Warnings and Disclaimers: Don't own GW characters. Yaoi, darkness, lots of abuse to Heero

Yeah, this is to kinda tell you all what's been going on with Heero and Duo, and all. It becomes 1x2x3 at the end, so bear with me, everyone, Duo's comin' in soon.

Duo slammed the door shut, throwing his jacket to the floor. "Heero, get your ass over here!"

Heero came quietly out of their bedroom, avoiding Duo's flashing eyes.

"I had a bad mission, and you know what that means." Duo glared at the pilot who immediately stripped and knelt before him, bowing his head.

Duo slammed his foot into Heero's chest, causing the other pilot to cry out in pain and sprawl. Duo knelt between his legs and began licking the blood that slowly trickled from the new wound.

"Um, very good, bitch. Now, I want you to go and fetch my toys, k?"

Heero quickly got up and retrieved the toys, knowing that Duo hated it when he wasn't immediately obeyed.

Pulling out a leather whip, he held it so Heero could see while pulling his own clothes off. "Heero, beg me to beat you, the way you know I like it."

Heero knelt once again in front of Duo and began nibbling on the other pilot's rising erection. Pulling back, he looked into Duo's eyes. "Please, master, let me feel it, hit me hard. I want you to fuck me, take me, own me. Please, god, I need it, hard." Heero made sure his voice sounded like he wanted it.

Duo cracked the whip down, watching the mark on Heero's back start to bleed. Heero begged more as Duo hit his body, some bruising and some cutting the skin. Once he was satisfied, he dropped the whip and knelt next to Heero's trembling body. "Now Heero, I want you to tell me again when you became my slave."

"I loved you. You came home from a mission and told me you wanted to speak to me. I came in and you told me to take my clothes off. I refused and you hit me." He paused as Duo began licking his open wounds. "I continued to try and fight you, but you had the advantage with your toys, tied me down, and fucked me. I would try to get away, but you would always find me and hurt me more every time you found me. Then, once, you drug me, tied, to a local gay club and they all fucked me. My spirit was broken, and you own me." Heero had said this speech so many times he had it memorized.

"That's right. I own you now and that's how it's going to stay, isn't it."

"Yes master." Heero moaned in pain as Duo dug his tongue into a particularly deep chest wound.

"Good bitch." Duo said in a patronizing tone. "Now, spread your legs for me, slut." Duo knew this was the name Heero hated most, having been raped so many times by Dr. J and his accomplices.

Tears glimmered in his eyes, but he wouldn't allow himself to cry, spreading his legs. Duo knelt between them and ran a hand from Heero's chest to his erection, then began pumping it. Heero thrust his hips into Duo's hand, forgetting for a moment that he wasn't allowed to do anything unless commanded. Duo gripped Heero's cock hard, drawing a scream of pain from Heero. "Don't EVER do that again!" Duo hissed in his ear, jackknifing his legs against his chest. "You're gonna pay for that, slut." He thrust quickly into Heero, pulling out and pushing back quickly, using Heero's blood to slick his way. "Scream for me, baby" He sneered, knowing Heero loved it when he was given any type of real love. "Let me know how much it hurts." He thrust harder, shoving Heero backward on the hardwood floor, causing the skin of his back to rub off.

Heero released a scream of pain, trying to arch off the floor, away from the pain. Duo gave one final shove and exploded.

"I'm done with you for now, slut." Duo pulled out of him, picked up his clothes, and went into the kitchen for food.

Heero got up and staggered into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. Sitting carefully onto the cold tiles, and buried his face in his hands.

/I want love, is that too much to ask? Just once, couldn't someone treat me…right? What did I do that was so wrong that I deserve this?/ Heero glanced at a razor sitting on the counter, wanting more than anything to end his life with it, but couldn't. He knew he couldn't die because Duo would find him, save him, than torture him beyond anything he could even dream of for trying it. /Is this what love is like for everyone? If it is, than I don't know if I want love…want to be in love. Maybe I'm mistaken, maybe this isn't love and I'm just fooling myself because I'm lonely./ He wrapped his arms around himself, shuddering. /I just want to be loved…/


Heero frowned as he shook Trowa awake. This was the third night in a row he had had to wake the Heavyarms pilot from a nightmare, and he was beginning to worry.

