What Counts
Pairing: 1+2
Warnings: Sap, swearing and slight angst (lots of s's)



Duo finished wiping down the stove, growling to himself as he swore under his breath. So much for a perfect Thanksgiving dinner, his first official `date' with the object of his affections had been ruined. Had he known the timer on the oven was not functioning, he would have ordered out before attempting to cook the turkey and stuffing.

Instead, the smoke alarms went off, the kitchen needed to be fumigated after all the dark smoke that had filled it. There was nothing left of the large bird but a charred shell. In the confusion, the dinner rolls were spilled onto the floor, along with the vegetables and potatoes while Duo tried to find the oven controls in the bellowing smoke. He was lucky he didn't choke to death in his efforts, though he came close.

Wiping some of the grease from his hands, Duo sighed deeply to himself, "Nice job of fucking this up, Maxell."

Behind him, the deep voice of his date reassured him, "You didn't fuck anything up, Duo." When he turned with wide violet eyes, he found Heero had finished the dishes, placing the last fork into the silverware drawer. With a shrug, his partner stated, "Personally, I'm still glad that you invited me."

Shaking his head as he straightened, Duo's arms spread animatedly as he shouted, "Heero, I just ruined our dinner! We had to order pizza- on Thanksgiving! How could you stand there acting like you're grateful for this?"

Heero smirked and approached him slowly. Leaning his head in so that their foreheads touched, he replied, "Because it's the thought that counts, not the results." Quickly, he placed a kiss at the tip of Duo's nose, chuckling deeply at the wide-eyed, gaping look that he received. "You still have some pumpkin pie, right?"

Duo blinked from his shocked stupor, breaking out into a wide grin as he nodded excitedly, "Yea. I'll go break that out."

As his partner went to gather up some fresh plates, Heero smirked as he commented, "If anything, now we know to leave the cooking to me from now on." He laughed along with Duo as a dish towel was thrown in his face.