Title: Dante's Prayer
Author: Silentwolf
Warning: Death, angst (at least I think so), Shonen Ai
Pairing: 2+1
Disclaimer: Okay, so I don't own the song "Dante's Prayer", Loreena Mckennit does. <Damn those people who have the magical thing called TALENT> I also don't know Gundam Wing, Bandai, Sunrise and all of that stuff. So basically I am just being unoriginal and writing this story for the hell of it. Sorry if this story stinks, I just wrote it in English today while my teacher was droning on about suicide prevention for some odd reason.

The sun is setting over the ocean and the rocky cliffs that make up its shore. A lone figure stands like a sentinel over the restless blue depths, his dark trench coat flapping in the salty wind. Impassive blue eyes watch as the spray of the waves nearly reaches his feet.

>When the dark woods fell before me
and all the paths were overgrown
When the priests of pride say there is no other way
I tilled the stones of sorrow<



"Heero! Where you going, bud? Hey! I'm talking to you! Wait up!"

The silent youth barely controlled a growl as he heard the loud American pilot come running up next to him. Without stopping, Heero continued walking across the grass field that surrounded their current safe house, a run down apartment building in the shadow of a large city.

"I have a mission." He said calmly, knowing that answer would not be enough to sedate the inquisitive nature of his team mate. To his surprise and dislike, the American pilot tackled him.

"Yeah? So I'm going too?" When Heero didn't answer, the other boy frowned slightly. "Aren't I?"

Heero quickly stood up, dumping the other pilot on the ground roughly.

"No Duo."

Duo's face fell.

"Aw man, why not? I want to kick some Ozie ass!" Out of the corner of his eye, Heero watched Duo get up and bounce along next to him, chattering loudly. Shaking his head, slightly, Heero continued across the field.

"I said no Duo. Now go away."

Duo stopped and put his hands on his waist.

"Well I think I should go. I mean how do I know you won't go and self destruct again?"

Heero whirled around and was confronted with hurt filled eyes that also held a rebellious shine. The American just grinned when he saw Heero turned back around and continue walking.

"Well Yuy, Good luck than."

With that, Duo turned his back on Heero and started back towards the old apartment building. Behind him, the trademark braid followed like a friendly tail. Heero just continued walking. That stupid American was a paradox to him. Shaking his head slightly the slim pilot walked towards a stolen Toyota.

>I did not believe because I could not see
Though you came to me in the night
When the dawn seemed forever lost
You showed me your love in the light of the moon<


[Heero's POV]

I hurt. It was that simple. Even after all my training and education, it still amazes me that there are so many muscles, tendons and bones in your body that scream in pain with every movement. I idly wonder how much Duo will yell at me. It is a ironic thing that no matter how close I am to death myself, I think about that American pilot. I sigh and another round of coughing starts up just as I make it to the safe house steps. My Gundam is securely hidden in the nearby forest next to the dark enigma that is Deathscythe. I barely make it up the stairs and into the door before collapsing on the entryway floor.

"Heero! Fucking shit! Trowa! I need some help in here." Duo's voice cut into the hazy mist of my mind and I can't help but notice that sometime during the time I was gone, Trowa had arrived at the apartment as well. A few moments later (I think), I feel someone lift me up and half drag me to what probably is a couch. I mutter something as I feel my clothes being removed and a cool cloth running over my wounds.

"It's okay Heero. Just stay still for a minute. Trowa is just helping me clean up your wounds."

I nod. Or at least I think I did. Black specks and bright colors flash in my eyes so I am unable to see the two boys helping me out. I find myself relaxing slightly against the warmth that was behind me, probably Duo. It is much later when I find myself opening my eyes again. I looked around, all while trying not to move my head much, and realized that I am in "my room" again. There is a radiating warmth on my right side, and when I finally get my head facing in that direction I notice it is Duo. I'm not surprise. That boy had been trying to get under my skin since the day I met him. I'm not totally displeased by the fact I just really didn't want to get involved with anyone. I could just see Relena and Duo fighting over me. With a small chuckle I glance back at the boy, ignoring the screaming in my head. The cobalt eyed boy is curled up next to me, his head resting on my chest where I am wearing only a pair of grey sweats and, I smirk, what seems to be a full roll of bandages. Duo groaned softly as I poke him in the side and those deep cobalt eyes open slowly.

"G' mornin' Heero."

Something in my chest tightens as the moon streaming through the window, reflects of these deep pools. Long bangs of chestnut ribbons frame the heart shaped face.


Duo's eyes widened and I realized that I spoke out loud. I just shrug at his confused face and press my lips against his. After a pause he pulls his mind together, and I feel him lean into the kiss. Struggling to stay awake, I swear at myself softly when we pull away from each other.

"Go to sleep Heero. You need it. I'll be here when you get up." He runs a hand through my hair and playfully pushes me back down onto my pillow where sleep claims me quickly.


[Duo's POV]

<3 days later>

Another mission for Heero just came through.

