Warnings and Disclaimers: Usual disclaimers. Sap, darkness, lime or
lemon /…/ the beast's telepathic words


The Beast's Own (4/?)


"The 'Beast's Own'?" Duo looked skeptical, "Yeah, sure, whatever you say."

/So, you do not believe me. You will, in time./

"Give me Quatre." Trowa demanded glaring around the cavern.

/Not just yet, I want to run a few tests to make sure you are the correct ones, then Quatre is all yours./

Duo glanced at Heero as if to say 'what do we do now' and received a neutral look. "Ok, saying we agree to these said tests, will any of us be harmed in any way?"

/If you truly are the Chosen Ones, than I should think not./

They all nodded towards each other and Heero stepped forward. "Mission accepted."

/Good, pick a partner and a circle to stand in./ As if on command, two circles about ten feet apart and five in diameter appeared surrounded by more white candles.

Heero immediately pulled Duo into the closest circle and awaited the next order.

Arrows suddenly began to fly at the pilots, taking them by surprise. The two sets of partners stood back to back trying to avoid the arrows.

Heero and Duo moved in perfect sync with each other reading the other's body signals easily without seeing each other. Trowa and Wufei were having a harder time because neither knew the other well, but Trowa's agility and Wufei's training in sword fighting allowed them to survive.

/Very good./ The Beast seemed pleased as the arrows stopped. /Subjects 01 and 02 will move on as 03 and 05 sit. 01 and 02, sit facing each other Indian style with one inch separating your legs./ The two complied, wary of what would come next. /Now, in order to test your further abilities, I want you to pick up the knife by each of your legs and fight each other, never moving your legs./

"I'm not going to fight Heero." Duo tried to stand up, but was immediately forced down by an invisible force. "I don't want to hurt him."

/Just do it, or Quatre pays./

Trowa gasped as Quatre screamed in pain, eyes slowly opening.

Duo grabbed the knife as did Heero, both mumbling apologies.

Heero slashed out and Duo blocked it easily, lunging back at the perfect soldier. The knives flashed sending eerie slivers of light around the cave. Duo yelped in pain as Heero's knife sliced into his left arm, cutting to the bone. Heero threw the knife down and gripped Duo's arm above the cut, stanching the blood.

/Test subject 01 has passed all tests, proving him to be your leader, second to him is 02, his love. From ancient times your souls have been intertwined, always finding each other. I am glad I have found my two strongest warriors, none have compared to you. 01, your name is Astron and your companion's name is Kiinzon. Welcome. 03, Fetshin, and 04, Lei, are lovers as well, but they are inferior in skills to you, but are none the less worthy. 05 is the lone wolf, known as Niishin, and his skills are superior in the area of hand to hand combat. The five of you, the Beast's Own, or Chosen Ones, live to serve me, but I will allow for you to keep your human names for now. Follow the path of candles that will appear to a room where you will sleep, Quatre will join you there./

They did as ordered and found a weary Quatre sitting on one of the three beds. Trowa ran to his side, holding him close and murmuring quietly in his ear. The others decided to leave them alone and discuss sleeping arrangements. Wufei took the bed closest to the door, Quatre and Trowa were already in the middle one, so Heero led Duo to the farthest one, conveniently hidden in a shadow. They agreed to talk first thing upon waking up.

"Duo." Heero grabbed the injured arm and took the first aid kit from his pack. "I'm sorry, it was an accident."

Duo nodded, wincing as Heero wrapped a bandage around the wound after cleaning it. "S'ok. I'm glad I was hurt and not you. What was all that stuff about us being lovers and stuff? That can't be true, not with your sexual preference."

Heero sighed, deciding to just tell Duo, at least this way they could be even closer when the next attack came and fight better. "I love you too Duo. I was trying to think of the best way to tell you, but this is the only opportunity that has recently come up."

Duo smiled at him. "You think I didn't know that? You call me the idiot, I saw the way you would look at me when you thought I wasn't watching, and the arousal you had last night and today when you hurt me. I've been waiting for you to admit it, kept nudging you and all. I'm not completely stupid, y'know."

Heero crushed the smaller boy in an embrace. "Let's fight this thing together. So far It hasn't seemed to have lied, which means you and I are the main hope for everyone. I suppose our other selves, Astron and Kiinzon, have powers that we just haven't uncovered."

Duo nodded. "I agree, if only we had more time to train…or we could trick that thing into training us and then rebelling. I love you."

They exchanged a passionate kiss as they lay back, Heero on top of Duo. As he let his tongue into Duo's mouth, Heero moaned and thrust down against the braided boy. "I want you." Heero panted, stroking Duo's cheek and hair.

Duo smiled. "I want you too, but we really can't do anything about it right now, y'know, the others being here and all. Here." Duo flipped Heero over, removing his pants and boxers. "You gotta stay quiet, ok?" He waited until Heero gave an uncertain nod then took Heero's erection into his mouth. Heero moaned softly, thrusting into Duo's mouth, unused to such pleasure.

Duo dipped his tongue into the slit on the head, lapping at the precum, nibbling gently. Heero impatiently wove his hands in Duo's hair and thrust to the hilt, causing Duo to gag slightly. Duo took the hint, tightening his lips, letting Heero fuck his mouth raking his teeth up and down the dripping arousal.

Heero came with a shout that was muffled by Duo's expectant hand. Breathing heavily, Heero dragged Duo up and kissed him deeply, tasting his seed in Duo's mouth. Reaching between them, Heero unzipped Duo's jeans and withdrew the dripping arousal from within. Squeezing, Heero let his thumb slide in the moisture gathered at the tip, quickly pumping until Duo came, his shout muffled into Heero's shoulder.

Cuddling together, Heero wrapped a possessive arm around Duo's waist, pulling him as close as possible. "You are mine, not the Beast's, and I will make sure of that." He whispered, pressing a gentle kiss to Duo's forehead.

Duo mumbled something incoherent and snuggled his head into the crook of Heero's neck.


/That's right./ The Beast thought to it's self. /Everything is coming together, my Chosen Ones, you will be mine once again./


Ok, now I know this one sucked, but I've been under a lot of pressure to get this written, and I'm kinda in writer's block mode, so I'm really sorry, trust me, the next part will be better. Of course, it's top secret what's gonna happen next, but you'll like it…just give me time to get over writer's block. I'm still working on your guys' requests, k? Ja ne. Solo *retreats back into dark black cave*