Warnings and Disclaimers: Usual disclaimers. Very dark and demented, slight hint of yaoi (much more to come)

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The Beast's Own (prologue)


It's teeth flashed, eyes hungrily devouring it's prey, as it knew it's mouth soon would. The human screamed in terror, trying to back away from the horrible creature, but to no avail. It smiled cruelly, licking it's lips and spoke in a low voice.

"You've got no where to go. We're all alone in this forest, you may as well give up." It picked her up and sank it's teeth into her neck, sucking the blood from her body, then eating the meat, and finally, her bones.


"Hey guys, come check out this report, it's really strange. Some girl was abducted in the woods last night and all they found were her bloody clothes!"

The Gundam pilots gathered around Quatre's computer and read over the mission report.

"Why does this involve us? We're Gundam pilots, we fight OZ and Romefeller, not abductors. Why can't the police deal with this? It sounds like a waste of our talents."

"If you read this over more carefully, Duo, you will notice the few people who caught a glimpse of the thing said it didn't look human. The Doctors think it may be a new OZ creation and want us to capture it." Quatre turned around to face them. "Hopefully, it will come peacefully."

"If not, we blow it to hell!" Duo cheerfully added, threading his fingers together in the shape of a gun and pretending to shoot an invisible opponent.

"Mission accepted." Heero turned and left to secure his gun and other hand weapons.

"Oi, Heero?! Does this mean you'll finally let me have a gun again? I swear that last time was an accident, I thought the safety was on, and Quatre got the wall and your bed fixed fine…" Duo's voice trailed off as he moved out of hearing range, following the Wing pilot.

Wufei quickly left to sharpen his swords and daggers, leaving Trowa and Quatre alone in their room. Although they weren't a couple, they had been hinting around it for a few weeks.

"So, what do you think this is?" Quatre asked, standing up and removing his gun from it's hiding place, handling it with disgust.

Trowa shrugged as Heero's voice came over the general intercom that was wired around the safehouse.

"We leave tomorrow morning, eight 'o' clock sharp."

They all finished their preparations and lay down, each coming to their own conclusion as to what this new threat could be.


"Come to me, Chosen Ones. Let me see your powers."



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