Warnings and Disclaimers: Usual disclaimers. Sap, darkness /…/ the beast's telepathic words

The Beast's Own (3/?)


Duo blinked sleepily as he woke up, trying to remember where he was. He sat up, or tried to, but realized he couldn't move. Terror ran through his body as he remembered the night before.

The weight holding him down shifted slightly, allowing him to move and see he was still in Heero's arms, sitting on his lap, and that Heero was still asleep.

Regretfully shaking Heero awake, Duo tried to move the Japanese boy. "Uh, Heero, hey, you're squishing me under here! Hey!" Heero merely rolled back over on top of him. Duo sighed, deciding to take a more drastic measure, Heero Yuy's one weak point…tickling. Found one mission by accident, now a useful tool against the perfect soldier.

Heero jumped about ten feet across the cave, pulled his gun out, and centered it on Duo.

"Hey Hee-chan, calm down, it's just me, you wouldn't wake up and you were squashing me." Duo raised his hands as Heero slowly realized what was happening, and then what had happened the night before.


"Yeah." He let his hands fall to his sides, and began cackling. "You shoulda seen your face there, pal, totally award winning!" Duo began rolling and laughing, missing the smile that rested on Heero's face as he watched his partner's happiness.

"You will get yours." Heero smirked as Duo turned to face him.

"Is that another threat, Yuy?" Duo advanced toward the tempting face.


"And what, pray tell, could you have up your pretty ass, hm? You ain't got nuthin' on me, baby, and that's how it's gonna stay."

"My 'pretty ass' has plenty of secrets up it, and you'll just have to find them out." (Yes, Heero meant the double meaning.)

Duo's jaw dropped, blinking. The mood was broken as Heero remembered the monster that had come.

"Alright, we need to search for clues as to what that thing was, check in with Quatre and Trowa, gather our things and eat breakfast."

Duo rolled his eyes. "Fine, I'll get the stuff together and get breakfast ready, dear, and you do those other two things."

Heero nodded and left, leaving Duo alone in the cave.


Heero quickly began looking around, trying to keep his mind off Duo when his wrist com went off.

"Heero, its Trowa. Quatre is missing, I believe that thing took him, I'm on my way there, I've been looking all night for him." The worry in Trowa's voice was unmistakable.

"Why didn't you call us?"

"I did. You must not have heard it."

"Over." Heero snapped his com off sighing. There went his time with Duo.

Finding nothing, he turned to go back, and found a note pinned to a tree on his left, a rough hand writing on it.

~Chosen Ones. I have your friend. He will die unless you come to sector 6660 part
A259 at exactly 9:00 p.m. tonight.~

Running back to the cave, he found a small breakfast laid out and their things packed.

"Find anything darling?" Duo smiled up at him, standing up to meet him as he entered.

"Yes." He handed the note to Duo, watching his statement. "I entered the coordinates into my com, and pinpointed the area. I think we should go."

Duo was about to respond, but Trowa decided that time to enter, looking totally exhausted.

"Trowa? What are you doing here buddy? Where's Quatre?"

Heero quickly explained what was going on, finishing just as Wufei ran through the opening.

"I told him." Trowa explained, sitting down next to the fire Duo had made for cooking the food. "He heard the beast around his hide out, but was able to escape before it could find him. The only one actually caught was…Quatre."

"Hey man, I'm sorry, but we'll get him back, don't worry. Let's get ready and go take that bastard out!" Duo grinned, loving the prospect of a good battle, as usual.

"First we need to evaluate the situation, try to decipher what it means by 'Chosen Ones', and Trowa needs to rest." Trowa looked about ready to argue, but a stern look from Heero silenced him. "Wufei, did you hear the…voice?"

Wufei nodded and Duo began to wolf down his breakfast, about to reach for Heero's, but the other pilot snatched it and methodically ate it.

"I'll take Duo and we will try to figure this out, Trowa will get some sleep, and Wufei will get the supplies we need ready from the packs." Heero ordered, quickly slipping into his role as leader.

"Ooh, Heero! You wanna take me with them around? Well, ok, but you'd better have some lube!" Duo grinned as Heero glared and the other two's jaws hit the floor.

"He's kidding." Heero grabbed Duo by the braid, dragging him out of the cave as Duo flashed the V sign at them grinning like an idiot.

An hour later they came back, Wufei had packed the essential items, Trowa was asleep, and Heero and Duo were none the wiser.

"We will wake him at five, it is a three and a half hour trip, leaving us and extra half hour." Heero whispered, sitting down.

"Until then, you can take me, stud." Duo grinned, sitting dangerously close to Heero, trailing his fingers up Heero's thigh, not noticing the arousal he was giving him.

Heero smacked Duo's hand away. "Stop that, baka."

Duo pouted then glomped Wufei. "Wu-man, Heero doesn't love me, you wanna?"

Wufei snorted indignantly and shoved the American off his lap, accidentally onto Heero's.

"Oi, my hero!" Duo grinned, pecking Heero on the cheek. This started the game of hot potato between Heero and Wufei, Duo being the potato.


At five they woke Trowa and began the hike to where they hoped Quatre was, getting there with only fifteen minutes to spare.

Walking into the middle of a large meadow, they looked around for some sign of the thing or Quatre.

Duo spotted a note with a small lock of Quatre's hair on it.

~Chosen Ones. You have come, good. This is proof that I have your friend. He has
been left unharmed thus far. A cavern will appear at 9:00 p.m. sharp, enter it and
follow the passage until it ends in a large room. We will be there.~

As if on cue, a cave appeared, shimmering into existance, obviously having been hidden behind a hologram.

They entered cautiously, no one speaking, just walking until it dead ended in a huge room, lit by thousands of candles in places no human could dream of reaching.

/Amazed? You shouldn't be./

"What? Where are you?" Duo yelled, voice echoing wildly.

/You cannot see me yet, but your friend is to your right./

They all turned to see Quatre hanging limply from a ledge that none of them could reach, surrounded by numerous candles, the lights highlighting his hair.

"Quatre!" Trowa screamed, running to the wall. "Let him down now!"

/No. He cannot hear you. Now that you are here, we can begin. Sit, Chosen Ones./

"Yeah, about that, what do you mean 'Chosen Ones'?" Duo asked, glancing around as if to see the creature.

/You are my Chosen Ones, the Beast's Own./


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