Warning: None, yet again.
Rating: PG-13 at the moment.
Summary: Upon his own death, Duo is thrown into God's arms. But to live again, he must return to Earth and face the circumstances of not believing in the creator of life…
Note: Ah, sorry about the cliffhangers everyone! They seem to always leak from my writing and its been a couple months since I haven't written one! You just better hope then that the inspiration keeps coming! Man, I hate short chapters…

Chapter One

Of all the ways to go, you had to die because of a deer…Duo thought. As he had flown through the air and down to his most certain doom, Duo couldn't help but think that…and how much he at least wanted to get his revenge on Wufei for using all the hot water in the shower. Duo closed his eyes and waited for the blow when he would eat dirt. It was all over in a matter of seconds, all in unbelievable pain. But then the pain had eased away…then disappeared completely. It was then that Duo knew he was officially dead. Let's say it was only slightly upsetting…and sickening.

Duo's eyes remained closed, or more like he couldn't open them, as he felt himself…hover. Like suspending in air, he couldn't feel

anything supporting his back. So laying amidst, wherever he was, Duo waited for death to take him and the lights in the house to finally go out. But, being slightly impatient as it was, Duo couldn't stand the nagging feeling of being watched. The piercing eyes were burning a hole between his eyes, kind of like Heero's stares. That guy had the meanest eyes ever…

Duo decided maybe he hadn't died after all. Maybe he was in the hospital and they pumped him with so much drugs that he felt like he was dead. But the possibility of surviving his crash was highly unlikely…But then again, his detonation switch was supposed to go off and it didn't, so how about that for unlikely? Perhaps this was death. Just sitting around…doing absolutely nothing…at all…forever…Ah maaaaaaan…Duo groaned inwardly. I can't do this! Somebody, get me out of here! I don't want to die!

"I thought you weren't afraid of death…"

Duo immediately stilled his fight to control his floating and stiff body, which refused to corporate. So there was someone watching him! Goddamn, what is this place?

"Do you believe in God, Duo?"

Duo tried to move his mouth to answer the man in the room but his mouth seemed to be glued shut. Hell, he wasn't even able to call forth the mental power to make his tongue move so it was simply impossible. The creepy feeling of being watched every moment crept up his spine. If there was a God, how could he do something like this to me? Duo raged.


Duo stilled once again, listening to the haughty breath of death right in his ear.

"So you don't, Duo Maxwell. What do you believe in?"

What do I believe in? Duo thought. Death. I believe in the God of Death…I've never seen miracles…but a lot of death…

"Death, hm?"

Holy shit! Duo screamed. This guy can read my thoughts!!

"Yes, Duo. I can. And you don't believe in God?"



What has he ever done for me?

"Give you life."

And one hell of a shitty life, might I add. Where am I?

"In the place between life and death, Duo."

Why am I here?

"You died."

Obviously. But why am I between the two places? Can't you decide to send me to hell or heaven?

"You can say that. Duo Maxwell, spirited pilot of Gundam Deathscythe. Killer of thousands but savior of millions. What can we do with you?"

You don't have the exact number of my kills? Goddamn, you'd think you would keep a record of that…

Annoyed. "Duo Maxwell, dry humored and takes the name of God in vain…"

Oh yeah…Sorry, I forgot I was in your holiness's presence. Look, if you have no place for me, just send me to hell so I can chill out with Trieze.

"And let you continue believing that God's presence is fake?"

Well, I'm a firm believer now.


Hello? Duo thought, getting worried. He's just going to leave me here!? This is bull!

"Do you want to live again, Duo?"

Duo's train of thought immediately stopped. I can live again?


What's the catch?

"You say you don't believe in God. Even now. How much will it take for you to believe in him?"

Oh, until I see him with my own eyes. You gonna hook us up so we can share life stories over a cup of tea?

"Not exactly. Good bye Duo."

Hey wait! What's going to happen to me?

"You are returning to your normal body with eyes unclouded, mind unshielded, and body of an unholy virgin."


"You will remain this way…until you believe. And then share it with the world."


But then again, Duo received no response and deep inside, he knew he wasn't going to receive another answer.



