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Time and Time Again
By Shino Ryu

The Saga Begins


"My name is Anki Slanzar de Fanel and I am the Prince of Fanelia."

"Most people believe I was born on L2 and that I don't know my parents, my name or where I was from. I lied. Who would believe I was born on a Midevil planet called Gaea and that my parents are royalty? No one that's who." He sighs then continues. "And who would believe I am one of the last Ryujinbito alive?" Here he pauses listening to someone. "Yes my father and myself are all that remains of our race. I know what your thinking, if I was born there how did I get here. Well my friend, that's a long story."

The same person says something to him.

"You say you have time eh? Well make yourself comfy this is quite a long tale."

With a sigh the person in black with Colbalt blue eyes begins.

"I was born Anki Slanzar de Fanel on the third day of the blue moon. I am the crown prince of Fanelia, as crown prince I was trained in the sword and due to the Ryujinbito heritage my father, Van Slanzar de Fanel, gave me, I was given flying lessons."

A person dressed in black pants and a red ribbed turtleneck asks something of the black clad figure.

Duo sighs. "The blue moon as far as I can figure would be the calendar month 'May'"

"Now may I please continue, I promise all will be explained in due time."

The person nods.

"As I said I was given flying lessons, my sword training and flying lessons both started when I was four years old; my father's samurai personally trained me in the sword with some lessons by Allen Shezar and father himself. My father went flying with me over the city whenever possible, he said it got easier to call out your wings and call them back with practice."

He sighs; remembering those days.

"I was walking with my father in the marketplace when the column of light came down and placed me on what I later learned was the Colony Cluster L2, Colony S11853, I was 8 years old. The next thing I know I had landed in an alley wearing only a loose red shirt and tight dark blue pants but not so tight that it looked like I was poured in them. Solo was looking for food when he found me on the ground in that alley; it was nearing lunchtime or so I thought as I couldn't tell the time here."

He pauses and looks at the time. "I'll continue this story in the morning it's 3am right now and we could both use some sleep."

The person, Duo is not sure of his or her gender, nods.

Duo shows the person to one of the three guestrooms then heads to his own room.


Part 1:

I walk into the kitchen to find my guest who I see has medium length brown hair in a ponytail. She is still wearing the same clothes from last night albet a bit rumpled drinking a soda while standing against the corner countertop.

"Mornin..." I reply sleeply, pulling out a chair and landing in it as she sets a can in front of me after pulling it out of the frige.

"Sankyuu..." I open the can and taked a gulp. After I started to wake up I looked up and noticed her hazel eyes then I asked her if she wanted to hear the rest.

She shrugged. "Sure." Comes her reply.

I Sigh as I walk into the living room and sit on the black couch.

She follows and sits on a chair which is also black.

"How much do you know about the events during AC 186 and 187?" I ask.

"I know about the Maxwell church, and the wars you took part in as pilot Zero Two." She says.

"I'll start in the year 186, Solo and I had just gotten back from getting food and suplies for our little gang. There had been talk about getting rid of the street trash as we where refered to."

My voice takes on a sorrowful note as I continue. "I didn't think they would release a plague though, I thought that they would just catch some of us and that would be it. Not murder, never murder."
She gets up and walks over to me, then sits down and slips an arm around me gently.

"I was there when everyone started getting sick, everyone but me. Gods why me, why did Solo... Why did he have to die?" I start sobbing then.

The next thing I know she has her arm around me, just sitting there and offering support.

"Are you going to be ok?" She asks.

"I should be." I reply.

She nods, smiling then gets up and starts to leave.

"Wait, how can I repay you for helping me out?"

"No payment needed, I was glad to help. Before I go though please contact Quatre and go to Tokyo, if you remember how your mother got to Gaea do the same. Or you can do as your father did, good-bye Anki." With that she walks out the door.


I had walked out the door and gone into a deserted ally, once there I used my power as Gaea's Advatar to transport myself to Fanelia.

I had arrived just outside the palace gates.

"Excuse me but I must have an audience with the King and Queen immidently. I bring news about there son." I said to one of the two guards.

"You may enter." Says the same guard I had talked to while the other gives the order for the gates to open.

I walked through the courtyard into the palace and was led to the throne room.

I kneeled in front of my lord and lady.

"We are alone, Sakura, there is no need for formality." Comes the voice of my king Ban Slanzar de Fanel.

"Very well Ban, Hitomi, I bring news of your son Anki."

"Oh?" Hitomi asks.

"He is still alive but in a different dimision, I have told him how to come back."

"Very well when will he get here?"

"I am not sure, a few days to a week at the most."

Ban nods and Sakura bows and leaves.