Warnings and Disclaimers: Usual disclaimers. Darkness, violence, yaoi, 4x3, slight lemon, sap, OOC, //..// It's telepathic talking (read prologue)

The Beast's Own (2/?)


"Trowa, are you sure that letting Wufei go off alone was such a good idea? I mean, Heero and Duo will take care of each other, but, Wufei can't always be alone." Quatre's worried statement only made his face more adorable, in Trowa's eyes.

"He will be fine." Trowa continued on, searching carefully as they move through the underbrush. No need to have an encounter with a poisonous snake or bug.

Quatre sighed, praying that they would all be safe, though, he found a certain thrill to this mission, something he had never felt before. He had always believed in trying to give peace a chance before killing, but, it was different this time.

"What do you plan on doing once we find this thing? What if it's immortal, like a werewolf or vampire? Or it tries to rip us to shreds?"

"We page the others, ward it off as best we can until the others arrive. My life is meaningless in this battle. Death must be an option for me."

"What about me?" Quatre ran around in front of Trowa, looking into his eyes. "Must death be an option for me too? Or just you? That doesn't seem too fair to me."

"When we arrive at that bridge, we will cross it." Trowa brushed past him, continuing on his way, enjoying the slight brush of their skin.

Quatre made a sound of frustration, but followed the Latin pilot. He wished Trowa would hurry up and admit his feelings so they could move on with the relationship. He knew the other cared for him, it showed in rare moments, but, Trowa had never come straight out and said it, therefore limiting any kind of 'special moments' between them.


"Huh?" Quatre glanced up, accidentally bumping into Trowa, who had stopped, from behind.

Trowa pointed towards the sky at the ominously dark clouds. "Oh." Quatre rubbed his hurt nose, and walked to Trowa's side, not that he wasn't enjoying the nice ass-view, mind you.

"We should try and find shelter, maybe a cave or something. I think we passed one a couple minutes ago, c'mon." Quatre pulled Trowa back the way they came, almost running as to avoid the oncoming rain. Sure enough, a small cave lay a little ways back from the trail they had just made.

"Hurry." Quatre said, as the first droplets hit their heads.

Making it just in time to avoid the downpour, the two pilots sat down side by side, since there wasn't much room.

"Man, I'm glad this cave was here, aren't you?"

Trowa mutely nodded, staring out at the rain, eyes slightly glazed.

"What are you thinking about?"

Trowa looked at Quatre slowly, as if coming back from a far distance. "Us."

"What? Us?" Quatre's statement was confused, but hopeful.

"How do you feel about me?"

"I-I dunno…" Quatre avoided eye contact with Trowa, who pulled Quatre's chin so he had to look at the green-eyed pilot.

"I'm serious."

"I love you." Quatre blushed, but met Trowa's gaze head on.

Trowa bent down slowly, brushing his lips gently against the blonde's. "I love you too."

Quatre pushed himself forward, turning the kiss passionate.

Trowa was surprised as he felt Quatre's tongue thrust impatiently into his mouth and Quatre's hips thrust against his own, stirring both their manhood's to life.

"Unh! Quatre!" Trowa moaned, unused to the new feelings of pleasure like nothing he had felt before.

Quatre began to thrust harder, taking ruthless advantage of Trowa's open, panting mouth, his own breath coming in short gasps of pleasure.

After several minutes, they both speed up the pace until they came, screaming the others name, then collapsed.

Catching his breath, Trowa gently stroked Quatre's sweaty blonde hair from his face.

"That was…incredible."

Quatre smiled at the Heavyarms pilot, sliding off of him to cuddle against his side, nuzzling his chest. "Yeah. We'll have to do that again without the clothes."

Again surprised by Quatre's boldness, Trowa calmly watched the storm dissolve. "It's going to be dark soon, we can probably stay here, though there's barely enough room to lay down."

"I don't mind, just gives us all the more reason to cuddle." Quatre grinned, sitting up and pulling out a couple of blankets. "Here, let's lay on these, it should make laying on the ground slightly more comfortable."

Trowa stepped out of the cave, letting Quatre spread the blankets one on top of the other, then entered and lay down next to his blonde angel.

After several minutes of trying to find a semi comfortable position, they finally found one, and lay together, both content just to be near the other.


Trowa quickly woke up, noticing immediately a certain lack of warmth and a certain lover of his.


It was pitch black outside the cave, and an unexplainable chill ran through his body, one that terrified him to the very core of his soul. In all his years, he had never felt fear this intense.

He couldn't see Quatre, but the place next to him was still partially warm, and he could hear a the loud crashing noise of footsteps in the opposite direction of the cave.

The first thought that came was that it must have Quatre, but how was he supposed to get him back, and why hadn't he felt or heard Quatre's kidnapping?

The fear continued to grow as the minutes ticked by, then a dark voice echoed in his mind, terrifying him beyond anything he had been feeling. The very sound shaking him.

//Come to me, Chosen ones…//


Ok, part two is done. I know these are shorter, but that's easier for me to write it that way. Next part should come soon. Enjoy! Ja ne. Solo