Title: Tainted Conviction – Chapter Two
Author: Sita Seraph
Genre: Angst, Religious relatings
Pairing: 1x2, 3x4 eventually.
Rated: R
Warning: Gruesome treatment, stigmata, sixth sense, and a whole lot of shit.
Note: Longer chapter! Enjoy! I'm having so much fun writing this! *evil gleam*


Duo slowly opened his eyes, the darkness ceasing away to show him the light blue sky of night. Specks of white littered the dark blue, twinkling every so often. Duo watched curiously as some stars moved around quickly, indicating a satellite on the rise. The braided boy smiled as the satellite moved out his viewing range and the stars grew still once again.

He was alive.

Slowly, Duo raised his head and looked down at himself. He gave a low chuckle as he found himself back on the road, completely unharmed and unscathed. But unfortunately, he was motor less.

"Go figure," Duo grunted as he slowly rose himself into sitting position. It was going to take him hours to get back to the estate. Duo slowly grinned though. At least he was alive and well to make the trip.

"Better get these legs movin'," Duo said to himself and slowly got up. Looking around to see which way he should go, since he never really did pay attention to the scenery ever, Duo slowly shrugged and started jogging. This would give him plenty of time to think up a good enough excuse of what happened to his beautiful red motorcycle.


Duo slowly unlocked the front door with his key and peeked inside cautiously. He was thankful that it was late at night for even after the long run, he still hadn't thought up a really excellent excuse for his missing bike. After successfully looking over the empty and dark living room, Duo sneaked in and closed the door gently behind him. After locking it back up, for Wufei's paranoid state, Duo crept across the wooden floor. Behind him wafted his sweat, as he had jogged all the way back to the estate. It felt good at the time to restart stiff muscles, and some he didn't even know he had, but now he stank worse then a pig.

Time for a serious shower, Duo thought with a smile, thinking about the wonderful warm water on his achy muscles. Showers were good. Showers were great. Duo liked showers.

Moving across the living room, while dodging matching chairs, a love seat, and a couch, Duo silently walked up the stairs that rose to the second floor behind the long couch. Taking it two at a time on the carpeted staircase, Duo successfully dodged any creaks and cracks that he knew existed at certain parts of each stair. Maybe when he had time, he would fix all those annoying groans in the stairs.

But right now: Shower. Walking up on the second floor, Duo slowly opened a cabinet door and took out a white fluffy towel. Smells of holy cleanliness wafted into Duo's nose and the boy smiled, thinking of Quatre and how he just lived to clean…most of the time. Taking the towel and leaving the cabinet door open, Duo walked to the bathroom, thinking blissfully about warm water.

Duo closed the door behind him and immediately started stripping, humming. Throwing his clothes and towel to the side, Duo reached over and started the water to the shower. While waiting for the water to get warm, Duo turned to face his reflection.

"God, I look like shit," Duo chuckled. His hair was a frizzy mess from the run and the crazy motor ride, escaping from the ties that bound themselves in the braid. Grinning at himself, Duo start to unwound his messy hair, watching the dirty specks on his cheeks that were so grounded into his skin, they looked like bruises. With his hair free, Duo leapt into the shower eagerly and turned the pouring water onto the shower faucet. Immediately he was sprayed with warm, hot water, coursing over his body like waves.

It was kind of funny that even after such a close call to death, that he barely even thought about it. Hey, he was alive, who cared about anything else? But still, he wasn't trying to get the memory out of his head nor was he eager to think about. He died and then he came back. That is an everyday thing, right? Facing death was normal for him; he had accepted that fact that death was coming after him, ever since he had taken the job of piloting Deathscythe. That was the reason why he had become the God of Death, Shinigami. If he was going to die, he might as well be it at the same time.

But…even during the war…he had fooled himself into thinking that he WAS the God of Death and that he would never die, not without his consent. But tonight's proceeding proved false, as he cannot give the willing choice to die right then and there. There was no detonation switch in real life; one mistake could have cost him his life…and it did. He always thought that if he wanted to die then he would do it, freely. But it had seemed that someone else had controlled his hands and steered him over that high cliff, throwing him to his doom. He had no choice to die; the real God of Death did.Duo stopped the scrubbing of his sweaty body and went completely still, biting his bottom lip. He suddenly felt very, very sick.