Three days ago, he had been sent on a solo rescue mission for Trowa. He and Duo had just had another fight. Duo yelled and beat him while Heero cowered and cried. That's how it always went, he loved Duo, and Duo used him. No one knew, he always said the bruises came from his Gundam, and they put on a 'happy couple' façade in front of the others. After he rescued Trowa, who had been a prisoner for two weeks, he brought him to a small safehouse with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen/dining room and a living room.

Trowa jerked awake, and this time Heero was prepared for the punch and lunge. He grabbed Trowa, forcing him to look him straight in the eyes. "What happened."

Trowa's pupils were dilated and his breathing was coming in short gasps. "They…"

Heero curtly nodded, he didn't need Trowa to continue, he could read the signs of a rape victim. He pulled Trowa to his chest, trying to comfort him, tucking his head underneath of the Japanese boy's chin. He didn't know Heero was so good at comforting people, he already loved Heero, and this was just making his love grow. Duo was very lucky.

Heero hissed as if in pain, and Trowa pulled back to see what was wrong.

"Bruise on my chest. It's nothing."

Trowa stood up, turned the light on and retrieved some bruise cream. Kneeling in front of Heero; he pulled the T-shirt off of Heero and gasped. Heero's chest was covered in bruises that could not have come from his Gundam, some old, some new, along with numerous scars. He began applying the cream, going as carefully as he could. Turning Heero around, he saw more bruises and deeper scars on his back.

"Who did this?" Trowa moved in front of Heero and looked into his eyes. "It was done many different times, and some are recent, not by your Gundam, since you haven't flown it in over a week."

Heero avoided his gaze, staring off into the distance. "No one."

"Bullshit." Trowa forced Heero to look at him. "Let me help."

"Duo." Heero closed his eyes, as Trowa's widened in surprise. "He has a temper, and when he gets mad or upset, he takes it out on me."

"Heero." Trowa pulled Heero close, holding him in much the same way he had been held. "You don't have to be treated that way, you deserve better."

"Doesn't matter. I love him, and that is all that matters."

"When someone loves another, they treat them kindly. They are there for the other no matter what, in any situation."

"Is that what your relationship with Quatre has taught you?"

A puzzled look crossed Trowa's face. "Quatre…? Oh!" His eyes widened in realization. "You think Quatre and I are together? No, Quatre's with Wufei, and I don't love him that way."

"Oh. The only straight one in the group."

"I didn't say that." Trowa almost smiled at him.

"So you like guys." Trowa just shrugged mysteriously, stood, and put the cream away.

"Get some sleep, I'm going to stay up awhile."

"Will you be able to sleep?" Heero looked concerned.


"Then I'll stay up with you, or tell me what I can do to help you sleep."

Trowa looked away, a slight blush tingeing his cheekbones. "There is a way, but, you won't like it."

"What? If you let me help, I'll let you help."

"Sleep with me. In my bed, it helps me sleep."

Heero nodded. "Just…don't tell Duo, ok?"

"Alright. Thank you."

They lay down, both secretly happy with the arrangement, because they were both lonely.


Trowa and Heero woke at the same time, to find their limbs tangled in a very compromising position.

Both blushed, and carefully sorted out their limbs and smiled cautiously.

"Sorry, Heero."

"Why are you sorry? You did nothing." Heero sat up rubbing at his eyes, trying to get them to focus.

"Something wrong, Heero?" Trowa worriedly pulled Heero's hands away from his eyes and attempted to find the problem.

"I can't see very well, my throat hurts, and my head." Heero tried to stand up and fell to his knees on the floor.

"Heero! Ok, don't move." Trowa ran to the medicine kit and began searching for Tylenol.

"Trowa?" Heero turned toward where the other pilot had knelt beside him with the kit, Tylenol and water, "Why are you being so kind to me?"

Trowa gave a confused look. "What do you mean? I'm just fixing you're injuries."

"Nobody's ever done that for me." Heero met Trowa's eyes, and the emerald shimmered with unshed tears.

