What a strange pair..."


The J-Building was a very crowded and noisy place to bunk.  The hallways where constantly cluttered, be it with garbage tossed out, or bodies of various students loitering in the halls or sitting outside doors, alone or in clusters, smoking and cursing, or playing an ocassional game of Poker or Bullshit.  In the background shouting could be heard, sometimes whooping or hollering, and random moaning.  In some areas strange and sweet-smelling smoke rolled out from beneath closed doors swathed in band posters and stickers.  Duo was very curious of his new surroundings, which was common.  He was always curious, always easilly excited, nothing escaped those purplish orbs.  Of course this wasn't one of the better kept dorms they had bunked in their lifetime, Heero noted.  Most likely this was the area where the college miscreants nested.  ::What better place to start:: Heero thought, and Duo could see a spark in those prussian blues.  Heero Yuy wasn't the easiest person in the world to read, but Duo was a pro at it, either by accident or design.  It maddened Heero to no end at times, yet secretly he was grateful for it.  And secretly Duo was proud of it himself, and, when the situation called for, he would remind Heero of it in a singularly quirky, playful fashion that he was so famous for among friends and comrades.

Soon they approached the dorm where they would be staying.  The numbers '209' where stencilled on the front of the door in black lettering.  Heero produced a key that was taped on a card in the folder and fitted it in the padlock on the door.  There was a sound click, and with a turn of the knob he flung the door open to a still, yet comforting darkness.  He entered, and Duo followed him, switching on the light with a flick of a finger as he went.  The room was sparse, yet accomodating.  A bunk bed to their left side, against the wall, and a dresser to their right, with a small portable TV on top, accompanied by a small computer desk which was to be the future home of Heero's laptop.  Ahead of them was a quaint shelf for books, and next to it a small economy refrigeration unit for keeping cold the meager morsels of the perpetually poor college student.

Immediately Duo flung his belongings down, shed his leather jacket and made for the top bunk like a graceful jungle cat.  Heero watched him go, and was struck by a fleeting emotion, he couldn't exactly tell what it was, and it frightened him.  He turned away from the braided baka as he bounced playfully on the top bunk, and set to work at unpacking his clothes and hooking up his laptop.  Duo watched him from his high perch, mesmerized.  Heero seemed so neat and meticulous, while he himself was seemingly chaotic and disorganized.  It boggled him, Heero was very ritualistic, clothes neatly folded and tucked away in their cubbies, papers and books in neat little stacks or rows on the shelves.  And Duo watched as he very gently, almost reverently took to handling and hooking up the laptop, and he almost felt a pang of envy, which surprised him.

::Get ahold of yourself, Duo Maxwell:: he thought, shaking his head.  With a sigh he flopped his head down on the pillow and let his slender legs dangle over the edge of the bed.

"Uh...so Heero, what now?" he asked, searching for something more intelligent to say.  Heero did not turn around to face him, just continued plugging in the wires.

"We find Preventer Crow and Preventer Dove.  They're on this floor, lets just hope they're in.  They have information valuable to this mission," he said, flipping up the flat, luminescent monitor screen.

Duo rolled his eyes and made a face.  "The mission, the mission, its always about the mission.  Jeez, Heero, why don't ya loosen up a bit.  Life's too short, buddy."  At that Duo fished out from under his shirt a golden cross on a chain around his neck.  He held it reverently, thumbing it affectionately with a thumb.  For a moment he seemed lost in thought, lost in the past.

'Life's too short, buddy'  Those words seemed to echo in Heero's mind.  He paused momentarilly as the startup screen appeared on the monitor, then he too sighed.  Something welled up within him just then, and he shook his head to lose the sensation.  He got up, and walked towards the door.

"That may be true, but right now we have a job to perform."  He put his hand to the doorknob and turned it.  Duo sighed.

"Yeah buddy, you're right," he said, and lept from the top bunk.  He alighted gracefully and proceeded to follow Heero out into the hall.

"Oh, Heero?"

"Yes, Duo?"

"I call dibs on the top bunk."

Heero rolled his eyes and, as much as he tried to fight it, a faint smile formed on his face.  Duo saw it for only a brief moment, but it was good enough for him.  His blueviolet orbs twinkled with mirth.  ::Score!  Another point for the home team!::


Soon they where standing outside of the door of dorm 201.  The door itself provided a clue as to the inhabitant which presided within.  Cute fluffy cartoon characters where plastered all over the front, either in poster form or snipped from magazine clippings, and amongst those stood out the fuzzy Roman lettering of a sorority.  Duo wrinkled his nose in disapproval, and was about to open his mouth to comment when Heero raised a fist and knocked curtly on the door.

"Just one moment!" called a cheery voice from somewhere within, and soon the door opened to a slightly heavyset girl much the same age as the boys, with dirty blonde hair pulled back in a bun.  She was clad in a red sorority sweater, khakis and loafers.  She stared at them with baby blue eyes glossed over, possibly from hours of studying, Heero observed.  Duo wondered why a preppy such as herself was staying in the J-Building dorms, then remembered someone on campus saying something about overcrowding.  The two boys showed her their badges.

