Makura part one
By: Shinigami Maxwell aka Midnight Shadow

Disclaimer: Gundam Wing, and all the characters belong to whoever the hell they belong to.
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Author's Note: In this story Duo is both Duo and Shinigami. This is a side story for the wonderful story by Madamhydra called Maxwell's Demon. It happens before Maxwell's Demon and is when Duo and Heero finally admit their feelings for each other. If you haven't figured out by now this is a Shounen Ai fiction between Heero and Duo. So have fun!


I've always had a fascination with darkness. I guess it's because I've lived in it since I was very young. To me it's like a warm blanket shielding me from the horrors of the world and the judging eyes of the general public.

But the darkness is lonely and I longed for a friend.

Then I meet Solo and I wasn't lonely anymore. But one day Shinigami came, taking my friend's life, and I was alone again in the darkness that was my protector. I thought that Shinigami would take me too, but he fused with me instead. Now I'm Duo Maxwell, The God of Death.


Duo stared at the ceiling, bored out of his mind and dead tired but unable to sleep. Heero was on a mission. Probably why he couldn't sleep.

<Heero, where are you?>

~Why are you worrying about him?~


~Mwahahaha! Shinigami has arrived!~

<Oh, shut up.>

~Ha ha. So, you haven't answered my question.~

"Yes, well, normal people don't talk to themselves, ya know." Duo said aloud, nearly laughing at himself.

~Isn't that what you're doing right now?~ Shinigami pointed out to him.

<Yeah, well, we're not exactly what you would call normal.> Duo said to Shi.

<But why am I worried about him?>

~You're in love with him.~

<Am not!>

~Ah yes, denial.~ Shinigami stated calmly.

<Okay, I admit it. I'm in love with him. So what's it to you? It's not like he'll ever feel the same way.>

~And how would you know? Experience?~

<Well, no, but he is the perfect soldier, he's gotta be straight.>

~Ya never know.~

Duo thought about it for awhile and tried to think of Heero's reaction, should he tell Heero of his attraction to him.

~He'll probably just beat you up or something~

< Thanks, I needed to know that.> Duo said, sarcasm practically dripping from his words.

~No problem!~

<Oh! Just leave me the hell alone!>




Somehow Duo drifted into an uneasy sleep filled with nightmares of the past.


Duo knew this dream well; he had witnessed it many times. But no matter how many times he saw this dream he was always horrified by it and he had yet to get used to it. Every time he would find himself with his back to the flames of Maxwell Church and no matter how hard he tried, he could never stop himself for turning around and seeing the devastation caused by the attack.

There's something wrong, something different, thought Duo. Flames played along the sides of the church as it crumbled and collapsed in a giant heap of stone, wood and metal. Looking at the pile of shattered glass and plaster, Duo felt the sting of tears in his eyes and ignored them. It didn't matter anymore, they were dead and nothing would bring them back.

Through the blur of unshed tears, Duo saw a familiar shape in the middle of the flames. "Heero!" Duo yelled. When Heero didn't even move a muscle Duo cried louder. No response. Suddenly what was left standing of the church collapsed and Heero disappeared in the rubble. "Nooooo!" A lone voice screamed in agony. Duo fell to his knees, sobbing.


The cockpit rocked with the force of the blow from a nearby Leo. Heero swore as he was once again thrown around in his harness. The mission had (obviously) gone wrong and now Heero had to fight off about 100 Leos and mobile dolls. Wing Zero beeped, warning it's pilot of the low fuel and damages to the gundam.


Quatre burst into Duo's room.

"Duo?" Quatre asked quietly. Silently he walked over to Duo's bed. Quatre was startled to see tears sliding down Duo's sleeping face.

"Duo?" Quatre asked again a little louder while shaking the Deathscythe pilot's still form. Duo's eyes flew open and he looked like he was going to attack Quatre, then he realized who it was and managed a weak little smile.

"Yeah?" Duo asked getting up into a sitting position. He looked over to where Quatre was standing.

"Daijoubu ka?" Quatre asked.

Duo just nodded weakly and sniffed a little.

"What is it, Quatre?" Duo said with fake cheer, his trademark grin plastered to his face. He had an aching feeling that the blond had some bad news.