"Fucking doctors." I mutter softly as I type out a quick message to them. Heero is still injured and in no condition to be risking his life and the mission. I quickly throw some items in a duffel bag and start towards the door. I have to leave before Heero wakes up and asks me where I am going. Trowa will tell him when he wakes up…

"Duo, where are you going?"

I laugh nervously and look at the slim Asian youth who is lying on the bed we have shared for the last three days.

"Um…a vacation?" I answer innocently knowing full well that he doesn't buy one word I am saying. I give him my best "stupid American look" -the one where I tilt my head, widen my eyes, bat my eyelashes, you know- and try not to wince at his glare.

"I asked you where are you going?"

His blue eyes show me that no matter what I say, he won't be content with it and that I can't lie for too long. Sighing I rest my bag on the edge of the bed and prop my elbows on it.

"I'm off to work ya know, showing some Ozzie babies how the big boys play. Deathscythe and I will give `em a little taste of death."

Heero nods and I sigh to myself, that was way too easy. As I go to leave, I barely hear the whispered words that followed.

"Be careful."

Nodding I give him one of my infamous grins and dart out of the door and into the dark night. He won't know it was supposed to be his mission if I never mention it. Its not really lying, if he asks I'll tell him the truth…maybe…

>Cast your eyes on the ocean
Cast your soul to the sea
When the dark night seems endless
Please remember me<

[End Flashback]


<Heero's POV>

He took my god damned mission! My fucking mission. He died and gave his life for something I was supposed to be doing. I often wonder if the doctors knew that he wouldn't be able to complete the mission but were more willing to sacrifice Duo than their "Perfect Solider". I will never be free of the guilt no matter what Quatre tells me. Oz may have been the ones holding the knife that slit him open, but I was the one who gave them the knife.

>Then the mountain rose before me
By the deep well of desire
From the fountain of forgiveness
Beyond the ice and the fire<


<Duo's POV>

"Whistle while you work, la la da da do, just whistle why you work."

I can't help it but whenever I get a mission to steal a cargo plane, stick Deathscythe on it and fly half way around the world, that song pops in my head and even now, as I sit in Deathscythe, large thermal scythe slicing through Oz mobile dolls I can't help but sing the stupid song. A dull thud hits Deathscythe, a few minutes later a ripple of power fills my suit and I know that these damn dolls are getting a little to close for comfort.

"Hey! What's up with all these Dolls? Can't fight me, man to man? " I yell to the pilotless suits before me and it dawns on me that they are now circling me.

"Fuck," I mutter switching a few buttons as I glance around me. They are waiting like fucking hyenas watch a pronghorn before falls from exhaustion. The damn mobile dolls are waiting me out but my thoughts suddenly go blank as I see them all swarm around me.

"Oh this is so not fucking good!"

As pain courses through my body I realize my only choice. They can't have Deathscythe and I can not endure the pain to much longer. My eyes linger on the small button to my left. With a whispered sigh I move towards the button.

"Fuck you all Oz! If I'm going down so the fuck are you!"

<Heero's POV>

I wake up, sweat dripping down my face and for the first time I fear something. I look beside me, Duo's spot is empty. He went on a mission dumbass, I remind myself as I lay back down, my thoughts a cluttered mess. Why did I wake up? I haven't had a nightmare since I started training nearly ten years earlier. If only I had known then I what I know now…maybe I would have cherished my last few innocent moments.

>Though we share this humble path, alone
How fragile is the heart
Oh give these clay feet wings to fly
To touch the face of the stars<

[Quatre's POV]

I choke my sobs as I read the newest email from the doctors. Duo is dead…so simple and yet its the worst sentence I have ever read in my whole life. Duo…the bright object in our missions has been snuffed out like he was some measly bug.

"Oh god…" I nearly start crying all over again as I wonder what Heero will do when he finds out. Just when he learned that having emotions can coincide with being a Gundam pilot this had to happen.

"Oh Allah…why?" I sob.

<End flashback>

>Breathe life into this feeble heart
Lift this mortal veil of fear
Take these crumbled hopes, etched with tears
We'll rise above these earthly cares. <

[Heero's POV]

Its been 2 years since Duo's death and one year since the end of the war. Relena asked me to marry her, I laughed at her. It wasn't my place to move on in my life, even if I had loved Relena which I didn't. It was my fault Duo died. If I hadn't been so careless on my mission, hadn't gotten hurt… I shrug against the wind as I watch the waves crash the beach. I can almost imagine Duo standing next to me, laughing at my serious statement, telling me to lightening up and live a little. I smirk as I imagine what he would say as he would run up to the cliff's edge, arms outspread as he fearlessly lived "on the edge". I pull out a letter from my pocket, rip it up into tiny pieces and open my hand to allow the pieces to drift into the wind. Someday Duo, I will join you. I may have promised you not to kill myself but that doesn't mean I won't try not to die. You opened my heart, took it and then you were taken away. I can not fully live until I am with you once again.

>Cast your eyes on the ocean
Cast your soul to the sea
When the dark night seems endless
Please remember me<