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BY: SkyLark
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Pairings 1+2
Warnings: Saaaaaap-my favorite!!
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Thanksgiving Day is my favorite holiday. Now anyone else who knows me would assume that Christmas would be, but it's not even a close second. Though it would have been my favorite if you'd asked me even five years ago. Back then, I never really paid much mind to the dubbed 'Turkey Day.'

But four years ago, that all changed.

Heero and I had been assigned on a mission that had us staying in a cramped apartment with bad electricity and hardly any hot water running at any given point. During the course of our surveillance of the drug lord that had been on the Preventer wanted list for months, Thanksgiving snuck right up on us.

The weather that Thursday afternoon in England was miserable-rainy and chilly with a thick fog looming around. Unable to see through that fog to the building across the street that we had been watching, I took an early leave of my post to get some needed supplies. Along with those items, I grabbed a few turkey sandwiches, microwavable vegetables and stuffing, a pumpkin pie and a bottle of wine when I realized what day it was.

Returning to the room soaked to the bone and shaking, I quickly lowered the bags in my arms and shed my hooded coat. Heero was in the living room with his headset when I left the kitchen. "Anything?" I asked while rubbing my arms to get some warmth circulating.

He just shook his head and removed the headphones from his ears and I snorted, "Well, the guy is an American. Must have decided to take a day off in his exchanges." Tossing my partner one of the sandwiches I'd picked up earlier, I grinned, "Happy Thanksgiving, man."

Easily catching the offered food, Heero examined the contents and chuckled deeply with an amused shake of his head. "Happy Thanksgiving, " he replied before taking a bite.

Since there was no action to be found, we decided to take the day off ourselves and just sat in the living room talking. Halfway into our meal, the large bottle of wine was opened to be shared- without bothering with glasses.

Come sunset, we were both getting pretty well buzzed. Together we cleaned up the empty containers of food and I broke out the pie. With our dessert in hand, we plopped down beside each other on the floor and leaned up against the couch. Heero took up the bottle for another long swig. When he passed it to me, I was surprised how much more there was to go when we were already getting to the point of chuckling at the simplest of things.

He doesn't drink much, but when he does, Heero Yuy is pretty damned cute. And talkative. We discussed just about everything there was to talk about. Our friends. Politics. Our plans of retiring early to enjoy life and the peace that we'd fought so hard for.

When the bottle was finally finished, neither of us was willing to try our luck in standing. The room was spinning enough as it was with just sitting down. Feeling a little intuitive in my drunken state, I pulled my legs close to my chest and thought aloud, "You know, I never believed in this damned holiday.

"I mean, this day and age the founding of the New World really doesn't make a significant difference to anyone now that we have Colonies in space. And how sad is it that people need a day to remember to be thankful for what they have?"

While I am sure the words came out pretty slurred, they sounded great in my head.

My partner was silent for a time. For a brief moment, I wondered if he had drifted off since he does get pretty sleepy if he drinks enough. When I looked over to Heero, however, he was wide awake and looking almost down. Before I could ask what was wrong, he asked quietly, "Have I ever told you thank you?"

Blinking in surprise, I sobered up a bit and answered with a question of my own, "For what?"

"For everything," Heero replied, meeting my gaze. "For being the only person that I can really talk to. For defending me whenever another agent makes comments about me when neither of you think I'm listening. For making me smile."

He rested his hand atop of both of mine that were resting on my bent knees and I held my breath. Gods, but how I wanted to be touched by him. It was not a secret to many that I'd been in love with Heero for some time. For a moment, sitting there with his hand on mine, I wondered if I was a more drunk than I thought I was. Squeezing my hand, he looked down to the floor and said softly, "There is not a lot that I necessarily feel grateful for."

Slowly, he lifted his head so I could drown in those cobalt oceans again. And in them was a wave of emotion that I had never seen there before. "But I am grateful for you," he whispered.

Much as I am ashamed to admit it, a few tears filled my eyes at that. I'd like to blame it all on the alcohol, but that wouldn't be the truth. Turning my hands so that they were both holding onto his, I smiled, "Same here, Heero."

The most beautiful smile lit his face when he heard those words. Leaning in, he placed a soft kiss on my temple and wrapped his arm around my shoulders to pull me close.

This Thanksgiving marks our fourth anniversary. So you see, I have a lot more to be excited about when the holiday rolls around. And we spend it the same way every year. With a few turkey sandwiches, microwavable vegetables and stuffing, pumpkin pie and a bottle of wine.

At least this time when we sleep on the floor in each other's arms, it's on a soft carpet and not hardwood. Just something else to be thankful for.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!