Spinning around, Duo fell to his knees as they gave out beneath him and started throwing up over the drain. Water poured over him like rivers, drowning out his hearing and eyesight. He just kept puking everything up, continuously. Even when he knew that his stomach had to be empty, he just kept going. He couldn't control his body…

Faintly, Duo tasted blood in his mouth.


Heero opened his eyes in the middle of the night, staring at the dark ceiling above him. Lifting his head, the monotone pilot listened to running water, coming from the bathroom across the hall from him. Duo must be home, he thought, pushing himself up into sitting position and leaning back on his hands. Heero had been waiting for the pilot to get home and it was odd; he didn't wake up to the roar of the engine of Duo's motorcycle.

"Hmm," Heero said, listening as the running water switched to the sound of water beating against the walls – he's taking a shower.

"Baka," Heero said aloud. "You didn't wear a helmet did you?"

With a huff, Heero kicked back the blankets tangling themselves around his legs and looked at his nightstand where red glaring numbers shone through the dark. 3:00. Why was the baka out so late when he left at 11? Narrowing his eyes, Heero turned back his blank gaze to his closed door.

And that's when he heard the sound of throwing up.

Immediately, Heero reacted, throwing himself up from his single bed and stealthly made his way to the door. Throwing it open, Heero walked to the closed bathroom door. Light from inside seeped along the ground where it escaped under the door, the only light in the silent and dark house. Standing outside the door, Heero pondered about Duo's condition. He had never seen the baka sick before…and he didn't know what to do with a sick person either. He had never been sick in his life. Maybe I should get Quatre for this…he thought, pausing his hand that lifted to the knob. But as Duo inside kept hacking up whatever that was in his stomach, Heero's hand closed around the knob. Duo was more than sick; he couldn't have ate that much while he was out. Turning the knob, Heero pushed open the door. Duo sounded like he needed medical attention.

As the door moved aside for Heero to see, the stoic pilot paused and his eyes grew wide in complete shock. On his knees was Duo in the bathtub, completely naked and the water pouring over him relentlessly. Locks of curling brown hair cascaded over his back, hiding the pale flesh from Heero's watchful gaze. Spiky bangs hid Duo's violet eyes completely.

But all of this didn't shock Heero at all.

It wasn't the hair, or the pale flesh that looked more dead then alive.

It wasn't the way Duo's body trembled as another round of puke pushed up into his throat.

Nor was it how beautiful Duo looked when he would pause to catch his breath before he began puking again.

It was the gallons of blood that kept erupting from the happy-go-lucky pilot's mouth. Rivers of it broke through red lips and into the tub. Some splattered across the wall from the force as it escaped. Some soaked Duo's beautiful hair. Some of it began to fill the tub…

Duo's head jerked up as the door hit the side of the wall and opened his mouth, wide violet eyes the only color left on his body. But as he started to say something, blood escaped his throat and shot across the tub and against the lower cabinets under the sink.

Heero's eyes grew wider. Duo kept throwing up more and more blood.




Title: Tainted Conviction - Three
Author: Sita Seraph
Genre: Angst, Religious relatings
Pairing: 1x2, 3x4 eventually.
Rated: R
Warning: Gruesome treatment, stigmata, sixth sense, and a whole lot of shit.
Note: Tell me if anyone is OOC and what they would have done. I'm still not sure if I'm playing them right…Enjoy! *ears are ringing from Charlotte's pan and pot beating* ^_~

Chapter Three


Quatre jerked up from his sleep, gripping the blankets and eyes wide as his name was screamed by one horrified voice. Reacting immediately, covers were nearly thrown across the room. Running out of his room, he came face to face with Trowa. They exchanged horrified looks before shooting down the hall towards the screaming voice.

"Quatre!!! QUATRE!!"

