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Hangover Bliss


Duo groaned. His head hurt, it was probably going to explode any minute, in his mind, anyway.

Sitting up, he rubbed his eyes groggily, then realized, his ass REALLY hurt!

*What the hell? Uhh!*

He tried to figure out why, but all he could remember was getting drunk with the other pilots, and that was it.

Going to the shower, he reached down to pull his usual boxers off, and realized he was nude.

"What the hell?"

Stepping into the shower he began washing his body when he felt something like scabs hear his butt. Pulling it away, he found caked blood, not a lot, but still.



From his and Trowa's room, Quatre smirked, and glanced at Trowa. "Guess he's remembering last night."

Trowa just smiled gently at his lover, cuddling him closer.


Forcing himself to calm down, he finished the shower, as if in robot mode, dried off, and lay on his bed.

Popping some painkillers in his mouth, he decided that he must have been raped.

*Yeah, that's the logical explanation. Heero's too straight to have done me, no matter how much I want him to, and I wouldn't have willingly let anyone else. The only question is who was it and why?*

A tapping on his door drew him into reality.



"Oh! Heero, uh, hold on."

Carefully slipping into a clean pair of boxers, he opened the door, allowing Heero into the room.

"So, whadaya want?" He asked, settling on the bed.

Heero's eyes looked over his body, eyes darkening with arousal.


The Japanese pilot walked over to the bed, leaning over and pinning Duo to it.

"Don't you remember?" He asked, voice husky.

"Remember what?"

"This." He yanked Duo's boxers off and threw them to the side. Dropping to his knees, he took Duo's arousal in his mouth, stirring it to life.

Nibbling and sucking on it, he took Duo's balls in his hand, gently rolling them.

Moaning with pleasure, Duo grabbed Heero's hair, thrusting to the hilt into Heero's mouth.

"Now do you remember?" Heero pulled back and looked Duo in the eyes.

Memory hit.

Heero kissing him passionately, him begging for more as Heero's hands trailed down his body, taking his clothes off. Heero sucking his nipples, then his cock, and finally, Heero stretching him, then taking him.

"We, we-uh! Gomen! Gomen, Heero, we were drunk-yeah-and…uh-"

Heero cut him off with a fierce kiss proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that he had no problem with what they had done the night before.

Breaking the kiss for air, Duo grinned.

"So, you're really ok with what happened?"

Heero gave a small smile and nodded before pulling his own boxers off, revealing his own erection.

"Oooh, Heero, you're happy to see me, aren't you?" Duo giggled, and Heero playfully hit him.

"And you're not happy to see me?" Heero pressed lightly on Duo's own erection, and smirked as Duo moaned and thrust slightly at his hand.

Thrusting his tongue into Duo's mouth, he lay down on top of Duo, moving his hips between Duo's legs.

Both groaned as their arousal's touched, pressing heated flesh together.

"What do you want, Duo?" Heero's voice was husky as he began licking Duo's ear, sucking gently. "Tell me."

Duo moaned, thrusting his hips against Heero's, silently begging for release. As Heero began to pinch his nipples, already hard nubs from arousal, he uttered a small yelp, and began pushing on Heero's head, urging him down his body.

Chuckling quietly, Heero lowered his head to one of Duo's nipples, and began sucking and biting it.

Duo's soft pants turned into low moans as he arched his back under Heero's onslaught.

"P-please. Heero!" Duo begged, pushing once again on Heero's head to get relief where he needed it the most. "Please!"

"Hold on, Koi, let me take the time to truly enjoy your beauty. Last night went to fast for me."

Duo squeezed his eyes shut and nodded, wrapping his fingers in Heero's short hair to relieve pressure. It was surprisingly soft and silky, a far cry from his normal personality.

*Is this really the same cold, stoic pilot? He's so loving now, and his emotions are actually showing, just for me.* This realization gave Duo a sudden feeling of power over his fellow pilot, who was currently licking his navel while pinching his nipples, still wet and slightly shriveled from Heero's mouth.

Finally, Heero slowly flicked his tongue across the tip of Duo's weeping cock, tasting the slightly bitter pre-cum there. Pressing his tongue into the slit at the top, Heero moved his fingers to the base of Duo's erection, wrapping them around it, moving his hand. His other hand's fingers trailed up Duo's torso and to his mouth, pushing inside. Duo fervently sucked the fingers, while thrusting his erection into Heero's mouth.

Opening his throat and releasing Duo's erection from his hand, Heero allowed Duo to bury himself to the hilt. Beginning to suck and nip at Duo's erection, he found something out. If he licked Duo in just the right way, or sucked on him just right, Duo would produce different tones of moans, and if he hit the same spot again, he would utter the same tone as before.

*Like playing a wind instrument.* He grinned slightly at the thought of Quatre playing Trowa's 'flute'.

After his fingers were slick enough, Heero withdrew them from Duo's mouth and touched his first finger to Duo's tight ring, causing Duo to arch off the bed, pushing further into Heero's mouth.

As Heero's finger slowly pushed into the ring, Duo's muscles tensed. Forcing them to relax, Duo concentrated on the sensation of Heero's mouth.

After three fingers were in, Heero began stretching him and searching for his g-spot.

Ahh! Heero!" Duo thrust back against Heero's fingers trying to feel that intense pleasure again.

"Shh, Koi. I think you're ready. This may hurt at first, but it'll get better, I promise."

Moving up Duo's body, Heero planted a kiss on Duo's lips, just enough to allow Duo to taste himself.

"Now comes the best part, you have to relax."

Quickly nodding, Duo raised his legs, placing one over Heero's shoulder, and the other around Heero's waist.

Positioning himself, Heero placed a kiss on Duo's collarbone, then slowly pushed in.

Duo's breath hissed through his teeth.

"Shit, that hurts."

"Shh, shh, just try to relax."

Buried to the hilt, Heero waited for a sign from Duo to continue.

Carefully thrusting back, Duo groaned in pain/pleasure. Taking this to mean Duo was ready, Heero pulled almost out, then thrust back in.

Increasing the speed of his thrusts, Heero felt his control slipping, and when Duo cried out as he hit the g-spot, he let himself go.

Both boys felt their orgasms coming, but held on, trying to out last each other. Even in the throws of ecstasy they competed.

Driving faster, Heero let out loud growls, turning Duo on more, causing his moans to become louder.


In his room, Wufei rolled over on his stomach.

*First Trowa and Quatre, now Heero and Duo. There goes the peace! There is no justice in this world.*


Duo came first, spraying his seed over Heero and the bed, his insides clamping down on Heero's erection, triggering the dark haired boy's release.

Screaming each others names, they both panted.

Unable to support himself, Heero collapsed on top of Duo.

"Suki da, Koibito." (I love you, my love)

"Hontou ni?" (For real)

"Hai." (yes)

"Heero, I love you too."

Heero quietly smiled at him, the first real smile Duo had ever seen on him.

Snuggling closer, Duo sighed, closing his eyes.

For the first time in either of their short lives, they were completely content.



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