"Preventers Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell.  You are Preventer Dove, I assume," Heero said in the most business-like manner he could possibly muster.

"Right, that would be me.  Please come in." The girl nodded, and stepped back from the door for them to enter.  Her dorm had much the same design as their's, accept for the fact that it was far more lived-in.  There was a computer with a word processor open, and a bed cluttered with books, papers and miscellaneous stuffed animals.  A pillar candle on the dresser burned merilly, giving off a fruity smell about the room.  Preventer Dove, more likely known as Sammy, sat down on the bed with a sigh and reached for a can of Diet Coke.

"We've picked up quite a few things, Joan and I," she began.  "But its frustrating.  I don't believe we've even begun to scrape the surface on the true origins of Nog.  But Joan, she's done alot of the dirty work in the underbelly of the college and club scenes around here."  She then sighed and rolled her eyes.  "In fact, I think she's immersed herself alittle too much...If her grades aren't proof enough..."

Heero leaned forward.  "But where is Joan?  Is she here?"

Sammy wearilly brushed the hair from her eyes.  "She's at class...presumably.  She used to occupy the room next to mine.  We where suitemates.   I couldn't stand sharing a room with her...her tastes where, shall we say, not exactly appealing to me.   But recently she had to stay in my room.   I dunno exactly how to explain it, but I do believe it involved something that was purloined by one of her acquaintances from the Biology and Chemistry Department.   Needless to say her room is being fumigated and she's staying with me."

It took Duo all the strength he could muster to stifle the laugh that was threatening to make itself known.  But all of a sudden his thoughts where waylaid by a loud clamor coming from the hallway.  Heero too stopped to listen.  There where loud catcalls coming from down the hallway, followed by shouting and banging.  The shouting seemed to be coming from several males, and a female.

"Get your ass over here, you little bitch.  You're my dog, y'here me?" called a male voice.

"You can kiss my sour, shit-caked ass!" shouted a female voice.  Further yelling and obcenities ensued.

"Oh no, not again.  Don't tell me she got into another fight.  She cannot seem to pass their room without fighting.  Its usually them that start it, but sometimes its her...she hasn't been the same...not since the rape."

"Rape?" Duo questioned.

"Whats this all about?" Heero inquired.

"Castellano and his gang have been causing trouble for quite sometime.  One night Joan had gotten into a confrontation with them in the quad.  Despite her training, there where too many of them.  She was beaten down and raped.  I found her the next day lying in the gutter.  Only one of them ended up taking the rap for that, and Castellano's gang claims that she lied under oath and wrongfully accused the guy, despite the outstanding evidence against him.  Needless to say, ever since then they've been at loggerheads with each other.  But what Joan DIDN'T say under oath is that she believes that one of Castellano's lackeys slipped her some Nog.  She's gotten herself into alot of trouble, both on campus as well as off, trying to prove that point."

More shouting and banging issued from the hall, followed by protests from other denizens of J-Building of the noise.  Soon the door busted open, and in staggered a slender, petite girl with long raven-black hair tied back in a ponytail and bright, piercing emerald green eyes.  She was clad in a pair of olive drab cargo pants and a black t-shirt with the words 'Fear me, for I shall destroy you!' in white lettering, in addition to a pair of combat boots and a studded black leather dog collar around her neck.  Indeed she had been in a fight, for her right eye was all puffed up and discolored, and a steady stream of blood issued from her nose, in addition to a busted lip.  She paid no heed to either Sammy or her visitors, and hastened quickly to the dresser where she pulled out a towel from the drawer and placed it against her swollen and bleeding face.  Clearing the miscellaneous papers, books and stuffed animals aside she flopped down on the bed and proceeded to loose a steady stream of unladylike curses.  Sammy rolled her eyes and got up, walked over to the small refrigerator and produced an ice pack.  She sat down next to her and placed it gingerly against her swollen eye, looking much like a doting grandmother.

"I beat his sorry ass.  Kicked him in the jimmy I did.  He's on the floor right now crying to his mommy.  He won't be calling me a name like that again," she said, and the boys could pick out a touch of brogue in her accent.  Irish.  Or perhaps Scottish.  Heero levelled that hawk-like gaze upon her.

"Preventer Raven, I assume," he said, flashing his badge. She nodded in reply.

"I am.  Whats this all about?"

Sammy spoke up.  "They where sent from central headquarters to assist us in tracking down the drug ring.  We are to exchange information with them."

Preventer Raven, a.k.a. Joan, took a look at the boys with her one good eye.

"Well, isn't this a fine how-do-you-do.  About bloody time they sent reinforcements, I'll be damned if we can do this by ourselves.  I must say we're bloody stumped."

Heero grunted.  "I can tell.  Nobody knows you're with the Preventers?"

"None.  They don't have a clue with either of us," Sammy replied.

Heero heard Duo take a sigh of relief and shift nervously behind him.  "Good.  Now, about the information.  I'd like to see what you have collected so far.  Reports, anything."