"You've never had anyone care for you? What about Duo?"

Heero shook his head. "He's too busy with his own problems, and J had me take care of myself."

"Oh Heero." Trowa grabbed the other boy in a tight embrace, gently caressing his back. "How awful. I'm sorry."

They stayed that way for several minutes, and then Heero tentatively returned the hug. "Do you mind?"

"Mind what?" Trowa pulled back slightly, looking Heero in the eyes, noticing the tears ready to fall.

"Me hugging you? It's ok, right?" Heero winced slightly as if expecting to be punched.

"Of course, why wouldn't it be?" Trowa was more confused than ever.

"Well, Duo, he hates me doing things without being told, but…I like the way you are treating me, it's…" he shrugged, "It's nice."

"You're not going to like me too much after this." Trowa pressed his lips to Heero's in a gentle caress, then pulled back. "I love you."

Heero cried.

He lay in Trowa's lap and cried for the first time in his life. Never, through all the beatings and rape he had never let his emotions show. Then again, no one had ever loved him before either.

After about ten minutes his sobbing subsided into sniffles, and Trowa stroking his hair calmed him down enough to sit up and talk, though he didn't move away.

"I love you, Heero, I have for awhile, but I know you love Duo. I'm sorry if this makes you nervous or mad, but I'm not sorry for loving you. It is something I can't help."

"…Why?" Heero's eyes had softened, leaving him looking extremely vulnerable.

"I don't know. You're spirit, will, everything."

Heero considered this for a minute before looking back up. "Will you…kiss me again?"

Trowa nodded, a tear slipping down his cheek. "Of course." He pressed his lips onto Heero's once again, reveling in the soft, wet heat.

Heero opened his mouth, inviting Trowa's tongue into it, warring with the invading muscle. The kiss deepened as Heero pulled Trowa closer, both boys holding each other as tight as possible.

Trowa felt Heero begin crying again and pulled back. "What is the matter?"

"I-I like this feeling. It doesn't…hurt to kiss you. I feel…warm."

Trowa smiled. "I like it too. I wish Duo saw the treasure he has. He's so lucky…" Trowa stopped as the tears pouring down his face prevented him talking.

"Maybe, we could kiss some more…not just today?" Heero asked, hope in his eyes.

"Heero, you are with Duo, and you love him, I don't want to intrude on that. If you want to kiss, or more, you should do it with the person you are with, not just because it feels good at the time." Trowa's pained expression told Heero how much the words had hurt to say.

"If I chose to be with you, would you promise no beatings or anything unless we both agreed? I can't guarantee that either of us would be safe from Duo's wrath…but, I want to be with you, and, I think I could love you too."

"I would never hurt you Heero, never. And as for Duo, I'm not too worried, I would die before I let someone hurt you."

Heero leaned in placing his lips an inch from Trowa's. "I want to be with you. Show me what it means to be loved?"

Trowa nodded and began to passionately kiss the Japanese boy's lips, plundering the innocent yet demanding mouth.

Heero moaned and lay back, allowing Trowa to fall between his legs and lay on his body.

Trowa gently ran his hands down Heero's bare chest, tracing circles around his nipples. Heero arched into the touch, moaning for more.

Trowa grinned and began a trail of hot kisses down Heero's neck toward his erect nipples.

"Please, Trowa!"

Trowa aimed to please as he ran his tongue over one hot nipple, sucking and nibbling it until Heero squirmed beneath him, their erections pressed against each other through their silk boxers.

Heero began thrusting against Trowa, trying to gain a greater friction.

"Hold on, love, let's get our clothes removed, ok?" Trowa chuckled and pulled their boxers off, putting some lube (from somewhere?) on his fingers, then laying back on Heero.

"What's that?" Heero asked wary of the substance Trowa had poised above his sacred realm.

"Lube? Haven't you ever used it?" Trowa frowned as Heero shook his head no. "Well, it lessens the pain, and helps both of us move easier. You'll see."

Trowa gently pushed the finger past Heero's resistance and Heero gasped in slight pain/pleasure. Trowa probed for Heero's g-spot, finding it as he added his third finger.