"Well," Quatre started not knowing how to tell Duo. Quatre well knew that Duo liked Heero. But unlike the pilot of Deathscythe, he also knew that Heero reciprocated his feelings. Quatre made up his mind and faced Duo getting ready to tell him the reason he was in his room so late at night. Looking into Duo's curious face Quatre blurted out, "Heero's been captured." He watched as Duo's face filled with shock, confusion then determination in three seconds flat. "Well, looks like that baka needs us." Duo said enthusiastically, as he jumped out of bed and got changed. Quatre left to tell the others. As soon as the door closed, Duo let the worry in his heart show on his face.

<I knew it! I knew he was in trouble!>

~Don't worry we'll get him back. This is a rescue mission, and nothing can stop Shinigami!~

<Sure! Daijoubu, kitto OK!> Duo said a bit too cheerfully.

~That's the spirit!~

Duo quickly bounded down the stairs, dead set on rescuing Heero, so he could tell him how stupid he was for taking another mission that he couldn't handle himself and almost losing his life for it. The pilots gathered quickly and drew up a plan. Duo would go find Heero while the rest of them would get Wing and distract the enemy 'til Duo and Heero got out. Then as a group they all headed for their gundams.


Explosions tore though the base demolishing half of the building in a second. Trowa watched as the flames grew in intensity all over the base and hoped that Duo and Heero would be alright. Heavyarms beeped once to inform it's pilot of the income message. Quatre's face appeared in the corner of his view screen. "Anou…are you sure they'll be ok?" Quatre asked, worried. Quatre Trowa thought. Trowa had deep feelings for Quatre and hated it when the Sandrock pilot was upset, which he plainly was at the moment.



"Are you ok?"

"Yes. And I'm sure they will be fine."

"Yes, Maxwell is a lot smarter then we give him credit for." Wufei said.

Quatre nodded once, still worried, and ended the transmission. Quatre sunk into thought, mainly about the Heavyarms pilot. Quatre held very high respect and love for the unibanged pilot and would often find himself thinking about him. Besides Wufei was right, Duo would find a way to get out of there if anything went wrong. Best to stop worrying and just see what happens, ne Sandrock? Quatre thought.


Melting into the shadows, Duo navigated the halls and found his way to the control room. Quickly hacking though the computers he found the location of Heero's cell. Scanning a map of the base, Duo planned the route that he would take, being sure to try and avoid the most damaged areas of the base where the soldiers were.

Here I come, Hee-chan! Duo thought as he raced under the protection of the shadows to his beloved's prison.


Heero woke to the loud noises of soldiers scurrying around as sections of the base blew up.

They're here. Heero thought as he got up of the floor of his cell. He was feeling a little giddy and lightheaded. The OZ soldiers had given him some kind of drug that, for a normal human, would make them talk about anything and everything. Of course, the Oz soldiers were hoping that it would make Heero tell them where the Gundam pilots and their mecha were. But Heero was immune to the drugs and so it did not effect him so much. The soldiers knowing this, gave Heero an extra large dose and it was starting to work it's magic on Heero.

Heero looked up as he heard the sound of the guards outside his door hit the floor. Suddenly the cell was flooded with light and Heero was almost blinded.

"Hey Heero! Whatcha doin' on the floor?" A familiar voice said as Heero looked up.

"Duo." Heero stated and had to restrain himself from saying anything more, for the drugs were starting to work on him.

"Yep, the one and only!" The American pilot said cheerfully, grinning like the idiot he was (or at least waht most people thought he was, but we know better).

Walking up to Heero, Duo undid the shackles that bound Heero's ankles and wrists. Getting up Heero followed the braid boy and together they snuck out of the base.


" Here they come!" Quatre said over the intercom to Trowa.

Trowa watched as Duo and Heero ran out of the base. Quickly they got into their gundams.

"Alright! Let's go home!" Duo said over the general intercom.

"Yeah!" Shouted Heero, surprising everyone.

"Heero, are you alright?" Wufei asked.

"Hai." Heero said in his usual monotone once more.

"Good, everyone head out!" Quatre said taking command as always.

The trip home was an uneventful one, with Duo chattering away as usual. But Heero was slowly becoming more and more talkative and soon joined Duo in the chattering, although it was nowhere near as much as Duo's rate of talking.


At the safehouse the pilots asked Heero what had happened at the base. In a completely unemotional voice Heero told the pilots about the drug he was given, and also said that it would wear off in a few hours. So basically life at the safehouse was returned to normal, well sort of...