Wufei shot out of his room, dodging Trowa and Quatre and plowed down the hall with them. The three pilots turned the corner quickly and ran to the open doorway where light was flooding out of the bathroom. All three stopped at the doorway. Quatre made a gasp and covered his mouth. Trowa's eyes grew wide. Wufei closed his eyes and turned his head away, making a choking sound.

All three were greeted with Duo spilling blood all over the floor and Heero holding him, as if it was going to stop if he squeezed hard enough.

"Quatre! Quatre! Quatre!" Heero kept repeating, eyes too wide to be real and looking so sick as if he had never witnessed blood before. Duo heaved once again, completely naked upon the tiled floor of the bathroom and it splattered along the man who held him. Heero threw himself against the lower cabinets, gripping his friend as he kept pouring more and more blood on him. Duo made pathetic gasping sounds, tears streaking down his face, as he could no longer stop what kept coming up. Over and over again, gallons of red liquid came up and out of his body. How could one person contain so much blood?

"QUATRE!!!" Heero screamed and broke all three pilots sickened gaze. Trowa immediately went forward and grabbed Duo from behind while Heero had his front. Duo trembled within the pilots' arms, hacking up more and more with sickening sounds and sorrowful sobs.

"Stop him!!" Wufei screamed, getting paler by the minute. He stepped back slowly as the blood spread across the tiled floor and towards the two frozen pilots at the door, slowly covering the floor completely.

"Do what!?" Quatre screamed, panic etched in his tone and face as tears were welling up in his eyes. Completely helpless, Quatre watched in mute terror as his best friend coughed up more and more blood.

"Jesus Christ, do something!!!" Heero screamed slamming his head back against the cabinet.

Suddenly Duo grew very stiff in the two pilots arms and Trowa and Heero watched as Duo's head went straight to the ceiling. He gave a soft gurgle, then a cough as a bit of blood erupted from his red lips and down his cheeks. Then he collapsed completely against Trowa, head falling on his shoulder. Eyes closed, Duo was completely out, taking slow and long breaths.

Trowa, who was on his knees while he had held Duo, completely fell on his butt in shock. The silent pilot just held the sleeping boy in his arms, staring down at the large puddle of blood beneath them.

His arms trembled as he held the still boy and he slowly closed his eyes, making a soft pathetic sound at the untrained experience they all had just gone through.

Heero lay limply against the cabinet, arms lying in the warm blood beneath him and stared hazily at the two forms before him. As if not really there, the pilot stared with a distance gleam in his eye at Duo's sleeping face that dripped with red blood.

"Duo…" Quatre murmured.


"How…how could this happen?" Quatre whispered softly, gripping red hands in front of him. All the Gundam pilots, nay Duo, were assembled outside the missing pilot's bedroom. The window behind them let in the seeping light of dawn but none of the four pilots noticed the sun's awakening, as they were too busy with their own problems.

Quatre, with a huff, leaned tiredly against the wall. The innocent pilot's shirt was covered in dry blood, as was his hands. But nothing was compared to Heero, who wore nothing but boxers. From head to toe, he was nearly covered in red `paint' and he had yet to dry. Pieces of his hair were darker then the rest as blood had gotten there also. Trowa's pants were soaked here and there and even Wufei's white pants had gotten some blood on them for caring for their sleeping friend.

"There's no scientific fact for the cause…" Wufei said quietly, staring off and not meeting anybody's gaze.

"It could have been a drug," Trowa said just as quietly. The whole experience had freaked them all out, not just because of the blood, but because they couldn't come with a single reason of how it could happen.

"Heero? Do you know anything?" Quatre asked, hope clinging onto his voice.

"No," Heero answered, crushing the hope down and Quatre returned his eyes to the floor. Drops of dry blood littered the carpet.

"Lets wait until Duo wakes up," Trowa said, trying to comfort his falling friend and slowly laid a hand on his shoulder. "He should know something."

"And if he doesn't?" Wufei asked pointedly, eyes rising from the floor to look at Trowa for the first time in the night.

"Then…Then he doesn't," Trowa answered, almost simply. "Lets go clean up."


