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Moment of Solitude


I snuggle further into the arms of my lover, thinking back to the day that we admitted our feelings to each other, and enjoying the moment of solitude.

He was standing on a hill, the wind gently blowing through his hair, looking down the opposite slope at a lake.

"What are you looking at?" I stood alongside him, enjoying just being in his presence.

He pointed mutely at the gorgeous scenery sprawled out below us, as if it had been waiting for us to come see it.

"It's beautiful." I smiled slightly to myself, since I wasn't talking about the lake and its surrounding beauty.

"So are you."

"What?!" I squeak, turning to fully face him.

He was still standing there, unmoving and beautiful. Sighing, I started to turn, planning on leaving. What did he mean?

"I love you."

Again turning, I found him watching me, calculating my reaction, which was to stare, blinking like an idiot.

Quickly covering the space between us, he pressed his lips against mine, insistent and demanding my surrender. I returned it eagerly as he plunged his tongue into my mouth, nearly gagging me.

His hands made short work of my shirt, and had began tracing patterns on my chest, nearing my nipples, then pinched them into hard nubs.

I moaned, tossing my head, begging for more while taking his shirt off.

He broke the kiss and began trailing hot, wet kisses down my chest while removing the last of our clothing.

I looked down at his large erection, licking my lips in anticipation of tasting him.

"Be patient, love." He knelt down, pulling me under him, then began the burning trail of kisses toward my throbbing erection.

Then his mouth engulfed me as he slipped two slicked fingers inside my most private area.

"I want you," he breathed in my ear, "I want to claim you, own you completely." Now he had three fingers in me, moving them.

Before I could answer, he quickly withdrew his hand, jackknifed my legs to my chest and thrust roughly into me.

I screamed in pain, which turned both of us on more. He enjoyed my screams as his erection rubbed harshly on my inner tissues, and the pain made the pleasure more incredible.

"AH!" He hit something deep within me, causing the pleasure to throb through my body, any discomfort was swept away.

No more words were spoken as we moved together, only cries of pleasure, as something enormous built inside me.

"Duo!" I released my seed over his stomach.


As the pleasure ebbed from our bodies, he gently stroked my hair.

"I've been waiting for that for a long time. I hope this isn't just a one time thing, Heero."

"I love you too. It wasn't just a one time fling, I don't do those."

He slid next to me, and we lay there holding each other and looking at the sky, enjoying the moment of solitude.


Hey all! You like it? I love feed back! This was a self-proposed challenge, and I liked it, were you surprised by who was on top and who was bottom? Ja ne. Solo