Title: Fun in the Sun/Day at the Beach (I haven't pick a final title yet)
Author: Shin Kaze Kin'youbi
Pairings: 1x2/2x1 & 3x4/4x3
Warnings: Lemon hints
Notes: same ol' disclaimers. I don't own Gundam Wing or the character. Wish I did though, I could have Duo all to myself if I did. :sigh: :drool: :sigh: Duo............Oh sorry! Drifted off there. I won't do that again. heheh Well, hope you enjoy this fic I made. I started it today and finished it today.


"C'mon!" Duo said anxiously through the doorway to the ones inside. "We're gonna be late!"

"How can we be late?" Wufei asked.

"Everyone goes there on the weekends, everyone's gonna be there before us and then we won't get a good spot to sit in and take in the sun rays, or the salty air."

"I don't care were we are on that stupid beach. I don't even want to go."

"Fine, but you'll be in the house all by yourself."

Wufei contemplated being in the house alone. Peace and quiet and being away from the "Braided Wonder" for a day. But then it struck him, what would he do in that big house with no one there to tease? So, he complied. "Fine, I'll go to the stupid beach with you guys."

Heero didn't look like he wanted to go very much either. Yep, Duo was dragging him along, too. Duo had told him that if he didn't go, he wouldn't get any that night. Heero definitely wanted to, as Duo put it, "get some" that night, so had complied as well.

It didn't take much for the little blonde one, Quatre, to coax his lover into going to the beach with them. Trowa always went where Quatre did, just incase he needed protection from anyone that would try to hurt him-or hit on him-and to help him with anything that he needed. Trowa was fantasizing about what he was going to do with Quatre on the beach already.

The drive to the beach wasn't all that great of a drive.

"Are we there yet?" Duo asked.

"No." Trowa said, "We just started driving."

Five minutes later.

"Are we there yet?"



"Are we there yet?"

"No. Duo, why don't you do something to preoccupy your mind until we get there." Quatre said.

"Oh, okay, yeah!" Duo said cheerfully, before he looked at his koi with that dangerous smile on his face and deathly gleam in his eyes.

"Duo, why are you looking at me like that?" Heero asked.

"Do you really have to ask, koi?"

"Duo, I didn't mean that!" Quatre shouted.

"Aw, but Q-man, you said to preoccupy my mind. I thought that's what I was doing."

"Not in the car…and on the way to the beach? Duo, I thought you had more dignity than that."

Duo just shrugged. "Nope, not really…Hey, wait a sec. You thought I was gonna do THAT in the car?! No way, Q-man! I was just gonna make out with him."

"Oh, well then…I guess that's not so bad." Quatre said, turning back around to look at the road.

Heero looked at Duo again. Duo looked back at Heero. "What?"

"I thought you were-"

"Q-man killed the mood."


"Sorry, Duo."

"It's okay, little bro."

Yes, Duo had just called Quatre "little bro". Duo and Quatre had a great friendship going on that it seemed as if they were brothers. It was fine with the little blonde that his braided friend called him a brother. Quatre kind of liked having a brother figure considering all of the sisters that he has.

"Oh, are we there yet?" Duo asked, one last time.

"Almost. Just a few more lights. Now do something until we get there." Quatre said again.

"Okay, fine." Duo pulled Heero over and kissed him. Heero did no objecting. He actually kissed back.

`This should keep him busy and quiet for the rest of the way there. And it's not a bad thing either.' Heero thought as he just kissed Duo back.

They arrived at the beach, not too many people there. They had made it before the rush of people. Duo dragged the others to the spot he called perfect. As a matter of fact, it was a nice spot. It had a great view of the water and great sun light exposure, that is, if you really wanted a lot of it, which is not what Quatre's fair skin needed. The other pilots followed Duo to the spot and place their things down on the sand. Quatre laid out the blankets while Trowa put up the umbrella to keep the bright sun from damaging his little angel's sensitive skin. Wufei put down the small stereo that they had brought, and the batteries right next to it. Heero and Duo placed the medium sized cooler down next to Quatre's beach chair and the stereo, under the umbrella. Quatre sat down right away and Trowa sat next to him, took out the SPF 50 sunscreen, and started giving the little Arab a massage.