Duo stared blankly at the wooden wall before him, locks of brown cascading over his king sized bed. Black and red covers covered him from the chest down as he laid down on his back, completely stiff and rigid. All life seemed to have drained from his face, leaving him pale and his eyes almost hollow. The light of humor was to a dim glow, completely lost in empty thoughts for all he could see was red. From behind him, Duo could hear the click of his door opened and someone walking quietly inside, as if he was still asleep. Duo didn't move though, as he found himself he couldn't if he wanted to. Instead, he just listened to the person walk into the room and around to the end of the bed and stop. Duo felt the burning eyes upon his skin, and Duo would have shifted uncomfortable at the powerful gaze. Only one person could make him feel uncomfortable.


Slowly, using all of his mental and physical power, Duo turned his head and met Heero's obsidian gaze. Heero watched him blankly, hands on the end of the bed. He was cleaned up now, wearing his traditional green tank top and some faded jeans. They continued to stare at each other, neither speaking nor really feeling the need to. Duo suddenly felt that under Heero's gaze, he was safe. That he was always being watched, for who would dare to penetrate such a powerful stare. Duo would have smiled if he had the strength. Slowly, after another moment of staring at each other, Heero arched an eyebrow. Duo watched it with most keen interest and secretly, Duo felt like beaming with glee. Heero always did look so cute with that look on his face; something rare the happy pilot ever saw.

Duo suddenly felt like a little kid under a parent's eye. It was comforting that he was being watched over. No big bad monsters under the bed going to get him. No bumps in the night going to scare him. Again, the feel for smiling cursed through him but he couldn't crack the grin. It would be too much work.

Heero watched Duo carefully from the moment he had walked into the room. When the pilot had turned his head to him, he was almost saddened by the look of misery in Duo's eyes. He had never, ever seen sorrow in his friend's eye and if it was depressing, it was more so. Duo was never depressed; it just wasn't his character. But Heero watched, amazed, as slowly the light was creeping back into the happy pilot's gaze. He didn't know where the joy was coming from but there it was. Was it his presence that was making the sorrow go away? That could be it…Maybe Duo was in need of support.

Heero kept his gaze upon the unmoving ex pilot's body as he watched it began to relax. The boy didn't know it but his simple stare was just making him feel better, physically and mentally. Heero kept back a smirk. So the pilot was the one now in need of help instead of giving it, ne? Heero paused his thoughts for a moment then slowly relaxed. Duo needed him. Needed to be watched and to be assured everything was okay now. Heero could do that. I can do that. Duo slowly sighed after a moment, sleep beginning to weigh heavily on him. Even if he didn't want to break the gaze Heero held, he couldn't seem to keep his eyes open anymore. Slowly, his head tilted to the side and his eyelids closed before he knew it. But even as he began to drift off, Heero continued to watch him and beat away the demons in his mind.



Chapter Four

Duo slowly rose in half sleep, eyelids drooping in front of beautiful hazy violet eyes. The boy rose soundlessly from his bed, moving his nude body to the glass window that shone in the light of the moon outside. Tilting his head to the heavens, Duo watched the clear, star speckled sky with eyes void of emotion. But inside the pool of purple were the reflection of bright stars and the beautiful light of the moon. Tangles of brown hair fell around the slim body of a mere boy, falling gracefully along his rear end in curls.

With eyes unclouded…

Duo slowly lowered his eyes to the ground outside from his position on the second floor. Staring at the rocked gravel of the driveway to their secluded home, the sleepy Duo gave a weary smile as he watched two children kick an orange ball back and forth between each other.

The little red head girl laughed, hand upon her straw hat as she kicked the bouncing ball with all her might, pink dress flying and showing the white laced panties underneath. The older red head boy raced and kicked the ball back, the round shape bouncing happily against the grass and gravel and out of reach from the tiny girl. Making a squeal, she chased after the ball, smiling with glee. Duo gave a sad smile as they faded from his sight.


Duo turned his head around to look over his shoulder and locked eyes upon Heero Yuy as he sat up from the black covered bed. The moonlight trailed across the dark room and seemed to have melted in Heero's lap, radiating his face and bare chest with a pale glow. Duo noted that Heero must have discarded his tank top when he decided to rest with his troubled companion and unconsciously, Duo silently sucked in his breath.

