Warnings and Disclaimers: Usual disclaimers, also don't own any coffee companies, Yaoi, humor, silliness


!!LITTLE SIDE NOTE!!- the GW boys all have to wear cups to protect their dicks while piloting their Gundam's to protect them for further use by their lovers!!


Duo giggled as he watched the Folgers coffee commercial for the sixth time that day. He loved the part where they sang 'Folgers in your cup!'

Heero walked past and snatched the tape out of the VCR and glared at his braided lover. "No more watching this fucking tape." He was sick of hearing that line sung over and over, if not by the tape, than by Duo. The other night, Duo had had the audacity to scream 'Folgers in you cup!' while climaxing!

"Aww, Heero! C'mon!" Duo whined, fluttering his eyelashes.

"NO!" Heero walked off, tape in hand.

During the preparations for the next mission, Heero pulled his cup on…or tried to, but his way was blocked.

Looking down, he noticed dark brown coffee grinds in his cup. /What the hell…/

Duo came in, poured some relatively hot water down the cup and snapped a picture. (The hot water didn't hurt Heero 'cause he's the Perfect Soldier, even though it was still pressed against that area!)

"Duo!" Heero gave him the most pissed off look he'd ever seen.

Duo grinned maniacally and flashed a V sign. "Folgers in your cup!" He laughed before running away clutching the camera to his chest.

Heero dropped the cup and noticed no one was around, so he chuckled. Oh, he'd get Duo back for this one, yes he would.




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