This is my very first try at a GW Fic and I want to know if I should continue it or not, I'm not quite sure and would like to have your opinions


Bounds of Family <teaser>
Simone of the Zordiak


It couldn't be. He sat at his desk, head in his hands and before him the paper, the oh so innocent paper, that had send his world shattering around him this very moment. It couldn't be real and yet it was. Treize rubbed his temples.

It all had started when OZ had managed to capture the pilot 02, while he had tried to sabotage their newest MS-factory. The boy had fought like a wildcat, killing fife and severly injuring seven of his men, before they had been able to subdue him. Treize remembered how suprised he had been when he had seen the boy the first time. 02 was not what he had expected. The feared pilot of the Gundam Deathscythe was only a child, not older than maybe 15 years. And still he couldn't help but admire the boy for his bright and unbreakable spirit.

They had interrogated him, of course, but they hadn't been able to learn even his name. It wasn't that 02 didn't wanted to talk, nooo, he had been talking non-stop, yet not about the things OZ had wanted to know. When they had tried to get the answers by force, he had started to sing. The '99-Bottles-of-Beer-Song'. For three hours straight, without any pauses or interruptions. Afterwards Treize had had to send his best interrogator on a vacation. The poor man had suffered a nervous breakdown and was still twitching whenever he heard the words 'Bottle' or 'Beer'.

They had tried other methods, drugs, psycho-torture and even hypnosis, but 02 had outsmarted them every time, using their methods against them and gaining more and more of Treize's respect. But the boy still didn't gave them his name, was still nameless, a fact that had been disturbing Treize more than he had wanted to admit. So one night, the night before 01 had come and busted 02 out actually, Treize had snuck into 02's cell and had cut a tiny amount of hair from the long cestnut braid 02 wore. Without informing anyone he had sent the hair in as an anonymus probe, to be genetical analyzed.

And now the results were here, laying on the desk innocently ay only paper could. He still didn't know which name the boy was using now, but the lab had found out 02's birthname.

Darius Maximillian Khushrenada.

02 was his missing little brother.