Oh god…he's so beautiful…Duo thought, a weakening feeling growing in his knees and heart beginning to thump loudly in his chest. Many times Duo had wanted to see Heero's perfect chest and go figure it had been now…when he felt so weak…

"Duo? What are you doing up?" Heero questioned, eyebrow lifting up half way. Duo bit back a smile, wondering how lucky he was going to be to see this rare side of Heero before the mask returned. The poor pilot sighed slowly. It wouldn't be long for the mask to appear, though…but how much he was in love with the man inside.

No! He wasn't in love with him. Goddamn him, he wasn't gay. He just felt close to the Gundam pilot and that was _all_. If it was love, he would have all the tingles and jingles and he never ever had those. No. No way. Totally straight.

"Duo," Heero warned, impatient at the ex-pilot's blank statement.

"I was…just watching the children, Heero," Duo said after another moment's hesitation and slowly made his way to the bed. The happy pilot had completely forgot his nude state and it was all that Heero could do but to ignore the sway of his hair and hips. And especially… other places.

Duo crawled back under the covers; the faint glow of the moon captured in his hair and lay down. Heero watched him with intrigued and perhaps worried eyes and Duo gave a happy grin.


"Night, Heero."


One Week Later

Duo waved cheerfully at his friends as they drove down the dusty road, red paint barely visible under the chunks of mud upon it. The climb for the jeep was quite a steep one and it was impossible to keep it clean after the nights of weary weather they had been having. Quatre's blonde head stuck itself out of the window and the innocent pilot waved good-bye.

"Have fun doing paperwork!" Duo called, grinning.

A slow smile spread across the boyish face. "Have fun doing chores!"


But Quatre didn't answer, merely laughed and slipped back into the muddy red jeep and disappeared beyond sight behind a large hill.

"No fair, Quatre Winner!" Duo called, shaking his fist into the air. He hated chores. And homework. And Heero's laptop. And silence! Duo sighed heavily, pale shoulders slumping and moved back into the empty house. Might as well get the dustpan out.


"Do you think he's going to be all right?" Quatre asked, turning his head to Wufei as he drove down the highway to the Preventor head quarters. Behind them, Heero and Trowa relaxed against the comfortable leather seats, seeming content to going back to regular schedule.

"That's the second time you've asked that," Wufei pointed out, eyes on the road.

"He'll be fine," Trowa confirmed, eyes out the window to watch the fast moving landscape. "We all need to get on with our lives, especially Duo. You know he hates being taken cared of."

"Yes, but he needs it," Quatre urged, uncertainty clinging onto his voice.

"No," Wufei said, taking his eyes off the road for a moment. "What he needs is us to stop raising eyebrows when he goes into the bathroom. Or look at him when he coughs. Or ask him constantly about his pale skin. Or-."

"All right, but you know how much he lost that night!" Quatre said, turning around in his seat.

"Yes, enough for him to be most certainly dead," Heero spoke up, arms crossing over his chest. Lifting his eyes from the floor, he met Quatre's eyes. "Lets just give him a day alone. This is a chance to see if he can take care of himself."

"Agreed," Trowa said eyes never leaving the countryside and tilting slightly in his seatbelt as Wufei met the sharp turns in the road.

"Take it easy," Quatre cautioned before returning to the main subject. "And if he can't? What if he is having one of his attacks right now? He can die if-."

"If he was dead, he would be right now," Heero cut him off. "And he isn't. He's bouncing around the house all the time, trying to show us that he's fine."

"Which he is," Wufei cut in. "He changed my shampoo into honey this morning, raving about revenge and hot water."

Trowa snickered from the backseat then suddenly stopped and looked closer outside.

"Wufei," Trowa addressed.




"Do it!"

Immediately, the jeep stopped and Quatre was thrown forward against his seat belt. Huffing, the boy flew back harder into the seat.

Heero grumbled from the backseat. "Thanks for testing the brakes, Wufei."

