Wanna Do It Again? by Sita Seraph

Yo! WARNING: Swearing and descriptive sex...that rimes! *horror* Enjoy!!


Touch me, Burn me
Make it rough
Make me cum
At your every thrust

Mark me yours
With your hits
Leave beautiful bruises
With your fingertips

Harder, motherfucker, HARDER!
Oh, GOD! Right there!
I can feel my sticky blood
As my ring tears.

Heavy pants and
Groans of pain
I can see your pleasured face
Cheeks flushed with shame

My sinful ways
Have twisted your mind
I want to fuck
And make you mine

And now you enjoy
My every painful scream
You're really gettin' off
With all the blood you see

Oh, yes, slam that cock
Up my fuckin' ass!
And while you're at it
Make it really, fuckin' fast

Oh, no…don't do that
Don't grab my cock
Don't pump your hand
Oh, shit…it's so hot.

I can't last long
Not with this sin that we share
Oh, fuck, here I come
Into the sex-filled air

I can't stop
My trembling seed
As it spurts out
All over you and me

I feel your essence
As you came
You enjoyed it too
And I'm the one to blame.

My need was too great
I just couldn't contain
I needed this bad
I wanted the pain

As we try to catch our breath
I can think of no words
I know you can't either
Only heavy pants are heard.

Then, sudden movement
And your hips began to bend
So you whispered in my ear…
"Wanna do it again?"