Heero arched onto his hand, crying out in pleasure. "I-I've never felt this kind of pleasure!" He moved against Trowa once again, moaning in displeasure as Trowa removed his fingers.

"Hush, baby."

Trowa lowered himself, pushing gently into Heero's body, slowly until he was buried to the hilt. To his surprise, Heero began pushing back instantly, showing no signs of pain.

"Are you ok?"

Heero nodded. "You were right, it doesn't hurt."

Trowa almost cried as he thought of how much pain Heero must have been put through in order to think it hurt at all.

Trowa thrust slowly than harder until he was pounding into the smaller boy beneath him. Heero moved back in perfect harmony, their moans filling the room.

Reaching down between them, Trowa grabbed Heero's erection, pushing him over the edge.

Trowa pulled out, though he hadn't cum yet. Heero's inexperience with pleasure caused his release to be much sooner than usual, and Trowa was concerned only with Heero's pleasure.

"Trowa? You didn't cum." Heero rolled over slightly, his climax still causing shudders to wrack his small body.

"That's ok, baby, I'll take care of that later. Just rest now." Trowa smoothed Heero's wild bangs out of his face, enjoying the pure innocence radiating from him.

"No, that's not fair, and I recover fast."

Trowa glanced down at Heero's quickly rising sex. "You learn how to obey commands after awhile. I can force recovery, even cum on command without any touch. It has to do with some genetic engineering done on me when I was a child."

Trowa stroked Heero's cheek. "You don't have to do anything. I love you."

Heero looked down. "I liked it when you called me baby…"

Trowa laughed softly. "I love you, baby." Trowa put a loving emphasis on the last word, tenderly stroking Heero's face and hair. "And I'll keep saying that, whether or not you return the feelings."

"I cannot say that I love you, but, I think I will soon." Heero allowed him self a small smile, before pulling Trowa back on top of him. "Ready to finish what you started?"

Trowa smiled back. "Sure baby."

Trowa gave Heero's hand one last reassuring squeeze as he parked the car in the driveway of the current safehouse the other pilots were staying at. "I love you, Heero, and I won't let him hurt you." Trowa gave a small smile and Heero nodded. "Alright, let's go."

Trowa and Heero walked into the house and began searching for the other's. Walking into the living room they heard moaning and saw Wufei screwing a very passionate Quatre. Both blushed and made their way upstairs, and ran into Duo near the bathroom.

Duo saw Heero and put on his usual grin, glomping Heero. "Oh, Hee-chan! I missed you so much!" Duo leaned in making as if to hug him, but whispered for Heero alone to hear. "Heero, get to my room NOW, we're gonna have some fun."

Trowa watched Heero's eyes widen and he mouthed 'help' over Duo's shoulder. Trowa's eyes flashed with anger and Duo pulled away holding Heero's hand. "Well, Trowa, I'm glad to see your safe and all, but, I want to show Heero how much I missed him, so, if you'll excuse us…" Duo grinned and began to pull Heero after him, but realized Heero wasn't following him. Turning around he flashed a warning look at the other pilot.

"Duo, he's not going with you. He's with me now, I love him." Trowa gently wrapped his arms around Heero's quivering body, holding him close.

Duo snarled in rage and yanked Heero's hand, pulling him out of Trowa's embrace. "He's mine, Trowa, I own him. Heero, strip and kneel."

A tear slipped down Heero's face as he quickly took his clothes off and kneeled. "I see Trowa has taken care of your injuries, so I'll just have to make new ones." Duo raised his hand and brought it down, hitting Trowa who had stood between Heero and Duo.

"No, Duo. No more abuse of him, he's mine." Trowa calmly helped Heero stand and handed him his clothes.

"Mother fucker!" Duo lunged into an attack, catching Trowa off guard, and pinned him to the ground. "Don't touch my property again, understand!"

"I haven't touched anyone's property, just the boy I love." Trowa used his long legs to latch onto Duo's back and roll them over so he was on top. "Why don't you try asking Heero what he wants?"