Duo had a brilliant idea. Bury someone. He knew that Heero didn't want to be buried and he didn't want sand to get in the way of their nightly activities. He knew that Quatre or Trowa didn't want to get buried, Quatre was now reading a book and Trowa looked like he was napping or thinking. He looked at Wufei. He just sat there with his eyes closed, listening to the music that was on the radio. Duo stalked over from Heero to Wufei.

"Duo, what are you doing?" Heero asked.

Duo put his finger in front of his lips. "Shhh…" Duo reached Wufei. "Oh, Wufie."

Quatre watched and giggled.

Wufei opened his eyes. "What do you want, Maxwell?"

"Come build a sand castle with me…?"

"No. Building sand castles is for weak onna boys."

"You never wanted to go the beach and make a sand castle as a child, Wufie?"

"No, and stop calling me Wufie. It's Wufei."

"Yeah, sure thing, Wufie." Duo said, retreating back to Heero. Quatre giggled again.

"What was that about?" Heero asked.

"I need you help me with something, koi."

Heero looked at the Deathscythe pilot awkwardly.

"I just need you to get Wufie to sleep. Hit him with something, anything to get him to sleep."

Heero raised an eyebrow.

"I'm gonna bury him. Just from his neck down."

"Looks like he's already asleep."

Sure enough, Wufei was sound asleep on the beach. Hope he has sunscreen on.

"Good. Now help me take him over there." Duo stated.

Heero looked at him in a are-you-sure-you-want-to-do-this-and-get-me- involved-in-this manner.

"If you don't, remember what I said, Heero."

"But you said that only if I go with you guys."

"Well, I meant that id you didn't do anything with me, we wouldn't make love tonight."

Heero glared at his braided koi, but it didn't phase the American. Heero sighed as he helped Duo take Wufei to an empty space in the sand.

"You wanna help, too, Quat?"

"Oh, no."

"Aw, c'mon! It'll be fun."

"Oh, alright." Quatre put down his book and walked over to where duo was digging. Duo and Quatre quickly dug a shallow hole and placed Wufei inside, then covered him with sand, more than enough sand, too. When they finished, the three walked back to the umbrella. Duo looked over at his work, he was proud. He laughed at what he thought Wufei would do when he woke up.

"Hey! C'mon you guys! Don't sit around all day!" Duo shouted as he started running to the water.

"Go have fun, Duo." Quatre said.

Duo stopped. "Aww…you guys are no fun. C'mon, Quat, Hee-chan, lets go in the water."

"Hn." Heero didn't budge.

"Remember what I said, koi?"

Heero glared at Duo for the umpteenth time that day, then sighed, he knew he was going to regret agreeing to Duo's little game, but it would all turn out good in the end. "Alright." Heero stood up and walked with Duo to the ocean.

The waves seemed to have no effect of the perfect soldier but Duo was having a bit of trouble with his balance. A huge wave started making it's way towards Duo to engulf him whole. Duo looked at it in shock.

Heero wasn't paying any attention to the wave, he was watching his koi's beautiful, wet body glisten in the sun light. Suddenly, Duo was knocked down. Heero started to snicker, but then got concerned and worried when Duo didn't come back up.

"Oh no…" Heero whispered as he thought of what to do. `Go under and look for him.' "But the salt water!" `It doesn't matter, you're the perfect soldier and this is Duo your talking about.' "Yes, I'll do anything for him." And with that, Heero dove under the surface and searched for his lover, but to no avail. Heero came and went back under at least three times before he found Duo struggling to get free. He was caught on something and blood was coming from one arm and leg. Heero grabbed at the string that was caught on the coral and freed his companion. The Japanese teen swam with the American to the surface, both out of breath, Duo was coughing, trying to get oxygen to his lungs. As they made it to the shore, Duo spoke.

"Arigato, Heero."

"Shh…don't talk." Heero said, laying Duo down on one of the towels.

Quatre looked over at the two lovers. "Oh my God! What happened?"

"A big wave took him under and he got stuck on some coral."

"I cut my arm and leg trying to get free."

"I think we have a first aid kit in the car. I'll be right back."