Trowa didn't bother to complain at the abrupt stop and threw open the door, seat belt slamming against the seat as it was ripped off. The older boy ran back a few feet from the jeep, and stopped at the edge of the cliff, looking down.

"Trowa?" Quatre called, throwing open his door and stepping out of the muddy car.

"Come here!" Trowa waved his friends over, eyes never leaving from whatever he was looking at at the bottom of the cliff. The three pilots crawled out of the jeep and walked over, curiosity peaked at what had caught the silent pilot's interest.

"What-." Quatre started but stopped short as he looked down the rocky terrain cliff and the jagged rocks below.

"What the hell?" Wufei finished the sentence, confused eyes lowered upon the bright red metal beaming up at them.

Down below, bent and broken upon the crumbles of rocks, laid Duo's once brand new motorcycle, red paint glinting in the sunlight with dust and scratches upon the new metal. It was bent in an odd position as the impact upon the carefully made machine broke its back in more ways than one. The front wheel was tilted upwards to the pilots, as if it begged for help and cried in pain.

Silence fell upon the pilots before Heero gently broke it, "I think Duo has some explaining to do."

All three pilots nodded in silent agreement.

"Let's get back to the house."


Duo laughed and narrowed his eyes upon the tiled kitchen floor before him. Grinning manically, the boy moved forward and slid across the floor gracefully. Behind him, music pounded from the stereos, singing the old song `Original Prankster' by the old band Offspring. "Noise, noise!" Duo sang as he skid upon his soaped lathered spongy feet. Behind him, he left a trail of bubbling clean substance.

Dancing and sliding around the tiled floor, Duo moved his arms around crazily, getting completely lost in the music blasting from the stereo. No one was watching him so he got crazy with his dances, butt shaking, arms waving and braid twisting around madly. "Knock down the walls, it's alive in you!" Duo screamed, head banging while he pretended that he was the drummer and started murdering his instrument with crucial blows to the fake plates.

"You can do it!" Duo sang, added an Italian accent to his voice and shaking his tush. He moved faster around the kitchen table and stopped suddenly.

"You know, it smells like shit, god damn!" Duo screamed at the top of his lungs, showing his love for his favorite line in the entire song. He started dancing around again, pretending he had a microphone in hand and singing along with the song once again. When the song ended, Duo stood breathless in the middle of the kitchen, soapsuds bubbling on the tiled floor. Smiling at his accomplishment, the happy pilot went to change his sponges for watery ones to wipe off the floor. Slipping off his footwear, Duo passed a window in the living room…and stopped short. Double taking, the Shinigami maniac looked outside as he watched a red jeep come into view. Raising an eyebrow, Duo went to the window.

Did they forget something? Duo thought, tilting his head. They would have been at the Preventors now. Why are they coming back? Suddenly it hit him.

"God damn you, Quatre. Did you convince-."

Jerking, Duo's eyes grew wide and he dropped his sponges to the floor, cowering over. Pain shot through his wrists and the boy cried out in panic, in pain, and in horror. Duo collapsed to the floor, his hands and knees breaking most of his fall.

"Oh God!" Duo cried out, violet eyes wide in horror then screamed as he felt something break through his wrists forcefully. Blood filled his vision as it splattered across the carpet as skin and bones broke. "NOOO!!!" Duo screamed at the top of his lungs. " STOP! NO, STOP!" Suddenly, Duo's hands flew up into the air and his body was pulled taut. Arms spread out wide across from him and Duo screamed in horror as he had lost complete control of his body…


Blood dripped noiselessly upon the carpet and Duo felt tears begin to break to the surface. His arms were lacing with pain, starting from the wrists that each had a hole going right through.

"HELP ME!!!" Duo screamed. He heard the roar of the jeep's engine just outside. Duo screamed louder, harder, his voice cracking in horror, in pain to be heard. The engine was cut off. Voices were heard. Duo saw a glimpse of Heero's head from the window. Arms suddenly falling heavily to his sides, the front door swung open and Heero filled the doorway, gun at ready and pointed straight at Duo's head.

"Duo…" Heero stared wide-eyed. Duo gave a sigh of relief…just before he fell forward and blacked out.




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