"Slut doesn't need to be asked, I own him." Duo punched Trowa in the stomach and rolled away, taking a defensive crouch. "I'm willing to prove that he's mine, if you want. Let's fight for him?" Duo grinned evilly.

"Fine. Heero, find somewhere safe and lock yourself in there, I'll come for you after I've won." Heero nodded and ran into the bathroom, locking the door behind him.

"Now we're free to fight." Trowa lunged at Duo, leg striking out and sending Duo sprawling into a wall. Before he could recover, Trowa dealt another blow on his skull, cracking the wall with its force.

Duo stood up shaking his head, trying to clear his mind, then rolled out of the way as Trowa tried to punch his stomach.

"Give it up, Trowa, you have no idea what you're dealing with!" Duo kicked at Trowa, but his leg was grabbed and twisted, throwing the other pilot to the floor.

Trowa jumped on his back and twisted his hands behind his back. "Shinigami? I don't care what god you claim to be; I will not allow you to hurt him." Trowa shoved Duo's arms further up his back, near the point of breaking the bones. "All you have to do is promise to leave him alone."

"I don't think so." Duo yanked his arms out of Trowa's grip and rolled over, wrapping his legs around Trowa's neck and pulled them down, causing Trowa to fly face first between his legs. "You see, I happen to be much stronger than any of you, except Heero, but he's too weak to do anything about it."

Heero gasped as he heard this, and listened to Trowa's moans of pain as Duo hit him. "Trowa." He whispered, feeling a strange warmth grow inside him. "I'm coming."

Unlocking the door, he ran to where Duo had Trowa tied down and was beating him with a whip. "Stop it, Duo."

Duo whirled and growled. "You stay there, slut, when I'm finished with pretty boy over here, I'll punish you."

"I don't think so." Heero took up a fighting position. "You want Trowa? Let's fight for him."

"NO! Heero, stay back, please." Trowa struggled against his bonds, but was held fast.

"Not when you need my help. I'm going to stand up to him as I should have awhile ago." Heero glared at Duo.

"Heero, this is going to cost you. Go to your room now, or you will wish I'd killed you."

Heero didn't miss the slight flash of fear in Duo's eyes and grinned inwardly. "No."

Duo did a spin kick, letting his foot land on Heero's jaw, causing Heero to stumble back a couple steps, but doing no real damage. Heero allowed himself a smirk as he advanced on the braided boy. "You know what, I'm stronger than you. YOU go to your room, and I'll leave YOU alone."

Duo shook his head no and Heero attacked landing several punches on him, than kicked him half way across the hall.

Duo sat up and coughed up a little blood standing shakily to his feet. "You bitch!" Duo attacked once again but this time he dove behind Heero and grabbed Trowa pushing a knife against his throat. "Take one step closer, slut, and I'll slice his throat."

Heero backed off, raising his hands in the air.

"Now, take off your clothes and lay with your legs spread." Heero took off the clothes Trowa had handed him and did what he was told. "Now Trowa, you watch carefully, ok?" Duo drug Trowa so the knife was still against his throat as he knelt between Heero's legs. He pulled his own clothes off and thrust into Heero, causing him to scream in pain.

"No, please, not in front of Trowa, god, please no!" Hot tears poured from Heero's eyes, his face turning red from shame.

Duo grinned evilly and thrust quickly in and out. "No one can hear you, I made sure that anything spoken in this hallway cannot be heard downstairs." He pushed harder, forgetting to watch Trowa, who was using his circus training to get free of the ropes.

Duo slammed into Heero near climaxing, when he was ripped off of Heero and thrown into the wall. "Leave him alone!" Trowa, now freed jumped on top of him, pounding his fists into any possible area of Duo until he felt Heero grab his hand stopping him.

"Trowa, he's unconscious."

Trowa stood up quickly, grabbing Heero to him, tears falling down his face. "I was so scared, I didn't want to lose you." Trowa began pressing kisses to Heero's lips.

Heero pulled back, wrapping his arms around Trowa's waist. "I was afraid I'd lose you. When I heard him say I was the reason you were hurt I couldn't take it. I-I'm sorry he did that to me in front of you…I didn't want it to happen."

Trowa pulled him back for a passionate kiss. "I love you, I always will, no matter what."

