Title: Tainted Conviction - Prologue
Author: Sita Seraph
Genre: Angst, Religious relatings
Pairing: 1x2, 3x4 eventually.
Rated: R
Warning: Gruesome treatment, stigmata, sixth sense, and a whole lot of shit.


Duo stared straight ahead as the world past by him in one large blur. He was neatly going over a 100 miles per hour in an old model motorcycle, the smell of red fresh paint billowing around the ex- pilot's face. An hour ago he had just finished his long timework on his precious motorcycle and eagerly, he had taken it out on a test ride.

It ran beautifully.

With a mad laugh, Duo sped up even faster, the cold wing biting his unprotected face. His braid whipped madly behind him, tearing back at his head as they moved at impossible speeds. Curves and turns were calculated perfectly but then again, if they weren't, the slightest mistake could have sent the happy-go-lucky pilot over the road's edge where there was certain doom at the bottom of the 50 foot cliff.

But not like that stopped him.

It had been a couple of years after the last war and since then, peace was…constant. Even the Preventors found themselves wondering if they were needed anymore when no longer any fires grew. Hell, they were lucky to get a spark now a day. So then, all of the five ex-Gundam pilots had to keep themselves busy. Work was pointless since, well; the Preventors paid their expenses. Hey, saving the world does have some good points, doesn't it? They could have also chosen to go to school but unfortunately, after saving the world then resulting to homework wasn't exactly a thrilling idea.

So they went in search of other things. Building, learning odd things, attending every concert they could get their mitts on…Okay, that was Duo's ideal but when the Preventors paid for rock on, front row tickets, who can really resist?

The Gundam pilots also have been `living' together. Since they all had hard times and went through it together, they all felt some connection between each other. So they went to work together with the Preventors, Duo taking a side job in the dump. It was there he would find misc. crap, one being his new motorcycle. At least while going knee deep in disposed metal material kept him occupied for awhile, he was also learning how to make really cool objects with all the functional things that were thrown away. He had once built an almost fully optional laptop for Heero's made up birthday (since they don't the day of their birth, Quatre made up one according to their personalities.). The bad thing was it didn't have a real good screen and the plug in didn't seem to give the blasted computer any energy. So it had become one of those `look but don't touch' accessories in Heero's room. It was a puzzle to Duo why the stiff pilot didn't throw it away, but then again, why does Heero do some of the things that he does?

Duo's eyes narrowed, pulling back his concentration and stuffing away his autopilot as sharp curves and narrow street ways came up ahead. Even at the pace he was going, he didn't dare slow down on the turns that would definitely kill him. But then again, he WAS a Gundam pilot. He had gotten soft over the years of absence of war and the exotic pilot wanted to see if still had the same stamina as he used to. You never know; war might rise once again….

Yeah right.

Duo listened to the roar of his engine and the noise he made as he spun around corners, whizzing around like he was back into his forever-lost mobile suit. Years of training with the bloody thing were hard to forget after all.

As Duo zoomed pass the last curve, he gave a triumphant yell and a maniac grin, adrenalin pumping in his blood. As he sped quickly down the road, he didn't notice the black form in the corner of his eye before it was too late…

Duo made a gasping sound as a deer bounded right in front him. Going to fast to stop and thinking too fast to really do much, Duo did what his instincts told him: VEER TO THE SIDE!!!!! As Duo did just that, the pilot realized his mistake almost immediately. Stupid baka. Do you turn towards the enemy line when you dodge bullets? Nooo…you turn the other way. Damn my lack of training…

Duo screamed in terror as he drove right over the 50-foot cliff.