"Sure, we can get that to you, no problem," Sammy chirped cheerfully.  But all of a sudden she felt Joan go rigid.  Joan shifted nervously, a lump forming in her throat.

"Uhh...Sammy dear?  They're...in my room."

"Oh, thats okay, we'll just run in and get--Jesus-tap-dancing-Christ, the fumigation!"

Joan grinned rather nervously, scratching the back of her head with one hand.  "Uhh, hehe, yeah, I kinna sorta forgot to bring them with me when they started smoke-bombing my room."  She laughed nervously.  Heero cleared his throat, and levelled upon her a glare that would cause a river to change its course.

"Thats not a problem.  We'll just have to go get it now, won't we?"

Joan seemed to get the message.  She sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Aww, PISS!" she spat.  Duo could not help himself.  He began to chuckle heartilly, his professionalism having been thrown straight out the window.


Joan stood poised outside of her dorm room door, a scarf tied around her face to act as a makeshift mask.  The door had caution tape wrapped around it, which she carefully pushed aside, and turned the key to undo the padlock.  She turned to the others, a look of determination in her eyes.


Sammy nodded.  Heero was leaning against the far wall, watching with Prussian blues that seemed to exhibit detached humor.  Duo stood with him, his eyes sparkling with mirth.  With a count of three, Joan kicked the door in and dove into the dark, musty recesses beyond.  Sammy fretted, it seemed as if she had been gone for many minutes, but all of a sudden she emerged from the murky gloom, coughing and sputtering.  She tripped, and a plume of white papers and documents exploded from her grasp as she went down.  Sammy bent down to collect her dizzy and gasping partner off the floor, and Heero bent over to collect the papers.  Duo walked round him and bent down next to the two girls.

"Hey, are you okay?"

"Yeah...just alittle dizzy...I'll be alright," Joan sputtered, eyes glossy and dilated.  Heero got all the papers and folders arranged in a neat stack and, turning, he bowed to the girls.

"Thank you very much for your time, Preventers Dove and Crow.  We'll be in touch," he said in a flat monotone that, although lifeless, seemed to strike a hint of suave, and the girls smiled despite themselves.  Duo put on a warm smile and waved as he turned to go.

"See ya!"


The boys arrived back in their dorm, and Heero proceeded to pour over the documents he had gotten from the two Preventers.  Duo sat on the bed, thumbing the golden crucifix about his neck.  Heero turned around to say something, but paused momentarilly to view his partner.  He seemed like something out of a portrait sitting there, eyes lost, possibly in a time long gone, slender, muscular arms highlighted by the softly glowing lamp on the nighttable by the bunk.  Suddenly Duo caught on that he was being watched and looked up, and for a moment their eyes locked, and Heero's gaze was drowned out by an ocean of blueviolet.  He seemed hypnotized by those eyes, eyes larger than life that seemed to pierce straight through him and read his very soul.  It unnerved him, Duo was the only person that had that effect on him.  Finally, the silence was broken.

"Whats up, Heero?" came the seemingly angelic voice.  Heero swallowed hard, and almost felt himsrelf breaking out into a sweat.  ::But WHY?:: he asked himself.  No amount of training in his life could prepare him for the emotions he was feeling.  Maybe it was from being away from the others for so long, he thought.

"I was just going to say that our classes don't start until Monday.  We have the whole evening and the weekend ahead to investigate this stuff.  I suggest we get settled and investigate the campus so we can get a pretty good idea of its surroundings and people."

Duo nodded, smiling.  He was happy.  For some odd reason, ever since Heero had returned via the urgent requests of Wufei, Duo had been glad to be partered up with him again, as much of a stick in the mud he regarded him as.  He enjoyed his stern face, and that ever-present hawk-like gaze, and that flat, monotone voice that he could pick out in the most noisy of crowds.  Yes, I guess one would suppose that Duo Maxwell was obsessed, or alittle too immersed in the characteristics of his stoic friend, but he seemed to read something in Heero's gaze that told him the same about himself.  Heero continued.

"Why don't we both head down to the showers and then we can head to the cafeteria and get some dinner.  We can pour over the evidence later on."

"Sure," Duo chirped.  He got up, just remembering something important he had left in the car.  "I just need to get something out of the car that I forgot.  I won't be long.  Then we can head out."

Before Heero could say anything more, his partner had grabbed the keys and skipped out the door, his long braid being the last thing to clear the open doorway before it closed shut.

Heero sighed.  His cheeks where burning.  He had made it sound as if they where going on a goddamn date.  This was business, strictly business between two partners, nothing more.  And why did he even have to wait for Duo to return to get a shower?  Maybe he just forgot the towels or something, forgot to pack them in the suitcase and threw them in the backseat instead.  He's been known to do sloppy things like that before, he thought to himself.  Duo's sloppy habits annoyed him, to be sure, but for some odd reason it wasn't sloppiness that chewed at his nerves at this particular moment.  Biting his lip furtively, he brought his attention back to the papers spread out before him, fretfully trying to organize them before Duo's return.