/What is this warmth? Could it be…true love?/ Heero abandoned himself to the kiss, tears of joy slipping down his face. "Trowa?"

The other pilot raised his hands to cup Heero's face. "Yes, baby?"

Heero smiled. "I love you too."

Trowa's eyes widened in surprise and joy, then he gently lay the other pilot on his back, laying between his legs and began pressing sweet, gentle kisses against his lips.

"Trowa…your room?"

Trowa nodded, picking Heero up and disappeared into his room, unnoticing of the violet eyes burning into his back. "I'll get him back, pretty boy, and you won't recognize him once I'm done!"


Trowa stood toe to toe with Duo and they sent glares back and forth.

Heero walked into the room and noticed them. "Please, just stop."

Duo spun and faced him. "Shut up slut!"

Heero gasped in surprise as tears began to slip down Duo's face, though his expression didn't change. Trowa shot him a look of support thinking Heero was scared since he couldn't see Duo's face. Heero shook his head and mouthed 'He's crying.'

Duo's face contorted angrily and he slapped himself, much to the surprise of the other two boys. "Stop it!" Duo yelled at himself hitting his chest.

Duo fell to the floor and curled into a fetal position screaming in pain.

Trowa ran over to Heero, cuddling him close as they watched Duo war with himself, dark bruises beginning to form from his fists. "Trowa, what's going on?" Heero whispered eyes wide from surprise.

"Shh, baby. I don't know, but I think we're about to find out." He pointed as a dark fog swirled from Duo and he convulsed with one last scream. The shadow took the form of the grim reaper, scythe and all.

"I don't need you, weak human." It swirled and left, leaving a battered Duo behind.

"Duo?" Heero cautiously approached the fallen boy, who was slowly rising to his feet.

"Oh Heero, god, I'm so sorry for what I did. It took over, forced me to…" Duo started crying. "Please forgive me. I understand if you never want to speak to me again, I did so many terrible things to you. I love you, Heero. Do you know how long I waited to say that?"

Heero allowed tears to slip down his face and he grabbed Duo into a tight embrace. "I forgive you. Please, don't cry, it wasn't your fault."

Trowa looked on; pain shooting through his heart watching the boy he loved slip through his fingers, a tear making a path down his face. He left quietly, back to his room knowing that he would always treasure what he had briefly had.

Heero stroked Duo's face, tears streaming down both their faces. "I missed you Heero. Every time he hurt you, I cried, trying to get out, I must have worn him down. Heero, I love you, I love you, I love you, I'm sorry."

Heero silenced him with a kiss, wiping the tears from the braided boy's face. "Duo, I don't know how to say this, but I love two people. I don't know how, but I love you and Trowa. He took such good care of me, but I do love you too. What am I going to do?"

Duo smiled gently, caressing Heero face. "Why don't we ask him?"

They turned and found the room empty. "Trowa…" Heero grabbed Duo's hand and ran towards Trowa's room, opening the door.

Trowa glanced up from his position on the floor, wiping the tears from his face.

"Trowa." Heero knelt next to the other boy. "There is something I need to tell you. I love you. I love Duo. I don't know what to do."

Trowa and Duo shared a look, and turned back to Heero. "I'm willing to share you." Trowa said quietly, brushing his thumb across Heero's bottom lip, eliciting a slight moan from the dark haired pilot.

Duo nodded, wrapping his arms around Heero's waist. "A threesome, that's not a bad idea, love. What do you think?"

Heero nodded slowly. "Alright. Um, how does that work, exactly?"

Trowa and Duo chuckled and pounced on the innocent unsuspecting Heero, neither noticing the dark shadow entering the room.

"Nice to see you are having fun." They jumped to their feet, everyone training a gun on the intruder's form. "Guns don't work on me." He swept them from their hands with a wave of his hand. "I want the Perfect Soldier as my new human body."

Trowa and Duo immediately wrapped their arms around Heero, protectively shielding his body with theirs. "I'm not letting you put him through the hell that you put me through. Take me back, but don't harm him, please. Shinigami, aun vettuo shei leitzio shiitzen demolen setzu." Neither of the boy's understood the language, though they both spoke many languages.

