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Lost Souls - Prologue to Part 1



"My name is Duo Maxwell. I am also Shinigami, the God of Death. I am not insane. Lady Une is forcing me to see a psychiatrist because I keep calling myself Shinigami even after the wars ended two years ago, little do they know I am the one who frees the souls of the dead."

I pause considering how to go on then I continue a minute later.

"People consider me to be the one who decides who lives and who dies.. I don't that's the fates job, I'm just the one who frees those who have died and try to guide the lost souls. I've been called other names such as Charon, The Grim Reaper, Thanatos and quite a few i've forgot."

I pause again, sadly remembering before speaking with a voice saddened by centuries.

"During my long life I've been married once and that was to a lady called Luna Kaftan, sadly she died a few centuries ago but I miss her still... I've been searching for her since the fates told me she had been reincarnated as one of the 'Gundam Pilots' as we called ourselves, but as of yet I don't know which of the four she could have been reborn as. Perhaps it is Heero Yuy, the one who never backs down from what he does, Maybe it is Quatre Winner, who runs his own finanical empire. Is it the scollary one Chang Wu Fei or is it the one I least expect, Nanashi or as he calls himself, Trowa Barton?"

I sigh wistfully.

"If only I had someway of knowing..."


Chapter 1

"Hey Wu Fei, what are you reading?" Duo walked into the library at the mansion they were staying at currently. Quatre had many mansions on Earth and one became their home after the wars.

"A ledgend about death." Comes the reply after marking his place and looking up at Duo.

"what ledgend would that be, they have many about m- death."

"Suppostidly death married someone by the name of Luna Kaftan.."

Here Duo fliches slighly before gestering at Wu Fei to continue.

"But she died and no one knows what happened to him after that."


"Yes there are guesses to what happened but no one really knows..."
"There are rumors that he gave up his job and commited suicide after that, others say that he is still looking for her reincarnation."

Duo starts to turn around. "Thanks for the info Wu Fei I appreate it." He leaves the room before Wu Fei can respond.


"Hm... it could be Wu Fei, after all, he was looking at HER ledgend..." I sigh and walk off to find Quatre.