Quatre ran to the car and fetched the first aid kit from the trunk of the car. "Here, Heero." he said as he handed it to the pilot of Wing. As soon as he was done cleaning his koibito's wounds, they heard a voice yell at them.

"MAXWELL! GET ME OUT OF HERE!" Wufei shouted.

"There's a shovel right there! Dig yourself out!" Duo shouted back at Wufei.


Duo chuckled quietly then laughed out loud. After his laughter subsided, and Heero was done tending to his koi's injuries, they decided to eat.

"Save some for me!" Wufei shouted, with a pink plastic toy shovel in his mouth. Duo was getting a kick out of watching Wufei try to unbury himself. He kept throwing the dirt in his face until he finally mastered the skill and was able to be free of the sand grave that Duo had put him in.

After eating, they sat, or lay, wherever they were. Duo almost fell asleep along side Heero, who was lying on his back with his hands behind his head.

"Okay, everyone. I think it's time to leave. I think we've all had enough of sun for today. We don't want to get sunburn." Quatre said, motherly like.

Heero sat up and nudged Duo.

"Huh?" Duo said as he woke.

"Time to go."


"Yes. Come on." Heero helped his friend up. "Do you think you can walk?"

"Yeah, sure." Duo made an attempt to walk, but failed. Heero helped Duo walk to the car.

"Everybody in?" Quatre asked as he buckled his seatbelt and looked at everyone in the back. "Okay, go ahead, Trowa."

Trowa nodded. Duo leaned on Heero's shoulder. Heero looked at Duo, then put his arm around Duo. A quarter of the way home, Duo fell asleep on Heero. His soft snore was audible, barely, but it was. Quatre had fallen asleep as well. Trowa looked at his angel at a traffic light before he had to go again. When they arrived home, Trowa woke Quatre softly.

"Quatre, we're home."

He still slept.

"We're back, little one." he said, before kissing the little blonde on the cheek.

Quatre woke up and smiled.

Heero decided not to wake his lover from a peaceful sleep and carried him to the house. Once inside the house, he carried Duo to their room and placed him on their bed.

"I guess Duo had too much fun. Fun overload." Quatre said as Heero came back downstairs.

"Yeah. But that doesn't mean that he's not going to wake up later and still want to screw Yuy senseless." Wufei said.

"I doubt he'll be able to do that with his arm and leg in the shape they're in." Heero said.

"Oh?" Wufei asked.

"Yes. Duo cut his arm and leg trying to get free from some coral under the ocean. He got stuck when a big wave crashed over him and made him fall." Quatre stated.

Wufei laughed. "Haha! That's what he gets for burying me in the sand."

"Hey! I helped him you know."

"You helped him?! Why you…I'll get you!" Wufei lunged at the Arab but was stopped by Trowa, who was now between them. Wufei ceased, he didn't want to mess with the Latin when he got angry.

Duo had woken up right before dinner and was he starving, as he liked say. They had a well-cooked meal by none other than Quatre. He was the best cook in the house and everyone loved when he cooked. But that only meant one thing, it was Duo's turn to do the dished. It wasn't a bad thing when he did them, it's not like he breaks the dishes or anything. It's just that he likes to play around with them and the soap and it takes him longer than anyone else, so now, the one who has to help him is the one that cooks the food, which is the small blonde Arab. Every time that Quatre cooks, he and Duo have to do the dishes or else they will never get done and Duo would be standing there all night doing them. When Quatre and Duo were done with the dishes, they decided it was time to go sleep.

"Guess you'll just have to wait until tomorrow for Maxwell to screw you senseless, huh, Yuy?" Wufei asked.

"Not a chance. I said I would and I will." Duo said, making his way to his and Heero's room.

"Well, goodnight everyone." Quatre said.

"Night, little bro." Duo stated.

"Hn. Goodnight." Heero said.

"It will be night, but I don't know if it will be good." Wufei remarked.

"It's not quite goodnight for you, my dear Trowa." Quatre told his tall lover.

"Hmm, I hope not, little one." Trowa said as they retreated into their own room.

"This is going to be a very long night." Wufei said to no one, considering they were all in their rooms. And with that, Wufei too slipped into his room to try to get a good night's rest.

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