"Duo?" Heero struggled to get out of their grip. "Let me go."

Duo gripped him tighter. "You heard me, Shinigami. Shindanzei flendza kitshuni vendeshi. Nekshai!" Tears streamed down his face as he kissed Heero gently, than let go of him, stepping forward.

The demon walked towards him, but just as he was about to enter the boy, Heero pushed Duo to the side, causing the spirit to enter his body.

"No! Heero!"

Heero's hands gripped the sides of his head, shaking back and forth, his body swaying dangerously.

"Trowa, we gotta stop him, please."

"No. Heero has a plan. I know him, trust in him." Trowa held Duo close in much the same manner he had Heero. Duo returned the embrace, nuzzling his face against Trowa's chest.

Heero struggled for ten minutes; each of his pain filled screams tearing the watching boys hearts apart.

Finally, the black cloud appeared, shimmered, than dissipated. Heero sank to the floor, blood slowly seeping from between his lips.

"Heero, c'mon, are you ok?" Duo wiped the blood from his fallen love's lips, gently picking him up and setting him on the bed. "Trowa, do something."

Trowa smirked and pulled Duo against him, crushing their lips together. "I'm glad we're sharing."

"Trowa!" Duo giggled, pushing the taller pilot back. "Later. I am too, but we need to take care of Heero right now."

Heero moaned and sat up, shaking his head back and forth slowly. "Did I do it?" He asked groggily.

Duo nodded happily and pulled him close. "That was so incredibly stupid, Hee-chan."

"Duo, you shouldn't have told him that you had made that deal and that he had to stick to it even if it killed you. I can't believe you gave yourself to him because he promised to get us together. Duo, you should have just asked. Yes, I speak Hell language now."

Trowa lay down next to them both. "It's over, let it be."

The other two nodded and they took turns kissing each other.

Duo stood up pulling his clothes off and gesturing to the other two to do the same, which they did.

"Now, we gotta decide the positions. Heero should be bottom, I want to be in him, so, Trowa, will you take me?"

They nodded in agreement and Trowa grabbed the lube from his nightstand. The bed was large enough that they were all comfortable, and they began the lubing process. Heero reached around Duo's body and stroked Trowa's erection while he was stroked on the inside.

Duo and Heero began bucking back against the invading fingers and everyone positioned themselves. Duo thrust slowly in, reveling in the incredible tightness. "Oh, Heero. You know, this is my first time?" Heero's eyes widened. "Yeah, the demon felt everything, I'm still a virgin."

Heero grinned evilly and began stroking Duo's balls until Duo was up to the hilt in his body, using his mouth to suck Duo's neck.

Trowa entered Duo, causing another moan from the braided pilot, and then waited for him to adjust before thrusting fully into him.

Duo waited for Trowa to pull out, then he pulled back, and they started a slowly increasing rhythm.

They screamed in pleasure, and Trowa reached around and began stroking Heero's erection, causing Heero to toss his head.

As Duo slammed Heero into the bed, he felt something incredible build within him, a towering wave of pleasure, taking him beyond any feeling he had ever had.

Underneath him, Heero exploded, his insides clamping down on Duo's erection and his seed coating their stomachs and Trowa's hand. Duo thrust a few more times and felt him plunge over the brink, liquid spurting from his arousal, and his heart beating faster than he thought possible.

He felt Trowa thrust twice more than cum, everyone collapsing in a sated mess.

Duo cuddled against Heero, laying half on him, and Trowa held Duo from behind, still deeply buried in the boy's body.

Duo listened as their breathing evened out, than squeezed Heero closer to him, a tear slipping down his face. "I love you Heero. Thank you both for forgiving me."

Heero snuggled closer to him, as did Trowa, and Duo smiled a true smile, happy for the first time in his life.


Ok, totally sucked? Awesome? What? I know it's kinda corny and stuff, but soft 'ol me can't take all the angst, so I had to write good stuff into it about Duo. You all still feel like killing him? I gotta say, I think it turned out well. Ja ne. Solo *retreats back into dark black cave*